Mind Control I




Please be warned that today’s material is horrible to a high degree. [Get your kids away from the radio.]

Mind control slave Brice Taylor – and we’ll get to her in a lot of detail later on – she says: “I was given electroshock and hypnotic commands with drugs that they know are very useful in allowing that hypnotic command to go deeper than the subconscious mind.” And then there’s an ex-mind control programmer, a person who actually does the programming in mind control. Her name is Svali, and here’s what she says about her family life: “My younger sister remembers being tied up on a stone altar at the age of three with a gag in her mouth and being raped. She also remembers our paternal grandmother taking her to friends who used her sexually at the ages of three to five. She became an alcoholic at age 13, after trying to commit suicide seven times by the age of 12. My older brother has no memories of anything at all before age 20. His life is a complete blank. He does believe that our father was a perverse and strange man. This brother was cut down from our garage when he was eight and tried to hang himself.” Heavy stuff, huh?

This is the information that motivated me to do this Illuminati series in the first place. But I felt that I had to lay a lot of ground work about the Illuminati in preparation for exposing this mind control stuff. That’s what the first five shows were about.

This is just going to be an overview of mind control, with a few details mixed in. Where did it come from, the programmers, the mind control slaves, and even a little bit about the mind control hierarchy. This goes way deep, and it’s way, way big.

A fellow named Richard G. Gall – look him up on the internet – has summarized mind control. And as I go through all of these things today, I’m only giving you maybe 10 percent of what I’ve got of the articles and things. I’ve had to cut everything down, as usual, so I hope it hangs together for you.

Mind Control – MK ULTRA

The CIA’s super-secret project, MK ULTRA, had grown out of an earlier secret programme known as Bluebird, that was officially formed – officially formed to counter Soviet advances in brainwashing. In reality, the CIA had other objectives. An earlier aim was to study methods “through which control of an individual may be attained. The emphasis of experimentation was on narco-hypnosis, the blending of mind-altering drugs and careful hypnotic programming.” And I might add that I’m sure from all my research that electroshock was always involved, even when the kids were real little and they were doing programming on them. I know how that sounds. Programming a three-year-old kid? Hang on to your hat.

“The scope of the project was outlined in a memorandum dated January 1952 that ominously asked” – and this is 1952, okay? How many years ago? Fifty years ago. Do you think they’ve stopped doing this stuff, or do you think they did more of it and got better? “‘Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature such as self preservation?’ The race was on to create a programmable assassin!” Anybody who say The Bourne Identity will know that. Those who saw the movie The Bourne Identity will remember that the CIA boss – this is me talking here – was telling Bourne – that was his name – that he was a $32 million weapon. You see, a mind control slave who happens to be a courier, a courier to Stalin caught by some intelligence outfit, can’t reveal any secrets. He can’t. Impossible, even under torture. Tortured to death, he doesn’t know he’s got the information. It’s buried in his subconscious and he has no idea that it’s even there.

Back to Richard Gall: “A crack CIA team was formed that could travel, at a moment’s notice, to anywhere in the world. Their task was to test the new interrogation techniques, and ensure that victims would not remember being interrogated and programmed.” See that? “All manner of narcotics, from marijuana to LSD, heroin and sodium pentathol (the so called 'truth drug') were regularly used.

“Despite poor initial results, CIA-sponsored mind control programs flourished. On April 13 1953, the super-secret project MK-ULTRA was born. Its scope was broader than ever before, and only those in the top echelon of the CIA were privy to it.” Okay. Everybody doesn’t know about this stuff. One guy did know all about it and bolted. His name is Mark Phillips, and now he helps Illuminati mind control survivors. MK ULTRA was born and its scope was broader, and only those at the top know about it.

“Official CIA documents describe MK-ULTRA as an 'umbrella project' with 149 'sub-projects.'” Any one of these would have been bad enough, let alone 149 of them. “Many of these sub-projects dealt with testing illegal drugs for potential field use.” They go out into the public and slip people giant doses of LSD, just to see what would happen. “Others dealt with electronics. One explored the possibility of activating 'the human organism by remote control.' Throughout, it remained a major goal to brainwash individuals to become couriers and spies without their knowledge.”

Now maybe it will be easier for you, as we go along here, to think of this as brainwashed individuals instead of mind-controlled slaves, but that’s the term that’s used mostly now. But brainwashing seems a little bit less crude, but regardless, they’re slaves.

