Mind Control III




Here’s what one mind control victim told Carol Rutz about her sessions with Dr. Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death from Auschwitz concentration camp: “The insidious part of his work with me was the love thing. He would love me and torture me. One of Mengele’s favorite phrases was ‘Pleasure is pain and pain is pleasure, my dear. I am here to make you very happy. You will love me forever.’ I remember being on the floor, with him playing the piano in nothing but his boots and a tuxedo coat with tails, as he ordered the men working with him to shock me with cattle prods while he played. It was sort of like musical chairs. When he stopped playing, they stopped shocking; or when he played, they stopped, according to which rules he used that week!”

We’re going to get on with more on mind control. If you haven’t got the kids away from the radio, do that right now. Just as an overview, I thought I’d start by outlining the hierarchy of mind control, which is pretty close to the hierarchy of the Illuminati in general, but just as strictly mind control. I’ve got it broken up into five sections here, four “M’s” and an “S.” Mind, Mission, Muscle, Manipulators and Slaves.

The Mind

The mind of the top people of mind control are the Illuminati families, and they don’t do anything. They don’t do anything but plan the New World Order and give orders. They finance and they protect the lower levels of the structure; they found and fund many, many non-governmental organizations and public organizations. Nelson Rockefeller is way up there at the top. He’s one of the Illuminati “kings,” as Fritz Springmeier calls him. And he is undoubtedly a mind-controlled handler, has sent mind controlled slaves on “Manchurian Candidate” missions of assassination and couriers to high-level officials in our governments and sex slaves. I’m sure that he is a mind control handler, but his programming activities, if any – because I doubt whether he has very much to do with that – his activities in mind control programming are insignificant compared to the basic programming that allows him to misuse his mind control slaves.

The Mission

So those are the people at the top that are making the decisions, but the mission that they’re trying to accomplish isn’t to control all the banks; it isn’t to control all the governments – it is that, but that’s not the top mission. The top mission is to control the world, to bring about a supreme council over the United Nations that will run the world, and they, of course, are the supreme council. And secondly, to reduce the world’s population to as little as a half a billion people. This is part of their program to clean up the human race, to purify the gene pool. Sound familiar, from the Nazis? A pure Aryan race.

The Muscle

Now who supplies the muscle? Who are the organizations that supply the muscle behind these Illuminati who are trying to do that stuff? The CIA, the FBI, the Mafia. And don’t think that it’s just this country, because all of the intelligence agencies of the major nations of the world are evolved just like this. The French, the British, the Germans, all of the intelligence agencies. So we’ve got the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia, the Roman Catholic Church, mental hospitals and military camps, installations and so forth. Those are the main parts. The CIA is mainly involved in research and development. They’re the ones that brought over Mengele and got him installed so that he could perfect the mind control process. So they’re mainly research and development. They do a lot of other stuff too, but that’s mainly what they do. The FBI is involved in covering up different things, like the assassination of Kennedy and making sure that whistle blowers have accidents with their cars or their planes go down or they ski into trees, like Sonny Bono. And they’re also involved in kidnapping, which we outlined three or four shows ago. They kidnap kids, to get them into the mind control program into the system. The Mafia, I think mainly they’re more distributors. And they’re bullies, also, of course. But they’re distributors. There’s a lot of drug traffic that has to go on in all of this mind control stuff. And of course, the CIA we know, is heavily involved in drug running. The Roman Catholic Church has a supply of kids to be put into the mind control program. And it’s also a haven for mind control research and programming. And I’ll only mention the name Boys Town. Mental hospitals? Wow, what a wonderful place a mental hospital is to accomplish mind control programming. They’ve got the electroshock machines, they’ve got all the drugs that they want, and they’re secluded. It’s a haven for mind control programming, because they can hide it. Same thing goes with the military bases, old missile sites and NASA installations. It’s a haven that the public can’t get them involved with, they can’t get access to. And also with the military you’ve got a lot of very high technology available in training, plus just regular military training for the mind control slaves that are assassins and paramilitary.

The Manipulators

And just below that, on the individual level, we’ve got the manipulators, like Josef Mengele. We outlined last time that 765 scientists and doctors were brought over to this country for the first four or five years after the Second World War and installed in some 80 institutions all around the country to do this kind of stuff. It wasn’t just Wernher von Braun with his rockets. You might call that middle management.

