Who Are The Illuminati? Who are they? The front organization that we know as the Illuminati originated in 1776 with a guy named Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria, The Bavarian Illuminati. And through lots of different machinations, they took over Europe and the United States.

If the overall objective of the Illuminati is called the New World Order, the sub-objectives of the New World Order are consolidation of all nations under the Illuminati control. That’s the highest main objective. They’ve always been working, and all of their little sub-organizations have always worked for world consolidation, with them at the top.

The second primary objective of the Illuminati is population reduction. Population reduction. Maybe you remember a few years ago Ted Turner called for a world population of no more than 300 million. Margaret Sanger, the saint of Planned Parenthood, a long time ago wrote in her book that the population of the world should be 500 million. And she suggested that we get rid of all the human “weeds”. The Illuminati want to reduce the population of the world down to a half a billion people.

Now here’s the part that you’re not going to want to believe at all. These people have always been and are today working toward and preparing for the emergence of the Antichrist. The top 13 bloodline families of the Illuminati are all Satanists. That’s what ties all this stuff together. See, it’s not just banking, it’s everything. Bring every single part of our human relations of the planet under control of the New World Order. How do they accomplish that? Divide and conquer.

You may be tempted to skip ahead, but I urge you to take these pages in order. Without some background, much of this material will seem at least incredible and at most impossible.

Major areas of Illuminati control. You listen here.

Merovingians: Origins of the satanic Illuminati Priesthood. The Royal 13th Illuminati family. You listen here.

Introduction and the Rockefellers
Council on Foreign Relations: Fritz Springmeier introduces us to the Illuminati and gives a short description of the Rockefeller family. Myron C. Fagan: The Illuminati connection to the Council on Foreign Relations. You listen here.

Some of the ways the Illuminati implement their plan for One World Government through the control of Education, Foundations,and secret societies like Skull&Bones. You listen here.

Red Cross: Research into the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie foundations. Dr. Leonard Horowitz exposes the Illuminti control of the Red Cross. You listen here.

Mind Control
Svali; Brice Taylor; MKULTRA: Facts of Illuminati life at the lowere levels. Svali, a mind control programmer. Brice Taylor, a mind control slvae used for carrying secret documents, assassinations and sex service to government officials and entertainers. You listen here.

Mind Control
Carol Rutz: Freedom of Information turns up 18,000 CIA documents on early mind control human experimentation and implementation. Carol Rutz is one of three authors who have written books based on these documents which confirm their own experiences as victims of mind control. You listen here.

Mind Control
Svali; Andy Pero; Carol Rutz: Mind control starts at a very young age for most victims. Carol Rutz was "bought" by the CIA at age four. Svali was born into the Illuminati "family." Andy was tracked from grammar school on for eventual use as a paramilitary "superman" assassin for the Illuminati. You listen here.

Alien Programming
An Illuminati Cover: Illuminati mind control research turns up much interesting information of aliens. If there's anything that can be used to influence masses of people, the Illuminati are alreay in on it. The Queen of the Alien New Age movement, Shirley McLaine, is of the Beatty Illuminati family. The whole UFO thing should have been named IFO. We'll hear some screen memories, demonic shape shifting and a programmer's comment on alien programming. You listen here.

Programming and Deprogramming
Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien: CIA operative Mark Phillips was awakened to his involvement and the mind control program. He decided to do something about it. He rescued Cathy O’Brien and her eight-year-old daughter from the program. We’ll hear from both of them. In the process, we’ll discover the covert workings of our Government officials as they move to bring in the New World Order. You listen here.

More Programming
The President's Girl: Ulysses S. Grant, Viet Nam leader General Earl Wheeler, Adam Weishaupt, Franz Anton Mesmer, Ben Franklin and Dwight Eisenhower all figure into the story of ex-Illuminati family member Cisco Wheeler. She was a sex slave, drug runner, Illuminati programmer, creating other mind control slaves. You listen here.

Illuminati Overview by Fritz
Cisco Wheeler, Svali and Carol Rutz on programming mind control slaves: In continuing the expose’ of the Satanism behind the Illuminati, we’ll hear from two ex-Illuminati family members, Cisco and Svali, who were also mind control programmers, and an overview of the Illuminati’s plan and goals. And just to keep current, we’ll hear a bit by mind control victim and author Carol Rutz. Modern gadgets for controlling people; non-lethal weapons. You listen here.

Illuminati structure by Fritz
Advice from Cathy O’Brien, Svali and Jack: Significantly, this last show in the series is the 13th, a favorite Illuminati number. After a look at the structure of the Illuminati, Fritz Springmeier will briefly touch on the Rothschild family’s influence in all the Major religions. I’ll have some closing thoughts, plus a couple mind control victims will show how to become pro-active in resisting the New World Order. You listen here.

Electromagnetic Soup – David Icke
Do you know that they can record all of your different brain wave frequencies, all the betas and the gammas and all that, and then play them back, put them right back inside your head, and you’ll feel the same things that you did when these frequencies were naturally activated. See, the Devil’s got the Illuminati working overtime to create an environment that will allow them to control us at a distance. Microwaves. You listen here.

Illuminati Pharisees
I’ve done 100’s of hours of research into the illuminati. Most of these sources trace the Illuminati all the way back to ancient Babylon circa 3000 BC. The one area I have seen no researcher treat is the Holy Land. I haven’t heard anyone mention the Holy Land in the time of Christ. The Illuminati haven’t take any time off since they started up 5000 years ago. And when one considers the Root of the Illuminati movement, it’s clear that they were working their agenda many centuries before the Flood. The Root of the Illuminati is Satan. He started his resistance to God’s Plan when he deceived Eve in the Garden. I believe they were behind the crucifixion of Jesus.

Illuminati Movies
If you had an agenda for social change and you controlled all the major movie studios, wouldn’t you use the movies to promote your agenda? The social change agenda behind the DaVinci Code is the destruction of Christianity. True Christianity will make a dissident out of a person. Christianity elevates personal sovereignty to the highest level. The Illuminati are in the business of destroying ALL sovereignty, from nations to individuals. On the way to the DaVinci Code we’ll stop off at the Passion of Christ and the Walt Disney Studios. Disney was and is a big player in the Illuminati Global agenda.

Setting Up The Anti-Crist
Daniel outlines many things about the Anti-Christ and where he comes from. And it ain’t Europe, OK? There is no interpretation involved in locating the Anti-Christ geographically. He comes from the old Selucid kingdom, which is the Middle East. Can you think of anyone who might be acceptable from heritage, religious standing, and, most importantly, who is in the pocket of the Illuminati? I can think of only one. This person would be able to easily restore the Palestinians and give them a homeland. He could bring about the sharing of the Temple mount and the Jews would start building the temple and giving sacrifice again. This peace would also include the sharing of Jerusalem.

Abolition of Man, The Plan, Anit-Christ Commentary
Without naming any real names, CS Lewis wrote a review of the Illuminati back in l947. He did a good piece showing what was going on in US education and he wrote a piece called “The Abolition of Man.” The Abolition of Man broadens the scope of the Illuminati control to Humanity itself.
Years ago many people told us about today’s events. A former mind control slave, Brice Taylor tells how today’s events have been in the works for many years. In my research, I have come across more than a couple other “escapees” that give this same scenario.
Contrary to what most Bible teaches say, the Anti-Christ will not head up the United Nations. The correct idea must contain the teaching on the Lost Tribes. God will not be using the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel to fight against the State of Israel in the battle of Armageddon.

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