Ulysses S. Grant, Vietnam leader General Earl Wheeler, Adam Weishaupt, Franz Anton Mesmer, Ben Franklin, and Dwight Eisenhower all figure into the story of ex-Illuminati family member Cisco Wheeler. She was a sex slave, drug runner, money launderer, and Illuminati programmer, creating other mind control slaves.

James Tilley Matthews

We may have turned up the technological beginnings of mind control – the first use of hypnosis and electroshock to produce dissociation in a person’s mind – “dissociation,” that’s when your mind shuts down and you go someplace else, and your conscious mind is unaware of what’s happening, on purpose. And this is a presentation of a slide show that was given by Walter Bowart. He’s the author of Operation Mind Control, published in 1978. You can look him up on the internet and get this whole presentation, and probably some of his book, too.

He’s showing slides here, and he says: “A patient of Bethlem” – that’s an asylum in England near London, and it may even be the one that turned into the word “bedlam.” But anyway, this is 200 years ago at this asylum. And William Norris is the picture in the slide. And he “was confined there for 12 years, bound by chains a foot long and to an iron rod at the head of his bed. He died in 1815. Another patient at Bethlem, who we do not have a picture of, was James Tilley Matthews. He was incarcerated there for 35 years and escaped only by death” – an interesting use of words – “and it is a very interesting story.” This is an extremely important part of this story: “In the late 1700's he had gone to France as a spy for the British Admiralty” – Now, let me remind you that anybody working in an intelligence organization is at risk at being involved in this mind control stuff. That’s where it mainly stays, is in all the intelligence units. He was “posing as an import-export agent. He travelled in the highest circles of French society. Things went wrong for him when he fell into the hands of Franz Anton Mesmer, the father of hypnotism. Mesmer used to play parlour games by having aristocrats stand in tubs of water while he played DC current over their heads, to what purpose we don't know.”

Here’s another slide: “This may be one of the first perpetrators of” technological – I say “technological” in quotes – “mind control ... one of the founders of our country ...” – This slide that he’s showing here is of Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin! “He was the U.S. ambassador to France at the time, and if you remember, he was the discoverer of electricity which was DC electricity. ... Franklin may have used that later for the effects we now know DC current gives. It will induce amnesia easily. Franklin was asked by the French government to look into the activities of Mesmer and his claims of miraculous cures with electricity. They hit it off real well, but it's not surprising. They were both the brothers of the same secret society ... the Masons. Franklin filed a lengthy report favourable to Mesmer to the French government. Another brother Mason who frequently visited them in Paris was Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati.” Now that’s the modern-day secret society called the Illuminati. When I say “Illuminati,” I’m talking about everybody that’s involved, these 13 families and all that. “These coincidences” – Mesmer, Weishaupt, Franklin – “bring a lot of questions to your mind about what were these guys really doing over there, and what did they find out?

“Mesmer happened to be, believe it or not, the godfather of Amadeus Mozart. In fact he raised Mozart, and of course Mozart was this incredible genius musician and his biography will show you more than one obvious example of someone who behaves as if he were suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder.” That’s what they call it now; they used to call it Multiple Personality Disorder. But that’s not quite accurate. “You can conclude that maybe Mesmer played around to enhance the musical abilities of Mozart at the cost of other parts of his personality.”

Now here’s another slide: “We are back to James Tilley Matthews, and after a few years of influence by Franklin and Mesmer, he beat a path as soon as he could back to England, reported to the Admiralty the French had developed a devastating instrument of war” – a 50-foot cannon! No, it wasn’t a cannon; it didn’t blow up anything. He called it “an ‘airloom’ which could weave thoughts into a man's mind.”

“Now John Haslam was the resident medical officer at Bethlem Hospital toward the end of Matthews' stay. In the first decade of the 19th century” – early 1800s, in other words – “Haslam wrote this whole volume called ‘Illustrations of Madness’ just singly on the Matthews case. It was published in 1810. It was the first book length case study of a single patient in British psychiatric history.” The slide he’s showing has a picture of this book on it.

