Welcome to Straight Talk about God. I’m jack. We’re going to the Movies today. The Illuminati movies. If you had an agenda for social change and you controlled all the major movie studios, wouldn’t you use the movies to promote your agenda? The social change agenda behind the DaVinci Code is the destruction of Christianity. True Christianity will make a dissident out of a person. Christianity elevates personal sovereignty to the highest level. The Illuminati are in the business of destroying ALL sovereignty, from nations to individuals. On the way to the DaVinci Code we’ll stop off at the Passion of Christ and the Walt Disney Studios. Disney was and is a big player in the Illuminati Global agenda.


A friend mentioned that they’d heard that the Icon logo represented the All Seeing Eye.
I saw that as just one more little piece in the Gibson/Illuminati puzzle. Many circumstances could indicate that he's working with them, maybe his bloodlines would show he's one of them.

Here are the other pieces that might fit in the Gibson/Illuminati puzzle. But remember that these are just a few of the pieces. Many, many are still missing.

1-the Illuminati own Hollywood and the film industry. They use it to promote their global/alien/violence-is-OK view of things. They use it to make lots of their porn output. They also use the actors for "service". I'll just mention Monroe and Mansfield. But drug running, too.

2- Poor Mel, he couldn't get anyone to distribute his film. For months, all we heard was how much trouble he was going to have getting on the screen. Or was that just a carefully orchestrated ad campaign? It opened in 2000 theaters in just the USA. He must have paid as much in bribes to theater owners as he spent making the film.

3-The ADL, an Illuminati creation, no kidding, was the most outspoken critic of the film. Without their soap-boxing the movie would have been without controversy. That ADL push resulted in an extreme amount of publicity. Most certainly the kind that would draw viewers, but not the kind that one would think would make it easier for the film to get distributed.

4-Going around the country doing private showings, 1, cost a bunch, and 2-wasn't really the reason why Mel was able to get the film distributed; even though that was one reason I heard.

5-Some eyewitness reported that Mel shocked her with his foul mouth as he spent time between shots on a movie set. This was before the Passion.

6-Mel's "disturbed" characters are so well played as to be drawn from his real experience. Someone reminded me that he looked very hyper in the interviews they saw. I have admired his work in all his movies, but he did a great job in "Conspiracy Theory", which was all about mind control. He was a mind-controlled assassin who had escaped, temporarily, the clutches of the perpetrators. The Illuminati like to make movies about themselves. They laugh because we peons don't know they're showing us all their symbols and methods. I'll just mention the Matrix series, where in number 2 Neo has to see a very high level program named the Merovigian. (Holy Blood, Holy Grail?)

7-For all the God talk Mel put out (and front alters can make you believe they are saints. Most mainstream Christians think GW Bush is a Godly man), he certainly wasn't interested in portraying the scourging faithfully. He said many times that he wanted to shock people. Well, he did that, but at the expense of the truth. Him being a Catholic gave him a real head start on anyone else in portraying Jesus' beating properly.

You may have seen my Shroud pages. I'm convinced that the Shroud is authentic. And the image shows great detail re: the scourging. So much so that you can see the little dumbbell marks very clearly. but NO FLAYED FLESH! ! ! ! ! And of course, no nails in the hands. The RCC is the organization mainly responsible for the evidence brought forward proving the Shroud to be real. You'd think Mel would have gone along with his own religion on that, but no. He had to rip the flesh off Jesus' back, to shock the audience.

A friend confronted me with this statement: "It's either of God or the devil, right?" Well, I hadn't been able to see any obvious reason behind the film. But my counter was that if it was from God, then it would have been more truthful. At the expense of being hated (like the prophets) the film would have told the Truth if God were behind it.

I know it's a tenuous argument, but somehow this film presents a false religion. If it's not from God, it's from the Devil. The devil wants to lead folks off to the side, and he uses the Illuminati, his earthly agents, to do that. They are behind the Interfaith movement, the New Age, and more on a list you already know.

So, we find the stations of the cross. Maybe the film is supposed to "soften some people up to Catholicism. This would be a step toward accepting the Pope's admonition to follow the Anti-Christ. Maybe conversion to Catholicism will pick up as a result from this film.