Back to Gall: “Precisely how extensive illegal testing became will never be known because Richard Helms, CIA Director and chief architect of the program, ordered the destruction of all MK-ULTRA records shortly before leaving office in 1973. Despite these precautions some documents were misfiled and came to light in the late 1970's. They laid bare the spy agency's cynicism.” “Following that outrage, the CIA announced that it had ceased all its mind manipulation programmes.” Sure. But “Victor Marchetti, a CIA veteran of 14 years who turned ‘whistle-blower,’ exposed this to be untrue. ... Another source within the agency community says that after 1963 CIA efforts increasingly focused on the psychoelectronics.” So they didn’t stop getting into this mind control stuff, they just kept doing it. “Narcohypnosis had been drained dry.” Not that they didn’t use it; they used it as much as they wanted to, but they didn’t get anything new out of it, so they went to other fields of research.
“Dr Jose Delgado, a neurophysiologist at Yale University” – Yale University, Skull and Bones, Yale? Okay? – “was especially interested in Electronic Stimulation of the Brain. By implanting a small probe into the brain, Delgado discovered that he could wield enormous power over his subject. Using a device he called the 'stimoceiver'” – God, what a terrible device and what a silly name – “which operated by FM radio waves, he was able to electrically orchestrate a wide range of human emotions, including rage, lust and fatigue.”

“During 1966, Delgado announced that his findings supported 'the distasteful conclusion that motion, emotion and behaviour can be directed by electrical forces.' He added that 'humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons.' Funded by” – the Illuminati? No, no – “the Office of Naval Research,” – see, they use the military – “Funded by the Office of Naval Research, Delgado looked forward to a future when society could be 'psychocivilised.' Despite the miniaturization of implants, the next major advance forward was microwaves.

“By placing a volunteer (???) in an electromagnetic field, Dr. Ross Adey of the University of California, made a startling discovery. Using specific radio waves” – specific frequencies – “Adey was able to influence his subjects' brainwaves.

“Another scientist, Allen Frey, took this research a step further. Frey found he could remotely induce sleep in his subjects by subjecting them to electromagnetic waves. He also learned he could produce acoustic noises – booming, buzzing and hissing, directly inside a volunteer’s (????) head. Developing on Frey's earlier work, Joseph Sharp, a doctor at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, was able to transmit spoken words” – Watson, I need you! Come here! You know, like Edison – “spoken words via pulsed microwaves. Sitting inside an electromagnetic field, Sharp clearly heard and understood words transmitted to him by a colleague. For the medical profession this was a major breakthrough, and would be of immense benefit to the deaf.”

“However, the US military and intelligence community were quick to capitalize on these new discoveries. Secret research programmes on electromagnetics have never been made available under the Freedom of Information Act.

“In 1974” – 30 years ago – “J. F. Scapitz, a scientist funded by the Department of Defense” – yeah, it’s everywhere! – “had a chilling vision. He sought to combine earlier MK-ULTRA hypnosis studies with emerging microwave technologies. In an outline to the DoD, Scapitz said ‘It will be shown the spoken word of the hypnotist my be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the brain.’ He claimed this could be achieved without employing any technical devices for 'receiving or transcoding messages.” You don’t need a brain implant. Look Ma, no wires! Straight into the subconscious!

“For the first time, US agents had the ability to remotely tamper with an individual's mind. Scapitz went even further, claiming that this could be achieved without the target even becoming aware of what was happening.” 1974 – 30 years ago – this guy had done enough research to conclude that he could accomplish this kind of thing.

“Evidence exists that mind control and behavior modification technology is presently concealed behind the Non Lethal Defense (NLD) initiatives. An announcement in 1995 that non-lethal weapons – including high powered microwaves and radio frequency devices – are to be ‘transited’ to the law enforcement sector was met with dismay in some quarters. This joint program, known as ‘Operations Other Than War,’ opens the way for the military to move into the civilian domain – a move precluded by the American constitution. The stated aim” – of course – “is to more effectively tackle narcotics trafficking, terrorism and other criminal activity.” It is the criminal activity! Dang! That’s Gall.

See, the question must be answered: How many mind control agents are there? Just one or two, like the Manchurian Candidate, Frank Sinatra? Twenty or thirty of them? A few hundred? Or hundreds of thousands? Look at it this way, I’m sure that you can accept that there are many thousands of agents, just in the CIA. These guys are conscious; I mean, some of them are mind control, but generally speaking, these are conscious agents. And there are thousands of them in the CIA. They’ve been putting out mind control slaves since the late 40’s – the late 40s! That’s when Paper Clip happened, and they brought Mengele and these other evil geniuses over here to perfect the mind control programs. There are hundreds of thousands of people in this program. And this vast, sleeping army of mind control slaves are working at the very lowest level of assassins, carrying messages, providing sexual diversion, running drugs. See, presidents like to get laid, right? Now I count the assassins as maybe up one level, because most of them have extensive military training.

The only thing that happens in that smoke-filled back room is the decision making. Those top-level Illuminati decision makers need millions of lower-level folks to actually do the work. Now, that piece by Gall shows the development and the mechanics of mind control. What about an actual programmer? This is Svali; I mentioned her at the beginning of the program. The name Svali is a pseudonym. Go to the internet and look her up. She has written a book with interviewer H.J. Springer, and he is the chief editor of Centrex News, centrexnews.com.

