Wow, you know, I had so much material to present, once I got it all together, that I found that I better start by giving you an overview first. I have some 16 or 17 subject areas that could cover a whole show all by themselves, and I discovered that just my outline of topics would fill a whole hour or more. So, that’s what we’re going to do today. I’ll go through my outline, dropping little bombs as we go along the way, and I’m not going to try to reference any of these items – that comes later when we examine the different subjects in more detail. Probably we’ll do at least four more shows on this subject. But what you need to do – and I’ll remind you many times as we go through this series – you need to get on the internet and look up all of this stuff for yourself. There’s volumes and volumes and volumes – it would take you years to study all of this stuff.

Here’s some places you can go: Do a Google search, just type in “Illuminati” or “mind control” or “Skull and Bones” or, there’s a guy named Fritz Springmeier, one of the foremost researchers on the Illuminati. Also there’s a woman, her pen name is Svali. Type in any one of those five things and you’re in for a long, “illuminating” – if you’ll pardon the pun! – experience. These topics will give you more than enough evidence to show you the matrix that we live in.

Okay, here goes. Again, this is just off the top of my head, one topic at a time.

Who Are The Illuminati?

Who are they? The front organization that we know as the Illuminati – not the bloodlines, but the front organization that we know as the Illuminati, originated in 1776 with a guy named Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria, The Bavarian Illuminati. And through lots of different machinations, they took over Europe and the United States. Okay, that’s a whole show all by itself.

Now, what’s really important to understand – and I’ll be repeating this several times as we go through the series – if the overall objective of the Illuminati is called the New World Order, the sub-objectives of the New World Order are consolidation of all nations under the Illuminati control. That’s the highest main objective. And that’s been the objective of the 13 Illuminati bloodline families that go back thousands of years – not just a couple of hundred years – thousands of years. These people were around at the time of Christ. The whole thing started 3,000 B.C. in ancient Babylon. And they’ve always been working, and all of their little sub-organizations have always worked for world consolidation, with them at the top.

The second primary objective of the Illuminati is population reduction. Population reduction. Maybe you remember a few years ago Ted Turner – oh, what a wonderful hero Ted Turner was. He gave the U.N. a billion dollars! Oh, my, what a wonderful thing, well, he must be a saint! And in his speech, he called for a world population of no more than 300 million. That’s what the United States has. What about the rest of the world? Margaret Sanger, the saint of Planned Parenthood, a long time ago wrote in her book that the population of the world should be 500 million. And she suggested that we get rid of all the human “weeds” – in other words, all of them, right? All of them. All of us good white people can stick around, but all the rest of the weeds, the human weeds, have to go. You remember Margaret Sanger, she’s a hero! But she’s in on it. That ought to tell you something right there. They want to reduce the population of the world down to a half a billion people.

Now here’s the part that you’re not going to want to believe at all. These people have always been and are today working toward the preparation, or are preparing for, the emergence of the Antichrist. The top 13 bloodline families of the Illuminati are all Satanists. Baby-sacrificing Satanists. Okay, you can turn the radio off now!! That’s what ties all this stuff together. See, it’s not just banking, it’s everything. Bring every single part of our human relations of the planet under control of the New World Order. Now, that’s the objective. How do they accomplish that? They hold on to the philosophy of Hegel. The Hegelian philosophy is something you’ve heard, you know, divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. Very simple.

Here’s how it works. They set up a thesis, that’s one side of an issue, it’s a group. The group could be the Bush Administration. Then they set up an anti-thesis, antithesis, that’s the Peace Movement. They promote and fund both of these movements to the point where they clash, and out of the clash comes what the Illuminati want as their objective, more control of the world population. In the case of Bush, the Bush Administration, didn’t you know, didn’t you feel in your gut how weird it was that the Bush Administration was seemingly oblivious to the worldwide peace movement against the war in Iraq? How can it be that 60 cities in Spain were against the war in Iraq? I mean, what does Spain got to do with our agenda? You know, that was off the wall. And millions and millions of people around the world, do you realize how much it costs to get together a peace demonstration of only a few thousand people, let alone 500 thousand, let alone millions all over the world? That was the other side.

