Before we get started today I want to ask you to turn off your cell phones. No sense adding to the control that the Illuminati are trying to gain on us!

Do you know that they can record all of your different brain wave frequencies, all the betas and the gammas and all that, and then play them back, put them right back inside your head, and you’ll feel the same things that you did when these frequencies were naturally activated. Well, that’s no big deal, you know; for decades folks have had little black boxes that they can feel happy with and they push the button. But nowadays, it’s “Hey, look Mom, no wires!” See, the Devil’s got the Illuminati working overtime to create an environment that will allow them to control us at a distance. Microwaves.

Look, whether you’re a believer or not, The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy, which is his latest book, might be the second or third most important book that you can have. It’s a condensation of many of his previous books, and each chapter kind of is a condensation of each one of those books; all the different topics are there. And I hope to prove that to you in a minute. And Icke says that the Illuminati are coordinating many different forms of electromagnetic sources to form an Earth-covering blanket of radiation that will facilitate the broadcasting of frequencies. And they’re already doing that, with cell phone towers and all that. But the broadcast frequencies to modify human behavior – he calls it the “electromagnetic soup.” Here’s what he has to say; I’m reading out of his book:

“Most people have no idea how they are bombarded with mind control programming and triggers throughout their waking day, and even during sleep. Nor do they understand the level of potential and the sophistication that such techniques and technology have now reached.

“But why would they? They are programmed not to know, just as people like Cathy O’Brien had no idea she was mind controlled even when it was happening to her every day.” But the part of the mind control trip, you’re not supposed to know it. You think it’s your own thoughts. “Mind control is putting the thoughts and beliefs of others into your head and it operates on multi-levels. If I tell you something knowing that it to be untrue, and that affects your perception and your behavior, I have subjected you to mind control. I have manipulated your thoughts. Every time you watch television or read a paper or magazine this is happening, and every advertisement is designed to control your thought and emotional patterns to the point where you buy whatever is being peddled. I have seen advertising copywriters and producers dubbed the ‘persuaders’ but that’s a bit like calling an axe murderer ‘a man who works with tools.’” Pretty good! “It doesn’t tell the full story. The ‘persuaders’ is Newspeak ...” That’s from Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell, Newspeak. You say the opposite of what you really mean. That’s what it is; Newspeak. “The ‘persuaders’ is Newspeak for mind manipulators. Subliminal messages that speak to the subconscious, calculated emotional triggers and using certain words to glean a specific reaction is not persuasion, it is invasion – an invasion of our sense of perception.

“Such techniques have been with us thousands of years (at least) in the sense of manipulating thoughts and emotions to dictate behavior, but now we are in a new and far more advanced era of thought and dictatorship.” That’s what it is. “A London-based company called Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) is clear about the benefits that it offers its customers, which include transnational corporations, the military, police, governments and the United Nations. The SCL, funded by what it calls” – here it is, the rich people, the elite – “by what it calls British-based ‘private high net worth individuals,’” – how do you spell that? Rothschild – that company “is in the business of selling mind control. ... SCL specializes in producing solutions for governments so that they can significantly increase their control and management of disaffected groups as part of wider counter-terrorism programme.” That’s what they say. “For control and management of disaffected groups,” Icke says, “read control and management of those challenging the position of the global fascist state.”

Here’s a KGB bodyguard, only he’s not a bodyguard, he’s a mind guard. “Former KGB officer General Boris Ratnikov, who served in the KGB department for Moscow and the Moscow region, told the newspaper, Rossiiskaya Gazeta that people in power” – people in power, not just one or two – “had resorted to various methods of manipulating the thoughts of the population since ancient times. He said the secret services had acquired the ‘scientific foundation’ for this in the 20th century.” Get this part – “He said that by the mid-1980s around fifty research institutes in the Soviet Union studied remote control mind techniques backed by substantial government funding. He even said that when he was deputy head and senior consultant at the Federal Guard Service from 1991 to 1997, his department was in charge of safeguarding top officials in post-Soviet Russia” – no, they weren’t bodyguards, these were mind guards– “including President Boris Yeltsin, against any external influence on their subconscious minds.” What? “The general even claimed that he used mind reading technology on foreign officials.” Ten years ago. How about 60 years ago?

