Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a UFO! No, it’s an Illuminati anti-gravity vehicle.

Are UFO’s real? I used to think they were. I still do, but not the way I did before though. Are aliens real? Yes and no, the same answer! I mean, what do those little grey guys, or these big lizard guys, want? What do they want? Illuminati mind control research, interestingly enough, turns up a whole lot of wonderful information on aliens. Hmm. Hey, if there’s anything that can be used to influence masses of people, the Illuminati are already in on it. The queen of the alien New Age movement, Shirley MacLaine, is straight out of the Illuminati family, the Beatty family. The whole UFO thing should be named IFO!

Today we’re going to hear some screen memories. And I don’t mean movie memories; I mean memories that are programmed into screen other activities. We’ll also hear about some demonic shape-shifting. And a programmer’s comments on alien programming.

Andy Pero

Let’s start with Andy Pero. We’ve talked about him two or three different times so far. He’s a non-family member. And we’ll see some of his recollections about alien contact. Now this is a paramilitary trained “superman.” They got him into the program early. He’s not a family member; I have to stress that. So he’s not privy to all the Illuminati history, like a family member would be, or some of the history. You know, they compartmentalize real well within the family; you’re only told what you need to know. Sometimes you don’t even know who your parents are until you’re middle aged. And he doesn’t have a lot of that information because he’s a non-family member. Remember Jason Bourne; I keep mentioning his name, in The Bourne Identity. That’s who Andy Pero is, a $32 million weapon.

This was an interview with Andy. There are several things you can find on him on the internet. And this is the part of the interview where he talks about aliens.

“On one occasion I was introduced to a Reptilian being while in an underground base sometime in 1989-1990. At first I saw a 7-foot tall human Ayran looking man. He walks towards me and I notice that his image phases out as if something interfered with an energy field. He does something to a device on his belt and tells me, ‘OK, I'll show you.’ He then pushes some button and then I see his image change into a 7-foot tall lizard-like creature who looked like he weighed over 400 pounds.

“I was introduced to a group of beings that claimed to be a sub-group of the Illuminati. They were made up of a group of about 40-50 men, all 6' 2" or taller, white, and of an indeterminate older age, averaging 70, but I suspect much older considering the technology they have access to.” We could probably talk about that for a long time, but we’ll skip by it. “They convene in a board room with a huge wooden table which is in the shape of a football. Each chair has a control panel and a television screen comes out from inside the table for each of the chairs. There is a huge screen located in the front of the room as well. During one of the meetings about 1/3 of the men reached over to their belts and turned a knob on a small white box they had on their belt and their human image dissolved to reveal they were not human at all but these huge lizard type creatures (the reptilians). ...”

“As for the aliens, I think most of the alien Greys are either under the authority of or in collaboration with the Reptilians, Dracos and the Illuminati, based on some of my experiences and memories that are still returning to me.” Still returning – see, he doesn’t have complete memory just yet. “Some Grey groups are in conflict with the Reptilian/Draco agenda and are doing their own thing (human/grey hybridization programs) so to speak. Their agenda gets into heavy spiritual matters having to do with acquiring an emotional body and an ability to ascend to higher dimensions. They are using humans to accomplish this via the human/alien hybrids. Humans have the key in terms of having a threefold essence or unity of being, physical, emotional and spiritual. Other aliens have lost this unity of being (because of the fall from grace), thus inhibiting them from ascending to higher dimensions, or evolving to higher levels. This gets back to the original Luciferic rebellion, fallen angels and the various conflicts between species.”

Now, he indicates that aliens are angels, fallen angels. Not space travelers, like we think of. But let’s go on. That’s one part of Andy.

Andy, I must tell you, as weird as some of that stuff sounds, he’s sincere in relating these things. He really believes it. Because this is just a couple of paragraphs that I read. There’s lots more that he has to say about aliens and his so-called contact with aliens. See, I started out with the heavy stuff! Now I’m going to winnow this down a little bit and see what comes out.