“... the significance of his case was way back about two hundred years ago, he was describing experiences that modern victims of mind control are now describing, even using some of the same terms. Today Matthews would be diagnosed as ... suffering from schizophrenia or paranoid schizophrenia, which we now know is an extremely rare disease. When I wrote Operation Mind Control back in 1978, there were only 25 MPD [Multiple Personality Disorder] cases diagnosed, now there are hundreds of thousands. Most of the people I was writing about were called schizophrenic by the doctors ... and they weren't. Of course, they were D.I.D [Dissociative Identity Disorder].

“A Dr. George Birkeck of London examined Haslem in those days, and testified before the King's Bench that after paying James Tilley Matthews six visits at Bethlem and having attempted ‘by every mode of examination which he could devise’ to discover the real state of his mind, he said Matthews was not insane.” See, this high-level government official came and interviewed the doctor and James Tilley Matthews and went back and reported, because, again, Matthews was high level in the government. He was a high-level spy for the government. And the stuff that he was doing was focusing a lot of attention on high government officials. But he said that Matthews was not insane. “Matthews was talking about sudden death squeezing, lobster cracking. He was admitted on January 28, 1797 to Bethlem after he had been behaving oddly for quite a while, about a year, and among his strange behaviour was writing a letter to his benefactor, Lord Liverpool, who was in the Admiralty and was part of this intelligence scam that he was involved in,” – Here’s a few things that he wrote, it’s a big paragraph here but I won’t read the whole thing. “‘I pronounce your Lordship to be in every sense of the word a most diabolical traitor’” – He said that he deceived this king, he was a principal in schemes of treason, and a bunch of other stuff. And Bowart goes on and says that delegates are “locked up, even today that would get you locked up. ...”

“But he is talking about thought-making. Haslam, the doctor who treated him, said, ‘In this situation he continued for many years, sometimes an automaton, moved by the agencies of persons’” – that weren’t apparent. “And of course he talked about spies, thugs and assassins who were putting voices in his head and controlling him. Matthews insisted that in some apartment near London Wall there is a ‘gang of villains, profoundly skilled in pneumatic chemistry who assail him by means of an airloom.’ Of a variety of tortures he described so colourfully, were ‘fluid locking,” – there’s about 30 of these things but I’ll only read a couple of them – “‘fluid locking, cutting soul from sense, ... lengthening the brain, thought-making while one of these villains is sucking at the brain of the person assailed to distract his existing sentiments, another of the gang will force into his mind a train of ideas very different from the real subject of his thoughts ...” He talks about “lethargy-making, ... knee nailing,” – whatever that is – “‘fibre ripping brain sayings ...’ and other descriptions of physical and psychological tortures caused by some invisible means which Matthews put into the high tech terms of his day.

“Now, this is very similar to what people are describing today. This is the way he drew a layout of the way he was assailed and interrogated by these 17th Century assassins and he said that a ‘pneumatic machine’ was used. And now Bowart puts up a slide of the actual sketch that Matthews made of the machine, just in case you thought I was making this up. It’s in this book, Illustrations of Madness. He’s got a sketch of the machine. And “this was the high technology that was doing all this. If you are interested in this, try to find the book, you may have to do a search for it.” And he goes on here; this is interesting: “But the EM [electromagnetic] targeted victims of today” – get that? – “electromagnetic targeted victims of today are not sounding much different than that.” You see, you can go and find mind controlled people who are saying that they are being harassed by electromagnetic fields, microwave fields. Do you remember decades ago, the Russian Embassy was being bombarded by microwaves by the CIA over in Russia, wherever it was, in Moscow? They’re going after this stuff, folks, not just with hypnotism and shock.

Cisco Wheeler

Now, Cisco Wheeler. Back to the future! Two hundred years ago Ben Franklin, Mesmer, Adam Weishaupt, mind control, okay? This is an interview with Cisco Wheeler that was on CKLN FM, which is a Canadian radio station. And they’ve got a 40-week series of interviews with slaves, programmers, researchers, therapists, all these people who are involved in mind control. Look it up: It’s on, Cisco Wheeler. And this is what it’s like within the family. See, we have gone over a lot of evidence of mind control slaves that weren’t family members, with the exception of one programmer who was a low-level family member, Svali. But this is a higher level family member, and she is also a programmer.

Reader discretion is advised here. Some of this stuff is pretty graphic.