“Dr. George Estabrooks, Chairman of the Colgate University Department of Psychology and advisor to the military on hypnosis, said back in the 1940’s: ‘I can hypnotize a man – without his knowledge or consent – into committing treason against the United States.’ So they can and do.”

“Once you realise” – this is a really important part here – “once you realise that the human body is just a biological computer and the brain is the central processing unit of the computer, mind control can be simply understood. It is a biological version of computer programming. You download instructions onto the hard drive and the computer (via the brain) responds accordingly. ...” When they tickle the visual cortex of your brain you see stuff, right?

There’s a Professor Rose who has written a lot about this stuff. He says that “a range of new technologies, from genetics to brain imaging” – that’s what I mentioned earlier – “brain imaging, are offering extraordinary insights into the molecular and cellular processes underlying how we see, how we remember, why we become emotional.” And these studies and technologies are being well funded. From where? The foundations, of course.

Icke continues: “The funding is there to speed the introduction of technologies to control the minds of the people. If you followed the electrical signals in a computer you would see different parts ‘light up’ – become active – when different instructions are keyed in. ... Major companies, he said, from Coca Cola to BMW, are starting to image the brains of potential customers to study how they respond to new designs or brands.” What? “They are beginning to speak of ‘neuromarketing’ and ‘neuro-economics,’ Rose points out. What we are looking at here is the commercial use of technology, also designed to identify people guilty of what George Orwell calls crimethink in 1984.” Crimethink. Today we call that thought crime. You’ve heard that term. – “having thoughts that were at odds with the government line.” Politically incorrect. You can’t question the government nowadays. And he goes on: “To state the obvious: Crimethink requires the ability to read the thoughts,” – not the actions, just the thoughts – “of the ‘perpetrator’ and while it may not have been available at the time Orwell wrote of the Big Brother society – it is now. ...”

“An American company has developed what it calls ‘brain-fingerprinting.’ It claims it can ‘determine the truth regarding a crime, terrorist activities or terrorist training by detecting information stored in the brain.’” Not just picking up what frequency this brain wave is doing. It’s information stored in the brain. “This is done by measuring the electrical signals in the brain and the company says that its methods have been accepted as evidence in U.S. courts.” That’s how reliable it is, like a polygraph. “The aim is not just to read minds for thought crime, but to change and manipulate the way people think.” Again, if they can read the thoughts and the frequencies and the intensities and the pulsing of the waves, record that, and then pump it back into your brain, it acts just like it does when it’s in your brain by itself. It makes you do stuff. Remember the frog’s legs in the science class, the electricity?

“For decades the U.S. military has been funding the development of techniques and technologies that can both ‘read the minds’ of enemy troops (a population)’” – that’s what it is – “and change their perception of events. Much of the funding of the research and development contracts with transnational corporations has been channeled through the sinister Defense Advanced Projects Agency, or DARPA” – maybe you’ve heard that acronym, DARPA – “and this programme has become rampant since the dawn of the bogus ‘war on terror.’

“Professor Rose goes on: ‘The step beyond reading thoughts is to attempt to control them directly. A new technique – transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) – has begun to generate interest. This focuses an intense magnetic field’” – microwaves – “‘on specific brain regions, and has been shown to affect thoughts, perceptions and behavior. There are suggestions it could be used to control obsessive-compulsive behavior, while some even take seriously the scenario envisaged in the film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’” – you remember Jim Carrey’s movie a little while ago – “‘in which TMS was used to erase unwanted memories of a love affair gone wrong.’” What else could it possibly affect, right?