Here’s some more about technology and stuff:

“What we now call our ‘stealth’ technology is actually the Gray alien technology given to us in trade by the Gray alien species.” Oh. Hmm! “What happened was, the Department of the Navy made an agreement with the Grays to exchange technologies for human women and children subjects to conduct horrific breeding experiments. The grays are what you see when you look at most of the alien drawings made by abductees” – we’ll get into a lot of abductee stuff in just a little bit – “or people who have claimed to have seen ‘aliens.’ This is going on right now down in Miami, Florida. (Entrance to the secret underground facility where the U.S. military is conducting horrific genetic experiments on the population of the United States while working in conjunction with the grey aliens – [the entrance] is located next to the Classic Honda dealership in a bank in the Coral Gables area of West Miami, to be more specific) as I have seen it first hand for myself,” Andy continues. “Over the years we developed the technology and can now use it in practice applications in our Stealth fighters and bombers. ...”

Question: “Who is behind the financing of all of this, as there is no paper trail leading to the government?”

“One of the major contributors to these horrors is a secret society called THE ORDER OF THE ROSE. Who are the ‘Order of the Rose...’”
In parentheses here, the interviewer talks about the Rosicrucians. See, Andy doesn’t know a lot of stuff. Anyway, it might be the Rosicrucians.

“{{The Rosicrucians? according to the Rev. Jim Shaw, a former 33rd degree mason, when he was initiated into the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Masonry – which actually originated at a Jesuit college in Clermont France and not in Scotland – he was taken to the Scottish Rite headquarters in Washington D.C., which sits atop of the pentagram-like street layout of the city.” We’ve talked about that before. The street layout of Washington, DC is a pentagram! Look it up on the internet, Pentagram DC. “The ceremony took place in the Masonic ‘house of the temple,’ in which he observed all kinds of murals, carvings and statues involving serpent worship. In the major ceremony, they sat at a cross-shaped table covered with roses, an obvious symbolism of the Order of the Rosy Cross or Rosicrucians, which like its allied society the Jesuits, is a conspiratorial group hidden behind religious symbolism? - Branton}}”

There’s about two years’ research right there in that one paragraph. By the way, Lincoln was one of the top three leaders of the Rosicrucians in his time. I just thought I would throw that in for nothing.

One more little bit here from Andy. But I want you to notice that this is an incomplete memory. He doesn’t really have a good memory of the mission that he’s on.

“When I was in Miami I was placed down in front of the leadership council of the Grays. I didn't know what the Illuminati wanted me to do” – there’s the first clue – “they never gave me any specific instructions or too much detail as to the intricate workings of things because they were afraid that I would freak out again.” Sometimes he gains control and he kills people. You notice I said he gains control of himself. “At the meeting one of Grays was trying to gain access to my mind in order to control me. He kept trying to implant the suggestion ‘You will obey me, You will obey me.’ I warned him to stop three times. He had no way of knowing my abilities, and after warning him the third time I crushed his throat with my mind and then hurled him against the wall with such force that his head splattered open like a ripe melon.” Pretty graphic.

“This was all only using the power of my mind. This caused a severe political confrontation as I didn't know who he was. I didn't even know really why I was there.” You see that? That’s easy to read by, but I think it’s really important. “The Illuminati had sent me there to impress the Grays and I ended up killing one of their leaders.”

Incomplete memories – important to remember. Again, Andy really believes this stuff. I don’t know, this is years after this interview took place and maybe he doesn’t believe it any more because he’s had other memories that have come up. But he’s sincere.

But as I started to say earlier, what we’re going to do is see what some researchers and some other mind control victims have to say about aliens. This is from Andy’s interview, but it’s by the interviewer, and it’s about the given scenario about aliens.