The other part of the manipulators is the Illuminati family members themselves, because they are mostly the programmers. Mengele is only one guy; and even if they had 100 or so Mengeles, they still need a lot more programmers. And we’ve got a lot to say today about one programmer called Svali; we mentioned her before. She’s an Illuminati family member. They not only go through mind control and have their personalities split up and do trauma-based programming and so forth, but they are programmed to do programming. That’s what she was; she was a regional “programmer,” with 30 of them under her.

The Slaves

And then at the very bottom we’ve got the people who are not part of the Illuminati family but who have been searched out by all the various organizations who keep tabs on the smartest kids, the strongest kids, the best athletes and so forth, like Andy Pero, and bring them into the mind control program. We’ve got Cisco Wheeler, Brice Taylor – we’ve talked about her on the show – Cathy O’Brien, who was a high-level government sex slave; Carol Rutz, we talked about her a lot last time, and we’ll have a little more to say about her today. So there’s somewhat of a hierarchy of how this mind control structure is built up.

But now I want to give you some more of Carol Rutz, and from her book, and some more on Josef Mengele, “Dr. Black.” A lot of times he was called Dr. Green, though. Her book is called A Nation Betrayed. We talked a lot about that last time, and it’s based on 18,000 declassified CIA documents that pertained directly to these mind control projects: MK-Ultra, Bluebird, Artichoke.

Carol Rutz

“Mind Control Survivors have identified doctors used by the CIA under Project MKULTRA as having different aliases. I have personally spoken to and corresponded with many of these Cold War child survivors, and it seems that colors were one of the most commonly used themes. Many survivors have identified Josef Mengele as using the aliases, Dr. Green, Dr. Black, Dr. Swartz (which means black in German), Father Joseph, or Vatergen, which is daddy in German.” German is the main language of the Illuminati, by the way. And he used these names when he did their programming. “The experiments and the programming he used on us were of such a heinous nature that they were not unlike some of those performed at Auschwitz.”

“In 1937 Josef Mengele was appointed research assistant at the Third Reich Institute for Heredity, Biology and Racial Purity.” There it is. “Mengele provided ‘experimental materials’” – some experimental materials – “to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology.” Where did he get those materials? They were “from twins, including eyes, blood, and other body parts from Auschwitz. Mengele fled Auschwitz in January 1945 before the Russians liberated the camp. French government documents state that the Americans had captured Mengele in late 1946. According to the French, Mengele ‘was released without explanation by the Americans on November 19, 1946.’ The French claimed that the American authorities confirmed the Mengele arrest and release on February 29, 1947.”

And as I read to you at the beginning of the show, one of the survivors is on the floor naked, with guys standing there with cattle prods, and he’s playing the piano, naked except for his boots and a coat. And when he stops playing, they stop shocking.

“Another survivor says, ‘Using me as their guinea pig, Dr. Black taught dad” – taught dad, her father – “how to create alter states in children. He would begin by traumatizing the host personality, and then traumatize each resulting alter state until it went ‘under.’ Each time a part went under, and a new part with no memory emerged, dad assigned this part of the broken personality a name. He recorded the names and traits each alter-state seemed to have. Being an engineer, he usually used flowcharts and blueprints.”

See, when you get traumatized, eventually the trauma becomes so great that you go away, the “you” goes away so that you don’t have to experience the trauma. Then there’s an open part, left open. Now that part gets traumatized until that part goes away. But before it goes away it gets a name and a number, or whatever. They just keep doing that.

“Yet another survivor explains a horrible sexual trauma” – [sigh] sorry about this, but I’ve got to do it – “‘Dr. Black somehow attached chains to my wrists and ankle. He inserted the object into me ‘down there’ from behind. When the charge hits the nervous system, everything hurts and contracts in a hellish fashion. I did start saying aloud over and over again, ‘I’m sorry’ (for what, it didn’t matter) and ‘I’ll be a good girl, I promise, I promise….’ He may have hypnotized me, because his eyes got darker as I looked up at them, and I heard his left fingers snap and the shackles were gone. I thought he was a magician. That made him seem all the more powerful to me. After that, he told me that only with him would I be safe. I understood that if I stayed loyal to him, I would not be hurt again.” At least that one particular alter did. He traumatized that alter out of the way and get another one up there and would do just the opposite, like we said before.