Now we get onto the movie Control Factor, because David Icke has a big blurb about it. “I saw a film called Control Factor, released in 2003, which tells the story of Lance Bishop, a thirty-three year-old American insurance salesman. He begins to hear voices in his head telling him to perform violent acts.” See, a lot of this mind control stuff will sound like your own thoughts, but it will be coming in from the outside. “He eventually learns that he is part of a mind control experiment which, once perfected, would be used to control the masses through broadcasts from a network of masts” – antennas – “positioned all over the towns and cities.” Cell phone towers, communication network towers. “It would tell the population what to think, how to feel, and how to vote.” You don’t need a Diebold machine any more! “From my research over the years it is clear that, as with so many movies, this is basically fact presented as sci-fi. In the small town of Ryde on the Isle of Wight where I live” – that’s David Icke – “one of these masts is already in place a few hundred yards from my home, and they are appearing all over the country with the goal of doing the same across Europe and the wider world. It is a system known as TETRA, or ‘Terrestrial Trunked Radio.’ ... The cover story is that TETRA is just a new communications system for police” – you know that little speaker and radio thing that they have on their lapel, you’ve seen that – “and other emergency services, but that is only one level of this system. And to the [Illuminati], by far the least important.” They don’t care about the ______, that’s the cover story. “The real reason for TETRA is mass mind control” – yeah, I know how that sounds, okay? Live with that feeling for just a minute or two and just get on with this – “mass mind control and the technology is similar to the PCS/Digital, or Personal Communications Systems, used in the United States.” Now you must go to the store and get a loaf of bread!! Now, that’s implied, and sometimes that’s true, but what he’s talking about with the communications in these antennae is not quite that; it’s something even more sinister. “What I am going to say here about TETRA applies to systems at work in other parts of the world and TETRA itself is planned to be expanded globally. It was used for communications at the Athens Olympics in 2004, for instance.

“The British Home Office awarded the contract for TETRA, known as the ‘Airwave contract’ to a consortium headed by British Telecom, and it was sold on to 02 and their subsidiary mm02. The American giant, Motorola, is also involved in making an important component of the TETRA system and this is a company with close links to the National Security Agency, or NSA, which is a fundamental cog in the U.S. mind-control network and boss to the CIA.” And let me tell you this about Motorola: back before the turn of the millennium, they were producing these implantable chips and they had the capability at that time to manufacture a million a year. That was eight years ago.

Icke says: “A contact tells me that the technology was actually given to Motorola” – Here comes another way that they do this stuff. It was given to Motorola “by the NSA, and that would certainly fit the picture of how it’s done. What we call the military/industrial complex is just that – the fusion of military and the corporate through which technology developed in the secret projects to advance human control is brought into the public arena by the military supplying a connected corporation with the know-how.” Out of the Illuminati secret lab into the military, and from the military into the private sector. And then he goes on to say, “This is then sold to the public as a ‘breakthrough’” – oh, hey, microwave ovens!! – “discovered by the company itself.” Not true. “An internal European Union document warns of a ‘major risk that could result from the omnipresence of U.S. companies that supply radio communication equipment to the European police forces.’ The document came from the Scientific and Technological Options Assessment, which answers to the European Parliament, and it stressed its serious concerns at the domination of American companies of emergency communications networks in Europe. The document reveals that Motorola played a crucial role in defining the TETRA European standard (in collaboration with the National Security Agency) in order to guarantee for the U.S. government the possibility that TETRA networks could be eavesdropped.” Just like they do with Echelon; look that up. “It also says that Poland has been offered a Motorola network for its police force and the document warns: ‘It is urgent that the future members of the Union carefully evaluate the risks of a too large reliance on a technology for which they have no guarantee.’ Especially, they might have added, when the system is not even efficient.” And that’s a real heavy clue right there. They say it’s for this purpose, and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. Listen to some of this stuff! “Such is the frequency pulsing of TETRA” – and that’s not just the radios themselves, that’s the towers, too, right? It goes both ways – “Such is the frequency pulsing of TETRA that the radios need to be turned off near life support equipment, and even near breathalysers or vehicle speed check equipment, because of the interference they cause. There was also the example of a bus with an electronically-controlled gearbox that changed gear when passengers in certain seats used a cell phone.” You make a call and the bus shifts gears. “These technologies interfere with others and, most importantly, they disrupt human brain and DNA function.” You see how they do that? Because they’re set up at frequencies that are very close to – they’re not exact, but they’re not supposed to be the exact frequency, but very close to the frequencies of our brain waves. We have a lot of different frequencies going on.