“{{Note: I have heard from a friend of mine that, according to certain sources, George Bush also held the 42nd degree [in Masonry] even though 'officially' there are only 33 degrees. It is very probable that Bush has risen in the ranks since then. The 33rd and above degrees are not public knowledge since this is where they begin dealing with the interplanetary secret societies, with alternative 2 underground and alternative 3 space scenarios involving both humans and aliens. The plan is to allow World War III to break out between right-wing and left-wing political factions – that were actually financed by the Illuminati in Machiavellian fashion” – develop both sides, divide and conquer – “and when the world is depopulated, the cult of the serpent – human and alien Illuminists – plan to annex this planet to the main reptilian empire in Alpha Draconis, and turn those humans who remain on earth into electronically controlled subjects. The Dracos are, according to contactees,” – or abductees – “involved in an ancient war with human-like beings in the Lyra sector [of space]. Both the humans and reptilians reportedly once lived on earth in prehistoric times and left the planet as a result of ancient earth changes/wars to found their respective confederations, and both desire to use earth and its unique chemical, mineral and genetic resources along with its human population, with its inbred warrior instincts, as weapons to destroy the power-base of the other side. – Branton}}”

You want to talk about a fantastic scenario! Now this isn’t necessarily what the interviewer believes; this is a scenario that is put together by different interviews and so forth, just by way of explaining what Andy is talking about.

Now, for those who don’t believe this scenario as being too fantastic, I’ll remind you that many of you probably accept channeling as valid. Well, let me tell you, the channeling and aliens work hand in hand. The two subjects are locked together. Also let me remind you that whistle blowers will be instantly rejected by “thinking” folks for telling such a bizarre story. It’s a perfect Satanic cover story. Just think back to how you felt when I read that paragraph about the planets, they’re going to war against each other and they’re going to use the Earth and the humans and electronically control their subjects – I mean, it’s way fantastic. Go in to a therapist and tell him that story, and he’s going to tell you you’re crazy. Nobody will believe that stuff. It’s a perfect, perfect cover story.

Walter Bowart

Now, there’s a guy named Walter Bowart, who, a long time ago, eight or nine years ago – I’ve talked about him before on the show – who wrote a really good book on mind control. And here’s some of the stuff he’s got to say. This takes place at a slide show that he was given. That’s why some of the language sounds weird.

He shows a slide and he says:

“Here's John Mack, thanks to Blanche” – that’s Blanche Chavoustie, who we’ll talk about later – “a little thing about John Mack at Harvard, talking about UFO's – working with Lifton” – whoever he is. “And there's John Shirley, talking about hypnosis. There was a serious study about alien aspects done at MIT and one of the papers in here talks about – they found out that the so-called abductee community was highly dissociative” – they dissociate real well – I won’t explain that; it will come clear if you don’t know what it is already. “So the same thing you find in ritual abuse, you find in mind control, you find in alien abductees. And of course, for the first time now, people are beginning to say ‘yeah, I do remember there was a government guy standing around with those little grey things.’ And of course how many survivors have been asked not to talk about their ‘alien experiences’? About three years ago I asked that question, and just about everyone I could identify as a survivor raised their hand.” Because he goes around and gives lectures. “They have been told not to talk about it, because it discredits their credibility. They are already telling pretty fantastic tales, you know” – about the ritual abuse stuff. “There is nobody talking about the Lori Lingenfelter story, or even Cathy O'Brien doesn't talk a lot about her NASA training – but Lingenfelter says that she was trained to be a hostage ‘witness’ – a specially hypnotically trained witness on some kind of an alien ship in a swap deal you know. Incredible stories, but it's worth checking out.

“Here is Dr. Dean, who did the comparison accounts with ritual maltreatments and ritual abduction, and this is the Appendix E in Operation Mind Control.” That is Bowart’s book, Operation Mind Control. “It is just amazing to me to find everybody talking about the same thing in slightly different variations.

“Of course on the fiftieth anniversary of the so-called Roswell thing comes out and says yeah, I was the guy who placed all the high technology into the R&D [research and development] stream of the defence developers. He talks about the skin of the craft, the propulsion system, night vision goggles. One thing he doesn't talk about and admits they were there – mind control devices on the ship allegedly, but he doesn't talk about it. His movement away from that, his sudden avoidance of that subject, is to me what gives credibility to this account. You wouldn't talk about it if you were using it the way it apparently was being used. They had a headband that blew the graph, and stuff, he says.

