OPEN: Good morning. Is your body liking this warm weather? Mine is. And how’s your spirit doing? A lot going on right now to give our spirits a poke in the eye. What’s interesting, is that years ago many people told us about today’s events. We’ll be reaching for understanding and a way out today. It’s possible to see clearly what’s planned for us by the elite. And it’s also possible to do an end run around their plan and give our way out of it. Yeah, I said, give our way out of it. But first

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Understanding first.

This interview was taken off the internet and presented in Dec of 2003. It may still be up at

Wayne Morris is interviewing a former mind control slave, Brice Taylor. She was able to break free some time ago and has written a book and gone around trying to help others. Although she has much to say about mind control, (this interview is petty long,) I wanted to let you see how today’s events have been in the works for many years. So, it’s more of what she saw and heard rather than what was done to her. This is some six years ago.

In my research, I have come across more than a couple other “escapees” that give this same scenario. Google Svali; an ex-mind control programmer with 30 other programmers under her.

Wayne Morris: “Can you tell us in terms of alerting the public about what kinds of things they are planning to bring about in this New World Order, and what they envision that this would be?”

Brice Taylor: “From what I heard on the inside, in my experience sitting among these so-called elite people, the financial elite – their plan is for a world takeover because they feel that genetically and in every other way physically, the populations of the earth are inferior – of an inferior genetic strain.” What they are attempting to do is to bring down the population through various contrived means – which is a whole other subject all on its own – in order to bring these people to death so that the planet will be left pristine and untouched for their future progeny.”

“What I understood was that they were planning a complete and utter economic collapse of the nations that would make the Depression of 1929 look like child's play and through that, bringing people financially to their knees, they would then come in and control them, and bring in whatever other measures they would want to in the guise of rescue – when it certainly wouldn't be that at all. “

I have to stop here and remind you that mind control doesn’t mean a zombie. No hypnosis or drugs or electro shock is necessary when you have pictures of a Senator having sex with a young boy. That Senator’s mind is controlled through blackmail. Further, some mind control victims have no idea that they are mind controlled. I’ll only mention the Manchurian Candidate. These people are functioning on a daily basis and only a minute part of their life is devoted to mind controlled activity. As Brice Taylor will mention, she was sent on courier missions. When she was in the kitchen making dinner, she didn’t have any memory of that mission. The information was locked away in a part of her brain that she didn’t even know about. No outside person could get at it. She didn’t know she had it. They could torture her to death and never find out what was there.

Wayne Morris asks this: “Specifically, how do you think mind control would be used in terms of a takeover implementation?”

Brice Taylor: “I think (she knows) there are people they have in positions of power, not only in the military but in political and religious circles who are themselves under mind control and can be used as puppets to do whatever they are instructed to do from higher up levels. People think that we elect our presidents, and I have sat with the people who planned who the presidents were going to be and groomed them, and told them what to do, and what to say, and how to say it, and when to say it, and when not to. And I delivered all kinds of messages of instructions to presidents and world leaders about what to do and what not to do. I watched as people who were good people and weren't involved were manipulated, brainwashed and controlled by persons like myself who were programmed, dressed in jewels and beautiful clothes, with all the fancy and sophisticated sexual innuendoes and techniques that I myself, my daughter, and others were programmed to do and go in and just -- if these men were at all able to be coerced, they were manipulated and then they were blackmailed. These people who are in positions of power know how to find out and research what people's weaknesses are, whether they are sex, drugs, sexual perversion, financial gain – they lure them in, and once people have been forced and coerced to participate and do the dirty deed – and a lot of times it was filmed, videotaped and documented – and these people who were already in positions of financial, political, whatever power, were then told ‘this will be public knowledge and information if you don't go along with us.’

Oh, but does that include Obama? Let me repeat something from last month’s program. Those of you who have done even preliminary research into Henry Kissinger will have formed at least a general opinion about him. Millions of Americans came to that same conclusion and rose up in vast numbers protesting Bush’s try at appointing Henry to chair the 911 commission.

Well, moderate research will show that Henry Kissinger has been working for the elite through many different administrations. If the elite search out and bring along certain people so that they can further their own goals, then can there be any coincidence that Henry Kissinger gave Barack Obama his first job out of college?

