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OPEN: Hey! Good morning. I’m Jack. Welcome to S.T.A.G., from KMUD in California. A lot of talk today. God talk, devil talk and my talk. Anyone out there ever heard God talk? How about the devil? More importantly, how did that happen? We know that when I talk you just tune in. We’ll talk about that some more, after this talk.

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One writer has written that if there’s a God, He surely is communicating with His creation. I believe this is true, not only in big ways, but on the individual level. I suppose that this is because individuals have specific purposes in the creation. The God I know isn’t one to create and go on vacation. There is a reason for the creation, which is not creation itself.

We can find numerous ways that God has spoken to people on a general level. All creation is stamped with His “fingerprints.” When one gets down to the deepest level of any field of study the supernatural is apparent. So we see lots of God on the macro and micro levels. But what about people individually?

People who associate with Christians will eventually hear one of them say that God told them something. One common instance of this is when someone comes up and says that they have a “word form the Lord for you.” Then they’ll proceed to tell you that something good is going to happen to you or mainly that you are off track and need to get right with God.

Are these folks lying? Did God really talk to them about you? Or did they make up the whole thing? I know that people who let their egos run wild will engage in that kind of behavior. For instance, they are dead set against smoking. When they see you smoking it makes them tense. Now, they can’t just do the brave thing and come right up to you and tell you that they think you shouldn’t smoke and why. So they hide behind God and tell you that He said that you should quit. Giving that person the benefit of the doubt, that they aren’t simply making it up, and aren’t just exercising their ego, we’ll have to conclude that something took place to give them the motivation to talk to you at all. Where did they get the idea in the first place? We’re also going to have to discount delusion. There are some who are driven by delusion, but very few, and pretty easily recognized.

Well, where did they get the idea?

Let’s take the prophet. If someone tells you they had a dream about you or that some sudden revelation about you came to them, AND that revelation came true, what do we have to conclude? They couldn’t have made it up, so they must have gotten the information from outside of themselves.

Now, I have never heard anyone claim that they heard an audible voice in these cases. Mostly, it’s like the examples we read in the Bible, some kind of vision, dream or voice in their head. The only time I remember God or an angel talking directly to someone is when the talker took a human form. That was the case when God and two angels showed up at Abraham’s place on their way to Sodom. One small exception to that was when Baalim’s ass told him to quit hitting him and recognize that there was an angel with a sword blocking the path. OK, and one other time was when God’s voice was heard at Mt. Sinai. Oh, and when He talked out loud at Jesus’ baptism. But both of those were for a whole group of people, not some personal communication.

It’s not an audible voice.

So, when Abraham was sitting around one day, he heard God’s voice in his head telling him to leave his home and family and head out. God would show him where to stop. Admittedly, Abraham had a good history with God and he could tell it wasn’t some stray thought that he was having. He knew he wasn’t making it up. But that’s not the point. The point is that the thought sounded just like the thoughts the he did make up.

I’m sure you’re familiar with this idea. Mostly, when we have an idea, we put it into words in our heads. It’s the way we order our thoughts and remember them. Call them Head Sentences, if you will. Sometimes we order our thoughts by making them into pictures instead of words.

In my own experience, this is how God “talks” to me. He just gives me little ideas. Here’s a common example: You’re sitting around and suddenly get the urge to call some friend. Turns out that the friend needed to hear from you, maybe needed help of some kind. Where did that idea come from? I know. Someone said “telepathy.” I’ll have to admit that I believe in telepathy, but the point is, that it wasn’t your thought. It was “put” into your mind by an outside force.

Well, if some mere human can accomplish such a feat, what about God?

When you got that little nudge, wasn’t it easy to dismiss? Can’t you remember times when you didn’t follow through on the nudge? Or thought it was silly? Or didn’t recognize it at all, until later. I’ve had that happen. I get a call or email from someone and have to tell them that I was just thinking about them the other day or last night.

Do you think that it’s just as easy to dismiss or not give full recognition to some little thought that comes from God? You might be just reading your Bible chapter some day and your eye will be drawn to another verse on the opposite page, for no apparent reason. Was that an accident? Does your focus usually wander around the pages like that? Isn’t is possible that God “attracted” your consciousness to that other verse?