“If you read the report from Iron Mountain, you realize how to motivate an economy without war can be a very difficult problem, so there is the Green movement, the ecology movement. Space exploration – a bottomless pit. You can sink a lot of money into that but the best motivator is to pose an outside threat of alien invasion.” So then you have to ask, he goes on, doing what I have done in the 20 years that I have been researching this stuff, hearing all of these stories, you are gathering probably the largest database using a 27-page questionnaire. And I’m looking for mind control victims. And of course our questionnaire is on mind control. But it kind of gives you an indication of everything else, including the alien abduction scenario, which is a very peculiar, very unusual thing. We have the largest database. And after you hear this, you say, Oh, could it be that these delusions, if they are delusions – I mean, as a species, do we lack the imagination that we have to keep coming up with the same old story over and over for 200 years? Can’t we go beyond this? Shouldn’t madness really be “out there”? But something is happening here. There’s a pattern to all this. And you hear people who don’t know each other, who have had no contact with this thing at all, who never read a book on it, saying the same thing. I sit down with some survivors who have experienced trauma abuse and trauma-based programming and compare notes, and it will be the same. And it runs true. So that is what Bowart has to say.

Fritz Springmeier

We will go on to Fritz Springmeier. You’ve heard me mention his name a hundred times on this show. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the definitive Illuminati researcher. Get his book called The Bloodlines of the Illuminati. It’s all about the top 13 bloodline families, the high priesthood of the Illuminati. But we’re only talking about aliens right now. Here’s just a short paragraph, a comment by him. He says:

“Batman, Bewitched, Disney movies. One of the very important Disney movies was ‘Fantasia’” – I hope I’m going to be able to bring this to you in more detail – “and in my recent book, Deeper Insights, I have eleven pages where I go through minute by minute, scene by scene, in the movie ‘Fantasia’ and show how Fantasia was created and used to be a programming foundation. Star Wars movies, My Fair Lady which was used in the finishing schools for slaves, Stephen King horror movies are used, Star Trek, The Love Boat has been used for the mind control of their cruise prostitutes” – got that? Cruise prostitutes – “E.T. - alien programming of their slaves, Alice in Wonderland.”

You see, the Illuminati plan catastrophes way in advance. Fritz says: “ ... they want us to ask them to bring in what they want. So for instance in WW II when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, the Americans wanted to give away their freedoms to make their government more powerful.” They did the same thing with the Lusitania, and on and on.

So that’s one little thing that Fritz says. He says that programming around the alien subject matter is part of the Illuminati experience.

Blanche Chavoustie

Now, Blanche Chavoustie, who has written a whole book on this stuff, out of CIA documents that have been declassified, here is what she has to say about alien programming. And she is a non-family member. She is not Illuminati family. She was taken when she was young and brought into the system as a slave for assassinations, couriers and sex stuff.

“I think from what I just told you it’s possible that I was volunteered when I was a child. Maybe my father thought it was his patriotic duty, I don't know. That would have meant that I was just ‘in the program’ and then later I was selected for another aspect of it. Maybe I was selected to be testing penicillin. Maybe those little people that I saw coming through my window were actually a test of some kind of technology that could be later used to trick people and make people think that aliens are coming in.”

See, she saw little people coming through her window one time. Wayne Morris, the interviewer, says: “Some kind of technology to create the illusion of something?”

Blanche: “Yes, and Estabrooks wrote in his dissertation” – he was one of the scientists researching mind control – “([which] measures of intelligence by race) that the experimentation must continue, and it must be above criticism. So I was thinking that all these things fit together – that if they were developing some kind of characters that were ‘holograms’ like these little guys coming through my window who would be influencing us, they would be above criticism ... if they are aliens, they are just not available to be interacted with.”

So that’s a little thing that she’s got to say about aliens.

Fritz says that he knows that there is alien programming going on. Bowart makes this big connection with electroshock, the beginnings of electroshock. And here’s another non-family member named Kathleen Sullivan, who has written a book on mind control. She’s an ex-mind control victim.