“In 1998, Congress passed a law requiring declassification of Nazi war criminals files held by U.S. intelligence agencies. The CIA had refused to acknowledge the existence of these records up until that time, not unlike their continued denial of many other things until they are faced with irrefutable evidence from outside sources. 10,000 pages of declassified CIA files were released on April 27, 2001, detailing working relationships with some of the same Nazis that were wanted for war crimes.”

Now this is part of the conclusion from Carol Rutz’s book: “Four years into marriage, my programming started to deteriorate, and my memories began to haunt me.” See, she had been married for four years, and still didn’t remember any of this stuff! “Integrating the facets of these troubled pieces of myself came about as I understood that I no longer had to walk the trail of tears from the past. I could at last be free to choose my path. It was such a marvelous discovery, this freedom of mind, this tranquility, this peace. My handlers no longer contact me. The last time they tried, by phone, to activate an alter with programmed cues, they failed. The man who phoned was extremely upset. He and so many others believed that our programming would never break down. Many times the secret remains hidden for decades. So too do the top-secret classified classification of these files the entire picture of covert experimentation has remained hidden from the very citizens who themselves were used as guinea pigs.” Heavy stuff, isn’t it?

Now here’s a much longer article, and I have to remind you that Carol Rutz is not a family member. She is not an Illuminati family bloodline member. And neither is Andy Pero. He was a really smart kid who was extremely good at athletics, and he was watched for a long time. He also had connections to the military, which is a great supply ground for mind control slaves. Andy Pero was a programmed paramilitary assassin, like Jason Bourne, in the movie, The Bourne Identity. I’ve mentioned it several times. And again, he’s not a family member. He’s not a member of the Illuminati bloodline, the ruling families, so to speak.

Andy Pero

This is an interview by Eve Lorgen. Look her up on the internet. I got this from geocities.com, but there’s about four subdirectories behind that: Area 51, Shadow Lands, 6583, and then Projects.html. (It’s also found at www.evelorgen.com, under Articles, under Time Travel, Project Superman.) But just look up Eve Lorgen. She’s done a lot of work in this area, and there’s a lot on the internet by her. And you’ll find Andy Pero there.

“An exclusive interview with Andy Pero, survivor of secret mind control project aimed at creating a super soldier with psionic abilities.” Do you remember the six million dollar man? Okay, that’s just a teeny little bit of a taste of this kind of stuff. But he wasn’t mind controlled.

“Andy Pero was unwillingly subjected to a mind control program offshoot of the Monarch Project, which is a trauma-based mind control program similar to what Cathy O’Brien describes in her autobiography by Mark Phillips, Trance Formation of America. Andy Pero claims to have been created through a combination of genetic manipulation, trauma-based mind control, and Silva Mind Control training, resulting in super-human feats and psionic abilities. In addition to this, Mr. Pero alleges to have been unwittingly used in covert assassinations as a Manchurian Candidate, and also in missions connected to the Montauk Project ...” And if you look up Andy Pero on the internet, you’ll find out a lot about him. This is a short article. I’ve got a long one where he goes into much detail about his programming.

Eve: “Andy, where are you from originally, and where did your training begin?

Andy: “I was born in Fallon, Nevada, in November 1969. My father was a lieutenant commander at the Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada at the time. I believe my first experiences began by the time I was two and a half years old.” Got that? Two and a half. “At five years old my family moved to Munich, Germany, and I remember attending two distinct kindergarten classes, one in German, that was located on or near McGraw Army Troop Army Base, and another kindergarten in English.” Interesting, huh?

“I have flashback memories of torture sessions as early as age two, where I was subjected to shock treatments with needles inserted into my ears and genitalia. What they (the controllers/ handlers) do is use extreme trauma to separate the mind from the body. They do this to split the mind into several parts that can be later programmed to do things – like super-human feats. Basically, they disconnect all the normal human brain impulses, emotions, and whatever is normally present, then reprogram in new ones.”

See, when these blank alter state personalities are available to the programmer, they have photographic memory, number one; that’s why they’re good for courier use. And number two, they believe anything. They have no background. It’s a clean slate. So they believe anything they’re told. If you tell one of these alters that it can jump off a ten-story building and it’s only like a step stool, they believe it. And that’s what happened to Andy.

