CIA operative Mark Phillips was awakened to his involvement and the mind control program, and he decided to do something about it. He rescued Cathy O’Brien and her eight-year-old daughter from the program. We’re going to hear from both of those people. And in the process we’re going to discover the covert workings of our government officials as they move to bring in the New World Order. And boy, does Cathy have a lot of names to drop. She was the highest level government official sex slave. Wait until you hear some of this stuff.

Mark and Cathy wrote a book. Almost all of these mind control slaves who have gotten out of the program somehow or other with somebody’s help have written a book because that’s the best way to process this stuff. You write it all down, give it some tangible substance, and then the pain goes away. Their book is called Trance-Formation of America, “trance,” like a hypnotic trance, Trance-Formation of America. And here’s a couple of sentences from the cover:

“On August 3, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s top-secret mind control research program code named MK-Ultra.” In case you thought some of this stuff was being made up, they had Congressional hearings into the CIA. “On February 8, 1988, MK-Ultra victim Cathy O’Brien was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven-year pursuit of justice was stopped for reasons of national security.” That’s the big screen that they use nowadays. Everything hides behind “national security.” This is a presentation that was given to the Justice Pro Se organization by Mark and Cathy on June 4, 1996 at the Livonia Civic Center Library, which is in Livonia, Michigan. Cathy is from Michigan. And you can find a transcription of this presentation on David Icke’s web site, at

Mark Phillips

Now here’s Mark Phillips first. He outlines a bunch of stuff about his involvement and how he got started in it, and then we get Cathy O’Brien. Mark Phillips worked for various CIA front companies and he had a lot of experience and training in mind research, behavior, handwriting analysis, a lot of personal stuff like that, because he was heavy into marketing and did a lot of training on psychological stuff.

And then one day somebody showed him some pictures of his then business partner, and his life changed abruptly. We’ll get to those pictures in a bit.

Mark Phillips says: “This quite a milestone for us, and Cathy O’Brien and myself would like to thank each and every one of you, particularly Dominic Vincintini, Rick Strawcutter and Justice Pro Se. ...”

“The background that I will provide will give you some understanding of what she is going to be relating, because we are talking about a psychological warfare weapon. We are talking about something that has been kept from the public's eye for the most part, particularly in this country: MKUltra. ...”

“My name is Mark Phillips. I was born May the 17th, 1943, in Nashville Tennessee. I didn't particularly want to serve in the infantry of the United States Army, and be drafted during Vietnam, so I sought an opportunity to work for a Defense Department subcontractor. I was very fortunate in that I had a job offer from the Ampex Corporation, out of Redwood City, California. ...”

“In around 1967, when I was being interviewed by the Ampex Corporation, I discovered that the Defense Department was much more interested in the way I thought rather than my academic achievements. Thank goodness, because there were [many] other people wanting that job: young men, as well as young women, that I believe were academically more entitled to it.

“The job description was Sales Manager, and there was going to be a fair amount of training, that would occur in Redwood City, California ...” – he went through the training in a bunch of different places.

“... I was working in and around penitentiaries, mental institutions, on the state and county level, and federal and state penitentiaries.” And I might add that these are breeding grounds for mind control slaves, plus the military. “And what we were doing, in essence, was filming, or videotaping, various accomplishments, experiments, as well as some ongoing projects, involving behavior modification, using drugs, hypnosis, along with some other Pavlovian type conditioning, repetitious conditioning. ...”

“... and NASA was really going to be the end user of our product, and our product was intended to become apes that could communicate with computer boards, and other types of communications. Some of these apes are quite intelligent, but at best they've got the mind of a very temperamental six-year-old child, and are not, as far as I am concerned, suitable for manning a spacecraft worth billions and billions of taxpayer dollars. But, nevertheless, the United States was very concerned that we may in fact have a problem with the Saturn V liquid fuel rockets, that the Soviets had already experienced some of NASA’s problems. And, quite frankly, they did not want to take the space program and dismantle it because they didn't have a backup to cover our astronauts.