I've got a good long article about the Passion that might interest you. You can find it at If you can't find it, I'll send it to you. The author even makes some Illuminati connections, mentioning Alice Bailey.
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Mel’s movies:
Forever Young (cryogenics)
Patriot (whitewash) Brave Heart another bloody wash.
Payback, lots of blood.
Signs (aliens)
Tequila Sunrise (cops & drugs)
Air America (CIA drug running)
What Women Want (mind reading)
Conspiracy Theory (CIA mind control)
The Passion (false religion)
We’ll look at another list of movies later.

Albert Pike, a top Illuminati author, revealed in Morals & Dogma that “the dissident sects of Gnostics or Illuminati… pretended to connect their faith with the primitive tradition of the Christianity of Saint John…in order not to arouse the suspicions of Rome...thus covertly proclaiming itself the child of the Kabalah and Essenism together.” (p. 814) The Essenes were a heretical Jewish monastic community that lived at Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. In The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics, Jean Doresse wrote of Qumran, the Essene priests claimed to be the priesthood of Zadok, but in reality they worshipped the goddess Diana.

The demonic Merovingian bloodline ruled Europe from the 5th to 8th centuries. In 751 A.D., a 5th century document was discovered called the Donation of Constantine, which gave the Pope, as Christ’s representative, sole authority to appoint kings. The last Merovingian king, Childeric III was promptly deposed and, in 800 A.D., Charlemagne became Holy Roman Emperor. Following their demise, the Merovingians proceeded to infiltrate the Roman Church by building Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries, which gave rise to the Prieuré de Sion (a ‘priory’ is a monastery) and the Knights Templar who were warrior-monks.

Mel Gibson’s movies are notorious for being bloody spectacles contrived to direct the antagonisms and sympathies of the audience to advantage. “Braveheart” was among these, depicting in graphic horror maimings, decapitations, and other assorted gruesome details which cast England as the imperialist aggressor crushing its harmless and defenseless neighbor. It appears that Gibson’s latest production descends to the same low level of brutality and psychologically exploitation. According to some reviews, the torture scenes in “The Passion” are gratuitously violent and protracted to an extent that the reviewers expressed revulsion (rather than experiencing spiritual rebirth as predicted).

Alice Bailey, who took over Theosophy from Helen Blavatsky, wrote in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, that “the Christian church in its many branches can serve as a nucleus through which world illumination may be accomplished.” In The Emerging Order, Jeremy Rifkin specifically identified the Evangelical Church as the vehicle through which the New World Order would be birthed. Consider that the impact on Evangelical Christians of the traumatic events of September 11––replayed frequently on TV––along with a well-orchestrated anti-Muslim smear campaign, provided moral justification, in the mind of most Evangelicals, for the present genocidal campaign against Muslims in the Middle East. What will be the impact on these same Evangelicals of watching the protracted torture and cruel death of their Lord, Jesus Christ?

Trauma-based mind control programmers and Satanic ritual abusers know that viewing graphic violence triggers dissociative states in their victims. Dissociation is a disconnection from full awareness of self, time, and/or external circumstances––a mental condition that is fertile ground for altered states of consciousness. Victims of trauma-based mind control are so overwhelmed that they must “go somewhere else” mentally. In such a state, a person may become agitated, programmed or even demonized to commit acts of violence that would otherwise be unthinkable. Less violent portrayals of the Crucifixion in medieval passion plays frequently sparked anti-Semitic violence in Europe. Images of even more excessive violence done to Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ” may flash across the mind of susceptible persons for long periods of time after viewing this film, triggering latent reactions of hatred and revenge.

“The Passion of The Christ” sounds to be, not an evangelistic tool that will lead to revival, but a new level of Satanically-inspired violence, reminiscent of another film based on Anthony Burgess’ novel, “‘A Clockwork Orange’. One has to wonder if the producers of “The Passion” aren’t the real Christ-haters, who derive pleasure from reenacting the Crucifixion with meticulous attention to the details of Jesus’ torture. Those who enjoy watching torture will probably love this film.

A review by Jody Dean, a Texas broadcaster: “I can see why some people are worried about how the film portrays the Jews. They should be worried. No, it's not anti-Semitic. What it is, is entirely shattering. There are no ‘winners’. No one comes off looking ‘good’ - except Jesus. Even His own mother hesitates. Everyone falters. Caiphus judges. Peter denies. Judas betrays. Simon the Cyrene balks. Mark runs away. Pilate equivocates. The crowd mocks. The soldiers laugh. Longinus still stabs with his pilus. The centurion still carries out his orders. And as Jesus fixes them all with a glance, they still turn away. The Jews, the Romans, Jesus' friends - they all fall. Everyone, except the Principal Figure.”