I realize that for most Christians this idea isn’t very new. But what I want to focus on is not so much how God talks to us, but how the devil talks to us. Does he use an audible voice? Does he leave notes under our pillow? C S Lewis has a lot to say about the devil, even if mostly he doesn’t include the practical way the devil works on us. We certainly know that the devil can possess people, but we also know certainly that everyone who does something bad isn’t possessed.

One of the ways that the devil fools us is that he comes as “an angel of light.” But what does that mean exactly? One of the devil’s greatest propaganda campaigns has been to give us the picture of him in his red suit with a pitchfork or something so horrible that even some occultists would run screaming. What exactly does it mean when we say “angel of light?”

Let’s let CS Lewis give us some practical background in understanding evil. You see, evil is Good, gone Bad.

Mere: p48; Badness depends on the existence of Goodness. Angel of Light practicality.

Someone said that the most outrageous arguments are 95% true. That’s the Angel of Light” syndrome. The devil works by putting on what looks just like reality. So we don’t know the difference. And what could feel more real than our own thoughts? Let’s take a look at what CS Lewis has to say about influencing people. This is from his Screwtape Letters.

Screwtape: p 11-read it.

As you have heard, CS Lewis doesn’t come right out and say, “the devil plants thoughts in our heads. But Screwtape didn’t tell his demon student to leave his patient notes. Planting those thoughts in the patient’s head is the only explanation for what CS Lewis was saying.

So, when Screwtape tells Wormwood to “keep everything hazy”, “never let it come to the surface”, “handle him properly” or “keep it out of his mind,” it isn’t so much that Wormwood can get inside his patient’s mind and stop him from thinking certain things. It’s a matter of putting up a barrage of false propaganda that will keep him too busy to give any thought to what’s Right.

If all the devil can do is plant thoughts in our heads, and not read our thoughts, then he will have to pack our thinking with repeated ideas that will result in our making bad decisions regarding incoming information when he’s not around. “Oh, no, that can’t be true.”

But I want you to notice that Lewis never said anything that would gives us the idea that the devil can know what we’re thinking. God can do that, but not the devil. I also have to point out that the devil isn’t everywhere and can’t assign a demon to everyone. Constant or even frequent monitoring and influencing must be reserved for those who are influencing a lot of people, the leaders of God’s band.

If the devil or his demons can’t be everywhere, influencing everyone, then he must use some method of low-level influence on the masses. Just like he’s done with his false image of himself I mentioned earlier. Where did we get the idea of the red suit and pitchfork? From cartoons and the like. He didn’t plant that idea in my head personally. How about movies? He gets double duty from movies. They give us both false pictures of the devil. Either he’s a ridiculous bumbler that can’t even fool the hero into giving up his soul or he’s like that ten foot conglomeration of rats that I saw in one of the recent Dracula remakes.

Here’s a barrage of false propaganda. We have, for centuries been inundated with American values, the Goodness of America, the respect our leaders have for the people/constitution, bill of Rights. What it is to be an American.

That’s the first thing that’s pumped up when they are readying us for some conflict they have planned. We get a rash of media propaganda, including movies, spouting American values, patriotism and nationalism. We’re whipped into a patriotic outrage. It’s obvious to millions of folks that 911 was the doorway to the Afghan pipeline, the take over of Iraqi and now Iranian oil. But more importantly, the destruction of the sovereignty of those states and control of the whole region. The elite have demonstrably talked us into every war since the Revolution.

Let me ask you this. Was the Rothschild family for slavery, or for abolition? History shows that they must have been for both! Why else would they fund both sides of the Civil War, one of their secretaries on one side and a family member on the other?

Researchers like Jordan Maxwell have stated that the US was set up as a business. Corporations were running things even before the revolution. Remember the East India Company? Our flag was patterned after one of theirs. The constitution was written for a very small segment of the American population. That’s why we have a Bill of Rights. Our Great and Wonderful Founding Fathers didn’t have any such Bill in mind. Ratification of the Constitution, containing the Bill of Rights was a step back from the original plan. In this case three steps forward and one step back.

The Constitution didn’t include women, slaves, anyone of color and folks with no property. In fact, you’ll find that it protected slavery. All those high ideals were meant only for the elite segments of society. Had those poor grunts at Valley Forge known this inside information, there would have been no revolution. Had America had the truth about 911, we wouldn’t be in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I could take the same look at the Spanish-American war, WW1, WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam. Lots of false propaganda that resulted in Americans giving their lives for the Elite business interests. More appropriately, more control over larger and larger segments of the earth’s population.

