We are on the brink of the New World Order. This government will exceed the individual sovereignty of all nations; just as the European Union can dictate to the once sovereign nations of Europe.

The recent news is full of statements that explain, warn of or promote the formation of one world government. From international trade and environment treaties to the World Health Organization, the World Bank and other international bodies, itís clear that we are headed for a Global Government. Teachers of Bible prophecy have been shouting this news for a couple decades or longer. Hal Lindsay really got the ball rolling with ďThe Late Great Planet Earth.Ē He ďprovedĒ that the then newly formed Common Market, Europeís NAFTA, would be the reformation of the old Roman Empire talked about in the Book of Daniel.

Of course, some radical ideas had to be offered when the number of member nations exceeded ten. At one point I remember that three of the countries were going to drop out. This was when the membership rose to 13 nations. As the number of members grew and grew over the following years, Halís idea that the EU would produce the AC and be his to govern was still clung to as fulfillment of Daniel. Even today, I only know of two Bible teachers who differ, and one of those only suggests that we may have been mistaken in applying Daniel to the European Union.

Personally, I donítí see how any mistake can be made in determining who will be the ACís kingdom or from where the AC will come. Itís all right there in Daniel eleven.

So many people have offered ideas of whom the anti-Christ will be or is, that several volumes would be necessary to contain all the accompanying information. Not the least of the ďfactsĒ offered in evidence is that the particular person named is somehow connected to the number 666, which usually can be wrung out of the personís name. From Bill Clinton to Prince Charles, from Antiochus Epiphany to Hitler, the historical list is long.

Most of these suggestions are scripturally too short-sighted to even be considered. There are many, many attributes of the Anti-Christ to be included when applying the name Anti-Christ to some person.

Iíd like to offer some insight into who may become the Anti-Christ. Deeper study into the question will have to include the ďchosenĒ people AND their God-given mission on the earth. The Hebrews that became the twelve sons of Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, will descend into the twelve tribes of the whole nation of Israel. This nation finally coalesced under king David into one cohesive group of tribes. The whole nation of Israel. But at Solomonís death, ten of the tribes who lived in the north of the Holy Land severed relationship with the two tribes in the south; both groups becoming nations in their own right. These two nations are known as the House (nation) of Israel, the ten tribed nation in the north and the House (nation) of Judah, the two tribed nation in the south.

We must remember that whatever these 12 tribes of Jacobís sons did had no effect on Godís plan for them. Godís plan for humanity has always been to inform them that He was going to set up a kingdom here on the earth. The people He chose throughout history were and are tasked with informing the rest of the world population of Godís objective. This means that they will accomplish this task no matter what they believe their heritage to be.

This commentary is just that. Itís not a scholarly argument filled with references. Iíll leave that homework to you. But even those who are not students of biblical prophecy know that the world is headed, headlong, for a global government, which is much more authoritative than the United Nations. This government will have its own court, its own bank, its own army, and its own set of international laws. Although in a weaker form, these conditions already exist under the UN. The step to complete global authority is a small one.

Students of prophecy will tell you that this world government is the structure by which the Anti-Christ will rule. So itís easy to come to the opinion that the head of the world government will be the Anti-Christ. I disagree.

What about those ďchosenĒ people and the alignment of the forces for the battle of Armageddon? I canít see how the ďchosenĒ ones can fight against themselves. Is it likely that the state of Israel will be attacked by their brothers, the tribes of the northern nation of Israel? No. Armageddon will be configured with Israel and its allies against the Anti-Christ and his allies. Isnít that the most reasonable alignment?

This information is more important than it appears. It limits who may be the participants on either side of the conflict. But understanding the history of those tribes of the northern nation of the House of Israel will prove to be the key to debunk most of the claims about whom the Anti-Christ is or will be.

Letís do a little question and answer exercise and try to find a logical path to the identity of the Anti-Christ.

Q-Who does Satan want to fight with?

A-Everyone on Godís side; even a little bit.

Q-With whom can Satan fight?


Q-Who can Satan beat?

A-Not God; and

A-Not at least two top angels, Gabriel and Michael; but


Q-Which humans will Satan fight?

A-Believers and disseminators of Godís Word. People on Godís side.

Q-Which People in history have been the disseminators of Godís Word?

A-The twelve tribes of the sons of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham.

Q-What will be the configuration of the armies at Armageddon?

A-The State of Israel and anyone who will likely to come to Israelís aid. In other words the Western Allies, against the Arabs, the Russians, the Chinese, Germany and anyone else out for a good time.

If itís agreed that the Anti-Christ heads up the Bad Guys at Armageddon, then itís the Devil against Israel and its allies.

Doesnít that rather definitely pin down who the Tribes of Israel really are? They are the ones who have, more than any other people, spread the word about God to the world. Billions have come to be Believers from just the work of the English and American Bible societies. And they are only a small part of the big picture of Israelites bringing Godís word to other peoples. Satanís been after these folks since before there was a Bible.

That means that the President of the coming Global Government will not be the Anti-Christ, with only one possible exception, that doesnít logically prove out. That person must come out of the old Selucid kingdom. In other words, the Middle East.

The very interesting part is that such a man exists today. This man is a good candidate for being the final arbiter in bringing peace between the Arab confederacy and Israel. This Deed could catapult this man to the Chair of the New World Order. I expect, for show, heíd have to publicly suspend his Royalty; for the good of the world.

No. Princes Philip and Charles arenít royalty that come out of the Middle East.

This isnít suggestion. These acts and agenda have been in process millennia before there was a USA.

But the fly in that ointment is the contradiction that is set up by having the Anti-Christ be the head of the Global government. Seems hard for him to start the wars he does and still be the head of the body that purports to maintain peace around the globe, especially when the western allies are part of that body.

My best guess is that the AC will be all I said above, but when he becomes the Peace Hero, heíll be ďelectedĒ to Preside over the Arab Union, which is already structured and functioning. And heíll be a good guy, for a while, Ďtill everybody relaxes.

Again, another big reason why the AC wonít be the head of the Global Government is that he then would command the Israelites in the battle of Armageddon. Again, those western allies will be on Israelís side, just as we have been for over a century.

What explains this oft times troubling association? The western allies are the Lost Tribes of the whole twelve tribes of Jacobís sons, that House of Israel. Britain, northwest Europe and America represent the House of Israel in the modern world, whether they are aware of it or not. God is not about to allow the house of Israel to come against the House of Judah at Armageddon.

Basically, itíll be the twelve tribes of Israel against the whole world at Armageddon, pretty much the same as the alignment of the Gulf War. The Anti-Christ will come out of one of the Middle East Arab nations, and be given rule over the Arab Union. The key to understanding this is the teaching on the Lost Tribes.

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