Prophecy Through the Illuminati's Eyes

In order to establish virtual control of the world, the Illuminati must eliminate all “competition.” Competition is spelled, “anyone who doesn’t go along with what We are doing.”

Let’s go through the list of possible sources of resistance to the NWO take over.

Europe? No. They’ve had control of Europe since before the US went independent.

South America? Probably not, due to CIA control of governments and probable moles in the upper levels of governments. Control? Think Columbia. The CIA I know has operatives at high levels of almost all governments.

I must remind you of Mind Control, Manchurian Candidates. Check out “Operation Open Eyes”. In a matter of hours they can hypnotically create a “sleeper”, who can unknowingly carry orders and be activated later. Columbine, the DC snipers and the University of Virginia shooting reek of Mind Control. In those, and other like events, the goal is gun control. Stir the people up so they demand gun control. And of course the most effective gun control is NO guns. None of the usual suicide bombers here. If these were natural occurrences, there would have been bombs or Molotov cocktails, too.

And the moles? What better way to insure that a dissenting government won’t be able to respond to a political or military takeover? After the mole carried out his programming to kill the Head of State and then commit suicide, the UN would go in and “restore” order. Manchurian Candidate. Look at what They did on a different 9-11. In 1973, They took out Allende and toppled the people's government of Chile. Then They installed their paid killer.

The Illuminati gave us a clear example of this strategy in Star Wars. Remember the third episode where all the “programmed” soldiers were activated and killed all but a handful of the Jedi Knights. Those Knights were the last force strong enough to stop the Sith plan for galactic rule. Think of how many hundreds, thousands? of programmed soldiers that took. They had to make sure that there were Mind Control soldiers near all the Jedi, not just a few. All at one time in many different places. A considerable conspiracy.

BTW, did you happen to notice how blatantly They wove in their phallic symbol? Now, They consider Themselves the Good guys. Remember the Jedi Headquarters, situated where there were no tall buildings to obscure it, with it’s five tall phalluses?

Who’s next on the list? Could some group of African nations, the so-called African Union, put up any serious resistance to the NWO? No. They control too much of Africa for that to happen, huh? Africa is too distracted fighting HIV; introduced by the Illuminati, according to author Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Here’s some Illuminati 11’s. The decision to form the OAU, Organization of African Unity, was made on 9-9-99. 9 times 11, twice. 99,99. And the 53 nations adopted the Act in July 2000, on the 11th.

This is a excerpt I got off the web. It lists the 53 nations. The last two nation signatories were,
52 The President of the Republic of Zambia
53 The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe

"RECALLING the Declaration which we adopted at the Fourth Extraordinary Session of our Assembly in Sirte, the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, on 9.9. 99, in which we decided to establish an African Union, in conformity with the ultimate objectives of the Charter of our Continental Organization and the Treaty establishing the African Economic Community;
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, WE have adopted this Act.

Done at Lomé, Togo, this 11th day of July, 2000."

There are five Illuminati goals for Africa: 1-oil, 2-gold, 3-diamonds, 4-slave labor, 5-population reduction.
The African Union will not rebel.

Russia? China? Remember the Bible indicates that they will be on the Anti-Christ’s side. Besides, the Illuminati fomented and funded the Russian revolution and installed their paid thugs to run the show. It was all about getting rid of the Czar, who foiled their plans for a UN way back in the late 1800’s. And according to Fritz Springmeier, The top Illuminati Li family has run China for decades.

The USA? Ah, finally! Damn straight. We’ve got enough big guns to blow the world up. Nobody messes with the US of A. Let those illegitimate sons try to take over our country.

While that might not be likely, at the present moment it might not be too hard. All our big guns are spread out so far from each other, AND the US, that a military takeover might look attractive for a minute or two. Our military is too spread out to launch a major offensive. The whole idea of attacking so many different nations is part of the purpose of these wars. Weaken America. Make America submissive. A baaaad witto countwee. Selling China our best technology during the Clinton years was also part of the big picture. The coming stock market crash is another facet of this Black diamond. The US is going down.

