OPEN: Good morning and welcome to STAG, coming to you from KMUD in California. I’m Jack. Well, gay rights and abortion are back in the news big time. And people are still caught up in the controversy over the age of the earth and man. We’ll deal with both these subjects again today. Everybody’s got the right to be wrong, but it seems like everybody is exercising that right. It looks like nobody calling himself or herself Christian understands either of these issues. Stay tuned, but first
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Let’s take the age of the earth first. This is a piece written by Steve Collins. He’s a premier Christian researcher who has done excellent work in many different areas. Lots of good stuff on his web site. Steve Collins. These are many little excerpts from a large article on his site. I’ve talked about the age of the earth and the Gap theory a couple times before, but Steve brings in even more evidence to show that there really is no contradiction between what the Bible says about creation and what science must conclude behind the physical evidence that exists on earth and in the universe.

Steve starts out be describing himself and me.
First I shall state categorically that I am a Christian and a biblical literalist who believes that a Creator Being authored the Bible and that it is infallible in its original, inspired texts. I also believe that the book of Genesis teaches that mankind and the species now living on the surface of the earth cannot be older than approximately 6,000 years, and I also believe that God created mankind and all such current species in a literal six-day week of 24-hour days and that he “rested” on the seventh day.

Let’s first consider the assertion that “the earth is no more than 6,000 years old.” Where does it come from? That statement is nowhere in the Bible—please check your concordances and confirm it for yourself. That assertion began as an assumed corollary to the research of Archbishop James Ussher, who lived during the 16th and 17th centuries AD and whose calculations and chronologies are sometimes cited as date-references for many chapters in the Bible. In a King James Version of the Bible in my library, Archbishop Ussher’s proposed dates first appear with the 12th chapter of Genesis where a date of 1921 BC is cited. I allow that other biblical translations may list other dates for chapters of the Bible. Archbishop Ussher faithfully tried to calculate the time of Creation Week by calculating the life spans of biblical characters and their lineages backward from known dates in ancient history. His research resulted in a date of 4004 BC for Creation Week. Indeed, the Encyclopedia Americana notes that this date was “…widely accepted until the impact of the scientific revolution in the 19th century.”

Ussher’s chronology specifically attempted to date when Adam and Eve, the first humans, were created during Creation Week. His chronology calculated human life spans to determine when the first humans were made. His chronology did not specifically date when the earth itself was created.
God’s very first creative words on the first “day” of the seven-day Creation Week do not begin until Genesis 1:3.

This cycle of days and nights replaced a pervasive darkness which Genesis 1:2 states had previously been extant upon the entire surface of the earth. Genesis 1:2 records the earth was already in existence prior to the beginning of the Creation Week account. Notice what Genesis 1:2 records prior to anything being spoken or done by God on the first day of Creation Week. Genesis1:2 records that the earth and the oceans and a pervasive darkness were already present before Creation Week began!

For how long had the earth circled the sun in this darkened, lifeless state? The Bible does not say. The text allows for it to be a short time or a very long period of time.

In Job 38 God talks about, who laid the corner stone thereof; when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?”

In Isaiah 45, God also makes references to the time when he first made the heavens and the earth. In verses 12 and 18, God states: “I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their host have I commanded…For thus says the LORD who created the heavens: God himself that formed the earth and made it…he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited; I am the LORD; and there is none else.” He says he made it “to be inhabited” at the time he first created the earth, not long afterwards.

However, this scripture does not state God made mankind to initially “inhabit” the earth.
What happened to the beautiful earth that inspired heavenly beings to sing and shout for joy and which was made “to be inhabited?”

Let me add here some evidence I’ve mentioned before. Jeremiah 4:23-26 tells of a time on earth when there was “no man”, but that destruction came and destroyed “cities.” We know what cities are. We have them. Jeremiah was seeing something he knew. But he says that there “was no man”. And then the world was hit by a cataclysm that destroyed those cities, and the mountains. And it places the cause of the destruction on God’s “fierce anger.” This is exactly parallel and gives confirmation to what Steve Collins is saying.

Someone will say that this is really just the Flood. I disagree.

You can look at Genesis chapter 7 and see if you can find any earthquake that destroyed the mountains and cities, but you won’t find one. But that’s what happened in Jeremiah’s vision. These are two separate events.

Back to Steve.
The original creation of the earth and Universe to which God refers in Job 38 and Isaiah 45 is not the Creation Week account beginning in Genesis 1:3. The creation accounts in Job 38 and Isaiah 45 refer to the original creation which is barely mentioned without any additional details in Genesis 1:1! Genesis 1:1 states: “In the beginning, God [Elohim] created the heaven and the earth.” The Hebrew word translated “heaven” in Genesis 1:1 is the same word translated “heavens” in Isaiah 45:12 and 18. Genesis 1:1 is a reference to the time when God initially created the heavens and the earth, not to the later Creation Week account when he created mankind and the other current life forms now on the earth.