One character Ms. Dean didn't mention is Mary Magdalene. Or did she? Who is that “Principal Figure”– the friend of Jesus who never falls? The wording is ambiguous, poorly written, so that “Principal Figure” could be taken to refer to “Him” in the next sentence, meaning Jesus. However, previously Ms. Dean stated, “Jesus’ friends – they all fall. Everyone, except the Principal Figure.” In other words, the “Principal Figure” is one of Jesus’ friends.

The term “Principal Figure” turns up not infrequently in occult literature with reference to the Great Mother Goddess and her replications. A few examples are:

“A pantheon was presided over by the father of the gods, but a goddess was the principal figure in the Phoenician pantheon.” (Phoenician Canaanite Religion–Pagan)

“In addition to Vaishnavism and Shaivism, however, there is yet another tradition in the later centuries of the Common Era, known as the Shakta tradition or simply Saktism, in which the Great Goddess herself becomes the principal figure.” (The Power of the Great Goddess)

“Morgana, a principal figure in Celtic legend and Arthurian romance…” (Dark Goddess: Remembrance of Deities Past)

Virgo, the Great Mother Goddess of remote antiquity, was the archetype after which the various mother goddesses of paganism were patterned, including the Merovingian adaptation of Mary Magdalene. It was in the pagan culture of Alexandria, Egypt that Gnosticism, the synthesis of paganism and Christianity, was born. There the dark-skinned Mother Goddess, Isis, evolved into another Black Virgin, Mary Magdalene. According to The Cult of the Black Virgin by Ean Begg:

“The Black Virgin [is] a continuation of the cult of Isis, as Christianity took over her chapels and her images... [M]any of the finest Gnostic writings are of Alexandrian inspiration or origin. Alexandria is also the main source of Gnostic works linking Jesus with Mary Magdalene.
In the so-called ‘Gospel of Phillip’, Mary Magdalene is portrayed as Jesus' wife:
“And the companion of the Saviour is Mary Magdalene. But Christ loved her more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often on the mouth. The rest of the disciples were offended by it and expressed disapproval. They said unto him, Why do you love her more than all of us? The Saviour answered and said to them, Why do I not love you like her?...Great is the mystery of marriage - for without it the world would not have existed. Now the existence of the world depends on man, and the existence of man on marriage.”

According to Begg, the Tarot card associated with the mother goddess (Virgo) exalts her promiscuous character rather than any virtue: “Rákóczi writes of this card: To the more licentious it represented the ‘virgin quality’ that is gained, not by pure living, but by plunging into the abyss of sexual indulgence; here we have the exultation of the prostitute as a saint and the saint treated as one who is ‘impure’. Hence, Gypsies often call this the Magdalene card... ” (pp.138-9) The role of Mary Magdalene is played by Italian porn star Monica Bellucci.
Considering that Gnostics are devoted to Mary Magdalene as the Great Mother Goddess, it stands to reason that this Black Virgin would be the ‘Principal Figure’ of any contemporary dramatization of the Gnostic gospels. This prospect seems brighter as more and raunchier Merovingian propaganda hits the movie theaters. The “Matrix” trilogy, for example, has been a major conduit for indoctrinating the masses in the Merovingian wisdom tradition.

“The Matrix Reloaded” was the second in this series of allegories in which the names of the characters have esoteric significance. In this film, the abovementioned pornography idol, Monica Bellucci, played the wife of a sleazy Frenchman named “The Merovingian.” Belluci’s character was named “Persephone” after the Greek goddess who became Queen of the Underworld, having been abducted by Pluto, the god of Hades. Most bizarrely, “The Merovingian” ran a nightclub called “Hell” in an underground city named “Zion,” where a band of anarchists (the Learned Elders?) struggled for freedom from the Matrix. As Persephone (the mythological daughter of Zeus and Demeter, rulers of the gods), Ms. Bellucci played the liberated woman, i.e. rebellious and promiscuous.

In “The Matrix Reloaded”, which set a new opening box office record ($42.5M), Monica Belluci’s role as wife of “The Merovingian” conveyed an esoteric message to occultists everywhere, who won't need subtitles to understand the Aramaic/Latin script of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion.” A contributing editor of the Wall Street Journal wrote, “This is a story marked by, among other things, a certain amount of intrigue, and some of it is like something out of ‘The DaVinci Code’.”