But…… We’re fiercely self-sovereign. We’ve got more guns than the number of citizens in our population. “From my cold, dead hand!” No problem, Charlton. They’ll call out the Clergy Response Team. They now have 26,000 pastors nation wide who have signed on to help the government in a time of national emergency. The preacher will show up with the Grunts to persuade you that it’s only for a little while till the end of the emergency. Your house will be protected. And most reluctantly, you’ll get on the bus. But, if you come back at all, it will be to a house with NO guns, probably torn up in the search for any or more guns. Who will you complain to?

Method number one is to just go ahead and attack Iran. Build up a Hate Iran propaganda base and then bomb those 2000 targets they have already decided on. But, if we still have our guns, then it’ll be method two, a false flag attack. False flag attack, call martial law and we’ve got Katrina nation wide. It was martial law, collect-all-the-guns time down there. A nuke attack on San Diego next July would fit just fine with calling Martial Law, launching it ALL against Iran, and getting rid of those pesky elections. Then we’d go forward with George D. Bush. You know. D for Dictator.

With the US accounted for that only leaves one entity that has always resisted outside control. They’ve waited many years just avenge their honor. Serve a guy for ten years just to stab him in the heart. The Arabs really know how to carry a grudge. And they didn’t like it a bit when Britain’s Balfore Declaration carved up the region, deposing centuries old ruling families. The Hashemites ruled Iraq and Mecca for eight hundred years. But after being one of the main sources of help to the Allies, the Illuminati snookered them out of any war spoils and set them down next to their traditional enemies, the Palestinians. The king of Jordan is a Hashemite, 43rd in a straight line back to the Prophet Mohammed. Students of end times prophecy will recognize the benchmark time period of 42 months.

There are many Arab nations that despise the western allies. At an Arab summit some years back, the main issue on the table was peace with Israel. Ten nations were there. Only three said a saber-rattling no. Iraq, Syria and Libya. The minute we went into Iraq, we began talking about hitting Syria. Syria backed way off and Libya rolled over, and still plays dead. It looks to me like Iran is the only real threat left to the establishment of a Mid-East Union, of say those ten nations that attended the summit. Syria doesn’t have the strength of Iran, and has backed away once already. Maybe you heard the reports of Israel bombing Syria. I heard it was to take out their nuclear capability. I don’t remember them having that, but it sure does soften Syria way up, so resistance to an attack on Iran would be eliminated. When writing this on September 19, 2007, attacking Iran is on everyone’s lips. This is from Sky News: .

"It's quite obvious here that the next year is about Iran and its nuclear capabilities," Alon Ben-David, an intelligence analyst with Israel's Channel 10, told me.

A flight officer on a carrier tells us that they are loaded and on alert to hit multiple targets in Iran, while a major media news reports that there is a plan that includes 2000 possible bombing targets in Iran.
The main problem is not going, but convincing the American people to allow it. With the war sentiment as it is today, hitting Iran would “start riots”(helped no doubt by the CIA). The general public is not yet well enough informed to see through a San Diego nuke attack. Most of them still get their news from the media. It will look just like 911. Before the cock crows twice, we’ll have the names of the main terrorists that pulled off the dastardly deed. They’ll be Iranians or at least some of the Iraqis that are being trained by Iran in Iraqi territory. But this time the people incinerated will number a half million. And I’m sure that those 300,000 Chinese troops here on “joint exercises” will be more than happy the help out the Government when they want to quell the dissidents. And why would it be any different for the other foreign troops already here. These “joint exercises” were going on back in 1998 and ’99.

Frankly, I can’t think of any other way to get the people off the streets, if they pull a sneak air attack on Iran. They really have to pre-empt that happening. In that scenario, we still have our guns. There hasn’t been a bus ride.