Now out of that thesis and antithesis, the Bush Administration and the Peace Movement, when they clash hard enough, we are going to want somebody to help us out. Just like Tom Cote said in his song that I opened up this show with, in trying times they will with ease distort your judgment and make you believe; they foment fear – as Michael Moore points out – so that we cry out for help. Oh, please, give us the Federal Reserve so that we don’t have this boom and bust cycle where everything gets great for a little while and then everybody loses everything. Please give us a United Nations world army. We’ll give you all our guns! Just keep us at peace! Stop all this war, please! That’s the synthesis that comes out of what the Illuminati set up as their thesis and antithesis.

Here’s the way it works on a real small level. The Mafia goes around to the neighborhood businesses, not saying that they’re the Mafia, they just go around to the neighborhood businesses, and they wreak havoc. They leave notes and say “pay up,” and sign it with the black hand. The store owners that don’t cooperate get their store busted up, get themselves busted up. And then a week or so later, another couple of people come around to these very same store owners, who are other members of the Mafia, and they say to them, “Oh, gee, I hear you’ve been having trouble. Wow. I tell you what, we can keep you safe. We can offer you protection, you know the protection racket. We can offer you protection against these thugs. But, of course, it’s going to cost. So pay us a little bit, and we’ll keep you protected.” It all comes from the same place. The Mafia sends out the thugs in the first place, and then sends out the ambassadors of peace and protection in the second place. And what is the synthesis of this thesis and antithesis? It’s the Mafia making money off the businessman, which is what they want to do in the first place. They accomplish their objectives by setting up two sides of an issue that will conflict, and the outcome will benefit them. That’s their philosophy; that’s how they work all their things.

Now, how they implement these objectives. The implementation, well, we’ve mentioned a few things already. The U.N. The U.N. is filled with non-governmental organizations which have taken over several of the areas that the U.N. deals in, in particular, the environmental area of the United Nations. They have taken over the policy making of the U.N. environmental movement. There are over 700 NGOs that have a vote. And there are less than 300 officially appointed national representatives, representatives of nations. The NGOs outnumber them two to one. And they make the policies. They make up all the treaties that come and take our water, that come and take our land.

The National Heritage Foundation. This is a world heritage site here. This belongs to the world, and it’s under the direction of not the United States, but also the U.N. The U.N. has jurisdiction over these sites, like the Statue of Liberty. What the hell does the U.N. got to do with the Statue of Liberty? Or some of our national parks? But they’re in there. The National Wildlands Treaty Convention Movement is out to take over fully 48 percent of the United States’ land, and if you happen to live in one of the reserve areas, you’re going to have to move. The implementation section of the Wildlands Project clearly says “relocation for citizens.” They say, “This is a wildlands reserve, and nobody can live in here but the grizzly bear. You’ve got to move.” The U.N. is one of their main implementation places.

The news media, we know that. The news media. They tell us a bunch of lies. They don’t tell any of the truth, and set us up. Movies. The Matrix is about the Illuminati and control. Matrix 2, Neo has to go and find the Merovingian. The Merovingians are one of the oldest and most royal of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. They get us through our music. They implement this through our music. National and international law. The privatization of national resources.

Here’s one you’re not going to believe: Mind control slaves. Do you remember the Manchurian Candidate? That’s what that is. There are hundreds of thousands of mind control slaves, just like Frank Sinatra was in the Manchurian Candidate. These people go around as assassins for all the different governments – this isn’t just the United States – and they are traumatized into multiple personality disorder victims, and they don’t even realize that they’ve gone and assassinated somebody, like Allende. They don’t realize that, because they come back from a mission, they get an electroshock, and it wipes out all their short-term memory for a day or two in either direction, and they don’t know, they just have a memory gap. Some of them do. Most of them get false memories given to them. Just like Men in Black, they flip their little mind wiper-outer, memory wiper-outer, and then they say, well, this is what really happened. The person wakes up and they don’t know any better. That’s what mind control does.