Today we begin an interview with Cisco Wheeler, co-author of The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave, and other books about trauma-based conditioning.
“... Cisco is a mind control victim of one of the Illuminati families. She is a descendant of Ulysses S. Grant and has managed to gain a certain amount of freedom from her family's control. She is currently working with Fritz Springmeier” – whom you have heard me mention many times – “to help other victims of mind control heal. ...

Wayne Morris: “I would like to start off by asking you what your background is and how you first became involved in trauma-based conditioning mind control.”

Cisco Wheeler: “I was first involved as an infant. My father came from a transgenerational satanic family.” Now that’s a key, a heavy key to Illuminati family stuff. “My life was planned according to a particular structure, from the beginning, as my father was a programmer for the Illuminati and the U.S. government.”

Wayne Morris: “What political/military connections did your family have that you are aware of?”

Cisco Wheeler: “We had a very strong political background. My father had political connections; my Great Uncle was General Earl Grant Wheeler, he was a direct descendant of Ulysses Grant. General Earl Wheeler was the head of the American military in the Vietnam War. He was the Joint Chief of Staff so we had a very strong political background. My father was also a Grand Master within the Illuminati. He worked on the west coast during the Vietnam War with his uncle who headed the military, to run drugs into this country to create a drug culture.” We didn’t have a drug culture before Vietnam, just a few people smoking pot here and there – big deal. “The purpose of that was to destroy the structure within the family unit.” Take away all individual sovereignty. “The drug culture was the real purpose behind the Vietnam War.” I know that sounds funny, but they don’t have any oil, do they? You can rationalize and say, oh, Iraq has a lot of oil. What do they have in Vietnam? Jungle? Rice? People trying to make a living off the land. “My father was also with the USO shows in the military as he was a musician; he was also involved with the CIA; and he was a 33rd degree Mason. Because of his being a Grand Master within the Illuminati, he was very strongly connected to America's political structure. Because of the generational ties within the Illuminati, from the planned time of my conception” – do you get that? That’s what they do. They plan the time of conception, and they plan the time of birth. And if it isn’t going to come out right, they force it. – “I entered into a world that was well structured, and well planned. And as a structured slave within the Illuminati, I too became connected to America's political structure. As a small child I was groomed” – five years old here, folks – “I was groomed to sexually service the so-called elite within this political structure.”

Wayne Morris: “Are you talking people in the White House?”

Cisco Wheeler: “Yes. President Eisenhower is the first president that I remember. He befriended me as a small child. I would sit on his lap, sang to him, there were sexual gestures back and forth. I was being trained. I entertained governors, mayors, ministers. I was trained in sexual activity there, and I was part of the Illuminati function within the British Royal Family during elite meetings. ...”
Wayne Morris: “How did you first realize that your family was connected with the Illuminati?”

Cisco Wheeler: “If you understand multiplicity, you understand there are many layers in the system.” Now she’s going to talk about the system and “ourself” and parts of “them” and so forth, and all she’s talking about is all the different parts of her own personality system, her individual system. “Because there are many layers, parts of ourself knew” – she knew that she was connected to the Illuminati – “parts of ourself knew and had many memories of certain things happening in our life, but the front part of our system that faced the outside world” – that had kids, went to the store, worked a job, whatever – “they had no recall or memory at all that associated them to Illuminati programming or trauma based mind control. So if I speak for the front part of our mind, they knew nothing was wrong at all, outside of knowing they had a very abusive childhood. They didn't really know anything was wrong until my father died. When he died, that freed our mind to be able to retrieve memory” – see, she didn’t remember any of this stuff, because of ongoing programming and shock treatment, erasing the memories, until her father died. Because he was her main programmer. And once he was out of the way and didn’t program her constantly every minute, she was able to start remembering things. “... at that point, we knew something was wrong.” I guess. “They started hearing voices” – these are her alter systems – “They started hearing voices and having flashbacks and having information that was retrieved, that they knew they didn't have a ‘history’ of and they couldn't figure out what happened.