“To take this a little bit further, after my initial exposure to finding out that the United States Government was more interested in testing me to see if I could keep a secret, in essence, I went through three months of exhaustive testing. And, in retrospect, it kind of frightened me, because they knew more about me than I knew about myself. ...”

“The point was, I just walked around, and I did my job, and I never saw any violence until really mid 1973, and then I began getting hints that these electroshock treatments were not always low voltage. And I also was getting hints that there was going to be some trauma that I would be witnessing in the near future.

“So Ampex was enjoying, or enduring, I should say, some serious political problems, because they were a California based corporation. Ronald Reagan was governor, and he was going to implement mind control in the California State Prisons, and also at the state owned and run mental institutions, and the people rose up against him. They almost cost him the governorship, and ultimately, of course, we all know he ultimately became President for two terms. ...”

“... So, one day, I talked to this friend of mine, who, (pardon the pun) shadowed me a great deal” – and that’s a clue right there, somebody was around all the time, because probably they were watching him. They’re always watching to get people into this mind control program somehow, to implement their goals, either as a slave or a willing worker or whatever. “And I explained to him that I wanted something else besides this kind of job. So he suggested that I go to work for something much more glamorous, like an airline. And I said, ‘Well, that's what I was thinking about – an airline.’ And he said, ‘Well, I happen to know” – conveniently – “I happen to know where there is a job opening.’” He said, ‘I have stock in this company, and I really believe that you ought to investigate it.’ And he scribbled out on a napkin exactly the name of the fellow that I was supposed to see, the president of the company. And then he wrote down the senior vice-president of the company.

“And I said, ‘What's the name of the airline?’ And he said, ‘CIA.’ And I said, ‘Well, wait a minute. What's that?’ And he said, ‘Oh, its Capital International Airways. ...”

“After one interview” – that airline is a CIA front, by the way – “I found out that they did not have a job opening. But they suddenly created one, and that was in the advertising department. So they hired me as the advertising manager. Well, they didn't have any advertising: it was all handled by agencies. So I sat there, just looking at my desk.

“And one day, I decided after about a week of this, I was going to see what was going on, and went in to see the boss. And he said, ‘Well, we're fixing you an office up right now.’ I said, ‘Well, what am I going to be doing?’ He said, ‘You're going to be the director of sales.’ I said, ‘Well, that's wonderful.’ ...”

“Until one day the U.S. Marshals came in and literally swarmed the place. And they were going down, office-by-office, padlocking offices, and executives and secretaries and everybody else coming out, they would grab their purses and their wallets and whatever else they could get their hands on quickly. And I was sitting at my desk when I was introduced to one of these marshals, and he explained to me, he said, ‘We're looking for Mark Phillips.’ And I said, ‘He's next door.’ I said, ‘Who are you?’ He said, ‘I'm a U.S. Marshall.’ I said, ‘He's absolutely next door.’

“So I was going to just scoot on out by the water fountain and find out what in the world the guy wanted. Well, he wasn't going to sit still for that. He knew who I was. So I tried to be a tough guy. He told me, he said, ‘We're going to put you into guarding the integrity of the files.’ I says, ‘What is going on?’ He said, ‘Do you know anything about Paperclip?’ I said, ‘I got a desk drawer full of them. What kind of a problem is that?’ He said, ‘If you don't know, then it’s no problem.’

“Well, what he was talking about is going to lead right into what you are going to hear about tonight. Well the long story made short, the president of the airline was so stressed out by this that he crawled into a bottle and stayed there and literally died from it. He was an elderly man anyway. He brought in a fellow from Air America named George Clamatson(?),” but maybe you know that Air America is also a CIA front. Maybe you saw the Mel Gibson movie. I’ve got a lot to say about Mel Gibson, but let’s go on. George Clamatson was a “Russian-American, who had been one of the founders of Air America, as well as a number of other CIA operations.

“George came in, more or less put the airline together for sale.” Now let me stop here for just a half a second and say, he knows there are CIA connections to the companies that he’s working for; he’s not completely ignorant about that just yet.