They implement their stuff through the Mafia. They created the Mafia. They didn’t create the thugs; they didn’t create the crooks, but they got them together into a cohesive group, and they are the underworld arm of the Illuminati. The black market underworld arm, see? The white market are the national armies, okay? The guys who do the illegal stuff, that’s the Mafia.

Another way that they are going to implement and do implement their objectives is through detention camps. There are detention camps, hundreds of them – hundreds of them – all over this country, ready to receive detainees, to be gassed, just like the Germans. How will they implement – this is population control here. Population control and dissension, not just dissenters, but also population control.

Bio-agents, biological agents, like possibly SARS, like possibly AIDS, like possibly Ebola. I told you you don’t believe this stuff, do you? Foreign troops, foreign troops. Four years ago I did a show outlining how there were over 300,000 Russian troops stationed in this country. Many other countries have foreign troops in this country co-training, training together. Another way they implement control is through bio-chips, smart cards, with all of your information on it.

Okay, let’s move on to the next part, is the hierarchy of the Illuminati. As I said, these international bankers, they’re not the ones that go and do the assassinations. There’s a hierarchy. There’s the people way, way up at the top, nine or ten or 15 – 13, actually, people on a council that rule over a bigger council, that rule over a bigger organization like the Bilderbergers and the CFR and the Club of Rome, that rule over smaller organizations, and it goes all the way down to the guy on the street who has gone through trauma, mind control, and all he does is run drugs. He’s a courier, a drug runner. There’s lots of evidence that the country music industry – I’ve got a list, and one of my researchers has 50 or 60 top names in just the country music industry who are being used, or have been used as drug runners. That’s easy to do, you know, they go international places and all, it’s easy for them to do.

So there’s this hierarchy, from the leaders to the grunts. The top of the hierarchy is headed by the 13 families that I already mentioned, bloodline families that go way, way back, centuries and centuries and centuries. You get on the internet and type in “13 bloodline families,” and you’ll come up with these families. And you’ll have over one megabyte of straight text, with no graphics, on just these 13 families, and how these 13 top families branch out into hundreds of other families, and all of their machinations, through many hundreds of years. Under the 13 families are, like I said, regional councils. Under the regional councils there are programmers – now, regional council might be people in individual governments, like our State Department, our CIA, our FBI, those kinds of organizations that have been infiltrated. I mean, Bush was the head of the CIA. He is inside, in the top echelons of the Illuminati. Even if he’s not one of the very top 13 families, he’s high up in the Illuminati. The whole Bush family has been for generations. And that’s what they do; they’re in the State Department, they’re in the CIA, the FBI. What do you think Homeland Security is all about? The Patriot Act. All of that stuff. So that’s regional stuff.

Under the regional stuff we’ve got to get down onto the street, okay. So we have programmers, mind control programmers. They get these people in and they electroshock them, give them drugs, hypnosis, and stuff like that. In my research papers I’ve got the whole movie of Fantasia, which is one of the programming tools that these people use. They take little kids and they drug them, they drug the life out of them, hypnotize them, electroshock them for trauma, and open up their minds, and they see these images while the programmers pump information into them. And I’ve got the whole movie, minute by minute, with all of the suggestions that the programmer gives to the victim. The Wizard of Oz, another one. That’s one of the big ones that they use for programming. It’s absolutely full of all these little symbols that reach back to the Illuminati and say, if you dare whisper a word about any of these secret things, you die. Not only that, but they even program into the people suicide programs, so that if you tamper with the programming, they go nuts and kill themselves, or try to. So we’ve got programmers under the regional councils that keep the guys down, like just below middle management, to do all the work.