At this point, we are hearing appeasing rhetoric from the Government. That may bode ill. They may have decided that there isn’t a good enough reason to call nation wide martial law. If they had all our guns, then they wouldn’t care how many people were in the street. If we still have our guns, then the fear tactic seems probable. That means a nuke, blamed on Iran. From what I’ve learned about Intelligence, they probably already have their patsies in place, training and waiting for the Go. I pray that God doesn’t let them set off more than one.

We have to take down Iran. It’s the last leading voice against an Arab Union under the control of the Illuminati, the way the EU and UN is controlled by them. They aren’t going to use Europe or NATO to do it. They are using the power of the US, right now. And wouldn’t it be just like Them to hit one of our carriers with a missile fired somewhere in or near Iran. Remember the USS Cole? San Diego up in smoke, and one of our carriers sunk or sinking. Let’s go get them rag-heads!

With Iran out of the way, the Illuminati will control it all. They’ll establish that Arab Union, set up a Central Bank of the Mid East, which Kissinger promoted about ten years ago. They’ll employ an Arab peacekeeping force, and set up a Pan Arab court. Then they can get on with “business.” Oh! How does the Illuminati spell business? R-A-P-E.

Once Iran is under control, and the process of assembling the Arab Union is under way, they will unveil their Peacemaker. Control of the Mid-East isn’t the end goal. It’s control of the all the “significant” world. That means peace between east and west. He will introduce wonderful technology that will solve some of earth’s more serious problems, like energy. Researchers know that the Illuminati have technology 25 to 50 years ahead of what’s on the street. They had anti-gravity in the late 40’s. Flying saucers. They still suppress Tesla’s free, broadcast electricity invention. Two years of our annual defense budget would make the United States energy self-sufficient. The Peacemaker will rise to enough prominence to broker a peace between the infant Arab Union and Israel for seven years. This last act, by an already adored figure, will result in his being selected for leadership of the new AU. Even though They will control the Union, he won’t be “forcibly” installed over the Arab Union. That’s not how They work. They set things up (that’s their deceit) so that we ask for/cry out for/demand that something be done. A last, we will have peace in the Middle East.

I’m sure that there are 100’s of details that could be filled into that picture, but does it make sense to you? If the Illuminati are bent on taking control of the rest of the world, don’t they have to set up an Arab Union? There’s already a loose Arab confederacy. They’ve been at this longer than a couple years, you know.

They’re already setting up the western AU. The American Union. Construction is well under way on that super highway from southern Mexico to northern US. It’s four football fields wide! ! ! Chinese containers will arrive in Chicago, never having been inspected. They are also setting up the Amero, the new American Union currency.

So far they’ve shot down two dissenters to peace with Israel. And it looks certain that Iran will be the third.

OK. That’s what we see going on in the Middle East. What did God see? In the books of Daniel and Revelation He outlined the exact same process. Hey! I didn’t make up all of the foregoing. It’s historical fact or fact-to-be.

Daniel outlines many things about the Anti-Christ and where he comes from. And it ain’t Europe, OK? There is no interpretation involved in locating the Anti-Christ geographically. He comes from the old Selucid kingdom, which is the Middle East. He comes in peaceably, with flattery, he spreads the wealth to the people, he arises out of a ten nation confederacy, he makes peace with Israel for “one week.” Revelation 6 describes his coming in the first Seal. You know, the four horsemen? He’s the man on the white horse, with a bow. Some think that's a bow for shooting arrows. I think it may be the bow of the interfaith movement. A rainbow.

He’s the guy who finally pushes micro chips over the top. “Look! I’ve got one!” Of course, he won’t tell you that only his name and shoe size is on his chip. Anyone of ANY significance will be chipped. After they phase out cash and credit/debit cards, without a chip you won’t be able to buy or sell anything.

And right there in chapter 7: 8, 20 and 24, Daniel says that the Anti-Christ subdues three nations. More correctly subdued “before him.” This is confirmed in two other verses. He’s called the Little Horn and “came up among them [the ten].” Verse 24 is where an angel is interpreting the vision to Daniel. “And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings (the Arab Confederacy) that shall arise; and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and shall subdue three kings.” He is from the same region as the ten nations. The Middle East.