Melatonin is one of the important things that is manufactured for our health. Melatonin, Icke says, “kills cancer cells during the night and its depletion increases the risk of cancer taking hold. As I discussed earlier, the pineal gland-melatonin system is vital to interdimensional connection and communication ...” Just let that sit there.

“What a coincidence that a consequence of TETRA (and many such technologies) is a reduction in the levels of melatonin. The pineal gland has a crucial effect on health, the immune system, mental stability and the aging process. The pineal is suppressed. along with its production of melatonin, by not only TETRA but all electromagnetic fields. With female breast tissue so sensitive to radiation, I am not at all surprised to see mammogram technology that detects breast cancer being linked with causing it.” Think about that. “I would ask people to consider if they really need that microwave oven which zaps you with radiation and encourages you to eat utter crap. ... Then there is Motor Neurone Disease, a rare condition caused by the breakdown of the nerve cells in the brain that control the muscles.” You see! Get in there and fry some of those neurons. “A TETRA transmitter has been located at Drumcarrow Hill in Fife, Scotland, since the late 1990s” – ten years – “and although only around 200 people live close by, the consequences have been disastrous. Or it all could just be a coincidence for those people connected to government and manufacturers or with a mental age of three,” he says. “Out of that tiny population there were at least seven cases of cancer and Motor Neurone Disease diagnosed over five years when the average national figure .. is one in between 50,000 and 100,000.” You would have to have to equal their frequency – they’ve got seven, right – you would have to have 700,000 people, and they’ve only got 200. “The TETRA pulse radiation affects calcium levels, a factor linked to the onset of Motor Neurone Disease. Dr. Gerard Hyland, a biophysicist from the International Institute of Biophysics, an expert in low level radiation, says of TETRA, ‘We could be seeing a pandemic of brain tumors in ten years.’” And that has not only to do with these radios on your collar, they have to do with cell phones too. Cell phones used in the same place all the time for hours in a day, like these kids are using now, ten years, brain tumors. “In an article on the dangers of TETRA he exposes the smokescreen mantra that the system complies with current safety limits for radiation ‘protection.’” Oh, yeah, cell phones are safe. No, they’re safe. How can they say they’re safe and them not be?

Quoting Dr. Hyland: “‘These limits are, however, purely thermally based’” – thermally – “‘i.e., they simply limit the intensity of the radiation to ensure that the amount of tissue heating by absorption of microwave radiation is not in excess of what the body can cope with.’” So they’re only talking about how much your tissues heat up. Waves have a lot of other things besides that. “‘If heating were the only effect of the radiation, existing guidelines would afford the public adequate protection from the emissions of Base-stations; unfortunately, however, this is not the case.

“‘For microwaves are waves, and, as such, have properties other than solely intensity. In particular, the pulsed microwave radiation used in the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications or cell phones) and TETRA systems of telecommunication has a number of rather well defined frequencies that facilitate its discernment by the alive human organism, and via which the organism can, in turn, be affected in a purely non-thermal way.’” He demonstrates that in a minute. “‘This is so because the alive human organism ... [itself] supports a variety of oscillatory electrical biological/biochemical activities’” – different frequencies do different things. The same frequency in your brain that helps you hear or see or smell isn’t the same frequency that goes to your muscles and activates them, something like that, okay? – “‘each characterized by a specific frequency, some of which happen to be close to those found in the GSM/TETRA signals; this coincidence makes these bioactivities potentially vulnerable to interference.’” And then David Icke puts in brackets, “[It is not a coincidence.]” Of course it’s not coincidence. They’ve got all the frequencies in the world to work with. All they have to do is pick one, and then broadcast and receive on that particular frequency. It doesn’t have to be close to 17.6 hertz.

