The Spirit of God

1-4151x pneuma(4154pr to breathe hard) breath; human rational soul; vital principle; mental disposition.//the essence of an entity; not confined to physical parameters.
2- God only.
3-By God’s grace, He gives His Spirit. The (implantation) indwelling Spirit saves us.
4-When we base our action of God’s word, as it applies to our specific circumstance, to overcome obstacles to our goal attainment.
5-Life, (love, good works)=health, vitality, healing; “no-strings) acts of benefit to others.
6-Eternal life, heir of God, rule & reign, heaven, glorified body
7-An act, based on belief in God to: 1-exist, 2-act in some way.
8- Like standing with God. Justification. 1343 dikaiosune – right itself.
9- God, Jesus (God’s Law, faithing).
10- Faithers, Law keepers.

1-Spirit:4151x pneuma (G4154pr to breathe hard) breath; human rational soul; vital principle; mental disposition. A tangible force, albeit imperceptible. Not an attitude.

2-Salvation:G4991, soteria (g4982 sozo pr, to save) deliver, heal, save, preserve; make whole= rescued by a saving deliverer. [saved from what?]=death ionion; not just to what.

Synonym: Justified (righteous)
Justified: G1344 dikaioo (g1349 right itself) to render just or innocent=justified by God’s grace for faith(ing).

3-Who Saves? God (Jesus) Save(d) G4982 pr to save; deliver, protect.

4-Grace: G5485 charis (G5463 pv, to be cheerful) graciousness-benefit, favor, gift, liberality// an act of favor, unmerited.
How are we saved? By (because of) God’s grace (when we faith)
Grace is an action.

5-God’s act=The implantation of His Spirit. [is the Spirit real or just an idea? Are we given something or are we just acting in accordance with the spirit of God’s principles?]

5A-Whose? God/Jesus

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6-When? When we act in trust = faithe

7-What happens? It dwells in us.

8-Manifestations: Life=health, vitality, healing. Love=no-strings benefit to others.

9-Results: Eternal life, heir of God, rule & reign, heaven

Eternal(life): G166 aionios (G165<-104 ever; and age) perpetual

10-What? G1343 dikaiosune-equity (1342 equitable [g1349 right (self-evident); justice(1166 to show (evident/real)

11-Who/What: no one, but God & Jesus (God’s Law & faith)

12-Who? Faithers and Law keepers

New Testament:
Old Testament:

14-FAITH:1-exist(be something); 2-act in a predictable way.(do something) we don’t pray, “If you can help me.)

15-How God acts? Find out what He has said about the way He will act. Read the Bible.


17-Pre-test again.

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