Is it a coincidence that Obama has appointed to high cabinet level positions 13 members of the Council on Foreign Relations (not a government body, but the body that makes all US foreign policy), and half of those are members of the Bilderbergers (the body that makes world policy), and a further 6 or so who belong to the Tri-Lateral Commission, (same game, different name).

Who has been, and still is Barack Obama’s top level advisor? A person who worked with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to suggest that a “new Pearl Harbor” would be necessary to implement a take over in the Middle East? Zbignew Brezinsky. These guys are behind the “project for a New American Century”. That document says that the US should dominate and police the whole world. Isn’t that what we’re doing with over 700 bases in 150 countries?

Oh, did I mention that the PNAC was published before 911? 911 was that new pearl harbor. It let us take our shoes off at the airport and bring back the opium trade in Afghanistan, and get rid of that egomaniac Saddam, who didn’t want to play the oil game.

Look, we’ve got to back away and take in the whole big picture. All the global pieces of this puzzle are there as individual trees in the forest. But if we zero in on just the Bankers, or the Corporations, of the Housing Bubble, or price of gas, we’ll never do the preparation we’ll need for the coming crisis.

How can the financial crisis be world wide. Did Japan have to bail out Freddie Mac? How is our housing collapse connected to France? Any nation of note is talking bailouts. There has to be some common factor here. The money supply. Whatever kind of money it is. And They’ve got two main options, deflation or inflation. They can reduce the supply of money in any country they choose. They own/control the central banks of all the significant nations. In this country, and many others, they are inflating the money to the point where it won’t be worth anything. They can consolidate all the money systems of the nations and bring about the stability the world needs. Is there an echo in here?

Isn’t that what we were told about the Federal Reserve?

It would be instructive if we considered that every one of these global crisis trees is part of the same forest. They all contribute to the to the overall look of the forest. Only difference between this forest and a real one is that the elite have planned out this forest, not Nature. The name of the forest is Control of the population. All these different facets of the world condition have been in the works at various levels from decades to centuries.

It took Them 133 years to implement the United Nations. It all started in Vienna in 1814 until their third try in 1947. And wouldn’t you know it. Our old friend Henry Kissinger took a major interest in this first attempt at the New World Order. Here’s a bit from Wikipedia:

In the 20th century, however, many historians have come to admire the statesmen at the Congress, whose work had prevented another European general war for nearly a hundred years (1815–1914). Among these is Henry Kissinger, whose doctoral dissertation was on the Congress of Vienna.

Now the Tree of Pandemic flu will help in its way to gain more control of the people. It could bring on martial law. It could bring on forced vaccinations of the people. It could bring about imprisonment of those who refuse to be vaccinated. It could bring about Blackwater knocking down your door at 3 am.

And what about all the scare that’s being promoted by our bogus War on Terror? Has that amounted to more control? Ask you shoes. It also let Them illegally assign combat troops to help the local law enforcement agencies. No more posse commitatus. Lots more control. No more guns for the citizens to protect themselves.

You have probably heard that the Wall Street Tree and the Housing Tree were well planned out. They didn’t happen by coincidence. A determined relaxation of Federal regulation allowed them both. Those Representatives and Senators who fell into the blackmail trap voted the way they were told and viola, we had the derivative market.

Look, even the bailouts are part of the Forest. Pump so much money into the system that it collapses. These bailouts are part of the plan to bankrupt the Gov’t. And the only thing that will save us is the instituting of the Amero or whatever they are going to call the Globo. The G20 economic summit just recently called for a global currency.

I only see one place of protection. We need more than a big solar panel system, a big water purifier, a pantry full of rice and beans, a couple of hand guns stashed someplace, and a “bugout” plan. That physical stuff won’t calm our souls.

Whether you accept all of the above or not, there’s still a way to get through just life in general with the least amount of stress. The source of all strength and provision will soothe our battered spirits. Getting His help is simple. Faithing. Acting in our decisions as though what God has said about our circumstances is the best way to act; even when it goes against our fears on the subject.

There are a few clear ways to faithe. But the way most talked about in the Bible is giving. A very small percentage of Christendom understands giving. At least, I don’t see them teaching what the Bible says on the subject. And I haven’t heard but one preacher tells us the deep issues of giving. They’ll quote, “The Lord loves the hilarious giver.” The poor peon in the pew is perplexed. He doesn’t have enough evidence to motivate giving away his money.