“They do this to remove all fear, so that when they program in new abilities, you will not have the instinctual ‘but I can’t, I’m afraid” response. They program you to do, not think. In essence they treat and program your mind as if it were a computer.” Call up a new file and write in whatever you want.
Eve: “Who are the people running these secret programs, like Monarch and Montauk projects, and where do they conduct their activities?”

Andy: “Much of my training in torture sessions were done right at the University of Rochester in New York.” Did you hear that? “They used to take me to a private room in the attic, or the top floor of the library. The big lab where I had most of the programming done to me was at Rome National Air Base in Rome, New York. Basically, there are underground bases located across the country. Each one has a different function and specialty. There is a facility at Rochester, New York; Paramus, New Jersey; Dobbins Air Force in Atlanta, Georgia; Camp Hero, Montauk, Long Island; and many others. In the Paramus, New Jersey facility is where they do the sex programming for many of the female agents. For the most part, 99% of them are involuntary sex agents and couriers who were raised in various mind control projects.”

Eve: Well, what were some of the things that the mind control programmers made you do?”

“Andy: Well, I remember my mother enrolling me in a Silva Mind Control course when I was ten. It is a type of self-hypnosis where you learn to go to different levels of your mind to do self-healing, relaxation, visualization, bending spoons with the power of your mind, things like that. This is also the time when I saw two peculiar military men who would periodically visit me throughout my childhood, especially sporting events. I did exceptionally well at Silva Mind Control (and sports), so much so that the two military men approached me and said, ‘I hear you have some very special abilities. Some day you will work for us.’ At the time I didn’t understand, but later the two men figured prominently in all the training I had up all the way through college years.”

Now pay attention to this part – again, I have to keep saying this: He says: “Of course, I didn’t realize any of this until my memories came back.” He was middle aged when this happened, okay? Middle aged! But they caught him and did most of his programming in college.

“I did very well at sports and demonstrated a genius IQ, but I stuttered so badly until I was in my twenties that everyone just thought I was a dumb jock. The stuttering was due to all the electroshock treatments.”

Eve: “Tell me more about the various super-human abilities you discovered you had.”

Andy: “The trainers would put me into a trance whereby I’d be told I could jump off a ladder of minimal height. In my mind I believed that I was only jumping off a foot stool or a short ledge. In actuality, I was progressively led to jump higher and higher heights, to the point of successfully jumping off buildings, and even out of planes without a parachute.”

Yeah, I heard you say that, but that’s what he says. Jumping out of airplanes without a parachute.

“When under mind control I could do whatever I was instructed to do as long as I believed them. I would do 200 or more push-ups in perfect form, sometimes as long as a half hour straight, or until I was told to stop. ... In my jumps it was as if I was falling like a cat, calm and cool, with no fear, focusing like a laser only on the landing.”

Eve: “Are there others like yourself who have had similar training and experiences?”

Andy: “I think there are thousands of other children and people who are used and many end up missing. Many die in the process. They are considered expendable.” You see, these aren’t family members. Family members do die from over-programming, but not as much as non-family members. Non-family members are expendable. I mean, all you have to do is go to Disneyland and snatch a kid, and put him in the program. Wipe out his memory, give him to an Illuminati family, and let them raise him like their his own parents, and he doesn’t even know that they’re not – until he’s 40.

Andy gets back to his story: “The ones who can survive the most rigorous programming live on to become what are known as the Montauk boys. Duncan Cameron” – you can look him up on the internet – “is such a person. In general, the boys and young men are trained to be couriers, assassins and super soldiers and even psychic killers. The women are mostly used as sex agents. Cathy O' Brien's story is an example.”

Eve: “What kinds of special missions ... do you remember taking part in?”

Andy: “There were times I remember being at the small Rochester airport, being picked up in an F-16 fighter plane and ending up in some southwestern desert terrain either for special military training and obstacle courses or assassination missions. I remember seeing other men in black T-shirts and pants on the same training course at one time. Other times I found myself on some aircraft carrier out at sea. After the mission they would take me back and I would return to college after a couple of days or even hours not remembering what even happened. All of these missions were done between the time I was 15 years old and until 1988-1992 under deep hypnotic programming with the memories erased, until some of my memories started to return.