And then we’ve got handlers underneath there, like Dick Cheney is reported to be a handler for a woman named Cathy O’Brien. You can look her up, Cathy O’Brien, on the internet. She reports that she was a mind control slave of the sex type. She was a sex slave for Dick Cheney, and several – several – other high government officials. And she says Dick Cheney keeps an hour glass on his desk. An hour glass. That’s a big symbol out of the Wizard of Oz. The witch has an hour glass, she turns it over, and woog! See! Okay? Those are the beta slaves. The delta slaves – you know the word delta, don’t you? There’s Delta Airlines, yeah, we know Delta Airlines. That’s a triangle, which is also symbolic of a pyramid, a delta. Well, what armed force do we know called the Delta Force? They’re the high-level force in the army. They’re like the Navy Seals. The Delta. Mind control is what they are. They’re heavily, heavily trained in all of this assassination and the things that the Delta Force does. They’re called Delta slaves. Mind control, that’s one of the other things that they do down in the lower level.

And then out of the mind control slavery, they’ve got things like the Mafia, things like that, where people have made alliances for their own benefit or are blackmailed into doing the bidding of the people that are controlling. Which is the case with a lot of our senators and congressmen. They get them drunk, they set them up, and take a lot of pictures. Okay? They get some gay person to come in and make love to the senator, and then threaten them with blackmail. “Oh, well, what are your Christian constituents going to say about this, Senator?” And then they vote the way they’re supposed to. The hierarchy of the Illuminati.

Financing. How do they finance all this stuff? Well, sure, they’re international bankers, but they don’t want to spend their own money, do they? Well, of course not. So, in 1913 they set up the Federal Reserve and the IRS in this country. And they use our taxes. They use money in their foundations. Well, the foundations have funded – I did two or three different shows on just the education in this country that’s funded by the major foundations to write all the textbooks, the teaching materials to take over Columbia education, the Columbia University education section, to twist our education system around to their own way of thinking so that we can get out of individualism and promote consensus and one world order and relinquishment of individual and national sovereignty. The most important thing is the group, the world-wide group. And the foundations do that, and it’s tax-free money. See, they spend the money from the foundations on things, and who benefits? They benefit. “Oh, we’ve got a brand new set of textbooks here, 17 volumes. Paid a lot of money to this guy to do this, you know.”

Another place where they make their money is the IMF. The IMF goes around and loans money – they don’t loan any money. They loan money to the governments, and then they insist – and if you want to get in on this, you look up Greg Palast on the internet. And they make the government agree behind the scenes to at least 100 or more items, one of which is – and we’ve heard this openly – privatization of the national industries. That’s why in some South American countries the citizens are going to have to pay for the water that they get out of the well that’s on their own property.

And the IMF and the World Bank, same game. Same game. Interest on different loans. Like I said, the IRS, and two very, very large industries where they make their money is drugs. Why do you suppose, I mean, what sense does it make – what sense does it make for the CIA to be involved in drug running? I mean, the whole movie Air America with Mel Gibson was about the CIA running drug money, running drugs for money. That’s been one of their big things ever since they were formed. And Bush and I think Morgan, was it? – and some of the Rockefellers made money, the Kennedys, top bloodline family, made money running drugs. There’s a lot of money in drugs. But what doesn’t make sense for them, that’s so they can finance the construction of underground complexes where mind control and national security programs can be implemented, watching all of the populace and all of that. That takes money.

What other very, very large worldwide industry that’s just busting at the seams with money? Pornography. Pornography. Well, don’t you know how easy it is to make pornographic films? If you’ve mind controlled women and men to be sex slaves, just tell them to go do their thing and you make movies out of it. Easy. Easy. And the money keeps rolling in.

Okay, I’ve got to stop here. One of the things that I didn’t mention in their philosophy, because I got stuck on Hegel and divide and conquer, and antithesis and thesis and synthesis, because one of the overriding doctrines of these people, these high-level Illuminati bloodline Satanic worshipers, is a balance of good and evil. Anybody who has been into the pagan frame knows a god named Janus. And it’s a two-faced god, it’s got two faces. And Janus is the birthplace of Saint Peter at the gate in the Catholic church, as many pagan things are in the Catholic church. The Catholic church has Saint Peter at the gate, and he weighs your good stuff and your bad stuff when you get up to heaven. You got more good stuff, you get in. You got more bad stuff, you don’t get in. They hold to that.