Icke says: “Put simply, this means that the human body/brain is like an antenna that can pick up these frequencies and have its own mental, emotional and physical frequencies disrupted and dismantled. It can also change the nature of DNA and the consequences for that would be catastrophic. TETRA and mobile phone frequencies have the potential to short-circuit the body-computer and Dr. Gerard Hyland states that TETRA signals are close to those of the human brain frequencies.” Now if they wanted to make them exact – I said that before – they could. But they make them close for a different reason. “Once again, this is NOT a coincidence. The whole thing is coldly calculated to cause maximum disruption of human function. It is like having interference on your radio or television – it stops working properly. When this happens to the body/brain the consequence is mental, emotional and physical problems, because the body is an electrochemical computer that is highly sensitive to disruption by other electrochemical sources. It is the same for those living near or under power lines” – you must have heard about that; that’s been around for ages – “which have been rightly linked with cancers, especially leukaemia. ...” I read of a farmer who built a fence underneath a power line and then hooked a couple of wires to it, and then he powered his house for nothing, because the extra energy was available. “The electromagnetic fields of the power lines and other technology interfere with the electrical system involved in cell replacement and this causes ‘rogue cells’ to be formed that we call cancer. Every time I see those cell phone masts on schools I cringe at what is happening to the children and the teachers inside and they are located on or close to many public buildings. ... When a friend went to work at County Hall, the council headquarters on the Isle of Wight, she was located on the fifth floor, just below a group of masts on the roof. She immediately suffered from headaches, behavior changes and had a blackout. And it soon became clear that others had also noticed health effects.” What else would you expect?

“Manufactured reality. Doubters and protesters understandably speak of the TETRA technology not being tested properly before it was made operational.” Why didn’t they test this stuff and we’re getting sick from it! They should have known! “Oh, but it was,” he says. It was. “That’s why I said earlier that there had been no public research. The health effects are known at the highest levels and they don’t give a damn. The main point of it all is control of the human mind and emotions. To broadcast at frequencies necessary to influence mental and emotional activity there will be consequences for health, but this is still not the main motivation behind the technology. It’s thought control.

“Biophysicist Dr. Gerard Hyland writes: ‘The frequency of the radiation that is used to carry the voice information [communications] in both GSM and TETRA lies in the microwave band – a frequency in which processes as fundamental as cell division can be interfered with – the somewhat lower carrier frequencies characterizing the TETRA radiation facilitating its deeper penetration into tissue.’” Look, Ma, no wires, right straight into your brain. “‘On the other hand, the rates at which the microwaves are emitted’” – these are the pulses – “‘in distinct groups of flashes [or pulses] happen to be close to the frequencies of some of the brain’s own electrical and electrochemical rhythms; accordingly, these can be amplified, interfered with and even entrained ...” That’s an important word – entrained. We’ll get to that in a minute. In other words, switch to the TETRA frequency by the radiation.

Icke says: “TETRA-type technology operates at a pulsing frequency in the range of 17.6 Hz. This is close to the wavelengths” – again, not right on – they could make it right on, couldn’t they? – but it’s “close to the wavelengths of brain activity and so it interferes with the electrical (and therefore every other) system of the brain. ... This accounts not only for physical and immune system effects, as the communication from brain to body is short-circuited, it also explains mental and emotional consequences like depression and the inability to concentrate.

“Dr. Hyland makes this vital point: ‘Furthermore, the possibility of deliberately provoking epileptic seizures in certain animals by exposing them to pulsed microwave radiation is consistent with reports of an increased incidence of seizures by some epileptic children when exposed to the emissions of GSM-based Base-stations. The latter finding is not at all unreasonable, given the known ability of visible light (such as a stroboscope) flashing at a rate somewhere between 15-20 times per second to provoke seizures in the 5 per cent minority of epileptics who are photosensitive.