“Where did this come from? This isn't the way I think. Why would I be thinking about sexual issues when I have no recall of ever being sexually abused or why do I remember that I was in a certain place but yet I don't remember ... it's all second hand. Do you understand what I am saying? So, it wasn't until after my father died that they started breaking down the hypnotic walls within the mind that protected me from knowing what happened. Over a period of time, because of memory retrieval and flashbacks, and the trauma it was causing, they became extremely suicidal” – these other alters of her personality – “and they didn't believe in suicide, they sought help. They went into a hospital for nine weeks and started working with a therapist, and after a time period they realized it wasn't normal to want to die when your father died, and we found out there was a real deep problem. ...”

Wayne Morris: “Your father was your main handler and programmer, and how old were you when he died?”

Now, I keep hammering this in to you on this show. These people don’t remember anything while it’s going on. As she goes through her story here, it’s going to sound like she knew this was going on all the time. And that’s the rub. She didn’t know anything until her father died and she started remembering.

Cisco Wheeler: “My father was my handler and programmer, and I was forty years old when he died.”

You got that? Forty years old. No memories of the Illuminati until that time. It took thirty-five years for her to remember Eisenhower!
Wayne Morris: “How did you manage to break free of your family's control of your life at that time? Did other people step in ...”

Cisco Wheeler: “When the Master dies, generally the slave also dies, but because of our determination to fight the programming and to get to the bottom of what was happening within our mind, we were able to fight the suicide programming.” I’ve talked a lot about that here, suicide programming. See, they program suicide stuff in, and you start to remember that you want to commit suicide. “From there we started a journey into understanding that we were a structured multiple, which we didn't even know what that was ... that we had a long road ahead of us, ...”

Wayne Morris: “What effects has the trauma conditioning that you have undergone throughout your life do you have to deal with currently?”

Cisco Wheeler: “I continue to suffer with the trauma-based mind control in every aspect of my life. I have to deal with the fact that my father had a beautiful little girl and he didn't want her love as that beautiful little girl that was born to him. I have to deal with the fact that he wanted a little girl but he wanted her to be shattered into a million pieces so he could structure every aspect of my life. And then I have to ask myself, what did it take to splinter this 18-month-old child into a million pieces? ... Structured MPD/DID was planned from the time of my conception ...”

Wayne Morris: “They had a definite structure in terms of knowing what they were doing when they were traumatizing you, and what the effects that would bring about ...?”

Cisco Wheeler: “Exactly. They knew from A to Z what they wanted to do with my life ... I didn't even know I was a little girl at some points in my traumatization. They made sure they dehumanized me to such a point I became a kitten within myself. ... they continued to program me with hypnotically taking my heart from my body, using drugs, so I didn't even know I had a heart. They dehumanized me to the point where there was no place to go except the family. No place to go.”

See, this is a really little kid who is hypnotized from birth, using drugs, and when you’re hypnotized, the inside of your mind believes everything that goes into it. They convinced her she didn’t even have a heart.

Wayne Morris: “Were there other perpetrators involved in your family, other than your father?”

Cisco Wheeler: “Oh definitely. I am trying to think of where I want to start. My primary programmer was Dr. Green” – maybe you’ve heard his name on this show before – “who was Dr. Josef Mengele. My other primary programmer was Dr. Black, who was my father.”

Wayne Morris: “When did you realize that Dr. Green was in fact Josef Mengele?”

Cisco Wheeler: “I always knew from my internal parts. My deeper parts were programmers and my father was trained by Mengele, he was his #2 man. We followed in my father's footsteps. We were also trained to be a programmer. That was our specialized field.”

Wayne Morris: “Did he say or use his name at some points?”

Cisco Wheeler: “Yes, he did. As well he went by Dr. Fairchild, Dr. Green.”

Wayne Morris: “What's your understanding of Mengele's involvement in mind control across the continent?”

Cisco Wheeler: “I am sure that he infiltrated every state, and I know he has worked up in Canada.”

Wayne Morris: “What state were you located when he was performing mind control on you?”

She’s got a whole list here of places where these things happened.

Cisco Wheeler: “Most of my programming occurred in California and Oregon. ... China Lake Naval Base; the Presidio north San Francisco; and the Letterman Hospital next to the Presidio ... Alcatraz ... Scotty's Castle in Death Valley in California. Also in Torrance, California. ... State Mental Hospital in Salem, Oregon and in the big Masonic hospital called Dorenbecker here in Portland. ...”