The Elite don’t handle us on an individual basis. They do it en-mass through the media.

Have you ever heard anyone say that the president is just a puppet? On a recent call in show, some truth-seeker brought out that the elections were just a conspiracy. After pooh-poohing the caller because he said he got some information off the internet, the hosts went on to agree that our presidents were indeed puppets. They had both side of their mouths working. You can’t have it both ways.

You can’t say that GW Bush is controlled from above and then say that you have confidence in a presidential candidate. These folks weren’t recognizing that they were influenced by the election propaganda that we are subjected to. This presidential campaign has been a virtual Roman circus. GW even passed out bread in the form of an Economic Stimulus. Give the people a little money so they can be diverted as they buy things.

A long time ago on this program I established that the Illuminati who run this world have the goal of establishing a one-world government, with them at the top. Being Satanists, they use the devil’s tactics. Angel of light. They make it look like we have a vote, like we can, in our own small way affect what the government does. The US election process is one of the biggest, longest running hoaxes in history.

They pack the media with fluff and no one ever gets underneath to really see who backs and controls the candidates. The very lobbyists that they rail against will be their advisers. Behind them will be found persons who have been behind many different administrations. This very often crosses over party lines. How many administrations has Cheney worked in. I didn’t say “for”, I said “in.” They brought him out of retirement to run the show for GW.

Why do we have so many instances of voting fraud and abuse? To insure that the chosen candidate gets into office. The list is long. So long that one would think that everyone would know that there is no difference between parties or presidents. But no. Because a guy is a really smooth, confident looking speaker who is given great psychological masterpieces to “preach” to the voters, we think he’s OK. They’re just playing on our desperate hope that things won’t as bad as they have been. Wasn’t it Jerry Garcia that said, “When you choose the lesser of two evils, aren’t you still choosing evil?”

The political machine is an angel of light. It looks real. It acts real. It has millions of us participating in it. Even the Supreme Court. Maybe some folks think that because the Supreme Court broke the law and gave the 2000 election to GW that it can’t happen again. “That was only about then.” That kind of response is based at least one level down from reality. It wasn’t GW who engineered that outcome.

And in 2004, was it Bush who decided that Kerry should put his tail between his legs and give up the election? Kerry was following orders just as much as GW.

But this election will be different. We have at least one candidate that’s got the country’s welfare in mind.
Sure. That’s the devil’s en mass propaganda.

OK, lets’ get back down on the individual level.

I also believe that other people can be influenced to talk to us. The devil’s greatest tool is our ego. He can convince someone that they are receiving a “Word from the Lord” for us. Next thing we know, they’re knocking on our door. Christendom is rife with folks who want to tell us what to do, or enhance their spiritual standing by telling us about their contact with God. Our defense against this kind of attack is the same as our defense against those thoughts. It’s a FOOTS event, rather than a FOOTS thought. F-O-O-T-S. That’s the term I use when something “falls out of the sky”. It’s something that just shows up, wasn’t provoked by anything apparent.

God works the same way. I see the main difference between God and Devil’s working as a matter of volume. The devil’s propaganda is constant, incessant. He has to put out great volume to obscure the Truth. God doesn’t need to do that. He has made it possible for us to Know the Truth in all situations; if we think about it.

It’s what most people know as their conscience. It’s God’s Truth mirror. Every time we are faced with a decision and come to the point of commitment, that Truth pops up and gives us a model to go by. It tells us how much of our decision is not according to the way God has set up reality. It’s always there, always with us and the Truth can stand alone, doesn’t’ need a barrage of Itself to convince us.

And it’s not really important whether or not we call that Truth a FOOTS just because it seems to pop into our thinking. I don’t ever remember questioning the Truth when it shows up. I do remember asking myself, “Where’d that come from?” when it wasn’t the Truth.

I had this shown to me so graphically that I wrote a whole other piece on the subject, called Pictures of the Devil. I was just sitting around and for no apparent reason I’d get a thought, suggestion really, that was just like an elbow poking me in the ribs. And it was clearly suggesting something that was harmful. But I was in the frame of mind that let me notice the process and not follow the suggestion to its destructive end. I knew that God wasn’t the one who sent me that FOOTS thought.

