Hey! Good morning, and welcome to STAG, I’m Jack. Without naming any real names, CS Lewis wrote a review of the Illuminati back in l947. He did a good piece showing what was going on in US education and he wrote a piece called “The Abolition of Man.” The Abolition of Man broadens the scope of the Illuminati control to Humanity itself. As always, this great philosopher gets down to the basic foundation of human action. We are conquering Nature and the last thing in that process is when we conquer Human nature. In our conquest of Nature, we’re overcoming ourselves and will eventually not be Man at all, but some construction that looks like Man. The situation turns out to be the war between the Universal Law of Human Right and the Law of Human Want.
I see this as CS Lewis’ Illuminati Philosophy. We see exactly this behavior today. He tells how from the beginning man has tried to “conquer Nature.”

The Law of Nature equals The Way Things Work Best.

He says that by any “conquering” of God’s creation, the Conquerors are also giving up part of themselves. Any way that we subvert Nature will result in us giving up part of our selves. The ultimate of the conquering will be the conquering of the Nature of Mankind. The conquering of Human Nature. The process, when carried out to the end, will result in the abolition of Mankind. He gives some examples, but this simple one is mine.

There’s a river. A bunch of people set up camp at one point on the river. The population of the camp grows, and larger and larger plots of ground are cultivated. In time, the requirements for water exceed the means to supply it. One very bright member of the community says, “Let’s dig a ditch and send the water far from the river.” These folks have conquered Nature. They have “bent” Nature to serve them. They have not fitted themselves into Nature, as part of the Whole. They have become the Directors of the course of Nature. So, what’s wrong with that? How does that hurt Mankind?

What about the folks in the villages down stream? By how ever much the Upstream People divert from the river for their crops, those downstream folks will be deprived of for their crops.

Here’s an example from Lewis. Man conquered the air. Man flies. We made an airplane. Yay! Now we can drop bombs on people. Drop enough bombs and the species becomes at risk of distinction.

And the above is only on the macro level. What if we decide to tinker with the Nature of Humanity? From eugenics to indoctrination, we could bring about a Super Human. We could have a world society made up of only those who lived in peace and dispensed their daily responsibilities. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate Conquering? To actually overcome our Human Nature. CHANGE people. Well……, then they wouldn’t BE people any more. Those “constructions” wouldn’t have true free will. Their decisions wouldn’t involve much more than whether to eat an apple or an orange. Any and all decisions concerning their more important life actions would be dictated by those who accomplished the change. Weren’t they the ones who put the process in motion? Weren’t they the ones who told the people about how good they were making it for the species? But wait! Did those Conquerors also go through the process of change, or did they just supervise; so it was done properly?

Understanding this idea isn’t going to be easy. Some of our traditional thinking will have to be overcome. In my case, I haven’t formally researched the Tao. I have only a vague idea of what it’s about. So, I was distracted most of the time that I read CS Lewis because he uses the short term Tao when referring to what I would call the Universal Law of Human Nature.

Not the Universal Law of Human Want. God didn’t create my wants. Remember, were in the context of how the creation works best, the created way. At one point Lewis equates this Law with conscience. That’s another way to understand it. Those things that our conscience tells us is Right. I remember Dr. Scott teaching out of CS Lewis and reminding us that we all have a sense of ought.

Another way to say that is that we all have the structure to act Rightly. We may decide that something will be treated as Right, even though it may be against what our conscience tells us. But once we’ve adopted that position then we will feel that we ought to do it. Honor among thieves is a good example of that. An act may be against the law of the land, but for honor, the thief will feel he ought to do it anyway. The structure for doing Right is there, but perverted.

Just to fill out this Law of Conscience/Human Nature/Creation, Lewis has shown us that it isn’t the exclusive property of any one religion. The people of the Bible aren’t the only ones who have historically taught these principles. They go around the world, and back in history.