“George came in, more or less put the airline together for sale. And George said to me, he said, ‘Let's go to Alaska.’” Is that off the wall or what?

“Well, I thought, ‘Well, my goodness.’ I couldn't find another job, I couldn't seem to be able to get away from that place, and it was crumbling under my feet. And I was terrified that the U.S. Marshals were going to come back, because nobody would tell me what that was all about.

“So, I went on to Alaska with George Clamatson(?). We founded an airline up there called Great Northern Airlines” – another CIA front. I mean, this Clamatson guy founded Air America. And he’s just dragging Mark along and getting him further involved in the whole program; that’s all he’s doing. “[The airline] flew over another company's routes, and then that airline was sold to Southern Air Transport.

“Now, I've been listening out there to see if you folks knew what I'm talking about. So far, I have named nothing but CIA operations. I wasn’t unaware that I was effectively working for the CIA. I thought everybody worked for the CIA. I thought that every major corporation in America had some interface with the CIA whether they knew it or not, so I didn't pay any attention to it. ...”

“Well, about that same period of time, we're now at about 1985, I was approached by a young friend of mine, same age as me. And he said, ‘Mark, ... I've got a fella that is in the country music business.’” And he said, “Well, I don't like country music.” And this guy said, Oh, well this guy’s a ventriloquist and a hypnotist and he goes around, and you should get a hold of him. So he does. He talks to him. And his name is Alex Houston.

“... Alex Houston would approach me with a viable idea put together, a joint venture, a Pacific Rim operation, primarily with the People's Republic of China. And this venture would in essence be a company manufacturing great big huge capacitor banks for the mining industry in China.”

I’ve got to let you know that I’m skipping around here. I’ve got 16 or 17 pages of this stuff and you’re only going to hear about two of them, so I hope it doesn’t get too disjointed.

“So I spent most of my time in the air, traveling back and forth, and working the other countries, the Philippines and Taiwan and was bouncing all over the place on the Pacific Rim, setting up contracts ...”

“But, after signing the contract, I was presented at this banquet that they threw in my honor, I was presented with a rather peculiar request to talk with this gentleman who was standing there, ...”

“This fellow came over, and he began to open up a little case that he had, and the first thing there was absolutely terrified me. He opens up a little folder that begins to show me that, truly, national security in this country was gone” – Now, they’re not in the United States; they’re overseas, Taiwan, Hong Kong, some of those places – “because he had pictures of myself that the military and the defense department had taken. He had pictures, and he had records showing where I had been assigned to various jobs. Some of those documents were eyes only, some of them secret, most of them top secret, they had the original initials, could have been color photographs, but they were original initials on the sides, stamps, and some cases where I had initialed them and turned them back over to my superior.”

He was amazed, but this guy says, “This was just to get your attention.” And I said, “Well, you certainly managed to do that.”

Can you imagine a guy walking up to you on the street and opening up a folder and showing you your life history?

“He began to tell me that Mr. Houston” – his partner, Mr. Houston – “was involved in child and adult pornography, which, by the way, pornography, in China, is an instant death sentence if you get caught with it. He was involved in drug running, money laundering, the CIA. And I said, ‘Wait a minute. What? It's coming back to haunt me.’ He said, ‘The CIA. Mr. Houston works for the CIA.’ And I said, ‘Huh.’ He said, ‘He's an intelligence officer.’ And I said, ‘Mr. Houston has not got enough sense to wipe his nose.’ He said, ‘He does work for the CIA.’”

Now this Houston guy, remember, he’s in the country music industry, and he’s a ventriloquist, a stage hypnotist, a magician.

“And he continued to show me, very stoically, page by page, some of Mr. Houston's history, and telling me that Houston was also involved in white slavery. But the key to all this was, he said, ‘Alex Houston does this, in essence, of the White House.’ I said, ‘What do you mean, of the White House?' He said, ‘It's of the White House.’ I said, ‘You mean the White House approves this, sanctions this?’ He said, ‘Yes. It's always the White House.’ ... “The White House. Your government.”