Job 38:9 mentions the initial creation of the earth included “clouds.” This means the earth was initially created with an atmosphere and a water cycle. This means the earth’s atmosphere had breathable air and the water circulation cycle of evaporation, condensation into clouds and rainfall upon the earth was also present. The evaporation and condensation of water indicates that there were heating and cooling cycles upon the earth’s original surface. This argues for daylight and nighttime portions within a day as the earth rotated on its axis after its initial creation.

Job 38:8-12 adds this original creation not only had clouds and oceans, but it also had dry land. Verses 10-11 record that God set boundaries (“bars and doors”) on the ocean and decreed that its waves could go “no further.” Waves break upon beaches of dry land and go “no further” as the waters recede back to the ocean. There had to be dry land in the initial creation of the earth for waves to break upon a shore. Gravity and atmospheric pressure also keep water levels in their place, so both these forces also had to be present when God initially made the earth.

in Genesis 1:1, Job 38:4-12 and Isaiah 45:12 & 18 is the initial creation of the earth and Universe by God. The originally-created earth was a place of land, oceans and clouds and it was created to be inhabited. It was so beautiful and verdant the “morning stars” and “sons of God” sang and shouted for joy! Who were these “morning stars” and “sons of God” and why were they so excited? They were excited because God had made a stunningly-beautiful place for them to live.

One thing is certain. These “morning stars” and “sons of God” couldn’t have been Adam and Eve. Genesis 2:7 states that Adam was formed from the dust of the earth after the earth was created,
The “morning stars” and “sons of God” had to be angelic/spirit beings who lived prior to the creation of the physical Universe. The word “star” is used a number of times in the Bible to indicate angels. Examples of this imagery are found in Revelation 1:20 and also in Revelation 12:3-4 where the “dragon” (Lucifer/Satan) caused “the third part of the stars of heaven” (the angels) to fall. Isaiah 14:12-15 also refers to angels as “stars” in its account of Lucifer’s rebellion against God. Jude 13 refers to angels as “stars” after their fall.

Jude 1:6 also refers to the time of Lucifer’s rebellion against God. It states:
“And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness…”

Isaiah 14:12-15 gives us the answer. In this account of Lucifer’s angelic rebellion, verse 13 records that Lucifer thought he could dethrone his own Creator and exalt himself over the entire heavenly realm. Verse 14 states that Lucifer “ascend[ed] above the heights of the clouds” when he left his normal “habitation” and tried to exalt himself to be “like the Most High.”

Lucifer was given authority by God over the original earth, the angels upon it and whatever physical life forms lived upon the initial creation of the earth.

It is evident that at some point after the heavenly beings shouted for joy when God first made the earth “to be inhabited,” God delegated to Lucifer and his complement of angels the supervision of the physical earth. The earth was their place of “habitation.” When Lucifer later rebelled by leaving his place of habitation to ascend to heaven in a rebellion to dethrone God, Lucifer was defeated and hurled back down to their proper place of “habitation.”

However, the beautiful earth that God originally made to be inhabited by Lucifer and many angels was destroyed in the course of this heavenly warfare. Jude 6 records that Satan and the angels who left their proper place of habitation were placed in “chains under darkness.” Jude 13 likens them to “wandering stars” amidst the “raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame.” This post-rebellion state of the earth (with raging waves and darkness) sounds exactly like Genesis 1:2 which records the earth became “without form and void” (KJV) and that “darkness was upon the face of the deep.”

Scientists now know that the earth has experienced several periods of mass extinction. The Bible agrees. Such an event happened between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2.
The explanation for this radical change in the earth is explained in Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, Revelation 12:4 and the book of Jude. Lucifer and his angels who had “inhabited” the verdant earth left the earth’s atmosphere to rebel against God and dethrone their Creator! They lost this heavenly war and were hurled back to the earth by God.

We can only imagine how spirit beings fight each other in the heavenly dimension, but the Bible gives us indications that the physical consequences of such a war resulted in an “extinction level event” for the earth and all physical creatures on its surface.

The earth was surely devastated during the heavenly war (after all, planet earth was the home base of the losing side). Do spirit beings hurl comets, meteors, etc. at each other or at each other’s domains during a heavenly war? This would account for the pock-marked appearance of planets and moons all over our solar system. The asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars may constitute the remnants of a planet which exploded during this heavenly war. Perhaps more than one planet in this solar system had a verdant surface prior to Lucifer’s rebellion, and only the earth itself had its surface and life restored by God after that rebellion.