[Centrex news web site no longer exists. However, check out www.rsicc.org – it has Springer, O’Brien, Phillips, et al., also http://educate-yourself.org/mc/mcsvaliinterviewpt1.shtml – there’s also a note on there that Centrex.com vanished from the internet around 2003. ]

Here’s an editor’s note: “Brice Taylor brought this interview to my attention. It provides an excellent corroboration of the conduct and nature of Illuminati 'families' that Brice relates in her book, Thanks for The Memories, but it also offers the additional perspective of the mind controlled programmer whose 'work' is more clinical (albeit ghastly), yet just as destructive to the traumatized victim of mind control as well as to the 'traumatizer', the programmer herself, who in most cases is also under mind control. Neither party is consciously aware that they are engaged in this activity and yet both parties are direct participants in the perpetuation of this diabolical enslavement program which had its genesis in Nazi concentration camps under Dr. Josef Mengele (the infamous Auschwitz ‘Angel of Death’) and was developed to full operational status right here in the USA under the very same Dr. Josef Mengele courtesy of the OSS/CIA and Operation Paper Clip.”

Now before we go any further, I have to do a little bit of a disclaimer about this mind control. Because I keep saying “mind control slave”; that’s the term that’s always used. But these people are not zombies; they’re not walking around with glassed-over eyes and with their arms out straight or anything like that; these are fully functioning people, able to carry out complex and intricate tasks. It’s just that they’ve been programmed to believe that what they are doing is good. Even to murder. Remember at the beginning it says, can we get them to even go against survival, self-survival? Yes, they can. They program in all kinds of suicide programs, more than one suicide program. You start to remember, you want to commit suicide, and a lot of people do.


Here’s where Svali starts to talk:

“Two years ago, my children were on visitation with me and disclosed their abuse to me. I went to CPS (Child Protective Services), and the case was closed, because the worker said she didn't believe in ritual abuse! My ex-husband came to get the children (he could have put me in federal prison for not giving the children back, since the San Diego court system blatantly states that they do not believe in ritual abuse, and in EVERY case of alleged ritual abuse, the children are given to the allegedly abusing parent).

“The children confronted him in person. He turned white as a sheet, said, ‘you really don't want to go back to the ‘family,’ they said ‘no.’ He then fled to California, quit his job, and moved out here and is in therapy for Ritual Abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder. My children are also in therapy, and healing rapidly. My now 12 year old son is almost completely integrated, and happier than he has ever been before; my 16 year old daughter has some tough issues to face, such as the sexual abuse she endured. But God has been faithful in His healing work in all of our lives.

“I wish that this was just ‘made up.’ That it weren't real. But it is. There is too much documentation of this occurring (I can send you many URLs for documented convicted RA [ritual abuse] cases). My greatest regret is that I was used by this group, after a lifetime of teaching, to be a perpetrator of the worst kind. I used to torture and abuse others, believing that I was ‘helping’ them.”

Here’s a repeat from the beginning of the show:

“My younger sister remembers being tied up on a stone altar at the age of three, with a gag in her mouth, and being raped. She also remembers our paternal grandmother taking her to friends, who used her sexually at the ages of three to five. She became an alcoholic at age 13, after trying to commit suicide seven times by age 12. My older brother has NO memories of ANYTHING AT ALL before age 20, his life is a complete blank. He does believe that our father was a perverse and strange man. This brother was cut down from our garage when he was eight, and tried to hang himself.

“My oldest brother is on the run, afraid to live anywhere for more than a few months, because he believes they want to ‘get him.’ He also tried to commit suicide many times as a young child.” As a young child, people, come on. “This is somewhat corroborating evidence, as well as the fact that both of my children” – get this – “both my children dream in German at night (that is the language they speak in the Illuminati) and have NEVER heard it in the daytime.”

The kids dream in German, but they don’t know the language. Because it’s buried in their subconscious. They don’t even know that they know German.

Here’s a question from HJ Springer:

“Q: I just find it amazing that this sort of topic (ritual abuse, mind control) gets next to no press attention, considering the amount of evidence available.

“A: Here is where I will sound really, really cynical. I'm not surprised, because the Illuminati leadership often boasted that their best protection was that no one would believe what was happening. They also have their own media blitz campaign” – do you believe this yet? You haven’t got enough evidence to believe this. You may have already turned the radio off! “They also have their own media blitz campaign, one that is very effective. For example, a reporter with the initials M. S., who wrote articles on Ritual Abuse (RA) and Mind Control in the San Diego Union-Tribune, was a member of the Illuminati. His articles have almost a patent formula.”