Kathleen Sullivan

“My personal experience was more that they were programming me so that when others, especially one president in particular, George Bush” – see, she was a sex slave to George Bush. I know you don’t want to believe that. And that’s okay with me. But do a little research and find out; you’ll see it’s true. And she gets sidetracked a little here; she says: “He knew ‘Father Time’ programming. He knew it very well, and he tried to use it on me. The only problem was that he didn’t use it right, and it didn’t work. I love it when they messed up, because then I remembered better. They were more into high tech equipment. They later on used a lot of virtual reality equipment as well. Another thing that was used a lot was driving simulators. In screen memories in particular” – screen memories, implanted memories that screen an absent place in your memory, a memory loss – “In screen memories in particular they would put me in a room with a car that was on a hydraulic lift, or several hydraulic lifts, to where it could move from side to side or feel like it was bumping or something and they would run a movie in front of me, and have me in a hypnotic state, drugged, to where the movie became real and I really thought the car was driving somewhere.”

You see, that’s how they accomplish this. You sit there and you listen to me talk about this and you say, “Well, they couldn’t do that to me!” Well, first they hypnotize you, get your mind open, then they drug you to get your mind open even further, and then they play a movie and you think it’s real. That’s what they do to the kids, the little kids, the two-year olds and so forth. Oh, hey, Blanche, where you been? Oh, I drove to Las Vegas. How come? Uhh, I don’t know.
That’s showing you how screen memories work.

Another thing I’ve come across and have been able to verify from another survivor, in Dallas, was that they also have a place near Dallas where they have an actual, full size UFO, in a very large room, that also has the same type of hydraulic system beneath it, and the survivor would be taken into the UFO. They would see what looked like aliens. Certain things would be done to them and they would think that they had just been abducted by aliens in a UFO. So that's another thing. It's such a con job they are doing on some of these victims.”

That’s the end of the survivors. Now, here’s another researcher that experienced a cross-over. He really experienced the cross-over between aliens and the Illuminati and mind control. Look up Martin Cannon on the internet. He’s got a whole book there, on the alien-Illuminati connection. He spent 20 years as a UFO researcher and an abductee interviewer. And then he stumbled on to mind control. Wow, wait until you hear some of this stuff!
Martin Cannon: The Military and Mind Control

“Some time ago, I attended hypnotic regression sessions in which the subject – a claimed UFO abductee – recalled undergoing a mysterious ‘brain operation’ at a veteran's hospital in California. The operation was performed by human beings, not aliens. Interestingly, this same hospital was mentioned in two other cases I encountered.” Now, he’s gone all over the country in 20 years and interviewed people. “These other claims were not made by abductees, but by people alleged to have been victims of mind control experimentation.

“One of these claimants, a former Navy SEAL who undertook numerous dangerous missions in Vietnam, favorably impressed me with the wealth of detail in his story. This individual – I've taken to calling him ‘the trained SEAL’– had received specialized combat training at a military base in California; he claims that at one point during this training he was drugged” – of course – ‘hypnotized” – of course – “possibly placed under some form of electronic control, and subjected to the extremes of pain/pleasure, operant conditioning. One peculiar detail of his story concerns the ‘reward’ aspect of the conditioning: When properly acquiescent, he was given unlimited sexual access to a woman who, the SEAL avers, was herself the victim of brainwashing.

“Unbelievable as this last claim may seem, I found it oddly resonant when I later interviewed a prominent abductee in the Southern California area, who bravely offered me details on a puzzling, albeit quite delicate, incident in her past. Still an attractive woman, she recalled for me – indeed, seemed strangely compelled to describe – an early love affair with a young soldier training at a military base near her home.” Hmm. Well, that’s not unusual. Wait until you hear. “She cannot recall the soldier's name.” My old flame, and I can’t even recall his name! “All she remembers is that one day he started LIVING AT HER FAMILY'S HOUSE; she has no memory of how the arrangement began, and her parents have never felt comfortable discussing the matter. Although unattracted to this soldier, she felt compelled to become intimate with him, adopting a pliant, obeisant attitude that was quite out of character for her. Later, the soldier went on to covert missions in Vietnam.” Oh well, another day, another dollar! She lived with the guy, had sex with him practically every day and didn’t even remember his name!