Although Peggy Noonan was referring to the equivocations of the Vatican regarding Gibson’s movie (and whether or not John-Paul II said after viewing the film, “It is as it was”) the reference to Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code should not go unnoticed. (Incidentally, should the Vatican in Rome be issuing favorable comments about a film starring an Italian porn queen?
The DaVinci Code is a best-selling Merovingian novel in which hidden clues in DaVinci’s paintings lead to the discovery of a secret which promises to “shake the foundations of Christianity.” (Leonardo DaVinci was Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion, the high command of secret societies, from 1510 to 1519.) Of interest, the director of The DaVinci Code is Ron Howard, who also directed the 1996 movie “Ransom” which starred Mel Gibson.

It seems to have all started with Martin Scorsese’s 1988 film, “The Last Temptation of Christ,” but even that movie was based on a 1955 novel by Nikos Kazantzaki. Most of the controversy surrounding “The Last Temptation” focused on a scene in which Jesus and Mary Magdalene were intimate, although this scene only took place in the dying Christ’s imagination. Whilst Scorsese’s film was viewed as an anomaly, it is now becoming apparent that the “Merovingian Jesus” has been gradually mainstreamed through a stealth operation in the media. Begg wrote in 1985, “Now, in one sense, there are no secrets any more and wisdom cries from every paperback shelf.” (p.137) This is the same ‘Jesus’, with phallic issues, described in The Masculine Journey by Promise Keepers’ psychologist/ author Robert Hicks: “But it was never recorded that Jesus had sexual relations with a woman. He may have thought about it as the movie The Last Temptation of Christ portrays, but even in this movie He did not give in to the temptation and remained true to His messianic course.” (p.181) The implication being that Jesus did have intimate relations with Mary Magdalene; it just wasn’t recorded or shown in the movie. Maybe it wasn’t a fantasy but a flashback.

The irony of it all is that Christians, who turned out in droves to protest The Last Temptation of Christ, will now flock to see a movie with essentially the same theme. Theirs is a brilliant plan, these Gnostic occultists who are using the Christian Church as the medium to takeover Western culture, all the while serving up tons of bologna about ‘family values’. Perhaps it’s just a matter of defining our terms. From The Cult of the Black Virgin, here is the Gnostic version of ‘family values’:
“Indeed Cathars agreed with Plato and St Bernard that salvation began with love of bodies. Troubadours even went so far as to suggest that one must tend towards heaven through the love of women. Although both marriage and fornication were qualified as ‘adultery’, extra-marital union, undertaken freely, was preferable to the conjugal bond. It might even symbolize the return of the soul to its spirit after death. The Cathars and troubadours were perfectly in agreement that true love –– from the soul –– purified the false love associated with marriage...

Here are some references out of Fritz Springmeier's Blooklines of the Illuminati:
pp 148=Ben Hecht, film writer heard Papa Joe Kennedy tell 50 filmmakes not to make anti-Hitler or Mussolini films. Bad for business, don’t you know.
203=MGM is controlled by the Illuminati and the Mob.
292= the Rothschilds run the TV nets.
64 = Judy Garland is 1st cousin to US Grant. Oz=MC programming mainstay. Judy became a nervous wreck. I believe she was a trauma-based mindcontrol slave doing the Illuminati's business when she travelled. Think of how much easier it would be to comprmise some political leader with a fresh new Judy Garland just off the set of the Wizard.

A short list of movies:
The Control Factor, Paycheck, Serenity, Conspiracy Theory and The Manchurian Candidate are all Mind Control pictures. Sinatra, who played the first Manchurian Candidate, was hooked up to the Mob, which equates to the Illuminati. And the Wizard of Oz was/is used in MC programming. Serenity opens with a girl being electronically infused to be a Mind control combat assassin.

How about 1984? We’ve already mentioned the Matrix series. There’s 007 with its Specter, “ghost” gov’t. and even Get Smart with its secret controlling organization, CHAOS. A top motto of the Illuminati and the Masons is Ordo ab, chao, order out of chaos.

And there’s the “face” of Scientology, Tom Cruise. He made Eyes Wide Shut, which is about a secret Satanic sex/sacrifice attended by the nations top leaders. What about three Mission Impossible films? Was he a covert agent for the CIA? He also promoted the Illumianti’s alien scenario with War of the Worlds. But that brings in Orson Wells, with the radio show that rocked the nation. And He also played William Randolph Hearst, in Citizen Kane. Could that name have possibly been a sideways reference to the first murderer in the Bible? Cain?