“I said, ‘Oh my God.’ So, I said, ‘You mean to tell me that Mr. Houston” – who goes around on country music tours and does stage tricks – “is involved in some CIA black operation involving prostitution, child and adult pornography, and all this stuff, and it is sanctioned by the White House?’ He said, ‘That's right.’ He said, ‘And you've got to get rid of him.’ I said, ‘I'm not gonna get rid of him like that.’ He said, ‘No no.’ He said, ‘You get rid of him any way you want to.’ I said, ‘Well, um...’

“And just as he said that, he opened up the page where there is Alex Houston engaged in sex with a small black boy, who was absolutely terrified. And I saw the stuff on the side, handwritten, the word, ‘Haiti.’ ...”

“Well, I decided right then and there I needed to do something, and I made a decision that any one of you would have made ...”

“ ... Alex Houston happened to be gone on his annual vacation that he took to a place called Boy's Town, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Now, Mr. Houston ... was bisexual, but he much preferred boys. So he goes up there on vacation, like a lot of others do, I later found out from another case. I guess you folks have heard about the Senator John DeCamp's case called Franklin Coverup. Anyway, there was a ... case in Nebraska, involving some of these very same players. George Bush was named as a pedophile, and had been there” – that must be documented that he was there; George Bush was there – “and Alex Houston was named in this suit, and the whole thing was stopped because it was just destroyed from the inside. They didn't even get to the national security issue part. ...”

“Our government is engaged in psychological warfare against each and every one of us. ...”

“So, tonight, you're going to hear ... about MK Ultra and trauma based mind control and project Monarch ...”

I hate to have to skip over a lot of his stuff here, because it’s so neat. And especially if you haven’t tuned in before and have a little bit of an introduction to some of this stuff.

Cathy O’Brien

But here’s Cathy O’Brien anyway. As I said earlier, she drops some very high-profile names – I mean, George Bush is high profile enough already – as she takes her story from infanthood, less than five years old, to presidential prostitute. That’s what she was; she was a presidential sex slave. And on the way we’re going to get a good look at some of the mind control super structure and the uses of mind control slaves.

But before we start I have to tell you that Cathy O’Brien is not an Illuminati family member. She was brought into the mind control system to be a courier, sex slave, whatever they wanted her to do, and then they trained her to do that and kept her under mind control. But she wasn’t a family member; she was strictly just a slave, going around and doing the things that they wanted to do.

“I would like to thank Justice Pro Se for having Mark and I come in and speak to all of you, and I'd like to thank each and every one of you for coming out here this evening, to arm yourselves with information on a tool that is being used to usher in what Adolf Hitler and George Bush term ‘New World Order,’ and that is mind control. You have a right to know and a need to know these secrets that the perpe-traitors” – and she spells it Perpe-Traitors, because that’s what they are – who are “in control of our country have been controlling all of us by for far too long. Knowledge is our only defense against mind control.
“I know I am extremely fortunate to have survived my CIA MK-Ultra mind control victimization. I know I am extremely fortunate to have survived to this point, to be able to relay this information to all of you. Many government secrets and personal reputations were staked on the belief that I could not be deprogrammed to remember those things that I was supposed to forget. They were wrong. ...”

“Now that I am in control of my own mind, and ultimately my free will, I'm telling all that I've witnessed and experienced behind the scenes as a White House/Pentagon level mind controlled slave. I know that my victimization was extreme, and I certainly am not interested or intending to traumatize you with the information of my victimization. Instead, I want to provide you a comprehensive understanding of the components of mind control, and what the plan is for controlling all of us in this world dominance New World Order effort. Many government secrets and personal reputations are now being revealed. ...”