See, Satanism is a religion. It’s just like Christianity, Buddhism, any of those. It’s a definite religion that’s strictly adhered to by these people, and they insist on the doctrine of a balance of good and evil. They firmly believe that ultimately their actions are for the good of the planet. Their rationale is that what we do is for the good of the planet. Yeah, I know, you got to break the egg to make an omelet. So in order to help relieve that stress when we break the egg, when we introduce a war that kills a few million people, we’ll balance that out with some good stuff. So we’ll have the Rockefeller fund, we’ll have them give a lot of money to the World Health Organization for health issues in Africa. We’ll give a lot of money through “X” number of foundations to the United Nations Women’s Movement, to protect the women of the world, and the kids of the world, all of that kind of stuff.

All of the Illuminati have always been publicly held up as heroes. Maybe you remember who is mainly responsible. There’s one name that mainly comes out in the establishment of the nation, the modern nation of Israel. The hero of the Jews. The hero of the Jews is Rothschild. They’re the ones who financed the establishment of the nation of Israel, and all the good that has come out of that. But they did it for those reasons, and they didn’t do it to advance Judaism, because they hate Judaism. Satan hates Judaism, true Judaism. They balance out good and evil – they must do that. That’s part of their doctrine. The last thing in their philosophy is they know best. They’ve got the rationale set up, and they know best for us, even if it hurts, they’re going to do us good.

On one show I quoted George Bernard Shaw, who is part of all this movement. He was one of the founders of the Fabian Society in England. And he says, to women, he says, “Under our system you will” – you don’t have a choice – “you will live good. You will live well. You’ll have plenty to eat. You’ll be equal. You’ll have plenty of food. You’ll be able to have a job. You’ll live good whether you like it or not. And if we spend all this money on you to make life better for you and you still don’t want to take advantage of it, we’ll kill you.” That’s what he says. You’ll be killed in a kindly manner. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! They know best. They know best. It’s fascism taken to the top. They know best, and even if you have to die, it’s better that you die and the world go on in a better place.

People from the Skull and Bones and the Illuminati funded the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers funded the Russian Revolution. If you turn Russia over and look underneath it, it’ll say “Made in U.S.A.” We went over there and built factory after factory after factory and sent them technology that would fill Iraq, and built them into a world power. They weren’t a world power at the end of World War I; they were a backwater country, huge, with massive resources, but not a world power. We built them into a world power, world power enough so that they could get on their feet and really become the world power. The United States and the Western Allies was the thesis. Communism and the U.S.S.R. was the antithesis. And what did that promote? Worldwide panic, practically. Duck and cover! They’re gonna drop the bomb! Oh, my God, be careful!! Michael Moore – fear.

And then all of a sudden, surprising everyone, except Illuminati researchers and the Illuminati themselves, the Soviet Union collapses. And the Berlin Wall comes down. Outside of all the war things, political parties. I’m sorry, but anybody who gets in any kind of a discussion on politics and wants to promote the Republican Party for whatever reason, or the Democratic Party for whatever reason – oh, we’ve got to get those Republicans out of there. Bush is just doing our country really bad. We’ve got to get those Democrats back in there so we can get some sense out of this life of ours. No, come on. Both political parties are constructs of the Illuminati. We should have 40 or 50 political parties in this country. We should have coalitions that make up the government. We’ve only had two political parties, and nobody else has had a prayer for 100 years or more. Two, that’s all. Thesis and antithesis. And what comes out? Come on. Both parties wind up doing the same thing. They talk one thing and they do another. And when you look at the actual results of all the presidencies, all the administrations throughout the last 40 or 50 years, is the easiest one, you’ll see that we all are going in the same direction. It doesn’t make any difference whether they’re Democrats or Republicans. Oh, if Al Gore had only been elected. If Al Gore had been elected, we’d be exactly where we are now. There’s a slight possibility that the Iraq war wouldn’t have happened, but I think it would have happened anyway, for other reasons. But they’re the same; they’re all the same. And all of our presidents – I said all – all of our presidents have been out of the bloodlines of these top 13 families. We have never elected a president. They’ve all been chosen to be elected, and we’ve gone along like sheep. See I told you you wouldn’t believe this!