“First off, he interviews supposedly respected doctors in the field,” who say that “no logically thinking being could ever possibly believe in ritual abuse, and the therapists that treat victims of it are leading the poor people on,” – now, I’ve got to clarify a little bit about ritual abuse. We’re talking about being tied up on a stone altar and being raped, having an animal killed on top of you while you’re tied down and the blood run all over you so that the essence of the animal and its life force will get into you. We’re talking about heavy satanic ritual abuse.

“Secondly, after interviewing these supposedly respected people, he then exposes the ‘fundamentalist, narrow minded,’ ‘raving’ and ‘mentally ill’ people who say that ritual abuse is real, and the ‘fraudulent’ or supposedly mercenary/attention seeking therapists that work with them.” These “wicked therapists ... are ‘implanting’ ideas of ritual abuse in these poor victim's heads.”

“Then they wrap up the interview article with the supposedly rational, caring, logical and compassionate person on the FMS” – FMS, that’s an organization that the Illuminati invented, and it’s called the false memory syndrome board. They’re saying that these people are making this up and the therapists are helping them. They’re false memories. Ritual abuse doesn’t exist; they’re false memories. So they get somebody on there who sounds really good from the false memory board saying ‘how tragic it is that this is occurring, that something needs to be done.’

“Now, M.S. never mentions that the therapists who work with ritual abuse survivors work for very low pay, or sometimes for free, to help these people break free of the chains of a lifetime. He never ever interviews the large percentage (>85%) of the psychological field that has stated that they believe that ritual abuse is, or could be real; instead, he only interviews the minority viewpoint to feed his agenda.”

“Q: But, with the evidence out there, why aren't more people concerned about the Illuminati?

“A: Because they simply can't, won't believe that this is happening.” Can you relate to that? I can. “I am a strong Christian, and in Revelation, it says that right before the return of Jesus, people will be acting as if nothing has happened, that all is normal, in spite of evidence to the contrary. You could show people a video taken of a ritual” – perhaps where they were sacrificing a baby – “and they would declare: ‘it has to be a fake; people just don't do those things.’ You can show them a site with pentagrams, buried bones, and other evidence, and they would say, ‘Oh, that is just teenagers playing around.” You can show them photos of underground tunnels near Los Alamos, and they will say, ‘Isn't that interesting. Must be some government project.’ They can be shown the scars on a survivor's body, from cigarette burns in childhood, and old lash marks that have healed on their back, and the question would be ‘are you sure it wasn't self inflicted?’

“The evidence is there, but in my opinion, the average person does NOT want to know” – I don’t want to know, how about you? – “and even when confronted with it, will look the other way.”

“Q: The way you describe the Illuminati it sounds like the Third Reich Revival. I can certainly see the Nazi traits in their behavior and goals. It seems like Germany is taking the lead, yet again, in uniting the European Union, we see the setting up of a European Army, the Rapid Reaction Force, and a World Court. How is this ultimately going to play out?

“A: Actually, they have a name for the New World Order. One of the synonyms used is the ‘Fourth Reich.’ I'm serious. Lots of Illuminists have Fourth Reich programming inside.”

Now let me stop here and also clarify a little bit. It isn’t only mind control slaves who have programming, because almost all of the Illuminati, including the highest echelons, also have mind control programming, even if it’s just to help them put away all the bad memories of rituals that they’ve been through. This includes our presidents. Do you ever wonder how it is that Bush looks like he’s heavily medicated? Think about it.

“Yep, Germany, and the EU, will dominate the world economy. The US economy will go down for awhile, then restore with the help of Europe.

“Q: The Book of Revelation pretty much paints a gloomy picture of how this is going to end, and by what means. How is this going to affect the Illuminati agenda? They would certainly know about the prophecies of old and their own foretold demise. Are they attempting to use prophecies, somehow, to their advantage by way of deceiving human beings?

“A: Basically, they are in denial. They believe that history can be changed, and that John's prophetic revelation is only one interpretation of the future. They are aware of Revelation, but don't take it too seriously.”
And I’ll ask you the same question. How seriously do you take all that prophecy about Armageddon and the end of the world and all that stuff? If you do, you’ve done a lot of research. You’re not a beginning Bible student, you’re not a beginning Christian; you’re not somebody who isn’t a Christian. Nobody believes that stuff.

“Remember, some of those at the top are ALREADY in power, figuratively speaking. They dominate the financial picture, have immense wealth, several mansions around the world, anything they want, and the (to them) joy of controlling millions of others. They believe their intellect is sharp, and that they will be the ‘good guys’ in the New Order. They are Luciferians, and so believe the Bible is misguided in its assertions.”

See, these people are the first rank of all humanity, this high-level order, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Merovingians. They’re the first rank of humanity to be deluded by Satan as he works to control the world.