Wayne Morris asks this question: “You mentioned about trauma bonding ... can you explain to our listeners what that is and what it meant for you in your case?”

And I’ll just kind of summarize this too; there’s quite a lot.

Cisco Wheeler: “... Dr. Green [that’s Mengele]. He used to put us in the hot cages in the desert ...” He would have a daisy in his hand, and he would walk around these cages, and these cages all had small children in them, two, three, four years old. And he would go around with the daisy and he would say “I love you, I love you not, I love you, I love you not.” And when he got in front of the cage next to the one that she was in, he told the little girl that he loved her not, when he reached the last petal on the daisy. “At that point, she was taken out, and she was eliminated in front of me.” That’s what she says. “In other words, her life was taken from her at that point, to show his power and his control, and what would happen if Dr. Green ceased to love you.”

And of course, that means that, “... I love you Dr. Green, I love you very, very much because you could have said you didn't love me and I would be dead.” Now she is convinced that this was an actual murder. But a small kid in dire circumstances with this mind control stuff happening already and drugs and hypnosis and all that, they do set-ups on this, where they don’t actually kill the victim. But they do have a lot of what they call “expendable” children, just for this kind of purpose.

Wayne Morris: “How many other children were involved in this, that you were aware of, at the time?”

Cisco Wheeler: “I knew in 1968 that there were over 2 million MKULTRA's.” That’s the CIA project name. “Since then I don't have the awareness or the knowledge because I am not seeing the paperwork or the records to tell me how many. If I was making a guess, I would say 10 million.” And this is in 1998, I think is when this interview took place.

Wayne Morris: “How did you know 2 million were involved?”

Cisco Wheeler: Because I was a programmer and I saw the documented records on this.”

Wayne Morris: “So they have been able to program victims to program other victims ... how did they go about doing that?”

Cisco Wheeler: “They train you on the job. You have to realize within the Illuminati structure there are many levels to the system. My mothers were trained in programming. That's at the Illuminati level.”

Wayne Morris: “They trained you in programming techniques?”

Cisco Wheeler: “Yes. ...”

Cisco Wheeler: “The Illuminati are very loyal unto themselves. They are gods. They see themselves as gods, and they stay within the Illuminati structure, within the royal bloodlines, within the thirteen ruling families. If you are not generational, you are not going to get into the Illuminati because this is passed from generation to generation, from son to daughter to daughter to son, to father ... it touches everyone within the family for generations. This isn't something that just happened.”

Wayne Morris: “It seems to be something more than just normal family allegiances at work here in that they have traumatized and mind controlled their own family members. I sense that has been an important part of perpetuating their end goals?”

Cisco Wheeler: “That's true, because their allegiance is unto Lucifer, who I now will call him Satan, that's who he is. They believe in the doctrine of Satanism, that if they rule as gods and they are obedient to the call which is Lucifer's call upon their life because they made blood oaths with him, then they will rule and reign with him in hell. They don't fear hell. They have no fear of hell. They only believe if they do what Satan asks them to do, which he does tell them what to do, that they will stand as gods with him in hell and they will rule the people in hell. They will become gods with him. That is the big lie. They believe this. What can I say? That is the bottom line of the doctrine. They believe they will be gods in hell. And they all want to be gods because they see themselves as gods. As a god, they come under no authority except Lucifer's authority.” You see, the president has no control over any Illuminati. The Queen of England has no control over the Illuminati – they’re part of it already! Nobody controls those people, except Lucifer. “Lucifer does their bidding for them. He tells them exactly what to do, what he wants, and they will do it.”

Wayne Morris: “Do you think this is driven by just the drive for power and the seduction of power? Is this what is underlying their motivation?”

Cisco Wheeler: “It has to do with money, honour, power and glory --but it has to do with demonic entities – with generational spirits.”

Wayne Morris: “So they have aligned themselves with ...”

Cisco Wheeler: “... demonic entities, yes, they are very demon possessed. ...”

Wayne Morris: “In a general sense, I wonder if you can give some information to our listeners to sensitize them as to what kinds of things were done, what kind of techniques were used for the purposes of mind control? You mentioned hypnosis and drugs, trauma ..”