“I was also taught to handle various types of guns, loading, cleaning, special characteristics of each model and firing at exact targets repeatedly and perfectly without thinking, just doing.”

In the other piece that I’ve got by Andy Pero, his trainers were yelling at him one time because he must have purposely missed the target, two of three shots that he did. And they were yelling at him because he purposely missed. He couldn’t purposely miss, you see, he would have had to hit the target; it wasn’t that small. It turned out he hit the same hole three times in a row!

Eve: “Who or what groups do you think are running the show here in the U.S. or even on Earth”?

Andy: “... For the time being, the old money groups of Europe and England have teamed up with die-hard Nazi factions, Jews and Americans forming the group that has been always been known as the Illuminati and affiliated secret societies.” And let me add here, as long as we’ve got elections going on, that Skull and Bones is one of the most visible secret societies that is one of the first steps into the Illuminati, along with many, many others – all of the Northeastern colleges have Skull and Bones-type secret societies that are initial stepping stones into the Illuminati.

“This large international group controls the media, police force, military, etc. The Illuminati is also part of the New World Order plan, which includes members such as George Bush, Prince Charles and other high ranking people.”

Eve: “When did you start remembering your memories? How did or can you break the programming they install?”

Andy: “Some of my first memories surfaced while I was living with a roommate in Atlanta” – Now, this is way after college. He had moved there from a different place where he had been living after college. He moves there and he gets this roommate, and he’s been living there – “back in 1996. We went to the bowling alley and I saw a large sign in the shape of a man dressed like a Rhino advertising, ‘Bowl with Rhino balls.’ This triggered me into remembering that ‘Rhino’ is the name my Nazi handlers called me. My roommate overheard me say out loud, ‘I'm Rhino – they called me Rhino.’ He got excited and immediately asked me, ‘Where did you hear that?’ He had a grave look of concern on his face and kept questioning me. By his reaction, I realized later that all along he was one of my hired programmers and handlers. The initial triggered memory that surfaced was a flashback of me being electrocuted and shocked and screaming in pain in one of my numerous torture sessions.”

While we’re on that, let me tell you what the survivors all say, that when these memories come back, the pain comes back too. That’s why it’s so extremely difficult for these people to go through deprogramming, because as the memories come up, they experience the pain at the same time. Your body remembers the pain. Your mind remembers the scene, but your body remembers the pain. The pain that is inflicted on the small alter part of your mind that they’ve programmed to take that pain and not let anybody else remember about it, it remembers, and it feels the pain again. That’s one thing.

Now, the other thing, with this roommate, in the other piece that I’ve got by Andy Pero, he says that they watched a lot of movies, too. And one of the things that tipped him off was that the guy would always go over and lock the door when they were watching a movie, and it kind of puzzled him until he figured it out. And here’s some of the things that he did there.

“Then after that first memory, other memories started leaking through. It was like my mind was dammed up and the subconscious memories were starting to leak through. My mind controller programmers deliberately built a wall around my memories so that I wouldn't remember. When I started recalling bits and pieces, I'd write notes to myself and hide them. Then I'd find my notes, after I had forgotten everything because my roommate was catching on that I was remembering. So he would repeatedly put me in trances, erase my memories, and I'd forget what I had just remembered. But then everything came crashing down, because I deliberately hid notes and pretended that I didn't know to my roommate. I had thought he was a friend and it turned out he was just hired to be another controller and handler to keep me in the program.”

Maybe you remember in The Bourne Identity, his boss finally told him face to face that he was a $32 million weapon. That’s what Andy was. And they put people on you to keep constant contact with you and to reinforce your programming and to send you on missions. They say the magic words, you go into a trance, the other alter comes out, and he goes, or she goes – whoever they’ve got it designated as – they go and they assassinate somebody. Or they run drugs to some foreign country, or whatever. And according to the other piece that I’ve got by him, he lived there two years, two whole years. He had no idea what was going on until these memories started to come back, and he’s writing himself notes and he figured it all out. He was going to work, eating dinner, going bowling, watching movies; he didn’t know. He’d doze off and say, “Oh, gosh, look how late it is.”

Eve asks this question: “How do they keep control over all these people who have been and are still in mind control projects?”