“‘For visible light and microwaves are both simply different realizations of electromagnetic radiation’” – you see, it all gets back to just everything is energy – “‘and the microwave radiation used in GSM and TETRA simply ‘flashes’ (pulses) at rates that the brain is able to recognise’” – See, if it flashed at 80 pulses per second it wouldn’t bother your brain! – “‘pulsed microwaves are not reliant on the eye’” – like a stroboscope is, or the “‘optic nerve to access the brain, since they can penetrate the skull directly.’” Look Ma, no wires. That’s the end of Dr. Hyland’s quote.

“All of which brings me to mass mind control. Our thoughts and emotions express themselves electrically on one level and they can be implanted electrically. Dr. Jose Delgado” – you look up mind control, and way back, he was there – “Dr. Jose Delgado, a leading US government mind manipulator, said on the Congressional Record” – you can look that up, Congressional Record in 1974 – over 30 years ago. And this guy is crazy, okay? He’s an Illuminati.

“‘Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.’” That’s true. Right now, this minute, that’s true. And he could as easily have said nations instead of armies. Because that’s now what they’re trying to do.

“... Barrie Trower said in his report for the UK Police Federation” – that’s like having a Congressional Record: “‘Pulse radiation from TETRA at 17.6 Hz ... is known to interfere with our natural brain’s rhythm. Our brains generate their own waves within our head. One of these waves, called beta waves, is on a very similar frequency to the TETRA handsets. What happens is:’” – here’s the entraining part, okay, this is really important, entraining. It changes your frequency and causes all kinds of bad stuff. “‘If you could imagine yourself jumping on a trampoline’” – can you visualize that? There you are, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump – “‘and somebody larger and heavier jumps on and dances at a slightly different speed’” – bump, bump, bump – slower – “‘you will bounce at their pace after just a little bit, rather than yours. When they jump off you will still bounce at their speed. The jumping on of the person onto the trampoline is known as entrainment and this occurs when the TETRA is used in close proximity to an officer’s brain. Because TETRA affects the beta rhythm of the brain it will affect what the beta rhythm is responsible for, namely sound judgment in emergency situations.’” That’s the main thing the police have to be worried about, sound judgment in emergency situations!

“‘Entrainment is always followed by phenomena called long-term potentiation. This is analogous to the person getting off the trampoline leaving you dancing. Long-term potentiation has been known to last several weeks after the initial source has died down.’” They turn your radio on on Monday, and two weeks from now you might still have effects from that radiation. “‘The implications for this are that the officers’ brain waves would continue to suffer entrainment even after the sets have been switched off, which would be reinforced every time the sets are switched on again.’

“Another term for entrainment is the sympathetic resonance I described in an earlier chapter with regard to a violin placed among other violins. Its strings will start vibrating to the note the others are playing because of this ‘entrainment.’” It’s just pulses, vibrations. “That’s the idea behind these microwave technologies like TETRA and cell phones. They are designed to disconnect the brain from its natural rhythm.” Again, I have to remind you, they didn’t have to pick that particular frequency to make these things run. That’s up to you. You, on your little radio, you turn the knob and change the frequency that the radio will receive. All the frequencies are there. But you’re only using one. And the same thing goes for broadcasting. You don’t have to broadcast on 91.1. If I went up on Pratt Mountain and changed the frequency to 89.7, you wouldn’t be hearing me, you’d be hearing KHSU!

“Barrie Trower writes about the effect on ‘sound judgment in emergency situations.’ Put another way, the ability to think straight, and it’s not only police officers who can potentially have their thought processes disrupted. So can anyone who comes in contact with the TETRA frequencies.” If you happen to work under one of the antennas. “Thousands of TETRA masts are planned to be located throughout Britain alone, never mind the rest of Europe, their equivalent in North America and elsewhere. Many phone and other masts are already hidden inside petrol station signs, flag poles, advertisements, churches and located under and "near schools. ... In November 2004, a report by the BBC revealed how Britain already had forty thousand mobile-phone masts and one in ten schools had a mast located within 200 metres of the classrooms. A Central London school has twenty-seven masts within this distance. ...” Wow. “The entire plan is coordinated to install a network of mobile phone, TETRA and other systems of electromagnetic communications, that operate as one unit to create an electromagnetic mini-matrix to scramble normal brain and DNA function, while dictating mental and emotional responses. It will also have potential for the mass culling of the population,” which is also planned by the Illuminati, reduce the population to a half billion people.