We need to hear what Lewis has listed as those principles included in his term Tao. He’s got eight principles for living the Good life. And again, these come from everywhere. He draws from places like China, Ancient Babylon, Mosaic Law, Old Greece, Rome, India, Christianity, Egypt, Australian Aborigines, Anglo-Saxons, Hinduism, Old Norse and even Beowulf. These are universally held principles of life. These are the principles that will guarantee good life and perpetuation of the species. And remember these principles are the ones laid out by God in the creation. How else could come the universality? Virtually everyone says this is the Right way to live.

Beneficence: Be nice. Give people a break.
Special Beneficence: Be nice and give a break to your family.
Duties to Parents/Elders/Ancestors: Respect and honor these people.
Duties to Children/Posterity: Respect your kids, all kids, and contribute to the population.
Justice: Sexual and court justice. Honest activity.
Good Faith/Veracity: Keep your word and say the truth.
Mercy: Actively support those who have little support. Widow, orphan.
Magnanimity: (overcome Selfishness) Jump in for Right; Don’t neglect your soul; honor eternity
Spike Lee summed it all up through the movie, “Do the Right Thing.” He should have added, “as defined by God.” We don’t get to decide what’s Right.

When we consider the elite, we find that they don’t live by the Law of Human Nature.

The game looks honest, but the cards are marked. The elite have us thinking we are playing one kind of game, but we’re really playing another and they aren’t’ telling us.
They tell us, “This is the best way to live (the Tao) but they make decisions on the playing of the game based outside the Tao. At the same time they are mightily convincing us that the real Laws of Human Nature are mere notions that can be replaced by other Laws without any negative results. They’ve got us going two directions at once.

Satan has used this tactic from the beginning. All the way back to ancient Babylon, the Priesthood has espoused Good, Integrity, Honesty, Mercy, Justice, and Magnanimity as the best way to live. Why? This teaching made it easier to control the population. It also allowed them to cover their misdeeds; their teaching was leading the people to think that their leaders, who taught them Right, don’t and wouldn’t transgress the Tao.

The biggest lie always works best. Hitler proved that. Saying I’m “not a crook”, when I am, is 100% dishonest. Can’t get any bigger than that. Saying, “I’m a born again Christian,” doesn’t make it so. That’s just campaign rhetoric without the campaign.

The Church is the Ironclad Bunker of the Illuminati. It’s their favorite hiding place. It’s their Big Lie.

It’s hard to say just how far CS Lewis’ knowledge of the Illuminati went, but he surely understood the mechanisms they have been using on us for many, many centuries. He goes on at length showing that when man operates outside the laws of Human Nature, the decisions that are made will be founded on the wants and whims of the decider. That might be OK for me, if your decisions don’t affect me. What if you think it’d feel good to beat me up?

This is one the keys to understanding today’s world and all the rotten stuff we see happening. People in power are doing things outside the laws of Human nature. They are doing them based on what feels good to them. If they were acting out of the Tao, we wouldn’t be hurting so bad. They’ve done away with the old Tao and replaced it with something that sounds good but is based on our subjective definition of Good, and not some Good outside ourselves. We’re comparing ourselves with ourselves and not the Tao. But, as Lewis points out, we can’t compare ourselves with ourselves. We’re both the same.
We are very well along the path to the abolition of Man. We hardly see any adherence to the old Human Values. We’ve been manipulated into a re-write of those values. One of the main tenants of modern education is that there are NO absolutes. Everything changes. This got its start here in the US by John Dewey in the ‘30s, with his Progressive Education.

Today, fidelity is what we feel like define it as, not what God’s value system defines it as. Today, lots of DIS-honest things are considered OK, because of the situation. Situation ethics. Help others for what you can get out of it, not because of their need.

If we examine these Human Values with the eye that God created them for our good, we’ll soon find out that it is better for our mind/body/soul and that we are getting more out of our Right action than the recipient. That’s why we have the saying that it’s better to give than to receive. It soothes our soul, which soothes our mind, which ultimately even heals our bodies.

