OPEN: Hey! Good morning, and welcome to STAG, I’m Jack. Without naming any real names, CS Lewis wrote a review of the Illuminati back in l947. He did a good piece showing what was going on in US education and he wrote a piece called “The Abolition of Man.” The abolition of Man broadens the scope of the Illuminati control to Humanity itself. As always, this great philosopher gets down to the basic foundation of human action. We are conquering Nature and the last thing in that process is when we conquer Human nature. In our conquest of Nature, we’re overcoming ourselves and will eventually not be Man at all, but some construction that looks like Man. The situation turns out to be the war between the Universal Law of Human Right and the Law of Human Want. But first….
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I see this as CS Lewis’ Illuminati Philosophy. We see exactly this behavior today. He tells how from the beginning man has tried to “conquer Nature.”

The Law of Nature equals The Way Things Work Best.

He says that by any “conquering” of God’s creation, the Conquerors are also giving up part of themselves. Any way that we subvert Nature will result in us giving up part of our selves. The ultimate of the conquering will be the conquering of the Nature of Mankind. The conquering of Human Nature. The process, when carried out to the end, will result in the abolition of Mankind. He gives some examples, but this simple one is mine.

There’s a river. A bunch of people set up camp at one point on the river. The population of the camp grows, and larger and larger plots of ground are cultivated. In time, the requirements for water exceed the means to supply it. One very bright member of the community says, “Let’s dig a ditch and send the water far from the river.” These folks have conquered Nature. They have “bent” Nature to serve them. They have not fitted themselves into Nature, as part of the Whole. They have become the Directors of the course of Nature. So, what’s wrong with that? How does that hurt Mankind?

What about the folks in the villages down stream? By how ever much the Upstream People divert from the river for their crops, those downstream folks will be deprived of for their crops.

Here’s an example from Lewis. Man conquered the air. Man flies. We made an airplane. Yay! Now we can drop bombs on people. Drop enough bombs and the species becomes at risk of distinction.

And the above is only on the macro level. What if we decide to tinker with the Nature of Humanity? From eugenics to indoctrination, we could bring about a Super Human. We could have a world society made up of only those who lived in peace and dispensed their daily responsibilities. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate Conquering? To actually overcome our Human Nature. CHANGE people. Well……, then they wouldn’t BE people any more. Those “constructions” wouldn’t have true free will. Their decisions wouldn’t involve much more than whether to eat an apple or an orange. Any and all decisions concerning their more important life actions would be dictated by those who accomplished the change. Weren’t they the ones who put the process in motion? Weren’t they the ones who told the people about how good they were making it for the species? But wait! Did those Conquerors also go through the process of change, or did they just supervise; so it was done properly?

Understanding this idea isn’t going to be easy. Some of our traditional thinking will have to be overcome. In my case, I haven’t formally researched the Tao. I have only a vague idea of what it’s about. So, I was distracted most of the time that I read CS Lewis because he uses the short term Tao when referring to what I would call the Universal Law of Human Nature.

Not the Universal Law of Human Want. God didn’t create my wants. Remember, were in the context of how the creation works best, the created way. At one point Lewis equates this Law with conscience. That’s another way to understand it. Those things that our conscience tells us is Right. I remember Dr. Scott teaching out of CS Lewis and reminding us that we all have a sense of ought.

Another way to say that is that we all have the structure to act Rightly. We may decide that something will be treated as Right, even though it may be against what our conscience tells us. But once we’ve adopted that position then we will feel that we ought to do it. Honor among thieves is a good example of that. An act may be against the law of the land, but for honor, the thief will feel he ought to do it anyway. The structure for doing Right is there, but perverted.

Just to fill out this Law of Conscience/Human Nature/Creation, Lewis has shown us that it isn’t the exclusive property of any one religion. The people of the Bible aren’t the only ones who have historically taught these principles. They go around the world, and back in history.

We need to hear what Lewis has listed as those principles included in his term Tao. He’s got eight principles for living the Good life. And again, these come from everywhere. He draws from places like China, Ancient Babylon, Mosaic Law, Old Greece, Rome, India, Christianity, Egypt, Australian Aborigines, Anglo-Saxons, Hinduism, Old Norse and even Beowulf. These are universally held principles of life. These are the principles that will guarantee good life and perpetuation of the species. And remember these principles are the ones laid out by God in the creation. How else could come the universality? Virtually everyone says this is the Right way to live.