And it’s not only that. They want to try to have a sure way of transmitting those signals from the towers to your brain. And so the more they can enhance the conductivity of the air, the better they’ll be able to beam those electromagnetic radiations at us. Chemtrails. That’s mainly what chemtrails are about.

Icke says: “For me, the chemical clouds sprayed into the atmosphere by military aircraft, and commercial planes contracted by the military, are fundamentally connected to this ‘soup’ agenda.” Electromagnetic soup. “These clouds have become known as ‘chemtrails,’ as opposed to the ‘contrails’ that are naturally produced by aircraft through condensation. Contrails quickly disperse, chemtrails do not, and they are often sprayed by planes flying in criss-cross patterns across the same area.” They just block out the whole sun practically. “Author and researcher, William Thomas, became the most vocal exposer of chemtrails soon after they began in the United States and Canada in about 1998, before appearing in Europe. Now, they are reported all over the world and ... South Africa. ... Disney even added chemtrails to sky scenes in the children’s animation movie, Cars. Yeah, get them used to seeing the sky like that and they won’t ask questions.” I know, I know! But there it is. Fit it in with the big picture. “Many people in the United States report that their locations are sprayed so often that they often no longer have the clear blue skies they once enjoyed and you can find detailed articles and background to chemtrails in the coverups research archive at The chemtrails have many components. William Thomas says that analysis of the trails has found highly toxic pathogens, among them Mycoplasma fermentans incognitus.” I don’t know what that is. “This was discovered by Dr. Garth Nicholson in some 45 per cent of former soldiers suffering from the debilitating illness known as Gulf War Syndrome. Symptoms reported in sprayed areas have included respiratory and flu-like conditions and sometimes mental confusion and depression. We should not be surprised at biological warfare against the population when such things have been exposed many times since the 1940s. Unsuspecting communities have been used as laboratory animals to test germ warfare agents. Remember how the Project for the New American Century report called for ... ‘advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes ...’” – specific genotypes, okay? Spray all the population, but only the black people die. They’ve got that. – “and the fact that they would test the population is a given. By the way, when they say something should be developed, it means it already has been. Chemtrails have been linked by some researchers to the outbreak of ‘Morgellons disease,’ which was first identified in 2001. The symptoms include crawling, stinging and biting sensations, skin lesions that won’t heal, extreme fatigue, severe mental confusion, short-term memory loss, joint pain, a sharp decline in vision, and serious neurological disorders.” Wow. “Its cause is officially ‘a mystery,’ but look at how the symptoms mirror many of those associated with electromagnetic sensitivity.”