Hey, doing the right thing is a win win situation. BOTH sides of the equation benefit. Not surpringly, this is the exact opposite result achieved by an artificial Right. Then, everybody loses.

There’s only one solution to the challenge of doing the Right thing. We can’t do it by ourselves. Just as we depend on God’s Law of Human Nature to govern our lives, we can depend on God for help in acting within His standards.

The solution is to make real in our actions the fact that God is real and faithful to do what He’s said.


Good morning. Is your body liking this warm weather? Mine is. And how’s your spirit doing? A lot going on right now to give our spirits a poke in the eye. What’s interesting, is that years ago many people told us about today’s events. We’ll be reaching for understanding and a way out today. It’s possible to see clearly what’s planned for us by the elite.

This interview was taken off the internet and presented in Dec of 2003. It may still be up at mindcontrolforums.com.

Wayne Morris is interviewing a former mind control slave, Brice Taylor. She was able to break free some time ago and has written a book and gone around trying to help others. Although she has much to say about mind control, (this interview is petty long,) I wanted to let you see how today’s events have been in the works for many years. So, it’s more of what she saw and heard rather than what was done to her. This is some six years ago.

In my research, I have come across more than a couple other “escapees” that give this same scenario. Google Svali; an ex-mind control programmer with 30 other programmers under her.

Wayne Morris: “Can you tell us in terms of alerting the public about what kinds of things they are planning to bring about in this New World Order, and what they envision that this would be?”

Brice Taylor: “From what I heard on the inside, in my experience sitting among these so-called elite people, the financial elite – their plan is for a world takeover because they feel that genetically and in every other way physically, the populations of the earth are inferior – of an inferior genetic strain.” What they are attempting to do is to bring down the population through various contrived means – which is a whole other subject all on its own – in order to bring these people to death so that the planet will be left pristine and untouched for their future progeny.”

“What I understood was that they were planning a complete and utter economic collapse of the nations that would make the Depression of 1929 look like child's play and through that, bringing people financially to their knees, they would then come in and control them, and bring in whatever other measures they would want to in the guise of rescue – when it certainly wouldn't be that at all. “

I have to stop here and remind you that mind control doesn’t mean a zombie. No hypnosis or drugs or electro shock is necessary when you have pictures of a Senator having sex with a young boy. That Senator’s mind is controlled through blackmail. Further, some mind control victims have no idea that they are mind controlled. I’ll only mention the Manchurian Candidate. These people are functioning on a daily basis and only a minute part of their life is devoted to mind controlled activity. As Brice Taylor will mention, she was sent on courier missions. When she was in the kitchen making dinner, she didn’t have any memory of that mission. The information was locked away in a part of her brain that she didn’t even know about. No outside person could get at it. She didn’t know she had it. They could torture her to death and never find out what was there.

Wayne Morris asks this: “Specifically, how do you think mind control would be used in terms of a takeover implementation?”

Brice Taylor: “I think (she knows) there are people they have in positions of power, not only in the military but in political and religious circles who are themselves under mind control and can be used as puppets to do whatever they are instructed to do from higher up levels. People think that we elect our presidents, and I have sat with the people who planned who the presidents were going to be and groomed them, and told them what to do, and what to say, and how to say it, and when to say it, and when not to. And I delivered all kinds of messages of instructions to presidents and world leaders about what to do and what not to do. I watched as people who were good people and weren't involved were manipulated, brainwashed and controlled by persons like myself who were programmed, dressed in jewels and beautiful clothes, with all the fancy and sophisticated sexual innuendoes and techniques that I myself, my daughter, and others were programmed to do and go in and just -- if these men were at all able to be coerced, they were manipulated and then they were blackmailed. These people who are in positions of power know how to find out and research what people's weaknesses are, whether they are sex, drugs, sexual perversion, financial gain – they lure them in, and once people have been forced and coerced to participate and do the dirty deed – and a lot of times it was filmed, videotaped and documented – and these people who were already in positions of financial, political, whatever power, were then told ‘this will be public knowledge and information if you don't go along with us.’