“I was born in 1957, in Muskegon, Michigan, to a multi-generational, incest based family.” This is really important here, because these are the kind of people that they search out constantly. We talked a lot about this the last couple of shows. She was born to a “multi-generational, incest based family. My father had been sexually abused as a child, my mother had been sexually abused as a child, and they were sexually abusing me. As far back as I can remember, my father was sexually abusing me. And I've often heard them brag that he began substituting his penis for my mother's nipple while I was still an infant. This confused my primitive sexuality. It put it into an area of pure survival. It was the same, to me, as eating and drinking. It was for this reason that I was targeted as a sex slave in the MK-Ultra project.

“Another reason that I was targeted is because in multi generational families, as the Hitler/Himmler research discovered” – see, Hitler sent Himmler around to find, to search out multi-generational abuse families, to work on them in mind control – “and as has certainly been elaborated on since then, was discovered that when a person endures trauma that is literally too horrible to comprehend, the mind's sane defense to that kind of trauma is to compartmentalize the memory of that event in a certain portion of the brain, so that the rest of the mind [can continue to function]. ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder,’ as it is now termed. It used to be called ‘multiple personality disorder,’ but that was not an accurate description of exactly what really is going on.” Because it isn’t a whole personality; they don’t make different personalities; they just chop up your mind into a lot of little compartments, and then they open one compartment, and that compartment takes control of the total body and does whatever mission they want you to do. Compartmentalization of memory is what it is.

“... I developed a memory compartment to deal with my father's abuse. The part of my brain that dealt with my father's abuse would actually open up. The neuro-pathways would actually open up to a part of me that dealt with my father's abuse could deal with him again and again and again, as needed. That part of my mind was closed off behind that amnesic barrier” – see, she’s able to do this all by herself. But this is the process that they go through. They force this process on kids, and adults too – “... and I would function absolutely free of any memory of that horrific abuse. I really had no place to put such horror anyway. It's not that what my father was doing was morally wrong, that I comprehended. I was just a little bitty kid. There was no way I could know that it was morally wrong. But, instead, I endured the pain and the suffocation of his abuse.

“The government understood, from a study that ... this compartmentalization of memory should prove ideal for keeping their perverse secrets. Behind these amnesic barriers in the memory compartment is a photographic memory, because the mind photographically records events around these traumas. ...”

“This kind of photographic memory certainly had the interest of the government, because they knew that Dissociative Identity Disorder children, such as myself, were highly suggestible and could be easily programmed photographically to deliver messages, as it were. In my case, since I had been sexually abused, I was used as a sex slave, and therefore my suggestible mind was programmed to carry out and fulfill perversions of certain politicians who did not want their perversions known to the rest of the public. They truly believed that their secrets would be kept secret forever. Had I not been expertly deprogrammed, I would not ever have been able to think to tell you about what happened, and what I witnessed, as a White House/Pentagon level mind controlled slave. ...”

“I developed another memory compartment to deal with the pornography that my father was subjecting me to. My father had a sixth grade education, and earned his living as a worm digger, and supplemented the family income with proceeds from child pornography. The child pornography that he was subjecting me to was also being manufactured by my mother's brother, my Uncle Bob Tanis, also of the Muskegon, Michigan area. Uncle Bob was part of the” – and get this – “Air Force Intelligence” – you see, the intelligence departments in all the forms of our government are heavily into this stuff – “Air Force Intelligence and also claimed to have been working for the intelligence arm of the Catholic Vatican,” – who might that be? – “the Jesuits. My uncle Bob was heavily involved in the manufacture of pornography at that time.

“When my father made a pornography film with me and my uncle's dog, Buster, which was a kiddy porn bestiality film, they were caught sending this child pornography through the U.S. mail.” Oh, well, they must have gone to jail! Nope, they didn’t go to jail. “When this happened, my uncle Bob Tanis came to [my dad] and explained to him that there was an operation going on here in the United States called MK-Ultra. He told my father that if he would agree to sell me into the CIA's MK-Ultra mind control, that he could receive immunity from prosecution.” Which is the same thing that happened in the other case. “My father thought this was a great idea.” I would too! Go to jail or sell your kid. “He thought that the government actually condoned child abuse. He went on to have five more children to raise in the project. There were seven of us in all.

