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Welcome to the Lost Tribes Radio Series transcriptions. While some of the larger sections of the series can stand alone or out of order, the whole series was structured in a progression.

I haven't bothered to do a blurb for each show. I just Copy/Pasted the one liners from the Archive page. The shows yet to be transcribed are BELOW THE TRIPLE RED LINE.

Lost Tribes Overview-Part I
Lost Tribes Overview-Part II
Promises, The Birthright, Abraham
Bible Crossroad-Genesis 49, I Chronicles 5
Ezekiel's two sisters
Israel's history. The book of Hosea.
Cimmerians and Scythians - Names and Migrations
Assyrian Border Reports and Behistun Rock.
Bad History. Lack of information on the Scythians and Cimmerians in most history books.
Archeology at Hallstat and LeTene. Fulfillment of Prophecy.

Historians, Heraldry and Etimology
Nebuchnezzer Cuts the Line. The Tryst and the Twins of Judah
Joseph in Egypt. Christmas commentary.
Dan's Doings. Christmas part II
The Danai: Egypt to Greece
Dan: Scythia, Scandinavia, Ireland and Scotland.
Birth of the Scyths - Jasonica.
The Hyksos-Calco, Darda- Cadmus and Danaus.
Lost Tribes Prophecies. Brutus to England.
Kingship Prophecy. The Davidic covenant.
Jeremiah Splits. Ireland History.
The Stone in Ireland. Ezekiel's three overturns.
Heirloom - The Stone, the Throne
THE Rock. Water in the Desert.
Full Review.
U.S. in Prophecy.

Our Heritage, a Lost Tribes Lecture.

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