Oh, but does that include Obama? Let me repeat something from last month’s program. Those of you who have done even preliminary research into Henry Kissinger will have formed at least a general opinion about him. Millions of Americans came to that same conclusion and rose up in vast numbers protesting Bush’s try at appointing Henry to chair the 911 Commission.

Well, moderate research will show that Henry Kissinger has been working for the elite through many different administrations. If the elite search out and bring along certain people so that they can further their own goals, then can there be any coincidence that Henry Kissinger gave Barack Obama his first job out of college?

Is it a coincidence that Obama has appointed to high cabinet level positions 13 members of the Council on Foreign Relations (not a government body, but the body that makes all US foreign policy), and half of those are members of the Bilderbergers (the body that makes world policy), and a further 6 or so who belong to the Tri-Lateral Commission, (same game, different name).

Who has been, and still is Barack Obama’s top level advisor? A person who worked with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to suggest that a “new Pearl Harbor” would be necessary to implement a take over in the Middle East? Zbignew Brezinsky. These guys are behind the “Project for a New American Century”. That document says that the US should dominate and police the whole world. Isn’t that what we’re doing with over 700 bases in 150 countries?

Oh, did I mention that the PNAC was published before 911? 911 WAS that new pearl harbor. It let us take our shoes off at the airport and bring back the opium trade in Afghanistan, and get rid of that egomaniac Saddam, who didn’t want to play the oil game.

Look, we’ve got to back away and take in the whole big picture. All the global pieces of this puzzle are there as individual trees in the forest. But if we zero in on just the Bankers, or the Corporations, or the Housing Bubble, or price of gas, we’ll never do the preparation we’ll need for the coming crisis.

How can the financial crisis be worldwide? Did Japan have to bail out Freddie Mac? How is our housing collapse connected to France? Any nation of note is talking bailouts. There has to be some common factor here. The money supply. Whatever kind of money it is. And They’ve got two main options, deflation or inflation. They can reduce the supply of money in any country they choose. They own/control the central banks of all the significant nations. In this country, and many others, they are inflating the money to the point where it won’t be worth anything. They can consolidate all the money systems of the nations and bring about the stability the world needs. Is there an echo in here?

Isn’t that what we were told about the Federal Reserve?

It would be instructive if we considered that every one of these global crisis trees is part of the same forest. They all contribute to the to the overall look of the forest. Only difference between this forest and a real one is that the elite have planned out this forest, not Nature. The name of the forest is Control of the population. All these different facets of the world condition have been in the works at various levels from decades to centuries.

It took Them 133 years to implement the United Nations. It all started in Vienna in 1814 until their third try in 1947. And wouldn’t you know it. Our old friend Henry Kissinger took a major interest in this first attempt at the New World Order. Here’s a bit from Wikipedia:

”In the 20th century, however, many historians have come to admire the statesmen at the Congress, whose work had prevented another European general war for nearly a hundred years (1815–1914). Among these is Henry Kissinger, whose doctoral dissertation was on the Congress of Vienna.”

Now the Tree of Pandemic flu will help in its way to gain more control of the people. It could bring on martial law. It could bring on forced vaccinations of the people. It could bring about imprisonment of those who refuse to be vaccinated. It could bring about Blackwater knocking down your door at 3 am.

And what about all the scare that’s being promoted by our bogus War on Terror? Has that amounted to more control? Ask you shoes. It also let Them illegally assign combat troops to help the local law enforcement agencies. No more posse commitatus. Lots more control. No more guns for the citizens to protect themselves.

You have probably heard that the Wall Street Tree and the Housing Tree were well planned out. They didn’t happen by coincidence. A determined relaxation of Federal regulation allowed them both. Those Representatives and Senators who fell into the blackmail trap voted the way they were told and viola, we had the derivative market.

Look, even the bailouts are part of the Forest. Pump so much money into the system that it collapses. These bailouts are part of the plan to bankrupt the Gov’t. And the only thing that will save us is the instituting of the Amero or whatever they are going to call the Globo. The G20 economic summit just recently called for a global currency.