Our job? Figure out who’s talking. Then claim the appropriate promise of God and move in the direction of your goal.

How can one defend against the devil planting thoughts on our heads? We can’t. I see no way to keep the devil out of my thoughts. But I do see a way to defeat his tactic. You see, thoughts are one thing, action is another. By giving those thoughts substance through action I turn my soul that much farther away from God.

Now, I feel that I should make a quick distinction between the devil’s thoughts and my own. My own thoughts, I believe, are NOT in the FOOTS category. My thoughts are more the result of my own logic and context setting. I build up my own thought, in other words. After a few preliminary ideas, I may come to a realization about something, and that might feel like a FOOTS, when it’s really just the result of a progression.

One of the hard things is to separate our own thoughts from those of God and the Devil. There are three of them rattling around in our heads.


That’s the hurdle we have to overcome. They feel like our own, mainly because we don’t’ recognize that God and the devil work the same way. The devil will play on our survival traits and we’ll only think we’re protecting ourselves by carrying out the thought into action. It feels perfectly natural to want to be safe, comfortable and fed. And I maintain that that idea is a result of the devil’s millennia-long manipulation of our thoughts. He’s got us trying to protect ourselves so much that there’s no space to even think about giving our protection to God. God usually only shows up in our thinking after we’ve finally realized that we’re in such a mess that we can’t see a way out of it. Either that or we man-handle things into a partial solution and then think about God. Whereas, God’s FOOTS will just be put down to some lucky break or a fortuitous act of memory. “OH!” I’m glad I remembered that!”

We are so locked inside out own heads that we think that we’re alone in there. But we’ve formed that opinion based on a wrong comparison. We’re comparing ourselves with other people. We may not even be aware of it, but we learn very early that no one can read our thoughts, despite the fact that it looked like our mothers could. Our heads are the safest place to cuss someone out. We carry that as a frame of reference. That ‘s easy to demonstrate.

Imagine for just a minute what if would be like if you knew other people could hear you think? Remember the Mel Gibson movie, What Women Want? If you saw that movie, try to be one of those women that Mel was listening to, only somehow you found out he could hear you think. It might be fun to tell him off with you thoughts, but you’d still be very wary of what went on inside your head when Mel was around.

But notice what it would be like from your side. As I said, you could project you thought into Mel’s head. In that kind of movie, Mel would know it was you. He’d be in on the process. That’s not the point. The point is focusing on putting thoughts in someone else’s mind.

Well, that’s pretty much the same as with God and the devil, with an important and reassuring exception. The devil can’t hear what I think. God can. But both of them can project ideas/words/insights/graphics into our heads. You’d be amazed at what Malachi Martin reports in his great work, Hostage to the Devil. When folks let the devil in, give in to it, they can feel and see things that we’d pay a lot of money for. But that’s from the inside. We’re only considering from the outside.

We also have to realize that there’s another part to this influence. History. That’s another thing we humans are bad at. We almost never think long-term. The longest we usually ever think of is our own death, one lifetime. Most of the time it’s only till next week, or tomorrow. But what about a being that has lived “on” the earth for the last 6000 years? The Devil has thousand-year plans, and longer. And if he thinks that you or I are important, he’ll put a “helper” on us at the moment he decides we’re worth it. That may even be birth, as in the case of Jesus.

I’m sure that the devil had someone on Jesus though his whole earthly life. Maybe at times he kept his distance, but once Jesus had to tell Satan to get behind him when Peter succumbed to a whispered thought from the devil. He could assign one of his sergeants to you at age two. By the time you were twenty, that demon would know every one of your little habits, likes, dislikes. History.

How that really matters is that with that information, the devil is even better than some of the new sales and advertising techniques they’ve develop in the last few years. They put together all they know about you and hit you with just the kind of stuff you like to buy.
The devil knows just how far to take a thought so that it not only feels like your own, it’s only a little bit off track, a sixteenth of a turn. It’s only a little “sin.” But he’s got time. And sixteen of those one-sixteenth turns make a whole turn.

Pretty soon he’s got us protecting ourselves so heavily that some of us are preemptively defensive. You know the kind I mean? That’s the person who is sure to tell you, gratuitously, that they never or always do that. And don’t even hint that something they’ve done might not be right, or suggest their responsibility in some issue. These folks have a high wall of invulnerability around them.