Cisco Wheeler: “Yes, and electrical shock. I always speak for myself, and I go back to eighteen months when they wanted to make sure they splintered my mind. My father was my primary programmer, but he was also my father, and when I was born I was isolated with my father in a small room within the environment of our own home, where my father became my primary care provider. I looked up to my father. By the time I was 18 months, because my father was a programmer, he could control my liver, my kidneys, my heart rate, my pulse, my respiration.”

Wayne Morris: “How did he accomplish that?”

Cisco Wheeler: “Through hypnosis – I was so trauma-bonded to him. My survival depended totally on him. I was not exposed to the outside world.” – Well, go out in the yard and play – she never got to do that. “He was my handler, in every sense of the word. He fed me, he bathed me. I also was a premature birth which was very important because I was a very weak child when I was born. I weighed two pounds, one ounce, and he conditioned me through his voice – he always told me he could control me. He loved me to the point that, even in my infancy, as a newborn child, I was totally dependent on him for my life.”

I hope the kids are gone now, and I hope you’re sitting down.

“When I was 18 months old I was taken from him, which was a shock for me because I had never been separated from him, and my first trauma came when I was raped by him. When he finished raping me I had to have reconstructive surgery done to repair the damage. That was the trauma that splintered my mind into a million pieces. I shouldn't say ‘million,’ it feels like a million to me – rather thousands of pieces.”

Wayne Morris: “What kind of things were you conditioned to do – you mentioned sexual slavery – what other jobs or operations were you programmed to do?”

Cisco Wheeler: “I have Beta and Delta alters” – those are parts of the mind that have been trained in just certain things and they stay hidden beneath – “which are espionage alters” – the Delta and Beta. You know we have a Delta Force. Delta is a heavy occult symbol. “– they specialized in martial arts. They were alters that were used for blackmail of politicians, ministers, anyone that needed to be blackmailed in order to bring them under the submission of the Illuminati.”

Wayne Morris: “How would this blackmail occur?”

Cisco Wheeler: “Usually through a sexual act. Usually there would be a stage where they would have sex with a certain person and that person, during the sex act, would be traumatized to such a point that the person died and they would be blackmailed that they committed murder, when in fact they didn't. There are many different ways to set up blackmail. It would be recorded” – or videotaped.

Wayne Morris: “Who would be the people behind the blackmail?”

Cisco Wheeler: “The Illuminati, the family, who wanted that person under their submission, under their rule, from that day forward.” See, and let me put in here that this doesn’t necessarily mean Federal government officials. This could be a local mayor. This could be the mayor of San Francisco, or Tulsa. “Deltas were assassination alters for anyone who doesn't want to follow the orders of the Illuminati – anyone who wants to feel like they are bigger or better or stronger or more powerful, and can step outside the authority of the Illuminati and live – will be eliminated.” And that’s what happened to Jack Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln. “But you need to understand that these particular alters don't live in the outside world, they live within the mind, within the construct of the mind. When they are needed, they are accessed through a specific code, they are brought up to awareness, to the front of the mind. They are then given the program as to where they are to be, what they are supposed to do, and then after they have done the job they are immediately traumatized again through electrical shock. That memory is shattered again in the mind and then they are put to sleep until the next time. They have no awareness of what's going on in the outside world, or that there is even another world except for the world they are programmed to function in.”

See, that’s what I keep telling you. They don’t know anything that is going on. There’s a complete separation between the front part of the personality that lives day to day and has coffee with the neighbors, and this assassin who goes out and assassinates somebody on a job over the weekend or something.

Wayne Morris: “The electroshock served to wipe out the memory of the operation?”

Cisco Wheeler: “As long as you do it within 48 hours. ... My work has been confirmed by a number of professionals, and they say it's right on. Some of them have worked with multiples for twenty or twenty-five years, and they have confirmed my work.”

Wayne Morris: “And what generally is the response from people who have not been exposed to this, just the general public? ...”
Cisco Wheeler: “It severs the traditional lies because if you are going to work in truth and you are going to have integrity then you have to see what is in front of you. Our book certainly puts on a light on the darkness so you can see what has happened to you. It's not only multiples who are programmed – the world is programmed. We are programmed to believe our presidents are men of honour, men of great integrity. Our presidents are rotten bastards - they are pedophiles, they are drug addicts, they practise high magic, they practise ritual. They think nothing of live sacrifice of small children. They think nothing of having their own slaves available to them. That's the way it is, that's the truth.”