“At that time, the child pornography that was being manufactured was being circulated through the local Michigan Mafia pornography ring. Also at that time, a certain criminal faction of our government was sanctioning this kind of child pornography, because they were interested in finding out which children were being used in the pornography; which children could be targeted for mind control” – you see, they’ve got their spies out everywhere looking for these people – “because they knew that if a child was abused prior to the age of five” – which she was – “before their minds and brains could be completely formed, that they were far more receptive to mind control. Therefore, a certain faction of our government was interested in mind control experimentation and use, that actually were covering up the Mafia's child pornography ring.

“Once my father agreed to sell me into the CIA's MK-Ultra project, we were visited by the head of the local Michigan Mafia pornography ring – or rather the politician that was covering up all of these kinds of perverse crimes in our area.” Here comes name drop number one. Are you ready? “His name was Gerald Ford.” Whoa, Gerald Ford. “This is the same Gerald Ford that went into the office of President.”

Oh, she’s just making this up. This isn’t real. Nobody will believe this. How could this possibly be real?

“Gerald Ford came out to our house, and he explained to my father how to raise me in the project. He explained to him how to manipulate my subconscious mind, ... I was functioning on the subconscious level. The subconscious mind does not comprehend – does not question or reason or rationalize things that it is told.” This is extremely important here, to help you understand how this can go on in a person’s mind. “Information that is fed in is readily accepted, through either hypnotic language, language of the subconscious, or neuro-linguistic programming, as it is officially called. My father called it ‘reverse psychology,’ and he was immediately flown off for a two-week course on what he termed ‘reverse psychology’ in Boston, Massachusetts.

“When he came back [from his training], my victimization became much more horrific, because of the information and the knowledge that my father had learned. ...”

“At that time, my father had been instructed to take me to Mackinac Island, Michigan. ... At that time, the governor of Michigan was Governor George Romney.”

“... He also believed that bringing mind control into the school system would be very beneficial for teaching children greater amounts of information. ...”

“It was also in Mackinac Island, Michigan, that I was subjected to the perversion of Gerald Ford. Gerald Ford had been sexually abusing me for a long time anyway. It is not that he was a typical pedophile, like another one of my abusers was, but instead it was more that he was interested in traumatizing minds with sexual abuse so that he could gain control. He's what I refer to as try-sexual. He'd try anything, with anybody, any age, any time, anywhere. It didn't matter. What mattered was the perversion of power.

“Another one of my abusers at that time was then Michigan Senator, later U.S. Congressman, Guy VanderJagt. Guy VanderJagt was an absolute pedophile, ... he was sexually abusing me as a child, and preparing my mind” – get this – “preparing my mind for mind control” – see, they’re not programming her just yet, except to split the mind and make compartments and sexually abuse her and get her under control and take away all of her individuality, her personhood. He was getting her ready for the MK-Ultra project.

“It was around that time, 1966 to be exact” – now, just to refresh your memory, in 1966 she is nine years old – “that I made first communion at our local Catholic Church, Muskegon St. Francis de Salles. At that time, Father Don was the head of our church, and was bringing mind control in on a mass scale. I'm sure many of you all know the Catholics have been sued for vast amounts of money for child abuse proliferated in the church.” And I’ve got to stop here and tell you that this was in 1996 that this was given. This wasn’t when all that other stuff broke loose. It’s been going on for decades. “And this is one reason why. In 1966, after I made my first communion, I was subjected to what was termed ‘The Rite To Remain Silent.’ That's R-I-T-E, as in ritual. And I was subjected to an occult ritual. ...”

“At that time, VanderJagt came in and joined Father Don in exposing me to a blood trauma that was so horrific to me that it just blew my mind. ...”

“... I no longer had the ability to switch into that compartment that dealt with his abuse. I completely lost that ability with the ‘Rite To Remain Silent.’ Instead, they placed a series of hypnotic codes, keys and triggers in place of my natural switching mechanism, so that they could decide when, where and how that particular compartment of my brain could be accessed. ...”