Andy: “The essence of their control tactics is of splitting the mind at a young age. This entails a process of trauma, torture, degradation and humiliation of the subject.” See, you get into that kind of situation and you just want to go away someplace. And you do. “The process is different for each individual, but in essence they go to your subconscious mind and find out what the most personal parts of you are. Then they essentially use this against you to break you down and rip your mind apart. What happens is this: An individual who possesses special mental abilities is selected at a very young age.” ‘Very often they are from military families or from multigenerational Satanic ritual abuse families.’ That’s what Eve Lorgen added in there from her research.

Andy continues: “Then they are subjected to various stages of terror and horror to begin to separate them from their own minds. It is a process of progressive dissociation and compartmentalization of the mind and personality.”

You see, special agents, they start young. And it doesn’t take much to split a person into just a little teeny mind control thing and send them on one teeny particular mission. It doesn’t take a lot of training; they can do this in a day, and probably a lot less. So what do you think a suicide bomber from Palestine needs? He needs very little programming to go out on the street and blow himself up. Their ideology has already gotten him in the mood for it to begin with.

Andy continues: “They control your mind through various complicated hypnosis techniques and commands until they create the perfect Manchurian Candidate. They program you to do something, then erase the memory. Basically, they program your mind as if it were a computer. Once they install the magic word, all they have to do is say it and you're under their control. This happens from an early age, so it is easier to control them if they are conditioned and dissociated into several personalities.

“Another method of control is that they send in special people in your lives, handlers and controllers who pose as friends, teachers, ‘deprogrammers,’” – see, the psychiatric community is riddled with Illuminati mind control programmers who are “deprogramming” these victims, and actually they just bring them right back into the system – “roommates, lovers, etc. who are actually operatives for the mind control projects. Some are sleeper operatives who don't even know they are being used to a certain extent. It makes it hard to trust anyone at this point.”

There is Andy Pero.


I want to be able to get through some of this Svali material. She’s the programmer. Again, she’s a family member. She’s out of the bloodlines of the Illuminati, and she’s a regional head programmer, again, over 30 lower-level trainers. And she relates the Illuminati plans in this particular piece for a supreme world council that will govern above the U.N.

But first I want to give you a bit of Svali’s background. You can look her up. There’s lots of material on her. Or you can go to http://educate-yourself.org/mc/mcsvaliinterviewpt1.shtml. Just look for Svali, or “educate yourself.”

“1. I was born in 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia. I lived briefly in a small town about an hour away from Washington, DC, then moved to a 500-acre farm in northern Virginia when my mother married my stepfather. Both my mother and my stepfather were members of this group. It is a very generational group.” Mother to son, mother to daughter, father to son, and so forth. “My mother sat on the regional council over the Washington, DC area and was in the ‘spiritual chair’ (the Illuminati have six chairs on their ascended masters’ council: Sciences, Government, Leadership, Scholarship, Spiritual, and Military.)

“These also correlate to the areas that children are taught growing up in this group. They believe in ‘well rounded’ children. The ‘spiritual’ rituals, or ‘occult rituals” – sacrificing babies, the Satanist rituals – “were only one small part of the teaching of this group, the other five areas are also equally emphasized. I spent more time learning history, languages, and sciences than I did seeing rituals, although they were important to the group.

“2. I went to school in Charlottesville, Virginia, 1975 to 1981, where I received a BSN in nursing, and a BA in Spanish (I got two degrees). This is also a place where a lot intense abuse and occultic crime occurred, on an estate about 10 miles southwest of Charlottesville going towards Crowley, Virginia.

“3. After graduation, I went to San Diego in 1981. I was called there by the leadership there, they were strong in military training but weak in sciences, which was my forte. I came and sat on leadership council, I was the sixth head trainer there (the lowest head trainer) and had 30 trainers in the local groups reporting to me. Leadership council met in Ramona, California on an estate there that belonged to a man named Jonathan Meiers.” Just in case you want to check up on any of this stuff, okay? I know that most of you still don’t believe this, but here it is. The longer you can hear about it, maybe you’ll do some research on your own.

This is part of an interview here, and the question is:

“Q: Svali, what role does and will the UN play in the future and how do you see this unfolding? What is their timeline?

