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I am pleased to offer Straight Talk Radio shows on CD. These CDs will contain five or more shows in a particular category or multiple categories when the number of shows in one category is small.

The individual categories will contain the same programs listed on the Archive table of contents page. Multiple topic CDs are, Resurrection--Communion--Testimony, Zodiac--Shroud of Turin, and the Great Pyramid--Catastrophism.

Also available are the Batch CDs that were used to upload shows to the Archive. These CDs contain anywhere from 13 to 19 broadcasts, but are of mixed topics.

For your convenience I've put together a catalogue page for the CDs. Each of the shows on a CD is listed with a few words about the content.

These CDs Have bee reformatted to MP3 for listening away from your computer.

I worried the subject of cost for many months trying to figure out a middle ground where everyone would be able to obtain the CDs and a place where expenses might be met.

I value very highly the content of these radio shows, and know that they can be of great value in our walk of faithing. So I am reluctant to make them so easy to get that it cheapens their value. But the fact remains that everyone won't feel like they can afford to pay for them in advance.

I "shopped" around to see what price other people put on their CDs and found that a two hour CD, and sometimes only one hour, had a price of $25. Seeing that each Straight Talk CD has a minimum of five and as many as twelve hours of content, I've adopted the $25 price.

As I have outlined in the offering of my book, Fifty Pieces, the value of the material is determined by the listener. As Paul instructs in practically every one of his letters, we are to share materially with those who bring us God's word.

If, after hearing the material, you feel that any of these CDs are worth more to you than you paid, then adjust your amount accordingly.

But no one will be turned away. I have adopted a sliding scale starting at $7 per CD. The Batch CDs are also priced at $25.

I have also recorded all the pieces in the NEW ESSAYS: OLD TOPICS section of the Home page, plus 11 additional pieces on faithing and Christian life. Thirty files in all on one MP3 CD. $12 is the price of the CD, which includes US shipping.

Oh, and there may be someone who would like to get the complete set of 15 CDs at a significant discount.

Also being offered is the AUDIO version of my book, Fifty Pieces
and the book in PDF format. The prices for each of these CDs is $17.
Thanks for your support.

Contact me and I'm sure that we can work something out. God knows that I'm not trying to get rich on His Truth.

Thanks for listening.

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