Let’s start at the beginning.

It’s very clear throughout the Bible that God would sustain His outreach to humanity through certain people on the earth. These aren’t any particular people, but anyone who could be said to be a Believer. Race is irrelevant to God. God’s creation wasn’t meant for certain human beings. His laws of creation are applicable to all humanity.

A very simplistic, yet true, example of this is that humans can’t be at tree. God’s law of nature won’t allow that. Hug a tree, but don’t’ try to be one. Now all we have to do is make the transition from what we clearly see as a Law of Creation to another place we can find out about God’s laws of creation. Certainly there are laws that go beyond cross breeding species and gravity. There must be some Laws that are more in us as individuals.

Wouldn’t it be most reasonable for God to tell us how best to live here on earth? I’m sure that anyone calling him or herself a Christian will testify to the existence of sin. It’s one thing that’s taught everywhere. Isn’t sin based in breaking God’s laws? Sure. So then, could we say that all breaking of God’s laws is sin? If that’s true, then we’ll have to define sin a little differently than just murder, robbery and rape.

I don’t know of any place to do that outside of the Bible. Because now we’re down to finding out what God has said about certain things. Everything that God says can be considered His Law.

Okay. What about those believers and God’s use of them to inform the world? What has God said they should be doing? First of all, He set it up so that certain people would be the main researchers and teachers of God’s word. They would be making the information available to the largest numbers of people.

Maintaining this life style is not some miracle. These people have all the human needs of you or me. They have to eat, sleep, be sheltered and have the means to get the information out; radio and TV time, printing costs, people to keep the books and clean the toilets.

God has a system to accomplish all these logistics. It’s called tithing. It was the tithes and offerings that kept the Temple going for those Bible folks. Tithing is a simple, yet comprehensive system whereby God can promote His coming kingdom.

We readily accept other things said in the Bible as coming from God, and worthy of our obedience. Jesus told us what to pray in Matthew 6, and practically 1/5 of the earth’s population can recite the “Lord’s Prayer.” Why do we think that this particular prayer is effective? We surely must have even the smallest belief in God and that the Bible is His doing.

Then why not accept that tithing is also given to us to help us know God better and have the strength to do what He says? Dr. Scott used to truly says that the Bible had more to say about giving than it did about heaven. Jesus, too.

Not only did God set up the system of tithes and offerings to help people find out about His coming kingdom, He included a promise to provide for those who took Him up on His tithing system. Malachi 3:10 says that He will “open the windows of heaven, and pour out a blessing we can’t contain.” This is not just a promise of God to those Believers who tithe. It’s a law of God, that literally binds Him to provide for the tither. We won’t go there, but that means that God must keep His word to a non-believer that tithes.

In regards to sin, then, if God’s law says tithe, and we don’t, isn’t that as much a breakage of God’s law as murder or theft? A law is a Law.

But wait. Let’s get a fix on those “windows of heaven.” To hear some preachers preach, one would expect to get rich in a month and a half after tithing the first time. I saw one deceiver on TV telling the viewers to get out their credit cards and send a $1000 dollars. They would get that and much more.

I believe that comes from our “beforehand” condition. People who don’t yet understand, who are still focused in the physical, will be equating the blessing as money or maybe a yacht. It’s interesting that in one breath they tell you that all their previous fleshly wants and vices are or will be taken away. They’ll no longer want that liquor or gambling. Then in the next breath they’ll want money back for tithing.

When a person comes to God, life changes, true. The most important change is the process of eliminating one’s ego. That means one’s wants. Your ego will hammer at you with how much you need money to live a “good” life, or even bring survival into it. You have to protect yourself. You do that with money. But the more one realizes God and His control of our lives, the easier it is to see that money isn’t needed like we thought. The fear of not having enough money subsides and we are OK with what we already have.

“Windows of heaven” doesn’t’ mean we get rich. Because of a change of heart, we no longer “need” to be rich. We know that the blessing will come as many other things besides money. And even with money the blessing might come as a saving rather than income. Maybe you get a $1200 discount on a car. All our needs will be met and there will be leftovers. That’s the simplest idea of Malachi 3:10. I certainly hope you’re not tithing to get anything back.

The short summary of giving is this. God gave His Son. His Son gave his life.