“After this ‘Rite to Remain Silent,’ I was exposed to and dedicated to who would become my owner in the MK-Ultra project” – owner, okay? There are programmers, there are owners, there are handlers; there’s a regular hierarchy that goes into this stuff. Here it is. You’re going to love this name. Here’s, lately, one of our heroes. He’s one of our constitutional upholders. Her “owner in the MK-Ultra project, U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd.” Yeah, I know you don’t want to believe that.

“As my owner, Senator Byrd would decide where I would be taken, for what purposes, and how I would be programmed. He decided which various military and NASA installations I would be taken to for sophisticated mind control programming, and later on, throughout the Reagan/Bush administration, it was Senator Byrd who decided what criminal covert operations I would be forced to participate in.

“Senator Byrd was extremely brutal in his perversions, which further compartmentalized my memory of the horrors that I was experiencing and being subjected to. One of the first things that Senator Byrd ordered was that I be sent to Muskegon Catholic Central High School.” This was much later, after she had been introduced to him.

“At Catholic Central, I was subjected to occult rituals during school hours, as were many others who attended Catholic Central. As a result, I was photographically recording everything that I learned in school. I got straight A's in school. I was doing excellent, but yet I wasn't comprehending anything. I didn't know how to use the different knowledge I was gaining. But, nevertheless, my brain was being packed in full of knowledge because of the trauma that I was enduring.

“It was while I was in Catholic Central that Gerald Ford went into the office of President. This furthered what I had been conditioned to believe: that I had no place to run and no place to hide.” That’s what they do; they make you totally dependent on them. And that’s the overall agenda of the Illuminati, from individuals, all the way up to complete nations: it’s loss of sovereignty, loss of individuality. That’s what globalization is all about. And who gets to be the boss?

“In 1977, Senator Byrd ordered that I be transferred to Nashville, Tennessee. In Nashville, Tennessee, mind control was in full swing. The CIA operations were being run through the country music industry. Drugs were being distributed throughout the country, particularly cocaine. And the proceeds were going into the CIA's ‘black budget.’ This was funding New World Order control. ...”

“The country music industry was very much a part of the CIA's criminal covert operations at that time, and Senator Byrd had strong connections into Nashville Tennessee because he fancied himself an entertainer of sorts. ... On the occasions that I was sent to Nashville, Senator Byrd was fiddling on the Opry.” Pretty good.

“At that time, there was a musician playing music behind him named Wayne Cox. Later, Wayne Cox told me that musically wasn't the only way that he also backed Senator Byrd, but that he backed him politically as well. Wayne Cox subjected me to an occult ritual during which I was so traumatized that my suggestible mind accepted the program that Wayne Cox would become my first handler in this CIA MK-Ultra project.” So when she was far enough along and old enough to actually get into the programming and start doing jobs and stuff, then they had a handler. “As my handler, Wayne Cox would follow orders from Senator Byrd, to make sure that I was at designated places at specific times for whatever purposes Senator Byrd ordered. ...”

“By 1978,” – she’s now 21, in 1978 – “it was determined that I had endured sufficient trauma to be programmed on a more sophisticated level, and J. Bennett Johnston took to me Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma. It was there that I endured the first extensive military mind control programming that would force me to participate in a trial run operation. ...”

“I was programmed to deliver a large quantity of cocaine from the state of Louisiana into the neighboring state of Arkansas.” Hmm. Okay. “I took a large quantity to a remote airport in Ouachita Forest, which I have since identified as Mena Airport.” Some of you may have recognized the name Mena Airport. “It was 1978. Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas. After delivering that large amount of cocaine, I delivered a personal stash of cocaine, as ordered by J. Bennett Johnston, along with a message from him and a packet of information. At that time, I witnessed Bill Clinton snorting two lines of cocaine. Yes, he did inhale.

“This was not the last time I would be exposed to Bill Clinton. I would know him throughout the 1980's, throughout my victimization, until my rescue and my daughter's rescue in 1988.