“A: The UN was created early in this century in order to help overcome one of the biggest barriers to a one world government necessary, if there is to be a military rule and dictatorship by the Illuminists. That barrier is the one of nationalism, or pride in one's country. This is why it was NOT a popular concept when first introduced, it took years of country bashing in the media and the destruction of any sense of national pride by a not so subtle media campaign
over the years. Its agenda? It is set up as a shadow, or forerunner” – this is the U.N. now – “of the Supreme World Council that will represent every nation. Every ambassador to the UN has either done something to curry Illuminati favor and been rewarded, or is a political figurehead chosen to make the organization ‘look good.’

“The Illuminati and governmental leaders chose to create the U.N. early in the past century” – you see, they had a thing called the Congress of Vienna in 1880, and they were trying to set up a world government. That failed, so 60 years later they finally got the U.N. going. But 40 years after the Congress in Vienna they tried for the League of Nations, which was the same thing. This is not a new thing with the United Nations, you know.

Svali goes on: And they also “worked hard and against opposition [for the U.N.] to put it in place FDR was their man in America who helped the American public accept it. Both he and Eleanor were staunch Illuminists. So is Shirley Temple Black. In fact, most of our presidents since the beginning of the past century have been either Illuminists, or agreed by oath to support their goals, in return for campaign funds and support. I believe it is impossible to win a presidential election in our country today without their backing. The Kennedy family were punished because they tried to disobey them. They were free thinkers, and too hard to ‘control.’

“The U.N. has a stated goal of world peace, and wants to incorporate under its fold military and peace-keeping functions. But in reality, giving this role to the U.N. weakens the individual military strength of nations, and encourages them to lean more and more on an external organization, making them less able to resist when the takeover occurs.

“I was told that by the year 2020, that the New Order would be openly revealed, BUT that may have been cult propaganda, and they are always changing dates. I personally believe that by the mid of this century, they will reveal themselves. This is just my opinion, though.

“Q: What are the plans of the Illuminati for the Middle East and how will it affect the rest of the world? Will we see World War III?”

Now, this interview took place in 2000.

“A: The conflict in the Middle East is only to the advantage of the Illuminists. They HATE Israel, and hope one day to see it destroyed, and are biding their time. One of the olive branches offered by the U.N. when it takes over is that they will prevent war in the Middle East, and this will be greeted with joy by many. At the same time, the Illuminati covertly supply guns and funds to BOTH sides to keep the conflict fueled.” They don’t want to get peace too early, right? “They are very duplicitous people. They used to funnel guns through the USSR to Palestine, for example, in the name of promoting ‘friendliness’ between the USSR and this state and other Arab nations. Then, the U.S. Illuminists would help funnel guns to Israel, for the same reason.

“These people love the game of chess, and see warfare between nations as creating an order out of chaos.” Divide and conquer. Divide these two nations, conquer them both, and wind up with one. And eventually one world government all nations are under. “The USSR is going to get stronger again. It has too strong a military both openly, and covertly ... to sit quietly and quiescently to the side. In the New World Order, they will be stronger than us.”

And she also puts in here that “All Illuminati military trainers have visited Russia to learn from them.”

“Want to hear the end of the world scenario the Illuminati taught me? It was cult propaganda, but this is how they believed the New Order would be ushered in: There will be continued conflict in the Mideast, with a severe threat of nuclear war being the culmination of these hostilities.” And maybe you’ve noticed that just recently Bush has said that he has the right to use small nuclear weapons. “An economic collapse that will devastate the economy of the U.S. and Europe, much like the Great Depression.” That was always interesting to me how we had this big depression over here in this country, the Great Depression in 1929, and it wasn’t just in this country; it was the whole world. Everybody was in it. It was engineered. They’ve all been engineered, including the wars, too.

“One reason that our economy continues limping along is the artificial supports that the Federal Reserve has given it, manipulating interest rates, etc. But one day, this won't work (or this leverage will be withdrawn on purpose) and the next Great Depression will hit. The government will call in its bonds and loans, and credit card debts will be called in. There will be massive bankruptcies nationwide. Europe will stabilize first, and Germany, France and England ... will have the strongest economies, and will institute through the U.N. an international currency. Japan will also pull out, although their economy will be weakened.

“Peacekeeping forces will be sent out by the U.N. and local bases to prevent riots.” Worldwide martial law, in other words. “The leaders will reveal themselves, and people will be asked to make a pledge of loyalty during a time of chaos and financial devastation.