I just heard this the other night, 34 of our 42 or 43 presidents – 34 of them – can trace their genealogy straight back, and they all hit Charlemagne. They’re all related. They’re all related underneath. There’s no such thing as a backwoods, rail-splitting farmer from Illinois who just happened to make it to be the president. Abraham Lincoln was out of one of the Illuminati bloodlines. Oh, yeah, but why did they assassinate him then? Yeah, that’s right, because he had enough conscience, enough goodness at heart, just like his 100-year-later counterpart, Jack Kennedy. He had enough conscience to say, wait a minute, that’s going a little bit too far. No, I don’t want you to split up the country into two different countries; we’re going to fight that. And what happened to both of them? They both got assassinated. Sure. They both got assassinated.

Political parties are non-existent. My firm conviction, after all my research, is that you’ve only got a 50-50 chance – and I’m being real liberal with that estimate – you’ve only got a 50-50 chance of having any real effect on your life by voting for anybody that’s as high as state government. State senator or state representative, there’s only a 50-50 chance that you’ll get anything out of them that you want, because at least half of them have been groomed ever since college, Yale Law School, Skull and Bones. They’ve been brought along by the Illuminati super structure to get in and do their bidding in the government. Political parties – no, they’re non-existent. Never have existed!

Okay, let’s get into our own individual government and take a look at a couple of things here. Where do they work in there? Well, the administration, obviously. You follow any of the administration cabinets over the last 50 years and you’ll see this big tapestry weaving in and out, from the head of the CIA out to the Ford Foundation, back into the State Department, back out of the State Department into the FBI, back out of there into the Council on Foreign Relations. The Council on Foreign Relations has all of these people in it. And they just play musical chairs. And every one of those chairs has some influence in how our government is run and the foreign policy. And it has to be run to promote one-world government and loss of our national sovereignty and individual sovereignty and freedom. And the Congress, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, FEMA – FEMA, you could do a lifetime study on just FEMA, and think that they’re behind it all. They’re not behind it all, they’re just a small arm of the Illuminati. Homeland Security, the Patriot Act. The Information of Awareness Office. The Information of Awareness Office, even their logo is filled with Illuminati symbols: a pyramid, a snake eating itself.

You want to see where this goes? Take a look at the logo for AOL, America Online. It’s a stylized all-seeing eye of god. A pyramid with an eye in the middle of it, only it’s a stylized eye. The back of our dollar bill has the all-seeing eye in a pyramid. You’ll find that little pyramid, that delta, every place. And every place you see it you can know that the Illuminati were involved, because that’s one of the things they like to do. They like to publicly show themselves what they’re doing because they know and they laugh up their sleeves because we don’t know what they’re doing. Oh, yeah, we built the Washington Monument. Oh, that’s a wonderful thing. No, it’s not. No it’s not! It’s the penis of Horus. It’s a phallic symbol. And phallic symbols like that, like obelisks, are always accompanied by a dome. The construction plan for the city of Washington, that includes the Washington Monument, the White House, the Congress, all that stuff, is built on a pentagram, a five-point star, a satanic symbol, heavy satanic symbol. Those are the places in our government that they work.

What about our domestic policy? Well, the Fed, they just take the interest rates up and down whenever they want to, and the people behind the scenes who know that that’s going to happen make a killing in Wall Street. You know, when you own 400,000 shares of a company, and the company’s stock goes up by one point, you make $400,000, right? You sell at one price, and then the stock drops. The bottom drops out of the stock and it goes down to 20 percent of what it was. You go back down there, you spend only 20 percent of your gain and buy all your stock back. The price goes back up! The stock market, of course.