Watch this: “Significantly, in terms of the [electromagnetic] ‘soup’ I am talking about, analysis has revealed the presence of aluminum, barium, calcium, magnesium and titanium in the air and rain in areas subjected to chemical spraying. One study over three months collected rain water and snow samples from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and submitted them for a formal ‘double-blind’ laboratory test. All the substances I just listed were found, especially the heavy metal, barium, which is a good heat and electricity conductor. Barium sulphate is also an excellent X-ray absorber. A barium alloy is used in spark plug wire and barium oxide is employed in the coating for the electrodes of fluorescent lamps, which allow the release of electrons. Aluminum conducts electricity and heat almost as well as copper. Although much more research is needed with open-minded experts in the field (where are they?), I am sure that we are going to find that at least one major reason for the chemtrails is to add to the electromagnetic ‘soup’ that is getting ever-thicker around the Earth. Specifically, I think it likely that these metals released by the spraying are to create a highly efficient conduit for electromagnetic waves and broadcasts, so encasing the planet in an electromagnetic field-prison designed to block ‘unwanted’ wavelengths coming in. At the same time this ‘soup’ is designed to act as a conductor for thought wave frequencies broadcast to the population. I suggest that the chemtrail agenda is connected to HAARP” – you’ve heard of that – “the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, based in Alaska and run by the U.S. Department of ‘Defense’ through the Air Force and the Navy. ... Other HAARP-like and HAARP-connected operations are being introduced in other countries, including Sweden. The target is the electrically-charged ionosphere surrounding the planet at between forty to sixty miles above the surface. We won’t know the full significance of what the chemtrail clouds contain until we know how they interact with the signals broadcast by HAARP. Behind the cover stories and the bull[***], HAARP is all about control on multi-levels, including weather control.” Maybe some of you researchers found some indications that HAARP was involved in Katrina, but I’ll go on. “Prime among them is to fill their artificially-created electromagnetic ‘matrix,’ ‘membrane’ or ‘soup’ around the Earth with instructions and thought/emotional pattern broadcasting on brain-DNA wavelengths to turn the human population into little more than computer terminals for their instructions. As long-time HAARP researchers, Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning write: ‘Put simply, the apparatus for HAARP is a reversal of a radio telescope; antenna send out signals instead of receiving. HAARP is the test run for a super-powerful radio wave beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto the Earth and penetrate everything” – including your head – “‘living and dead.

“‘HAARP publicity gives the impression that the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is mainly an academic project with the goal of changing the ionosphere to improve communications’” – well, there’s the admission right there! – “‘improve communications for our own good. However, other US military documents put it more clearly – HAARP aims to learn how to ‘exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes.’” Exploit the ionosphere.

Icke says: “There you have the real motivation for HAARP and it fits perfectly the electromagnetic soup I am describing. ‘Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything – living and dead.’” And if it happens to be the frequency that your brain goes at, then it gets inside your brain. “HAARP, TETRA, mobile phone networks, chemtrails, the Global Positioning Satellite System or GPS, and so much more, are all aspects of the plan and it is unfolding very rapidly. This is also the system designed to communicate with the planned human microchips that will be connected to the Global Positioning satellites.” Okay, then they’ll really be able to beam stuff into you! “If you think you live in a zombie land now, give it a few more years unless we bring this insanity to an end. An Internet article on TETRA points out: ‘Low frequency electromagnetic and microwave radiation were identified in the 1960s as a potential anti-personnel weapon and the Pentagon has confirmed’” – 45 years ago – “that it has developed microwave crowd control weapons.’” I’ve seen one of those. Maybe you’ve heard about it. “‘Can a system which is developed as weaponry be considered safe for the police and public?’”

That’s the internet article that asks that question, but Icke says: “No, of course not, but I repeat, it’s not meant to be [safe].” It’s not meant that way. “The electromagnetic ‘soup’ is part of a process of creating an alternative communication system to, and between, human minds. It is designed to create the ‘hive mind’ so beloved of the [Illuminati] in which diversity of thought and perception is destroyed. You would get your instructions electromagnetically and then act upon them, believing them to be your own thoughts and decisions. As Professor Steven Rose said in his Observer article: ‘[Focusing] ... an intense magnetic field on specific brain regions ... has been shown to affect thoughts, perceptions and behavior.’ If they get the frequency right they can even lock humanity into the very same hive mind that the [Illuminati] use. We would become them in thought and response. To a large extent that is already happening purely through indoctrination” – TV – “But as I keep stressing, this does not have to be if we just stop saying ‘baaaaa’ and decide that we truly wish to be free.”

There’s only one freedom that I know of, and that’s freedom in Christ. As always, your job, your form of resistance. This is really big, you know? Oh, we can’t stop that. But your form of resistance can always start by reading a book, tell someone. I’m surely not able to stop these “people.” But I can tell you what I’ve learned and pass it on. You can always resist somehow.

Don’t let denial get in your way. You can do something about this electromagnetic soup. You can find some way to resist. And, like I said, God has promised protection to anybody who asks for it. And He keeps His word. He is real, you know.

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