Faith ing

Here's a new look at some familiar Bible stories. We've all heard about Daniel in the lion's den, David and Goliath, Noah and the Ark. Yes, and we've been told repeatedly that these heroes trusted God. But we've very seldom come across the actual breakdown, in terms of the Biblical definition of faith, of how these folks acted out their trust. That's what "Heroes" does. It approaches these stories of faithful people from the angle of that faith; not that David was very accurate with a sling or that Daniel had an angel to keep him company. These stories try to show the practical, human side of faith working in everyday circumstances. By seeing that the basic process of faithing is the same in All situations, we can know that every situation in our lives is also open to acts of trust in God's word.

Heroes was written in language appropriate down to Junior high level vocabularies.


"It's not just for kids, anymore."

The basics for improving one's spiritual life are contained in these stories. The actual age range for Heroes is probably nine to ninety. Before nine one is mostly dependent on what Mom or Dad says. If one has faithing, it's based on faith in the parent's word that God is real and can be trusted. After ninety, there's a chance that one might be too set in one's ways to care.


Abel, Enoch and Noah

Abraham, David and Rahab

Joshua, Gideon, and a second version of Noah.

Daniel, and Elijah

The Exodus and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

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