The State Department, like I said. The Wildlands Project, we already mentioned that. The Heritage sites. How about foreign policy? Well, the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations. The Council on Foreign Relations is exactly the same organization as the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England. Exactly the same organization. It’s just that the organization is split in two so it looks like they don’t relate. They do the same things, and they come straight out of Milner’s Round Table, which is the secret organization behind that scene. And they said, well, we got to control the international foreign policy here, so we’ll have the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England, but we won’t call it that. See, that’s what it was going to be called overall first, and then they said well, wait a minute, people are going to know what’s going on here, so we’ll make this organization. And then we’ll make the same thing over in the United States, but we’ll call it the Council on Foreign Relations.

The World Trade Organization. The World Health Organization. Through the U.N., the World Health Organization is dictating “help” to nations and groups, and at the same time gaining control over those groups, and possibly some of the more “radical” researchers will say introducing biological agents into some areas of the world. Why do you think Africa was so hard hit with AIDS? And all of these organizations together – not just the individual Trilateral Commission, but the Bilderbergers, Club of Rome, WTO, WHO, IMF, World Bank, United Nations, World Court – they all are working toward the same agenda, the overriding agenda of one-world government controlling everybody on the planet and reducing the population to a half billion people.

Our economy. Well, everybody rails about the corporations. Oh, God, you know, we have so many programs railing on the corporations. We have Amy Goodman – I’m sorry to tell you this, folks, I’m sorry to tell you this, but here are two names that you want to live your life by who are funded – I’ve seen the flow chart – I’ve seen the flow chart of money out of the four main foundations, and where that money flows down to, and Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky get grants from these foundations. They’re the antithesis. It’s easy for somebody like Amy Goodman to say, “This is important stuff. People need to know this information. People need to know about the doings of Enron and all this corporate scandal and greed. They need to know that. Now how can I get that message out?” And they apply for grants, just like KMUD applies for grants.

Welfare. That’s one way they keep us under control. Welfare. Social Security. Keep us dependent on them. Manipulate the interest rates, manipulate the economy with the Federal Reserve. As I mentioned earlier, I did three different shows on just the education in this country alone, just this country. A guy named John Dewey with his Progressive Education came along, taught at Columbia and was the mentor of 30 or 40 percent of all school administrators in the country. They graduate from Columbia University and go out into the education world, using his Progressive Education. Two guys named Counts and Rugg wrote all the textbooks and the teacher resource books for our education system. Their man was, I think it was for 17 years, the head of the National Education Association.

Religion is no different. They control the National Council of Churches, Union Theological Seminary, which turns out all kinds of ministers. Of the people, some 90 of them or 75 of them who did the translation of the Bible called the Revised Standard Version – a popular translation – 30 percent of them were on the side of the Illuminati and downplaying individual sovereignty and up-playing inter-faith cooperation. We have to have one-world religion too.

The environment, oh, the environment. I’ve done two or three different shows on the environment. The U.N.E.P., which is part of the I.C.U.N., these are U.N. organizations that make the environmental policy for the world. They put together, with the NGOs, like I mentioned earlier, they put together all the conventions, all the treaties. There’s a guy named Maurice Strong, who is practically the top man of the U.N. environmental movement. He started out at 18 years old as a rent-a-cop at the U.N. And in seven years he was a vice president of the Canadian firm called Dome Petrochemical, because Rockefeller took him under his wing and put him on the fast track. And he’s the one who’s mainly responsible for all the draconian environmental treaties that have come about through the U.N. They’ve got their fingers in every single little pie that’s on the window sill, folks. This isn’t just international finance. This is religion, this is science, this is politics. It’s all of the general areas of our life.

You know, your unnamed fear can be relieved by understanding the illusion that we live in, and by realizing that God is real and has promised that we’ll be okay.

This is Jack. Goodbye.

Song: You’ve been had!!