“Walter Bowart,” – who we just read a bunch from – “began his researches into mind control by placing an ad in Soldier of Fortune-style publications, asking for correspondence from veterans who experienced inexplicable lapses in memory” – see, that’s a big key. Ask any therapist about lapse of the memory – “or strange behavior modification techniques while serving in Vietnam; he received over 100 replies. Bowart devoted an entire chapter to one of these respondents – an Air Force veteran named David, who ended his four-year tour of duty recalling only that he had spent the time ‘having fun, skin diving, laying on the beach, collecting shells ... It never dawned on me until later that I must have DONE something while I was in the service.’” You see, I keep telling you, these mind control people, they’re not zombies or anything like that. There’s a special little trigger, phrase or number, and somebody says that, and they black out, they reach down into their mind and get another personality, send them on a mission, and they don’t know anything about it. They sit around collecting shells, lying on the beach, having fun and skin diving.

“([This is] an obvious example of screen memory.) He was also ‘assigned’ a girlfriend whose name he cannot now recall, despite the length and deep intimacy of the affair. The parallels to the SEAL's story and the abductee's account should be obvious.”

“A prototype of the future warrior may already be with us. The Navy SEAL I interviewed spoke in horrifying detail of dismemberment without emotion” – I thought that was already over with, but here it is now – “of rape as routine, of killing without affect. And then FORGETTING THAT HE HAD KILLED. Even years later, he could not recall the stories behind many of the wounds on his own body. He claims that whenever he would need the services of the veteran's hospital, doctors would re-hypnotize him shortly after his admission, while a physician specifically cleared for such work would examine his medical history, which was highly classified and kept under lock and key.

“According to the SEAL's testimony, his memory block cracked little by little, as a result of events too complex to recount here. Finally, years after Vietnam, he was able to remember what he did.” Grounds for further research.

“John Keel’s groundbreaking Operation Trojan Horse, written in an era when abductees still came under the category of ‘contactees,’ includes the following intriguing data, gleaned from Keel's extensive field work:

“Contactees often find themselves suddenly miles from home without knowing how they got there. They either have induced amnesia, wiping out all memory of the trip, or they were taken over by some means and made the trip in a blacked-out state. Should they encounter a friend on the way, the friend would probably note that their eyes seemed glassy and their behavior seemed peculiar. But if the friend spoke to them, he might receive a curt reply.

“In the language of the contactees this process is called being used. ... I have known silent contactees to disappear from their homes for long periods, and when they returned, they had little or no recollection of where they had been. One girl sent me a postcard from the Bahama Islands – which surprised me because I knew she was very poor. When she returned, she told me that she had only one memory of the trip. She said she remembered getting off a jet at an airport – she shouldn't recall getting on the jet or making the trip – and there, ‘Indians’ met her and took her baggage ... The next thing she knew she was back home again.

“Puzzling indeed – unless one has read The Control of Candy Jones, which speaks of Candy's ‘blacked out’ periods, during which she traveled to Taiwan as a CIA courier, adopting her second personality. The mind control explanation perfectly solves all the mysteries in the above excerpt – save, perhaps, the odd remark about ‘Indians.’

“Hickson and Mendez' UFO Contact at Pascagoula contains the interesting information that Charles Hickson awakes at night feeling that he is on the verge of re-awakening some terribly important memory connected with his encounter – yet ostensibly he can account for every moment of his adventure.

“Hickson also received a letter from an apparent abductee who claims that the grey aliens are actually automatons of some sort – perhaps an unconscious recognition of the unreality of the hypnotically-induced ‘cover story.’ In this light, the film version of Communion – whose screenplay was written by Whitley Strieber – takes on a new interest: The abduction sequences contain inexplicable images indicating that the ‘grays’ are really props, or masks.”