I never researched more deeply into the timing of the subduing and had placed it after the peace pact. But it is really more appropriate for the subduing to happen before the peace with Israel. The peace pact is the pivotal point of history for the end times, and for correctly identifying the Anti-Christ. No world leader will bring peace with Israel but some one from the Middle East. No matter that you can work Prince Charles’ and Bill Clinton’s names and get 666. Neither will be the Anti-Christ. That Arab Union isn’t going to be run (on the surface) by anyone but an Arab. An Arab will be the Peacemaker and he will then be “elected” to run the AU. Some American doesn’t run the EU. It’s a European. The best Clinton or Charles could do would be to head the UN.

So, the exciting part is that soon after the fall of Iran, we may start to see moves toward an Arab Union. This means that the Anti-Christ is just around the corner. Christians want to believe in the rapture. They teach that this “catching away” of the saints will happen just before the Great Tribulation. Rapture or no, when we see that peace plan signed, the Second Coming will be only seven years away!

OK, the anti-Christ is going to be an Arab. Assad? Gaddafi? A Saudi Prince? King Abdullah? My guess is that the Anti-Christ is already on the world scene and in a high government position. Wouldn’t the Arabs follow their tradition and select someone who had the right to the position? It would help greatly if that man were to have close ties to Islam. That’s not a problem, I think. But how about the “highest Islamic” standing? They like government by the clergy.

Can you think of anyone who might be acceptable from heritage, religious standing, and, most importantly, who is in the pocket of the Illuminati? I can think of only one. This person would be able to easily restore the Palestinians and give them a homeland. He could bring about the sharing of the Temple mount and the Jews would start building the temple and giving sacrifice again. This peace would also include the sharing of Jerusalem.

Did you remember what I said way above? King Abdullah is the 43rd in a straight line to the Prophet Mohammed. Those folks of Jordan are that Hashemite kingdom mentioned earlier. Abdullah is the titular head of all Islam. He holds authority over the Temple Mount. He could give the whole West Bank to the Palestinians. He’d probably set up over in Iraq and keep working on the New Babylon that Saddam started building.

What other head of state, beside his father, can you name who goes to many other nations with a peace plan. It was Abdullah a few years back that was traveling around with his “Two Basket” plan.

Let me share some “Peacemaking” evidence with you.

Jordan's king flies to Cairo
To confer with Egyptian president on Mideast crisis

AMMAN (Agencies) — His Majesty King Abdullah arrived in Casablanca late Sunday for talks with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah Ben Abdul Aziz on means to end the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, hours after holding similar talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo.

King Abdullah is scheduled to leave then for London where he will meet with British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Abdullah is following in Daddy’s footsteps. Here’s another Jordan times report:
Jordan Times
'King Hussein was at heart of accord'
WASHINGTON (AFP) — His Majesty King Hussein was "at the heart" of an interim Middle East peace accord, U.S. President Bill Clinton said Friday at a White House signing ceremony for the agreement.

The Jordan Star reported:
29 October 1998
King's wisdom moves the peace process ahead
AMMAN (Star)-The personal efforts of His Majesty King Hussein in the recent Wye Plantation peace talks have been lauded by leaders from around the world. The fact that the Palestinian and Israeli negotiating teams agreed to sign an accord, when there were obvious differences still at hand, has been credited to the sincere intervention of King Hussein.

When the King of Jordan, Abdullah was crowned, who showed up to kiss his
ring? Heads of State and Finance from many nations including Kissinger, David Rockefeller, the entire Rothschild family and 5 US Presidents. All kissed
his ring.

Uniting Jordan, Iraq post-war goal?
Establishment of Hashemite kingdom being floated in diplomatic circles
Posted: September 26, 2002
© 2002


An idea to unite Jordan and Iraq in a pro-U.S. Hashemite kingdom after a U.S. war is being floated in diplomatic and opposition circles, reports Stratfor, the global intelligence company. The plan could be Washington's best scenario for ensuring a stable post-war Iraq.