The recent National Treasure is a perfect lead up to the DaVinci Code. The Templars.

Then there’s Fabian, H.G. Wells. He wrote a lot of Illuminati stuff. A Modern Utopia, The Open Conspiracy: Blueprints for a World Revolution. But his best is the movie, Things To Come, 1936, starring Raymond Massey. Do you remember the name of Massey’s character? It was Cabal. Kaballah!

As early as 1933 the Skull & Bones Illuminati put their mark on a Bing Crosby movie called Going Hollywood. Bing has to go to a room in a hotel. The only room number we see in the hotel scene is 322. That’s the number on building that the Skull & Bones call the Tomb.

Then We’ve got Tom Hanks with an early role in Mazes and Monsters=Dungeons and Dragons. Also a part in the Celluloid Closet, about Hollywood gayness before they could be explicit with it. The comes a Ron Howard film called Apollo 13. A Pagan God went to the moon. And who directs Hanks in the DVC? The boy wonder, Ron Howard. How ever did little Richie become a big time movie diretor?


More from Fritz:
The Disney lackeys were capable of exerting heavy pressure on editors and proprietors or, through the advertising pages, against anyone who inferred Walt Disney was not the epitome of well-scrubbed and benevolent perfection." (Mosley, Leonard. Disney’s World. New York: Stein & Day, p. 10.) Disney is perhaps the epitome of Illuminati abilities to create images. They have created great images for things Disney, incl. Walt Disney, Disney movies, and Disney’s Amusement parks. In some cases these things have been overrated, in other instances the sinister side to them has been carefully hidden. In order to make movies that contain the typical smut of Hollywood, sex and violence, Disney did a slight of hand and created subsidiaries which Disney runs, which has allowed them to keep their good image. They also never showed the public the hard core porn that was made for years in secrecy for the elite. Behind Disney’s good front lies hard porn, snuff films, white slavery, Illuminati mind-control, and the seduction of several generations into witchcraft. This was Pre-Harry Potter.

Nobody has sold America witchcraft as well as the Disney brothers. Movie after movie has cleverly brought the occult into the warp & woof of American thought, all under the disguise of entertainment. Mickey Mouse plays a leading role in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Parents would be surprised what is slipped into cartoons. In Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” the castles are male sexual organs. In one cartoon Mighty Mouse is shown without comment clearly snorting cocaine. Walt Disney Studios Chairman Joe Roth [written before 2000] is in charge of Walt Disney as well as subsidiaries Touchtone, Miramax, and Hollywood Pictures, which were all created to camouflage the Disney production of adult films.


Roth oversaw Disney’s subsidiary Hollywood Pictures’ Evita film. Evita has as its main start “Material Girl” Madonna. Madonna is in reality a mind-controlled slave who has appeared in numerous underground porn/& ritual porn movies. (This author has an underground catalog from a porn business, that has recently changed its location of business. The catalog offered a film of Madonna performing an actual blood sacrifice.) She also was the main actress in Disney’s Dick Tracy film which is reported to be used for mind-control. During an Arsenio Hall show, Madonna, who as a guest acted dissociative, was picked up by the cameras during the show kissing her Baphomet ring.

After the U.S. joined W.W. II, Disney Productions were made a part of the American military establishment. The very next day after Pearl Harbor, the military moved onto the Disney Studio They made propaganda movies. Movies for the IRS to get people to pay their taxe. One military film was “Army Psycho Therapy” which taught army men how to instil fear, and about the basics of fear. Another army film was “Prostitution & the War”. In 1940, Disney came out with 2 full length animated cartoons, Pinocchio and Fantasia, both of which were soon used for Illuminati mind-control programming. Walt used the Le Sacre du Printemps (the Rite of Spring) music for Fantasia. This piece of music was written AS a pagan ritual where a virgin sacrifices herself by dancing to death. Disney’s mobster Gunther Lessing had threatened Stravinsky if permission weren’t given for Disney to use the piece of music, it would be used anyway. Dr. Julian Huxley got involved in the production of Fantasia. Aldous and Julian Huxley are well known by conspiracy researchers for their roles in the World Order. In the 1940’s and 1950’s, the Illuminati began using Disney’s Alice In Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz films as programming bases for their total mind-controlled slaves. Alice in Wonderland had been done many years earlier by the Britisher William Cameron Menzies (who also did Freemason H.G. Wells’ masonic forecast of the New World Order entitled “Things to Come” in 1936, and the film Invaders From Mars.). In 1944, Illuminati Kingpin William Randolph Hearst (with some minor help from others) funded the Motion Picture Alliance, and Walt Disney became a co-founder and its first Vice-President. On July 31, 1995, Disney merged with Capital Cities/ABC, with Disney in nominal control. Actually Capital Cities has long been a CIA front company, so the merger placed Disney squarely within the CIA ranks, although it had been in bed with them for the CIA’s entire history. The Illuminati-controlled corporations of Coca-Cola and the drug firm Johnson and Johnson became sponsors for Disney’s early TV shows.