Jesus supreme act of giving was his life. He did this for the same reason that he did everything while he was alive. Over and over he says that he does the will of the Father. He may not have had to hear God talk, but he knew what God had “said” concerning what He wanted Jesus to accomplish on earth. Jesus, the same as us, was to do it God’s way. He was following God’s law for him. In contrast, our lives, while we’re alive, seem to be centered only our self interest. Ego.

The second thing about tithing, and on a personal level more important, it’s to help us overcome our ego, self-interest. We are to help others tell about God, and we’re to work on eliminating the fear that drives our ego to avoid God’s law.

We’re to use God’s word to overcome our ego. It’s how we confirm His reality, faithfulness and life principles.

But we need a lot of evidence to start letting go our “our” money. Our ego-sense of survival is incredibly strong. To overcome that strength will take two things. We have to prove God’s reality and the truth that the Bible is really what God has inspired the writers to say. I shudder to think of all the folks that talk loudly about the “inerrant” word of God, but couldn’t defend that inerrancy with two bits of evidence. This piece isn’t about proving God or the Bible. This is aimed at Believers who can benefit by knowing what the Bible says about giving. I’ll just assume that you already accept the Bible as God’s word.

The directive given by Jesus to his disciples was important enough for God to include it in three of the four Gospels, Mathew, Mark and Luke.

Matthew says, Mat 26:13 Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memoria of her.
Mark says: Mar 14:9 Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world, this also that she hath done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her.

The account in Luke is of a different woman so the admonition isn’t included. But twice we have Jesus telling his people to tell of the giving nature of the woman. She was anointing him for his burial. That’s the main message. But equal in importance is that she was giving something of great value. Great enough that Judas let the devil talk him into saying that it was a waste. The precious ointment could be sold and the money given to the poor. Let me ask, when was the last time you heard a sermon on the alabaster box? I bet if Jesus materialized a flock of sheep as her blessing, preachers would be hailing it from the housetops. But that’s not it. She gave the best she had, something of great value. Jesus said, tell about her giving.

So, every place that people are told about God’s coming kingdom and how to participate in it, those same people should be told that they are to support financially the work of the telling.

I guess it’s time to address the matter of the Tithe being part of the Mosaic Law, and not now in force since Jesus came. Many Christians will proclaim that the Law died, and with it the tithe. That’s right and wrong. The law did “die”, but not the tithe.

Here’s how the law died.

Remember, all our fleshly parts are governed by “law” of creation.
But all our Spiritual parts are not. They are governed by spiritual influences.

Paradoxically, the law is not dead and also never was alive. The “law” is not dead in accomplishing it’s real purpose, but is dead as it applies to the Spirit. Both these conditions have always existed.

“Law” is how the physical reality works. It can give us physical comfort by keeping us out of a disobedient mind set. But the law can’t comfort our spirit.

The Old Testament law didn’t save anyone. What saved was the keeping of what they could of the law, basing that act on what God had said about providing,. Faithing. It activated God’s Spirit the same as in the New Testament. One time when Gideon was faithing, it says he was “clothed with the Spirit.”

With Jesus coming, God just widened the field to include ALL His utterances as a basis for our faithing. He also widened the field of who could be saved to include
ALL ethnos. That’s the mystery that Paul talks about. The Jews were sure that no one outside their group could be saved. The same as some denominations think today.

If you are faithing when you “do” the law, then your faithing will get you God’s Spirit. If there is no faithing (risk taking) in your way of doing the law, then it’s not affecting your salvation. If it doesn’t take God’s help to get you to Church, then where’s the faithing in going there? If your car breaks down and you faithe, telling God that He’ll have to get you there in time, and start walking the 10 miles, there’s now risk involved in you going to Church. No risk in putting on your good duds and driving five minutes.

Six periods of time governed by the guidelines given by God to Man. From the Creation of Adam to The Fall to Abraham to Mt. Sinai to Moses to Christ to Eternity.

Creation: The Law of the Tree: Don’t eat of the tree. Only one other law existed. “Tend the earth.”

From the Fall of Adam: Sacrifice/Seed: What kind of sacrifice was acceptable and the prophecy of Satan’s head being bruised by Eve’s seed.

From Abraham: Law of the “Seed”: The Seed Law continued and added to by God’s promises to establish the Israelite Family.

From Mt. Sinai: 10 Commandments: These Commandments are added to the ongoing Seed and Family Laws.