I only see one place of protection. We need more than a big solar panel system, a big water purifier, a pantry full of rice and beans, a couple of hand guns stashed someplace, and a “bugout” plan. That physical stuff won’t calm our souls.

Whether you accept all of the above or not, there’s still a way to get through just life in general with the least amount of stress. The source of all strength and provision will soothe our battered spirits. Getting His help is simple. Faithing. Acting in our decisions as though what God has said about our circumstances is the best way to act; even when it goes against our fears on the subject.


We are on the brink of the New World Order. This government will exceed the individual sovereignty of all nations; just as the European Union can dictate to the once sovereign nations of Europe.

The recent news is full of statements that explain, warn of or promote the formation of one world government. From international trade and environment treaties to the World Health Organization, the World Bank and other international bodies, it’s clear that we are headed for a Global Government. Teachers of Bible prophecy have been shouting this news for a couple decades or longer. Hal Lindsay really got the ball rolling with The Late Great Planet Earth. He proved that the then newly formed Common Market, Europe’s NAFTA, would be the reformation of the old Roman Empire talked about in the Book of Daniel.

Of course, some radical ideas had to be offered when the number of member nations exceeded ten. At one point I remember that three of the countries were going to drop out. This was when the membership rose to 13 nations. As the number of members grew and grew over the following years, Hal’s idea that the EU would produce the AC and be his to govern was still clung to as fulfillment of Daniel. Even today, I only know of two Bible teachers who differ, and one of those only suggests that we may have been mistaken in applying Daniel to the European Union.

Personally, I don’t see how any mistake can be made in determining who will be the AC’s kingdom or from where the AC will come. It’s all right there in Daniel eleven.

So many people have offered ideas of whom the anti-Christ will be or is, that several volumes would be necessary to contain all the accompanying information. Not the least of the facts offered in evidence is that the particular person named is somehow connected to the number 666, which usually can be wrung out of the person’s name. From Bill Clinton to Prince Charles, from Antiochus Epiphany to Hitler, the historical list is long.

Most of these suggestions are scripturally too shortsighted to even be considered. There are many, many attributes of the Anti-Christ to be included when applying the name Anti-Christ to some person.

I’d like to offer some insight into who may become the Anti-Christ. Deeper study into the question will have to include the chosen people AND their God-given mission on the earth. The Hebrews that became the twelve sons of Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, will descend into the twelve tribes of the whole nation of Israel. This nation finally coalesced under king David into one cohesive group of tribes. The whole nation of Israel. But at Solomon’s death, ten of the tribes who lived in the north of the Holy Land severed relationship with the two tribes in the south; both groups becoming nations in their own right. These two nations are known as the House (nation) of Israel, the ten tribed nation in the north and the House (nation) of Judah, the two tribed nation in the south.

We must remember that whatever these 12 tribes of Jacobs’s sons did had no effect on Gods plan for them. Gods plan for humanity has always been to inform them that He was going to set up a kingdom here on the earth. The people He chose throughout history were and are tasked with informing the rest of the world population of Gods objective. This means that they will accomplish this task no matter what they believe their heritage to be.

This commentary is just that. Its not a scholarly argument filled with references. I’ll leave that homework to you. But even those who are not students of biblical prophecy know that the world is headed, headlong, for a global government, which is much more authoritative than the United Nations. This government will have its own court, its own bank, its own army, and its own set of international laws. Although in a weaker form, these conditions already exist under the UN. The step to complete global authority is a small one.

Students of prophecy will tell you that this world government is the structure by which the Anti-Christ will rule. So it’s easy to come to the opinion that the head of the world government will be the Anti-Christ. I disagree.

What about those chosen people and the alignment of the forces for the battle of Armageddon? I can’t see how the chosen ones can fight against themselves. Is it likely that their brothers, the tribes of the northern nation of Israel, will attack the state of Israel? No. Armageddon will be configured with Israel and its allies against the Anti-Christ and his allies. Isn’t that the most reasonable alignment?