Warren Beatty. (b. 1937 in VA) This actor is from the Illuminati Beatty family and starred in Disney’s Dick Tracy. The Dick Tracy film uses color in a special way, and this ties in with the color programming of the mind-control. Warren’s sister is the famous (or infamous) Shirley Maclaine. Shirley “MacClaine” is not what she appears. Her father was a professor who was a CIA asset. She was used by the CIA as a sex slave. She became popular with the studios because she went to bed with the correct people. Her talents were used to get her as an intelligence slave into places that an obvious intelligence agent couldn’t go. She was married to a man in the NSA for nearly 20 years. Her adopted name Maclaine (reportedly her mother’s maiden name) is a pun on McLain,, VA where the CIA programmed her. She was used by the CIA in an operation in Australia, where the CIA used her as a sex slave to compromise Andrew Peacock, an Australian MP,, so that they could establish the Nugen-Hand bank for their dirty money laundering. A whitewash of the mission was presented in Out On A Limb.

Shirley Temple Black sat on the Disney board of directors (74-75. She married someone in an elite Network family from San Francisco named Charles A. Black. Charles A. Black was a Lt. Col. in the Pentagon. Shirley represented the U.S. at the UN General Assembly in 1969, belongs to the Sierra Club, and has been decorated with the Cross of Malta.
The Osmond Brothers. Merrill Osmond’s boys were “discovered” at Disneyland when they were visiting the site in 1962. The Disney people on Main St. just “happened” to recognize the talent of the five boys and signed them up soon for their first professional singing contract.

The Osmond Boys did some television appearances for Disneyland such as Meet Me at Disneyland, and Disneyland after Dark. Donny and his sister Marie are programmed multiples who are slaves, who have been subjected to a lot of abuse. They have good front alters. Their father has made millions from drugs, porn and white slavery and is part of the Mormon Illuminati front. The Mormon front of the Illuminati has gotten a lot of good publicity off of the Osmonds.

Nearly all of Disney’s 1920 movies had a black cat in them. Many had occult slants to the scripts. The occult slant never departed from Disney themes.
Some of DISNEY’S blatantly OCCULT MOVIES.
Aladdin. A wisecracking all powerful genie is shown.
Bednobs & Broomsticks (1971) A witch and a magic .
Beyond Witch Mountain (1982) A pair of twins use their special occult
The Black Cauldron (1985), A Horned King uses his magic to fight a clairvoyant pig.
Bride of Boogedy (1987) An evil
Child of Glass (1978) a ghost in a haunted house.
The Gnome-Mobi1e (1967).
Halloween Hall of Fame (1977).
Halloween Treat (1982). followed with a film Haunted Halloween
Misadventures of Merlin Jones (1964) hypnotism & ESP
Richest Cat in the World (1986) A cat that can talk.

Greg Szymanski is the Arctic Beacon. Trusted researcher.

Hollywood & Illuminati Team Up In DaVinci Code To Promote Satanic Lies
By Greg Szymanski 5-19-6

Is it a coincidence that a movie saying Jesus never died on the cross opened on the 33rd day in the Illuminati cycle? According to one Illuminati code researcher this provides another clue about the sinister cult at work trying to destroy traditional Christian values paving the way for a one world religion and government.

Illuminati code buster Jack Fermanian spends endless hours trying to make sense out of the Illuminati numbering code, said the DaVinci Code movie strangely opens today on the exact day of the new Illuminati 33 day cycle, acting as a reminding of the devilish intent behind the cult trying to take over the world.