From Moses: Civil Mosaic Law: the hundreds of Civil Laws that were added to the Ten Commandments. The Family Law continues until Eternity.

From Christ: Law of Faithing: Christ’s advent fulfills the Seed Law, the Ten Commandments, and the Mosaic Civil Law and establishes faithing as the route to God. By Jesus’ actions and His teaching, given to us by Paul, we are told that we receive an implant of God’s Spirit when we act in trust of something He has said. Faithing.

We have to know which came first, the Law or the tithe.
It’s right there in Genesis. A guy named Abram gave tithes, notice it’s plural, of all to Melchizedek.

Genesis 14 says this: Gen 14:18 And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: (which is the first communion in the Bible) and he was the priest of the most high God.
Gen 14:19 And he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth:
Gen 14:20 And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand. And he gave him tithes of all.

This is the first indication of where to give our tithes. Turns out that during Abraham’s early life, he spent 39 years living with this king of Salem. But that’s another story. Abraham was giving his tithe to his spiritual teacher. The point of looking at this event is to establish that the tithe was some time before the Law of Moses. God wouldn’t give that Law for another four hundred years. Let’s not be confused by the fact that the tithe was always lumped in with the Ten Commandments and the other hundreds of laws. It was and always had been a separate thing. Why? Because it wasn’t mainly for the Believer’s life, like the burnt offerings. The Priests didn’t get anything out of the flesh they burned up. The tithe had to do with sustaining the Temple and Priests, the teachers of God. And only by the back door, on the personal level, it taught the Israelites to trust God. Trusting God means overcoming the ego. It takes faith, as some would say today. I’d calling faithing.

It isn’t faith like we understand in English. The Bible was written and transmitted in Hebrew and Greek. So we have to know what Hebrew and Greek faith is. As one would expect, the words used in both languages are the same type. Faithing is a universal principle, so God wouldn’t have two different ideas for faith. Both in Hebrew and Greek the words used for faith are verbs. That’s why we need to attach something that puts the action into our English word. Hence, faithing.

Faithing in the Biblical frame means trusting God. In other words doing things the way we know God would have them done. Not the way we’d do them or want them done. It means “giving it up for God.” In the present context, faithing is keeping God’s law when we do stuff.

Another place we can look to add to our giving evidence is when Jesus told the Pharisees that they should be tithing.

Again, God has inspired the writers to include this statement twice, giving the idea what’s called adequate witness. God says that a thing is confirmed by two or three witnesses. Both Mathew and Luke tell what Jesus said.

Mat 23:23 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.

Luk 11:42 But woe unto you, Pharisees! for ye tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass over judgment and the love of God: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.

Let’s get one thing clear. Those Pharisees weren’t just tithing herbs. They were tithing to the point of even including such their salt. And what did Jesus say about their tithing? “This ye ought to have done.”
I know there might be some out there who will want to point out that the New Testament Christians didn’t tithe. Right. It doesn’t tell of that. What it says, if anyone really wants to use them as a model, is that they sold everything they had and put it all in the pot.

Wouldn’t God main Apostle, Paul, be telling believers the right things? Paul just reiterates the law of tithing and where it goes, in all but a couple of his letters. He addresses giving to the teacher at least 12 times, in eight different letters. It’s always, “support the teacher of God’s word.”

He attaches eternal life to giving in one place. In another he goes way beyond that in II Corinthians 8;7-9 where says, in essence, that we prove the implant of God’s Spirit by how we give. He wants the Corinthians to be like the Philippians and have the grace they have. The context will show that the grace Paul is talking about is giving.

Now Ephesians four says that Believers are to be about the building up of other believers. I see two different ways to do that. We are to support the teachers of God’s word so that they can get that word out to others AND, not either or, but AND we’re to do that same thing on our own little level. We do this by sharing our learning with others who come around to ask. Another way is to put our information in a place where others can see it or hear it.

1-We can literally give our way out of the New World Order. What an idea.
2-Didn’t God tell us in more then three places that Believers were NOT “appointed to Wrath? That means protection.
3-Didn’t God tell us that He would provide for us?
4-Didn’t God tell us that we’d be OK if we tithed?
5-Believers are supposed to give it up to God.
6-Are you a Believer?
7-Then it’s time to start acting like God is Real and will do what He says about taking care of you.

This is Jack, Bye

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