“For all intents and purposes, if you asked them, they would probably laugh and say, ‘But the new order is already here. It just isn't in the open yet.’

“They have been in power for several hundred years, with no lightening bolts from heaven striking them dead. They may even believe that they represent God's will on earth (remember, they serve ‘God,’ too, just not the same as the Biblical Christian one).

“They would ask back, ‘how did God allow people to develop such potential if He didn't want us to help them use it?” Did you hear how she phrased that? If He didn’t want “us,” the Illuminati, to help “them,” the non-Illuminati, the peons, help them use it. They’d go on and say: “‘Isn't it a criminal waste of the intellect and the gifts he gave us to NOT develop them, and help people mature into a better race?’” Ve vill help zhem into a betta race! See, that’s what it’s all about, back in the back there, bloodlines. We talked about the Red Cross last time; it’s all about blood.

“They would argue along these lines. They believe that basically, they are GOOD and doing a good work, even if the means are tough to endure at the time. They are weeding out the weak and unfit, and developing a supreme human being.” And if you don’t think Schwarzenegger is part of that trip, you better get on the internet and do some research. “I know it sounds like hog wash,” she says, “but they truly, honestly believe this at a core level. To be under the judgments in Revelation, they would have to see themselves as evil, and they don't.” I have to repeat that. “To be under the judgments of Revelation they would have to see themselves as evil, and they don’t.”

Let me put this in here – and I know you can relate to this – human nature is to try to make our bad behavior okay. No matter how small or how big it is, we can figure out some kind of a rationalization that makes it okay, because we don’t want to be evil. We want to be okay. We have to justify whatever we do. We can justify murder. These people do.

She says: “I hope this helps explain a little. I think they would see themselves in that picture as riding in on the white horses,” – the Revelation picture – and “not the dark ones. Such is the power of deception. I am a Christian, myself, and have given up these old beliefs that I was taught in the cult.”

That’s just a little bit from Svali. We’ll get into more of her in successive shows, because we have to detail how this programming works, with a lot of evidence, otherwise you’re still not going to believe it. We’ll do that next time. But right now we want to detail some of the actual mind control.

Brice Taylor

We talked about Brice Taylor earlier. She is a survivor, who was used by world leaders, carrying messages to presidents, memorizing documents, and giving sex to leaders and their entertainers. This comes off of the internet, www.mindcontrolforums.com, a huge mind control site that goes into lots and lots of detail, all kinds of different controls.

Brice Taylor speaks:

“I began to be strong enough in my own mind and body to be able to recognize when people were sent in on me to access me. I would be programmed to call back into a number and I was advised to keep doing that until I was healthy enough to really break free. I would call in, and these men would be on the phone, and they validated my reality of what I was remembering in a way that I am grateful to them now. I had no way of understanding before why men in suits would be following me in cars around Los Angeles and all over the place. It started making sense to me and I was able to put it together. In 1991 I was healing at a rampant rate, but I was still being accessed and used on the island.” Earlier on she talked about how she went to Hawaii to kind of get away for a couple of weeks and ended up staying for a couple of months, and she had her daughter there too on the island. “I was still being prostituted along with my daughter on the island. It was pretty devastating when I healed and realized it, but I was still healing and that's how I realized what was really going on.”

You see, these memories of this mind control and abuse and use under mind control, they wipe out all your memories. You are programmed not to remember any of it. But, after a while, under certain circumstances, they start leaking through. I know you’re familiar with sexual abuse of children by parents that doesn’t come to the light until the kid is 35 years old and starts to remember all these horrible things. That’s the same thing that happens here; they don’t remember any of it while it’s going on. And then years later it comes out and they remember all of this stuff.

This interview is being conducted by Wayne Morris, and he says:

“I would like to talk now about some of the techniques they used to condition and program you. Do you remember how hypnosis was used to control and program?

Brice Taylor: “It was used in just about all of my earlier programming, whether it was my father” – who was a programmer on a certain scale – “or programmers – I was taken a lot to Disneyland” – I’ve got hours of Disneyland stuff to talk about that I probably won’t be able to. “I was taken a lot to Disneyland or different places where fantasy was intentionally mixed with reality. Hypnosis was always used in conjunction with drugs, and often when I was at military bases or NASA installations” – got that? – “it was used in conjunction with a very sophisticated chair and instruments that went over my head – I was given electroshock and hypnotic commands with drugs that they know are very useful in allowing that hypnotic command to go deeper than the subconscious mind,” as we said at the beginning of the show.