As a U.S. war against Iraq appears to be nearing, both Washington and Middle Eastern players also are working to make sure the expected American victory will result in strategic long-term gains. The idea of a central Iraq populated by Sunni Arabs joining with Jordan to form one Hashemite kingdom is being considered as one way to secure such gains.

In a nutshell, the plan may involve uniting Jordan and Sunni-populated areas of Iraq under the rule of the current Jordanian regime. This could be done if Iraqi Sunni leaders appeal to King Abdullah with such a request, which has a weak but still legally valid justification, as Abdullah is the second cousin of the last Iraqi king, Faisal II, who was overthrown in 1958.

Who is floating the Iraq-Jordan idea, and who might benefit from its realization if it ever comes through? Although it might be wishful thinking by some Iraqi opposition members and Israeli media, it also could bring strategic benefits to the United States, Israel and Jordan.

Possible gains for U.S.

Israeli terrorism expert Ehud Sprinzak stated that the authors of a "Hashemite plan" are U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, both considered the most hawkish of Bush administration officials. Russian television program "Drugoye Vremya" also reports that it was U.S. officials who twice invited then crown Prince Hassan of Jordan, to meet the Iraqi opposition last summer.

The administration may be looking into the proposal because the current goal of replacing Saddam Hussein with a pro-U.S. Iraqi government still would not guarantee long-term U.S. control over the territory and its oil. First, it may become too hard for a new government in Baghdad to effectively control the whole country, even with U.S. troop support. An example is Afghanistan, in which the government of President Hamid Karzai still controls only the capital.

Second, the new government's attempts to establish control over all of Iraq may well lead to a civil war between Sunni, Shia and Kurdish ethnic groups, with U.S. troops caught in the middle. The fiercest fighting could be expected for control over the oil facilities.

[let me interject that one of the presidential candidates is pushing for the Partition Plan in Iraq. Is that part of the Cheney-Wolfowitz plan? And is the fact that we now have such a civil war, due to the precise plan to under-equip, under-man, under-command our presence, is in order to make the Partition Plan more appealing. Is it really Hegelian ideas here? “We want control. 1- The best control is to unite Jordan and Iraq and separate the dissenting Arab nations from each other. 2-If we just wipe out Iraq and set up some forced Jordanian/Iraqi regime, we’ll have all the factions against us and not be able to establish a stable business environment. 3-But if we do a two-thirds job in Iraq, give guns and stuff to the different factions, blow up a Mosque or two, leak out some prison torture photos and even establish some Iranian training camps just inside Iraq, they’ll be at each other’s throats. We can sit back while they wipe each other out. There won’t be enough of them left to start any real trouble. 4-Just when the time is right, we’ll start the cry down in the low level cells for the partitioning. Help from the media will have the partition ball rolling inexorably toward our complete control of the Middle East. That’s the way they work.] Back to the advantages to the US.

But uniting Jordan and Iraq under a Hashemite government may give Washington several strategic advantages. First, the creation of a new pro-U.S. kingdom under the half-American Abdullah would shift the balance of forces in the region heavily in the U.S. favor. After eliminating Iraq as a sovereign state, there would be no fear that one day an anti-American government would come to power in Baghdad, as the capital would be in Amman. Current and potential U.S. geopolitical foes Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria would be left isolated from each other, with big chunks of land between them under control of the pro-U.S. forces.

Abdullah may have sounded like an improbable choice, but any other person, high level Arab, in the Illuminati’s pocket, is going to have to overcome considerable evidence in favor of the King. He gets our tax dollars in great amounts, rivaling our “aid” to Israel. I believe his Dad and now he is just biding his Arab time until he can save face for the shabby treatment of the British, after he was their main source to help in conquering the Turks and Germans.