That’s the end of Cannon. And by the way, you can download this whole book, a lecture and a book, from the internet. He has nine pages, single spaced, of footnotes.


Now let’s get into the actual Illuminati and talk about this programmer that I’ve referenced several times; her name is Svali. Look her up; there’s a lot on her. She’s an actual programmer who got out of the family, out of the program, so to speak. And she was personally involved in “creating” aliens and witnessing alien forms. But these weren’t aliens in the usual sense.

This is an interview with HJ Springer. I’ve read from this in different places before, but this is about alien stuff.

“Svali, earlier on you talked about sacrifices. You are talking about animal sacrifices, right? Give me a bit more details about that, please.”

Svali says: “I hate to sensationalize things by going into gruesome particulars, but I will share a little.

“First, please remember that the Illuminati have SIX branches of learning, and the spiritual (where the sacrifices are done) is only ONE part of what they do. I was in Sciences, and used to make fun of people who specialized in spiritual. Yes, everyone has to go to spiritual rituals during certain high days, but I tried to stay as far from it as I could. It's ugly, crude, and gross, but considered important.

“The Celtic branch of spiritual believes that power is passed at the moment between life and death. They will do rituals with children, or even older adherents, where the person is tied down, and an animal is bled to death on top of them.” Can you imagine a three-year-old going through that? “The belief is that the person receives power from the departing spirit, which ‘enters’ the person. It is also highly traumatizing and horrible to have an animal go through its death throes on top of you. Throw in a few threats that ‘this will happen to you if you ever tell,’ and a quite strong impression is made on small children.” And maybe, I say, maybe, that spirit isn’t the spirit of the animal; maybe it’s some other spirit.

“Svali, I have to ask you this: There are stories floating around on the internet about the Illuminati (and other agencies) being run by extra-terrestrials, ET's, in particular a reptilian race, operating from a higher dimension. Any thoughts on that?”

Svali: “My answer will probably cause a lot of anger, and it's not meant to step on any toes. Here it goes.
“I have never seen an alien” – now this is a programmer who sits high in the local hierarchy. She’s on the regional board of directors, so to speak, the regional council, with, I think, 30 programmers under her, who report to her. She’s not Andy Pero. She’s in the inside circle.

“I have never seen an alien or extra-terrestrial. I have seen some programming to make people THINK they saw aliens, as a cover story for programming, if they remembered. None of the head trainers I knew, or others on leadership council, believed in aliens, although I never asked them.

“I personally believe that the reptilian stuff is actually the demonic at work. I have seen shape-shifting and other stuff because of demonic influence (okay, so here some will say, gee, she believes in demons, that's as far out as aliens).

Well, this is what the Illuminati certainly believe in. They KNOW there are spiritual realities, and think they can control them. I mean, I’ve done several shows on demonology on this program. Go to the archives and check out Demonology. There are evil spirits around us.

“Those of a more cynical bent would say the shape shifting was a drug-induced hallucination and group hysteria in the context of a ritual setting. I will let each reader decide based on their personal comfort zone. But no, absolutely no reptiles or aliens seen in Washington, DC, or San Diego, California as of 5 years ago, at least I never saw them.”

“Tell me more about the shape-shifting part, please. I have heard about this elsewhere, and this not just occurring during rituals, some people claim to have seen politicians shape-shift, for instance.

“When you say 'demonic' are you talking about a specific 'demon' or type of demon? Is it possible that these demons are really nothing more than some type of ETs influencing the Illuminati, in turn deceiving them?” See, that reflects back to what Andy was talking about, all these ETs are in there, from the system Lyra, and they’re going to take over the Earth.

Svali says this: “Since you asked about shape shifting, I will share a little more, but it also relates directly to my own belief system. Can't help it, so I will warn you here that I will be discussing fundamental Christianity and the demonic. ...

“In the occult world, I do believe that there are demons, that they are real, and that they have a spiritual hierarchy that the cult hierarchy” – the Illuminati – “attempts to emulate on a physical plane.

“There are principalities, and lower demons, and they control the portals into other spiritual dimensions that humans have NO BUSINESS entering. This stuff is destructive in the extreme to people.