“As a child I was ‘shocked’ at home by bare electric cords” – I know, I know how that feels, folks; it feels that way to me, too – “and as I began getting a little older – with a cattle prod, and then stun guns as I was older still. And then later the hi-tech electronic equipment at the bases. And I believe that's done for dissociation – as a person is shocked and traumatized it affects your whole energy field and the trauma creates dissociation which allows people to be programmed at very deep levels when your conscious mind is out of the way.” Do you see that? You get such heavy abuse that you shut down, completely shut down, and your conscious mind doesn’t remember any of it. And then they just program that empty slate that’s open.

Wayne Morris: “You mentioned the more sophisticated technology, particularly at NASA, and some of the military bases. Can you describe that, and what effect they were trying to have on you?”

Brice Taylor: “A lot of that was being sat in a chair that looked like the NASA space chairs, where I would be strapped in. A lot of the equipment that I imagine was used by the astronauts was used on me. A lot of the spinning, the weightlessness, being put into sensory deprivation tanks. Being subjected to a lot of the light and sound along with electroshock. A lot of that where I was being delivered information like, I would have on headphones and in one ear I would be hearing one sound and in the other I would be hearing other sounds. I was programmed with tones, so a tone on a phone would have a specific meaning that would be subliminally and subconsciously connected with a command. When I was initially healing, when I would try and dial the phone, I would hit the numbers and hear the tones in my ear, it would scramble me and I couldn't think straight. I couldn't function. It was a matter of going back and consciously realizing that these tones were connected to commands that I no longer needed to follow and it took several years for that not to affect me. It still affects me; however, the equipment they used oftentimes in the auditory was using one sound in one ear, and one sound in the other which confuses the conscious mind and sends a message straight into the unconscious which is a very powerful way of controlling a person.

Wayne Morris: “Do you know what kinds of things they deliberately did to prevent you from remembering? “

Brice Taylor: “I don't have my diagram with me right now, but off the top of my memory, they gave me programmed commands that should I begin remembering, I would become confused. Should I begin remembering, I would feel tired and fall asleep. Should I begin remembering, I would have migraine headaches. I would have accidents. I would want to kill myself and there were very specific ways to self-injure that I was taught which I had to fight, literally, for a couple of years in order to stay alive to get to the deeper levels of memory. There were endless, endless internal landmines of booby traps and programming that was intended to kill me or make me feel like I was crazy or insane. Then when you add to that all the people outside – my family that was programmed, the people who I was being perpetrated by, with all of that, it is nearly impossible to begin remembering unless you have a head injury or something happens that really shakes a person up. I also think that the continued trauma to myself, to my husband, to my children was one of the biggest forms of attempting to keep me under control, because the innate mother instinct is very strong and has been one that I have had to logically overcome in order to speak out, knowing that my children will be safer if I spoke out than if I kept silent. There were also phone accesses to codes that would be called, people would say either programmed phrases or set certain numbers on the phone where the phone would then play in my ear. It is endless. A web.”

Wayne Morris: “I would like to go into a bit more detail about the kinds of things you were used by your handlers for? “

Brice Taylor: “That's a big one. I was used by a member of the National Security Agency and someone that was oftentimes close to Presidents – I was programmed with what he called ‘Mind Files’ and I had government Mind Files where I was programmed to have perfect photographic recall of documents that I was programmed to read and remember in my head. It was like having a computer brain; a human computer at your access. Along with that, I was also used with these Mind Files in order to be like a postal bank of communication between the elite members who were bringing about the New World Order in order to keep their world plan orchestrated and organized.” That’s part of the courier thing that they do there. “I was also used as a sex slave to Presidents and foreign leaders and entertainers here and abroad, in order to deliver programmed messages from the elite in order to keep the plan smoothly running and operating.

“I was also used on lower levels in my community with money laundering, pornography, prostitution. It was endless.

Wayne Morris: “Do you have memories of the details of the information they were keeping in your Mind Files? “

Brice Taylor: “Oh yes, years of it. I spent years documenting everything. It's very classified projects and plans for the New World Order.”

Well, now she’s not going to tell us any of that stuff, and I think that that’s probably part of her protection plan. She’s got a way of letting a lot of this out and that’s keeping her from being assassinated, I guess. Of course, this is a while ago, so I don’t know what’s going on with her now.

Wayne Morris: “Can you tell us in terms of alerting the public about what kinds of things they are planning to bring about in this New World Order, and what they envision that this would be?”

Brice Taylor: “From what I heard on the inside, in my experience sitting among these so-called elite people, the financial elite – their plan is for a world takeover because they feel that genetically and in every other way physically, the populations of the earth are inferior – of an inferior genetic strain.” Remember the Red Cross last time? “What they are attempting to do is to bring down the population through various contrived means – which is a whole other subject all on its own – in order to bring these people to death so that the planet will be left pristine and untouched for their future progeny.”

Did you ever ask yourself or hear anybody ask why AIDS is so big in Africa? Why it’s extremely big in Africa? Because most of the black people of the world are “weeds,” as Alice Bailey used to call them. Get rid of those inferior people, those Asians and those black people. Let’s get the superior Aryan race going here.