“My sexual experience with Bill Clinton was extremely limited, because it was my experience that Bill Clinton is bisexual, leaning far more toward the homosexual. ...”

“I have witnessed Bill Clinton involved in homosexual activity, and it was Hillary who accessed my mind control programming as a sex slave, and used my sex programming. It was my experience that Hillary, too, leans far more toward homosexuality.” Which has been confirmed by two or three other people that I’ve read.

“By 1980, my daughter Kelly was born.” That was when she was 23. “She was born right into the MK-Ultra mind control project, on a much more sophisticated, high-tech level of victimization than I had ever been subjected to as a child. The technology had advanced. Kelly was exposed to harmonic mind control programming at NASA installations and military installations literally since birth.

“As soon as Kelly was born, Senator Byrd ordered that we be transferred back to Nashville, Tennessee, where we would be under the control of our second mind control handler, Alex Houston.” Ahh, there’s Alex. “Alex Houston was the stage hypnotist and ventriloquist in the country music industry that Mark referred to earlier. Alex Houston would provide a means of Kelly and I traveling throughout the United States to various military and NASA installations for mind control programming, in and out of Washington DC, into Canada, throughout Mexico, and throughout the Caribbean.

“The country music industry would provide the perfect cover because I dressed like a prostitute and I acted like a total air head, and people tended to think that was probably the norm for the life of a country music entertainer. That was the public image that was projected. ...”

“In 1983,” – this is when Cathy was 26 – “Senator Byrd ordered that I attend a White House cocktail party” – this isn’t the only one that ever happened; she does this stuff on a regular basis. This is one example that she’s giving. – “and he acted in the capacity of a pimp, and prostituted me to then president Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan, as you all well know, is an actor, and he was acting to create an illusion of something entirely different to the American populace, while behind the scenes he was very much involved in implementing New World Order controls and eroding our constitutional values. ...”

“During the 1980s, I was forced to work under President Reagan's Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett. Bill Bennett publicly claims to be a Jesuit, but he does not define the faction of the Jesuit Order that he is talking about. He, along with Lamar Alexander, who is also a victimizer in all of this mess, is responsible for bringing the Outcome Based Education into our school system. The Outcome Based Education was designed to increase our children's learning capacity, while decreasing” – this is what’s the key here – “decreasing their ability to critically analyze. By decreasing their ability to critically analyze, they will readily accept information.” And we must be alert to what is happening in our school systems. And it is said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and we must be vigilant with this last freedom that we’ve got, freedom of thought. Right, that’s the last freedom we’ve got, freedom of thought.

You can probably still find this material on David Icke’s web site, at Just do an internet search. (It can also be found it at And with this whole thing there’s a really good question and answer period that follows these speeches too.

Now we’ve still got a ways to go with mind control, and I suppose we’ll have at least two more shows. And I definitely want you to hear from a family member. Remember I said that Cathy is not a family member. She’s just a controlled slave. Even though family members become slaves and mind controlled, they work within the family and become programmers themselves. And this programmer I want you to hear about isn’t Svali – I’ve done a lot of hers already; but this is Cisco Wheeler. And just to show you her Illuminati connections, her family goes right straight back to General U.S. Grant. He comes out of one of the top 13 Illuminati families.

I also want to turn over the rock that hides Benjamin Franklin’s relationship – yeah, that’s what I said, Benjamin Franklin! – Benjamin Franklin’s relationship with Anton Mesmer – you know, Mesmer, hypnotic – Anton Mesmer, and Adam Weishaupt, which is the guy who formed the original secret society that was called the Illuminati.

You know, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, and the other leftist heroes, they give us valuable information. But don’t be deluded by thinking that they give us the most important information. We have to do our own research. The foundations that fund and founded the left will never allow them to say what you heard here today. The Illuminati keep a tight lid on the left media – they own it all! They don’t dare expose the Illuminati priesthood that’s working to bring in the Antichrist and help him rule the world. The only comfort that we can have is that God is real, and that He says He’ll help those who trust Him.

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