“Doesn't sound pleasant, does it? I don't know the exact time frame for all of this, and wouldn't want to even guess. The good news is that if a person is debt-free, owes nothing to the government or credit debt, and can live self-sufficiently” – that’s the big rub for me – “they may do better than others. I would invest in gold, not stocks, if I had the income. Gold will once again be the world standard, and dollars will be pretty useless (remember [Confederate dollars] after the Civil War? ...”

“All this said, it could just be cult propaganda taught to me and others to frighten us.” You see, because she is not up at the high top levels. She’s not the mind of the Illuminati. She’s just a low-level programmer. In many other places here she has said “I don’t know anything about that part of it; I’ve read a lot about that part of it from other people.” So that is compartmentalization. And they work on their own people.

“Q: Overall, would you say the Illuminati are racist? I am asking this because their agenda seems to be very white supremist throughout history.

“The Illuminati are racist, and have a very ‘Aryan’ outlook. They believe strongly in the rule of the ‘pure’ and ‘intelligent’ by their definitions, and in their ceremonies, there will occasionally be minorities killed in ceremonies.

“They are trying to breed a ‘genetically superior’ race to rule, with their children and descendants. They are also followers of Plato's Republic, and believe that they will be the ones to usher in this ‘Utopian’ rule with the New World Order, in their opinion. In their Utopia, the intelligentsia will rule, and the sheep like masses will follow their leaders (that is their view of the world; that the occult leaders are ‘enlightened’ and intelligent, while the average person is a ‘sheep’ to be led by the nose).

“Q: Why would they allow a black leader to head the U.N.?

“A: Because it is a temporarily politically expedient thing for them to do. They are liars, and will hold out a hand to a popular political figure, throwing them a figurehead role in one of their organizations, to make the U.N. look better, and as a group that promotes ‘interracial harmony’ and ‘unity’ and ‘peace.’

“The real leaders would never publicly allow their real feelings to show. The U.N. is a preparation, but it is not the real power in the world ... when the NWO comes into being. The real councils will then step forward. But as a means of getting the general public to accept the idea of a ‘global community’ and the ‘one world community’ the U.N. is a stepping stone in their working towards the New World Order.

“Q: Do they have a population control agenda? I'm thinking specially in view of the AIDS plague in Africa. Could this be engineered by them?

“A: I have heard reports that certain deadly viruses have been engineered by the Illuminati, but I doubt that HIV was. Why? Because so many of the leadership of the Illuminati are blatantly pedophilic and homosexual, the virus is rampant in parts of the U.S., and they would be endangering themselves as well. Most of the leadership that I knew were homosexuals in their night personas (myself included) and it was accepted as a lifestyle in that setting, and encouraged.”

If you look up Dr. Leonard Horowitz, he has written a couple of books on this kind of thing, including AIDS, and he had a big article about SARS on rense.com. And I have thought, since reading some of this stuff, that AIDS is manufactured. But if they manufactured it, they certainly did make an antidote to it. And she goes on to say the same thing.

“Also, the viruses that they are developing are ones that they are also engineering antidotes to, to protect leadership from the virus if an epidemic breaks out.” See, if they can do it for that, why can’t they do it for AIDS? If you can make up AIDS, you can make up what will kill it.

“I do know that there is some working on biological weapons by members of this group as a method of threatening population bases that don't embrace the ‘New Order’ when revealed, this was discussed occasionally in leadership meetings. What state it is at at this time, I couldn't say, since it has been several years since I was active in the group.

We’re going to hear a lot more details about programming from Svali from her book in coming shows. I hope that this stuff is starting to sink in. Is it? I certainly hope so. Remember, resistance is impossible for the ignorant. How can you resist if you don’t know what to resist, if you don’t know what’s going on? And you remain a non-resister until you do some of your own research. If you don’t, you’ll be no more than a lip server. Just talk a lot about this stuff, rail on the corporations, rail on the Illuminati and not do anything about it, doing nothing more than just talk. Until you really believe it, then you’ll start actually doing something.

Type in “mind control” on the internet and look for this stuff by Svali, Mark Phillips and Fritz Springmeier. You’ll be amazed; you’ll get thousands of entries.

You know, we can make a difference. But we’re going to need strength and courage to understand and bring this evil to light. And that courage will only come from God and knowing that He is faithful to His promise of help and protection.

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