Brice Taylor: “What I understood was that they were planning a complete and utter economic collapse of the nations that would make the Depression of 1929 look like child's play and through that, bringing people financially to their knees, they would then come in and control them, and bring in whatever other measures they would want to in the guise of rescue – when it certainly wouldn't be that at all. Personally I would like to put a call out to people who are in any way spiritually connected, knowing that this plan can never be able to be brought about as the people even at the higher levels that are participating, may be participating without knowing what they have been participating in, such as members of the intelligence community who have been compartmentalized in their knowledge of what projects they were participating in. I would certainly put scientists that are inventors [of all the technology] in that category. I would put people that are in the Masonic Order that are perhaps at the lower levels and are serving the King at the higher levels without realizing that what they are putting their energy into thinking that they are helping children and people that are in need of help” – sure they are. The 4th level Masonic people are helping people. But when it comes to world influence and promoting the New World Order, then they’re doing the work of the top levels, 30 degree and above, plus Adam Weishaupt’s top levels after the 33rd degree.

Wayne Morris asks this: “Specifically, how do you think mind control would be used in terms of a takeover implementation?”

Brice Taylor: “I think there are people they have in positions of power, not only in the military but in political and religious circles who are themselves under mind control and can be used as puppets to do whatever they are instructed to do from higher up levels. People think that we elect our presidents, and I have sat with the people who planned who the presidents were going to be and groomed them, and told them what to do, and what to say, and how to say it, and when to say it, and when not to. And I delivered all kinds of messages of instructions to presidents and world leaders about what to do and what not to do. I watched as people who were good people and weren't involved were manipulated, brainwashed and controlled by persons like myself who were programmed, dressed in jewels and beautiful clothes, with all the fancy and sophisticated sexual innuendoes and techniques that I myself, my daughter, and others were programmed to do and go in and just -- if these men were at all able to be coerced, they were manipulated and then they were blackmailed. These people who are in positions of power know how to find out and research what people's weaknesses are, whether they are sex, drugs, sexual perversion, financial gain – they lure them in, and once people have been forced and coerced to participate and do the dirty deed – and a lot of times it was filmed, videotaped and documented – and these people who were already in positions of financial, political, whatever power, were then told ‘this will be public knowledge and information if you don't go along with us.’

“I watched people being coerced at the highest levels at parties of the elite, where cocaine was flowing, drugs, alcohol, whatever anyone wanted – sex with children, whatever – anything they wanted – people were given. It was perversion at the highest level.”

Wayne Morris: “It really seems that their biggest cover-up for all of these atrocities is the public's disbelief.”

Brice Taylor: “Walter Bowart, who wrote ‘Operation Mind Control’” – and go to the internet and find his name, Walter Bowart. He has a really good, long piece on mind control – “has a blurb in his book that says the big secrets are protected by their incredulity. And certainly I believe that those who strategized this plan were very well aware that when all of us started talking about these things, that just like in Nazi Germany – people still today believe that a lot of those horrors didn't happen – that people will turn away and deny what really happened because it is so horrific and incredulous.

Wayne Morris: “Speaking of Nazi Germany, there have been a number of allegations that there has been Nazi involvement, particularly in regard to Project Paperclip, of importing Nazis after WWII into the United States. Have you come across any Nazi connections in your experience?”

Brice Taylor: “Yes, I have, and just to enlarge and expand a little bit on Project Paperclip, Linda Hunt wrote a book about this in which she explained that Mark Phillips” – I mentioned him earlier – “who was an intelligence officer and he personally told me” – now, Mark Phillips personally told Brice Taylor this, personally told her “that he was part of bringing in some of these Nazi doctors – bringing them into our country and giving them immunity” – Red Cross credentials and so forth, that I mentioned last time – “that he was unaware at the time of the full ramifications of what these people were doing within our country. Right there is the Nazi connection of how these men who were a lot of the scientists and doctors who had used the population of prisoners in the concentration camps as their unwitting and unwilling and suffering people as their population of research and how then they were brought to our country and put into the major universities and research centers in order to further their research on mind control and were given over to the population of ritual abuse survivors in order to have now another group to experiment on of which certainly myself and my children were a part of that – but also included genetic experiments that were done to me and to my children. As far as the Nazi connections that I am aware of in my past, I am aware of my mother telling me that my father went to some neo-Nazi meeting along with my grandmother when I was just a little girl. I know that in a lot of my recovery work, the symbol that I kept drawing over and over again was the swastika, the Nazi symbol. I saw that symbol as a child at some of the satanic ritual ceremonies that were done to me and others, and certainly I believe that is a very large part of all of this. As society continues to want to even put Nazi Germany and the horrors of those people that suffered in the concentration camps under the rug and not look at it – it continues to proliferate here – even within our country – as these people are still getting away with doing the human experimentation and torturing people today.