The cycle and the number 33 are important mystical elements of the secret cult, according to Fermanian, as the members of the Illuminati, including the Bush crime family and other high level U.S. government officials, use the numbering code as a source of mystical power as well as an internal means of secret communication.

"Is it just another coincidence the movie opens on the 33 day cycle date or is it another in your face revelation that the real super secret puppet masters have most people's minds under their control," said Fermanian in an email sent to the Arctic Beacon, adding many sinister Illuminati events correspond to their devilish obsession with the secret numbering code.

"Now we have this, a movie about the pre-Illuminati secret societies set up in a mass media blitz to promote the satanic lies. Of them being of the bloodline of Jesus Christ and therefore having the divine right to rule the world. It now all makes sense how much they control Hollywood and the media as they can hype anything they want to brainwash people."

Over the years, Fermanian has kept close tabs on the secret numbers used, like one, three and nine, trying to alert Americans how strange and deadly events are coded and then communicated to members of the deadly Illuminati in a display of arrogance and devilish power.
For example, critics of the DaVinci Code claim it is a New World Order propaganda movie, geared at destroying the basis of Christianity by destroying the story of Jesus. And Fermanian claims the date of its opening provides more evidence the critics claims are true.

In the movie, documents are said to be uncovered showing Jesus never died on the cross, having fled from the Romans. Further, the story contends Jesus married, had children and descendants of his bloodline still exist today.

But both the book and the movie, however, are nothing new, as the masterminds of the Jesus propaganda story have been hard at work since at least 1956 when the damaging Jesus bloodline documents were said to be uncovered in a Paris archive library, found by the mysterious sect called the Priory di Sion and led by Pierre Plantard.

After the documents were uncovered, newspaper articles started surfacing in French and Italian papers, essentially laying the groundwork for the demise of the Catholic Church and Christianity by the New World Order.

However, the documents have never been verified as authentic while researchers claimed they were planted to destroy the Church by a satanic group controlling the Pope and the Vatican.

Further, the modern day strength and actual existence of the Priory di Sion has also been seriously questioned, as critics contend it has been used as a front organization for the real spiritual controllers trying to destroy Christianity.

Although the Priory can be traced to ancient times, the Arctic Beacon found out through this reporter that in the 1980's the Priory di Sion was little more than a fictional group with a small office in Paris and Plantard was nothing more than a "front man" used by satanic high level characters within the Vatican.

A high level Vatican official in the 1980's, when questioned about the veracity behind the theory behind the present-day DaVinci Code thesis, said the whole affair from the placing of the documents in Paris in 1956 was an elaborate scheme "to one day bring down the pillars of the Vatican amidst lies and deceit from satanic powers walking right in St. Peter's Square."

And it's interesting to note that The DaVinci Code and its phony success, which sold millions around the world, was nothing more than a clever remake of the 1980s propaganda book called Holy Blood, Holy Grail, also a best seller but one that had very little impact on America.

The critics claim the spiritual controllers behind the DaVinci Code scam felt they needed a Hollywood box office hit to drive a final propaganda stake in Christianity.

And so the plans were made to have the Holy Blood Holy Grail rewritten more cleverly with a Hollywood appeal, as the culmination of their propaganda campaign can be seen today on cinemas across the country, complete with two-time academy Award winner, Tom Hanks, in the lead role.

"It's the perfect propaganda union: Hollywood and the Illuminati New World Order killers working together," said one Hollywood insider who wanted to remain anonymous. "And I wonder if Tom Hanks even knows what he is really doing as he walks away with millions as his country is going down the tubes."

Besides the DaVinci Code falling on the beginning of the 33 day cycle, Fermanian looks at some other strange dates and Illuminati events, including Waco, the Madrid bombings and 9/11.
"Also the Madrid Bombings were 911 days since 9/11. April 19th was also the for Waco and for the Oklahoma City bombings.

"Bush Senior announced the New World Order exactly 11 years before 9/11 on 9/11/1990. They might not have had 911 in the planning stage yet, but the announcement was made on 911.

WRAP: You know, the movies are like anything else in life. They need to be checked out before we take on and pass along the information they contain.
That’s doubly true seeing that the Illuminati are creating much of what we see.
As we’ve seen, we must even be wary of those “innocent” kid’s shows
I’ll be back here July 2. In the meantime, watch out what you watch

There are two things that you and everyone can do to fight against the Illuminati.
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