They gave the Hashemites the worst part of the land and plunked them down, as I said, right next to their long time enemies, the Palestinians. They want their due. And Abdullah will serve the Illuminati/US until he thinks he can sneak up and drive that dagger in their heart. Half way into that seven-year pact, he’ll break it, kick the Jews around a lot and start a conflict that will escalate into Armageddon. The western allies against the AU, Russia and China. The Bible says the blood will run up to the horse’s bridles.

And, you know what’s really interesting is that all this is part of the devil’s plan for world control. The devil is behind the Illuminati. The Illuminati are behind the western allies, Russia, China and what will be the Arab Union. Why would they possibly allow such a world conflict? They’d be biting off their own tail. A billion people could be gone at the end of such a war.

They wouldn’t be satisfied with that, though. They have always said that they want the earth’s population to be only 500,000,000. Through weather manipulation, pharmaceuticals, and bio-engineered seeds, they could get rid of another 2 billion. The book of Revelation tells in chapter 6:8 of 1/4 and then in 9:18 of 1/3 of mankind being killed for various reasons. That totals half of the population, three billion. And that’s before Armageddon.

Whoever is left, will be willing servants of the one’s who can provide for their health and safety. Give them jobs and housing (in centralized Work Cities).

Of course, it doesn’t get that far, because Christ’s return will cut that plan short and the devil will spend the next thousand years fabricating a strategy to use when he gets out of those chains.

You know, Daniel wrote what God showed him before 500 BC. He laid out for Nebuchadnezzar the general history from that time up to and including the Roman Empire. You can even find Cleopatra in Daniel’s prophecies. He not only predicted the rise of the AC, he prophesied the advent and crucifixion of Jesus. Well, his prophecy of Christ came true. Maybe it really was God who showed him that event. This was no vague, ambiguous statement. He got the correct timing, right down to the year. The prophecy also included the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the temple.

He got the empires right. He got the rebuilding of Jerusalem right. He got Cleopatra right and the advent and crucifixion of Christ. Why not the anti-Christ? Four out of five is pretty good.

If God is behind Daniel’s prophecies of Christ and the Temple, etc., He must be behind Daniel’s prophecies about the AC, and the subduing of three nations. He must be right about where the Anti-Christ comes from and what he is like and some of the things he will do.

That’s great news! Because I see no place of safety in the times just ahead. The Illuminati literally control the “significant” world. Very few of us can hide from them. We have no place to turn to when their pressure gets too great to bear. There will be no one to fight for our rights. Only the rich will be able to live normal lives in their villas and on their islands. There will be no one to protect us.

Except God. I won’t preach, but if you sincerely ask Him for help, He’ll tell you what to do. But be cautioned. Sincerely means, you are willing to do what you see is Right. That’s the thing He’ll tell you to do. And it’s very likely that it won’t be your first choice.

It’s called faithing. Acting in trust, against apparent circumstances, based on something God has said. That’s where my protection comes from. I’d be out of my mind if I didn’t have a grounding in God. I’d probably be in deep denial that there was any such thing as the Illuminati. “Hey, don’t talk to me about that stuff. Who won the game Monday night?”

God built you and I to know what is the Right thing. If you can’t really get a hold on it, I’m sure you know someone you can ask. You need to start trusting God with parts of your life, right now. You need to faithe. That’s the verb form of the word “faith.” Get alone with God and take communion. Communion is a faithing act. If you don’t know about communion, go to my web site and read up on it. It’s on the top of the Study Subject list.

Psa 121:1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
Psa 121:2 My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.

Where does your help come from?

You know, it really doesn’t make any difference if you believe in God and the Bible or not. The facts of the last 100 years of US and world history all point in one direction. The only way to take the stress of confusion and feeling helpless is to understand the enemy. I didn’t just give you that understanding. I only gave you my words. Your verification of what I said is what will give you understanding. It’s called “homework”.

I don’t know where you are in your understanding of God, but I can tell you what I know:

He’s Real, and He does what He says.

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