It’s too bad, because these folks start to believe that they are “perfect” and never do anything wrong. When a mistake surfaces that they can’t deny, they beat themselves up publicly for it. Of course that’s necessary because they’ve been saying how good they are and have to show us their pure intentions. That way they can still maintain their “perfection.”

It’s all a result of the devil’s propaganda. Once a certain level is reached, then everybody perpetuates the lie and the devil can get in a round of golf.

All our actions depend on something. When we move our bodies in any kind of action we are trusting in something. I like the example of walking down a flight of stairs. There’s lots of trust happening when we walk down stairs. First, we’re trusting the strength of the steps, each one of them. If you had looked down the stairs from the top and seen a few broken steps, and a rotted rail, and even some suspicious looking structural boards, you probably wouldn’t even try to go down. If you did, you’d be walking downs those stairs a lot differently than those concrete steps at the library.

Amusing, but profound is another thing we are trusting when walking down stairs. Gravity. When we step off one step, before we land on the next step, there’s a point where we have given over control of our descent to gravity. We’ve over-balanced and are actually falling the last couple inches to the next step. You can’t stop your downward motion in this state. You are completely trusting gravity to pull you down to that step.

This might be fun. I don’t know if you can picture this, but try to imagine what it would look like to go down some stairs and not let gravity do any of the work.

Now, I know that we don’t think we need to trust God when we walk down stairs. That usually doesn’t involve a moral decision. Let me quickly say that my term “moral decision” gets so generic that it might even be the decision to buy a candy bar. You see, “moral” is restricted to what you or I have determined as a standard. In other words, going against something that we’ve decided wasn’t beneficial to us. Breaking our own rules, even if it’s only buying that candy bar. Right now, you’re off candy bars.

You’ve read some articles on the making of candy. You were unimpressed at the lack of consideration for the customer’s long term health. Maybe you found out that there was some little chemical they put in the bar to give it a certain flavor. See, not long ago I read a good article about how much money was being made by certain chemical companies. Their job was to concoct the flavors that tasted natural. These concoctions would then be put into the appropriate foods to make up for the flavor lost in processing. They process the foods so heavily that they lose all their flavor. So the chemists get together and fill that void. You won’t like it, but try picking up any 15 items at the market and see how many of them list “natural flavor” at the end of the ingredient list. Those are chemicals that taste natural.

Back to our candy bar. This has been enough of a problem for you that you’ve begun to understand addiction. You’ve written yourself notes, maybe even a short essay. You’ve chatted about it with friends. Your issue with candy bars is public information. You haven’t kept it to yourself. Well, once it’s out in the open, it’s just one more thing that can be used to get you to protect yourself or beat yourself down. The devil will work both sides. That’s the way he always works. He’ll goad you into something and then lay a guilt trip on you afterward. So you’ll get a FOOTS thought to have a candy bar. This will surely be accompanied by a lot of rationalization. You’ll hear ideas in your head like, “I’ve been doing really well lately. It’s not like a whole box, just one small bar. It’s OK if I go a little slow. I couldn’t do “cold turkey” anyway.” But then, after you eat the bar, there will be a seemingly endless stream of guilty “thoughts”. You’ll be putting yourself down for being so weak, etc. He works both sides against the middle. What he gets out of it is your focus on yourself and not God.

This is not just speculation. This is real stuff. The devil isn’t going to leave little notes under your pillow. Once we accept his existence, then we must assume that he is trying to influence us. I’ve concluded that he does this by having the ability to plant things in our minds.

OK. If for just a minute we say this is all true, we can overcome the feeling of helplessness by understanding that we can know when the devil is trying to do this. It’s extremely simple, but very, very hard to accomplish.

The ideal, is to be able to recognize every time some thought just seems to pop into our heads. The second we focus on that thought, we’ll know where it came from. Just the focus allows Judgment. Our standards of right and wrong are already tuned up. Most of the times we choose “wrong” it’s because Right is less comfortable, more risky looking, not popular.


1-Talk isn’t as cheap as that old saying. It can either bring us a lot of trouble or make our lives fruitful and relatively stress free.
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3-Thanks for listening today. I’ll be back on November 2nd. I trust you can make it, too.
4-There’s one rule of thumb that can really affect our lives for the better. “Listen to yourself.” That’s because a lot of times, it’ll be God talking.
5-He is real, you know. And when He says something, He does it.

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