“The shape shifting was usually in the context” – hey guys, did you read The Amityville Horror? The pig with the red eyes? He saw it. His little girl saw the pig with the red eyes. “The shape shifting was usually in the context of an occult ceremony, by those given completely over to the demonic. Humans took on the form of animals for a period of time, or of hideous looking beings, and they were NOT aliens. This was demonic activity that caused a human to see the demonic revealed, and distorted what they saw.

“I have seen people go temporarily ‘blind’ because of the demonic influence. I have seen animals psychically killed, by others coming into a circle and directing their ‘energy’ at the animal. These were not aliens, some of them were people I grew up with, and my own mother, strange as she was, was not an alien.

“I participated in this as well at times, and I'm no alien, just a wounded human being. I believe that the demonic does have sexual relations with humans, because it is recorded in the Bible (Genesis); God also forbids it as being completely wrong. ...”

“While I respect your desire to investigate, and your openness to any possibilities, I can tell you that as a former lifetime member of the group, I saw demons acting, not reptiles or aliens. I would really wonder about aliens who were as vicious and against Biblical Christianity in particular as the demons I saw.

“Svali, have you ever come forward publicly with that story, or is this the first time?”

Svali: “I have never gone into the demonic aspects much, because it is so controversial (ie. your question below!). I have shared this before with my husband, my therapist, and a close friend. I'm not really a ‘public’ person, I've only posted some articles at, to help others who are trying to get out of the cult.

“I hate sensationalizing stuff, personally, because it can detract from the real problem; children are being hurt and abused, and the abuse needs to stop. Call it demons, aliens, or whatever, there are evil men (and women) using small children and profiting from their pain. That is why I have spoken out against this group.”

Question: “I am certain that a lot of readers will say 'Come on, now, I know this is just sci-fi, how can this be real?!' and would want to see some proof or evidence to that. What would you say to them?

“I would say ‘go to a ritual, you will see plenty’ except that I don't want ANYONE to ever see or be near that type of evil. Spiritual realities don't leave physical marks, but I think it is interesting that throughout recorded history” – this is extremely important right here – “throughout recorded history mankind has written about these type of phenomena.

“Could all of our recorded histories be false? Could mankind be a pathological liar throughout the centuries in this particular area? If a person visits Africa, they will also hear accounts of shape shifting done by the occult, and there, they DON'T dissociate” – in other words, they’re not hypnotized, they’re not traumatized, they’re not drugged; they don’t dissociate – “so you can interview people who have seen it while fully conscious.

“In South America, and Asia, this also occurs. How could a world-wide phenomena be made up by groups that had no previous contact with each other?

“Does the demonic leave a trail, a mark that I can point to? No. But does it leave an indelible impression on those that have witnessed it? Yes, and even in pre-medieval times, this type of stuff was recorded.

“I didn't take videos or snapshots of this stuff happening, so a person has to decide whether they believe it or not based on oral testimony. I don't really care. I know what I saw.

That’s the end of Svali. Heavy stuff, isn’t it? It sure is.

So, are UFOs real? Yes. Are aliens real? Well, not to me! They’ve got UFOs, because they’re hidden technology and have suppressed all this anti-gravity material. Stan Deyo – look him up – he wrote a book called Cosmic Conspiracy, back as far as 1969, and it’s loaded with technical data and news articles on anti-gravity vehicles. Well, what happened to those anti-gravity vehicles? We never saw them before. Oh, it was a weather balloon. And Malachi Martin’s book, Hostage to the Devil, which we did almost three shows on, I think, clearly shows how the demonic manifests itself in unwilling and unwitting victims. And how much more will they manifest themselves in those who not only invite in, but worship those beings. See, these demonic aliens can assume any visible form they want, from an Amityville pig with red eyes, to a 400-pound reptilian.

We’ve still got a lot more to say on the Illuminati and mind control.

Don’t be discouraged. Help is close at hand. The Bible says, “The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth.” Of course, that’s only for those of us who believe that God is real and faithful to keep His word.

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