Then she talks about deprogramming here.

Cisco Wheeler: “In deprogramming we have to unravel the programming script and find the lie. When you find the lie then you can put the light on it and the lie loses its power. That's where the miracle is. Your programs are lies. That's all they are. Was I an ugly little girl? No. I wasn't. Children aren't ugly. Children are beautiful. I found the lie. They lied to me. Did anybody ever love me? As far as the cult was concerned no one could ever love me except the family because I was unlovable.” Get this part – see, they can do this to a little kid under drugs and hypnosis. “Because of the crimes that were done to me, they put the guilt and the responsibility on me instead of taking the responsibility for their own acts as adults. They gave me the responsibility and I wore the coat of many colours. ...”

“I believe that for every survivor out there - when you were programmed in the womb and you were 100% under mind control – when they tell you to cry, you cry. When they tell you to scream, you scream. When they tell you to eat, you eat. Every facet of your life is totally controlled by them. When Fritz found a part in my system, and he told me I was a little girl, I just looked at him and told him, ‘you're crazy, I am not a little girl, I am a kitten.’” Got that? “I looked in the mirror and I had a porcelain face and on that a face is a kitten and that's how they programmed me. They had so dehumanized me as a sex kitten that I didn't even know I was a child. When I went through the memories so I could have an identity for myself, I realized that to be a little girl was the most painful thing in the whole world, because every time I was human in any sense of the word, or I thought I had any humanism as far as being a little girl, I was so severely tortured that I reached a place in my own mind that I never wanted to be a little girl. It was too painful to be a little girl.

“They set up two cages for us – one cage was full of nice, beautiful little kittens [of different kinds] ... I was in the cage next to them with a pan that was hooked to electrical current. Every time I wanted water or to eat something, and I touched that pan, I was shocked. That's just one little example. I was shamed, I was spit on, totally humiliated in that cage for being a little girl. The Illuminati, Dr. Green, my father, made sure that the kittens were fed whatever they wanted to eat. They were loved, petted, cooed at – just loved – for a number of days. After all the trauma I had gone through, I guess my little mind decided not to be the little girl, but to be a kitten. The kittens get to eat, are not lying in their feces naked, they are not being shamed, spit on, kicked.”

Now here’s a really important part about this deprogramming stuff here. I’ve mentioned this before: “When I had memories of this, my body was so bruised from the kicks I had received from the Illuminati family in the programming that I had to wear the bruises on my body until I worked through the memory.” You see, when these memories come back, it’s not just the mental. The physical comes back too. They experience the pain, the physical pain. It’s extremely hard to deprogram these people. “That just gives you a little example of how far they go to make sure they get what they want. ...”

Wayne Morris: “Do you feel your father was also a victim of programming?”

Cisco Wheeler: “I have no doubt in my mind that my father was a multiple. My father was a genius at every level, but he had a gentle side, he was a musician as well as satanist. Like I said, he worked for the CIA, he was a 33rd degree Mason plus – there are many levels beyond 33, by the way. He was a Grand Master. He sat on the Grand Druid Council. He was a very wise man, just not wise in the right things. It's too bad that his learning hadn't been applied in other directions – he would have gone far. I can't respect my father for who he is.” Although she still loves him in certain parts; she can’t get rid of that.

Wayne Morris: “Do you think he had a choice in the matter?”

Cisco Wheeler: “No. I don't because it was generational. He was trapped as I was trapped. But the difference between me and my father is that there was a part of my father that knew, even when the good side of my father that loved his family, worked in the workplace, was in the military – there is a real positive part about my father. He was a people lover, he loved people and people loved him. But I think there was a time in my father's life when he realized what he was and what he was doing, I think the barriers within his own mind, within his own multiplicity, had broken down to the point that he knew, but he also knew he was in over his head. It would cost him his life to move away or to change directions.” And forget about the moving away part, because they would find him anyway, and then he’d have a car accident or a plane accident, like Wellstone. “He was too far in. ...”