This information is more important than it appears. It limits who may be the participants on either side of the conflict. But understanding the history of those tribes of the northern nation of the House of Israel will prove to be the key to debunk most of the claims about whom the Anti-Christ is or will be.

Lets do a little question and answer exercise and try to find a logical path to the identity of the Anti-Christ.

Q-Who does Satan want to fight with?
A-Everyone on Gods side; even a little bit.

Q-With whom can Satan fight?

Q-Who can Satan beat?
A-Not God; and
A-Not at least two top angels, Gabriel and Michael; but

Q-Which humans will Satan fight?
A-Believers and disseminators of Gods Word. People on Gods side.

Q-Which People in history have been the disseminators of Gods Word?
A-The twelve tribes of the sons of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham.

Q-What will be the configuration of the armies at Armageddon?
A-The State of Israel and anyone who will likely to come to Israel’s aid. In other words the Western Allies, against the Arabs, the Russians, the Chinese, Germany and anyone else out for a good time.

If its agreed that the Anti-Christ heads up the Bad Guys at Armageddon, then its the Devil against Israel and its allies.

Doesn’t that rather definitely pin down who the Tribes of Israel really are? They are the ones who have, more than any other people, spread the word about God to the world. Billions have come to be Believers from just the work of the English and American Bible societies. And they are only a small part of the big picture of Israelites bringing Gods word to other peoples. Satan’s been after these folks since before there was a Bible.

That means that the President of the coming Global Government will not be the Anti-Christ, with only one possible exception, that doesn’t logically prove out. That person must come out of the old Selucid kingdom. In other words, the Middle East.

The very interesting part is that such a man exists today. This man is a good candidate for being the final arbiter in bringing peace between the Arab confederacy and Israel. This Deed could catapult this man to the Chair of the New World Order. I expect, for show, he’d have to publicly suspend his Royalty; for the good of the world.

No. Princes Philip, Charles and Harry aren’t royalty that come out of the Middle East.

This isn’t suggestion. These acts and agenda have been in process millennia before there was a USA.

But the fly in that ointment is the contradiction that is set up by having the Anti-Christ be the head of the Global government. Seems hard for him to start the wars he does and still be the head of the body that purports to maintain peace around the globe, especially when the western allies are part of that body.

My best guess is that the AC will be all I said above, but when he becomes the Peace Hero, hell be elected to Preside over the Arab Union, which is already structured and functioning. And hell be a good guy, for a while, till everybody relaxes.

Again, another big reason why the AC won’t be the head of the Global Government is that he then would command the Israelites in the battle of Armageddon. Again, those western allies will be on Israel’s side, just as we have been for over a century.

What explains this oft times troubling association? The western allies are the Lost Tribes of the whole twelve tribes of Jacobs’s sons, that House of Israel. Britain, northwest Europe and America represent the House of Israel in the modern world, whether they are aware of it or not. God is not about to allow the house of Israel to come against the House of Judah at Armageddon.

Basically, it’ll be the twelve tribes of Israel against the whole world at Armageddon, pretty much the same as the alignment of the Gulf War. The Anti-Christ will come out of one of the Middle East Arab nations, and be given rule over the Arab Union. The key to understanding this is the teaching on the Lost Tribes.

The NWO is coming to fruition almost faster than can be kept up with.
The recent G-20 meeting gave our oversight of US financial institutions to an International governing board. They’re in charge now.
They are just about to solve our illegal immigration problem by eliminating the Mexican and Canadian borders with the North American Union.
If you’d like to discuss these topics further, S.T.A.G. is a safe place to do that. We’re at 88 Briceland Rd., Redway. The number is 707 923 ALLY 2559. Or on the web at STAG.WS
I’ll be back here on June 7th. I trust you can make it too.
Pretty overwhelming and scary stuff they’ve got planned for us.
There’s only one sure place of protection and peace. That’s with the Real God, and His faithfulness to His promises.

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