Beneficence: Be nice. Give people a break.
Special Beneficence: Be nice and give a break to your family.
Duties to Parents/Elders/Ancestors: Respect and honor these people.
Duties to Children/Posterity: Respect your kids, all kids, and contribute to the population.
Justice: Sexual and court justice. Honest activity.
Good Faith/Veracity: Keep your word and say the truth.
Mercy: Actively support those who have little support. Widow, orphan.
Magnanimity: (overcome Selfishness) Jump in for Right; Don’t neglect your soul; honor eternity
Spike Lee summed it all up through the movie, “Do the Right Thing.” He should have added, “as defined by God.” We don’t get to decide what’s Right.

When we consider the elite, we find that they don’t live by the Law of Human Nature.

The game looks honest, but the cards are marked. The elite have us thinking we are playing one kind of game, but we’re really playing another and they aren’t’ telling us.
They tell us, “This is the best way to live (the Tao) but they make decisions on the playing of the game based outside the Tao. At the same time they are mightily convincing us that the real Laws of Human Nature are mere notions that can be replaced by other Laws without any negative results. They’ve got us going two directions at once.

Satan has used this tactic from the beginning. All the way back to ancient Babylon, the Priesthood has espoused Good, Integrity, Honesty, Mercy, Justice, and Magnanimity as the best way to live. Why? This teaching made it easier to control the population. It also allowed them to cover their misdeeds; their teaching was leading the people to think that their leaders, who taught them Right, don’t and wouldn’t transgress the Tao.

The biggest lie always works best. Hitler proved that. Saying I’m “not a crook”, when I am, is 100% dishonest. Can’t get any bigger than that. Saying, “I’m a born again Christian,” doesn’t make it so. That’s just campaign rhetoric without the campaign.

The Church is the Ironclad Bunker of the Illuminati. It’s their favorite hiding place. It’s their Big Lie.

It’s hard to say just how far CS Lewis’ knowledge of the Illuminati went, but he surely understood the mechanisms they have been using on us for many, many centuries. He goes on at length showing that when man operates outside the laws of Human Nature, the decisions that are made will be founded on the wants and whims of the decider. That might be OK for me, if your decisions don’t affect me. What if you think it’d feel good to beat me up?

This is one the keys to understanding today’s world and all the rotten stuff we see happening. People in power are doing things outside the laws of Human nature. They are doing them based on what feels good to them. If they were acting out of the Tao, we wouldn’t be hurting so bad. They’ve done away with the old Tao and replaced it with something that sounds good but is based on our subjective definition of Good, and not some Good outside ourselves. We’re comparing ourselves with ourselves and not the Tao. But, as Lewis points out, we can’t compare ourselves with ourselves. We’re both the same. J

So here’s CS Lewis out of his work, “The Abolition of Man,” written in 1947.

LEWIS: pp 67-91, hi. Reading.

WRAP: We are very well along the path to the abolition of Man. We hardly see any adherence to the old Human Values. We’ve been manipulated into a re-write of those values. One of the main tenants of modern education is that there are NO absolutes. Everything changes. This got its start here in the US by John Dewey in the ‘30s, with his Progressive Education.

Today, fidelity is what we feel like definite it as, not what God’s value system defines it as. Today, lots of dis-honest things are considered OK, because of the situation. Situation ethics. Help others for what you can get out of it, not because of their need.

If we examine these Human Values with the eye that God created them for our good, we’ll soon find out that it is better for our mind/body/soul and that we are getting more out of our Right action than the recipient. That’s why we have the saying that it’s better to give than to receive. It soothes our soul, which soothes our mind, which ultimately even heals our bodies.

Hey, doing the right thing is a win win situation. BOTH sides of the equation benefit. Not surpringly, this is the exact opposite result achieved by an artificial Right. Then, everybody loses.

There’s only one solution to the challenge of doing the Right thing. We can’t do it by ourselves. Just as we depend on God’s Law of Human Nature to govern our lives, we can depend on God for help in acting within His standards.

The solution is to make real in our actions the fact that God is real and faithful to do what He’s said.

This is Jack,.... Bye.

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