Wayne Morris: “I want to ask you if you are aware of any direct government ties to some of the satanic cults that seem to have proliferated across North America and a lot of survivors have come forward with their accounts of these cults. I suppose there are a lot of different levels there in terms of their involvement with the overall government mind control picture. I want to ask if you knew of any direct government ties to some of these cults.”

Brice Taylor: “The government ties to the cults are the politicians that I believe have realized and are very aware that people in the cults, especially in the satanic cults where they are born and have multiple personality systems from the abuse in the family, are certainly prime candidates because of their dissociative abilities and inability to stay present in a unified, whole way with their minds to even know what's going on.” Let me stop here and say that I’m sorry, but I realize that the way Brice Taylor goes on here, she runs a lot of sentences together and sometimes it gets confusing. Just try to hang in, okay?

“I believe that through the politicians and through the military – the bases were used with a lot of the equipment for the mind control and certainly used as a way to cover up these experiments by saying they were military projects. There is a base in California, Point Mugu Naval Base on the coast there, it was real close to my house where myself and my children reported. That base was until recently armed with a man with a gun in the tower. You want to ask people what – in my recovery I wanted to ask people, ‘why would you think that a military base here in California on the coast would need to have men with submachine guns standing up in the guard tower?’ I believe that the military was used as a branch of the government in order to house these projects in a way they could be kept secret from the public, and yet here the public is paying taxes and actually funding these research projects in ways that they have no idea where their money is going. People are only beginning to demand to know about these secret projects through the Freedom of Information Act. I think the government ties are very strong. There are certain individuals within the government who have certainly been a part of this New World Order plan. From what I saw with the presidents all being involved with their Masonic connections, and certainly some of them with higher Masonic connections than others.” They’re all in it. “The mind control technology is hidden at the level of the 33rd degree Masons.”

See, what they do on the lower levels, if you get a Masonic handbook and you see all of the heavy satanic disembowelment, and if they tell any of the secrets and some of the rituals and things, they tell the lower levels that that’s all symbolic stuff. No, they won’t cut your heart out and feed it to the pigs or any of that stuff. That’s just symbolic. You’ll be discredited and excommunicated and stuff – no, that’s not true. Way up at the higher levels they are heavily satanic. Only they call it Luciferian. They don’t worship Satan, they worship Lucifer. Because Satan is evil, but Lucifer isn’t. Lucifer is God’s equal. He’s the balance, the light balance of God.

Brice Taylor says: “I believe this branches out to a lot of top hierarchy of a lot of organizations and not just the government – but also into the major corporations of the world where a lot of the corporate heads have been manipulated into this system. Where there is talent, money, power and control, the secrecy has worked its way in.

Wayne Morris: “Do you have any inside information about their control over the media and connections there, in how they manipulate the media?”

Brice Taylor: “Absolutely. I was amongst them when they were planning, in the late 60's and 70's, when they were planning strategies of how the information would go into the newspapers, and I listened as they talked about some of the major families who owned some of the newspapers, and how through owning a lot of the major media, which I believe now is pretty complete if people were able to look back and trace the histories of a lot of the media, they would be able to see that this is all pretty much locked up and these things are censored when any of these subjects begin to work their way into the media. I know one intelligence officer told me there was a Russian intelligence officer who was being interviewed on television and they asked him a question, and he said ‘the Americans have won the war of the mind.’ and they whisked him off the air and he never even showed back up – that was it – it never went any farther. I believe the media is in a large coverup right now and people are listening, and hearing a lot of stories that have been strategized in an attempt to have them believe what these people want them to believe instead of actually getting the truth of what has gone on.

Well, we’re going to have to stop there, and we’ll get to the Illuminati hierarchy, the mind control hierarchy next time. And we’ll spend a lot more time talking about the mind control slaves.

Look, I know how denial is the first reaction to all this. But I urge you, get on the web and do your own research. Go to www.mindcontrolforums.com and read these accounts for yourself. There’s about 30 interviews on this one place here, the mind control index. And I want to put out an invitation: If there is any brave survivor out there who can hear me, I invite you to be a guest here on this show, and help get the word out of these atrocities, get it out into the open.

Look, I hope you’ve noticed that now we’ve moved to a level where we can really do some good against the Illuminati. We’re not going to stop their New World takeover; we’re not going to stop that. But we now have hundreds – hundreds – of survivors’ testimonies to get the word out to others. Maybe it would even be of some help to somebody personally.

Denial is the easiest way to handle this information, and if it wasn’t for God, that’s where I’d be, in denial. Do you think I’d be here sticking my neck out if I didn’t know God was real and promised to take care of me? No, I wouldn’t.

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