“... I still feel very childish, I feel like a child that wants to be good. I don't want to be bad. I don't like what was done to me and I don't like what has been done to others. It's been totally unfair. It has destroyed many, many lives. The one thing that I wanted to say is that when I first came out of the system and Fritz was working with me on a daily basis, I asked him, ‘these children in the world?’” – see, she didn’t know anything about that – “‘these other children in the world, do their fathers rape them?’ He said, ‘no, good fathers do not rape their children.’ It threw me for a loop, and I stood there and I looked at him and said, ‘I really feel sorry for these children in this world because their fathers don’t love them.’ He said, ‘oh but they are loved’ and I said, ‘oh no, if the fathers aren't raping their children, then they are not loved.’ I thought rape was love. That's pretty sick.”

Wayne Morris: “They just turned those ideas upside down.”

Cisco Wheeler: “The first time I had ever had a tear in my eye was when he told me that little girls and little boys aren't normally raped by their fathers, that is not the standard of living in which we lived. And that upset me to such a point – that was the first time I ever felt a tear on my face. Because I really felt so bad that children were not being loved by their fathers. And it took me a long time to understand the difference, because right is wrong, and wrong is right, that's how you are programmed. Isn't it something, when you really think about it? I look back on it now, and I cannot believe the ability they had to do to my mind and so many other survivors out there. To what degree they would go. ...”

“... When I came out into the world and I met Fritz, I had never known what the world was.” Get this – “I had the freedom of knowing how to go to the grocery store or even what it was or where it was. I didn't know because I was only programmed to do what they wanted me to. They would wake me up, give me my programs, put me on the right track as to where they wanted me to be. I would go do what they wanted me to do, as soon as I did it, back to sleep I went. I had no influence.”

This is so graphic!

“When Fritz told me that I had a family and a mother that was still living, I thought the man was crazy. Here's something else that will just throw you for a loop – I have seven grandchildren, that means I have three children of my own that are grown. When he introduced me to my son when he was thirty (he's a pilot) out of courtesy, I just said, well it's very nice to meet you in my mind. Afterwards I told Fritz, you are absolutely crazy. You think I'm crazy – you guys, you've had it. You're telling me I am programmed as a kitten, a sex kitten, and when I look in the mirror I see a porcelain face, a kitten's face, and I am 17 years old and I am not supposed to age. When you look at me and I am fifty years old, and you look at me and take a picture of me I am 17. I still look 17, but the point is I was so totally 100% programmed that when Fritz wanted to give me the truth about what happened to my life, my mind couldn't even receive it because I had so much programming. It took me two years to realize I wasn't a kitten before I believed him. Two years of hard work every single day to break down the lies. That's how strong my defence was. I looked at all these kids and this is what I said to Fritz: ‘Fritz you are absolutely crazy. You expect me to believe that this is my son. You are telling me that my son is thirty years old. I have no recall. I didn't carry him.’ I didn't remember him when he played as a child. I had no identity with this child whatsoever, that's how dark it was inside my world. I said, ‘He's thirty years old, and I am seventeen – wait a minute here Fritz, something doesn't add up. You're crazy. ...’ ... That's just one example. He introduced me to my mother, to my sisters. I had two sisters that I didn't know about.”

How about that? Oh, boy. But that’s what happens inside the Illuminati family, way inside.

What I want to know is, what are you doing with this information? This is Show Number 11, almost a whole year’s worth of information here. Have you started reading some of the evidence? Have you looked up Fritz Springmeier or Svali or Cisco Wheeler or Walter Bowart, or any of the other hundred names I’ve mentioned on the show over the year? Or have you read Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier? There’s thousands of pages on the internet. But only your own research will help you overcome the immobilization of denial. You’ve got to do something about this. I feel that it’s every Christian’s duty, and every non-Christian’s duty, too, to be informed of how the devil is controlling the Earth through the Illuminati.
Now before we end this series I’d like to again invite anyone who has had first-hand contact with this mind control stuff to be a guest on this show. I understand what that takes, but there’s the invitation.

God has promised guidance and protection to those who will act on their trust in Him. And I can assure you that that’s true, because God is real.

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