What the Bible may be describing in Genesis 1:2 was something akin to a “nuclear winter” which existed in the aftermath of the annihilation of the dinosaurs and all physical life on the earth’s surface.

After God made all the new kinds of species on the earth’s surface and in the skies as well as in the oceans, he made mankind on the sixth day. God (the Elohim) had learned that even the mightiest angel that could be made could not be trusted with Elohim-like, creative powers. Lord Acton’s observation that “power corrupts” and “absolute power corrupts absolutely” was apparently true long before Lord Acton ever lived. So God made a new type of creature. He made a man and a woman, but these were not animals. He made man and woman “in the image and likeness” of the Creator Elohim, but in a physical form (Genesis 1:26).

Mankind was made for companionship and fellowship with the Creator God. Adam and Eve walked and talked with God prior to their fall in Eden. Perhaps if Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have received creative power to see if they, with the help of the Holy Spirit of the Elohim in their minds, could handle creative power. However, they “fell” when they were tempted and “beguiled” by the “serpent” who was none other than Lucifer/Satan (Genesis 3, II Corinthians 11:3).

The events postulated above are an expanded and detailed version of what some Christians call “the gap theory” (that there is a “gap” of time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2). However, since the fossil record and archeological findings are entirely consistent with and supportive of the “the gap theory,” I believe the “gap theory” is quite factual and provable in both the scriptures and via the physical evidence underneath our feet.

Now Steve Collins lists some requirements for life and the planet.

The balance of atmospheric gases are kept in balance by equivalent numbers of flora and fauna exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. Both flora and fauna had to come into existence at the same time for this balance in atmospheric gases to come into existence at all.

In order for any species to ever be able to reproduce itself, a mature male and a female of child-bearing age must come into existence not only at the same time but in the same place! Evolutionists don’t realize it, but the older the earth is, the more it stacks the odds impossibly against evolution. If the earth is billions of years old, it means that every species had to have a mature male and female come magically into existence at exactly the same time and in exactly the same place during the last few billions years! Not only must they come into existence at the same time vertically (in time) they must come into existence horizontally (in geography) during their overlapping short lifetimes.

Also, for any organism to “live” at all, its internal organs must all come into fully functioning existence at the same time. The moment any living being or creature has an internal organ that fails, the entire creature or organism dies and all the other organs fail with it.

Also, scientific observation of the world confirms that there is an inexorable law that things decay from more complex forms into simpler ones over time. Some call this the law of entropy.

Radioactive elements decay into simpler elements over time. A car or house left to itself will decay over time back into the earth from which its constituent elements came. A recent cable-TV documentary called “Life After Humans” affirmed and described this process very well. It asserted that within hundreds of years, even New York City would be reclaimed by the elements. Streets, buildings, metallic objects, etc. would all decay into simpler forms. In order for evolution to exist, there would have to be an immutable, observable law that simple things automatically and inexorably recombine themselves into ever-more complex forms. It is an observable, testable fact that such necessary evolutionary trends don’t exist. Creationist views affirm and explain this process (called entropy). Evolution does not.

Also, scientific observation of the world confirms that there is an inexorable law that things decay from more complex forms into simpler ones over time. Some call this the law of entropy. Radioactive elements decay into simpler elements over time. A car or house left to itself will decay over time back into the earth from which its constituent elements came. A recent cable-TV documentary called “Life After Humans” affirmed and described this process very well. It asserted that within hundreds of years, even New York City would be reclaimed by the elements. Streets, buildings, metallic objects, etc. would all decay into simpler forms. In order for evolution to exist, there would have to be an immutable, observable law that simple things automatically and inexorably recombine themselves into ever-more complex forms. It is an observable, testable fact that such necessary evolutionary trends don’t exist. Creationist views affirm and explain this process (called entropy). Evolution does not.

Is an age for the Universe of over 13 billon years compatible with a literal reading of the Bible’s texts? Yes, it is. The Bible indicates that the earth and the rest of the physical Universe is indefinitely old, but far older than 6,000 years. A literal understanding of the Bible allows for the earth and the Universe to be as old as scientists currently assert. If scientists discern new evidence indicating the earth is either billions of years older or younger than current estimates, it will not affect the literality of the Bible at all.

When scientists assert that physical evidence indicates the Universe and earth are millions or billions of years old, that is entirely possible because they are discussing the original creation of the earth (the creation mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 1:1, Job 38:4-7, Isaiah 45:12, 18). Indeed, I think the biblical context of a Luciferian rule on the earth and the geologic/fossil record support such a conclusion. When Christian creationists assert that mankind and the current life forms were created in a six-day Creation Week approximately 6,000 years ago, they are correct because they are discussing the much more recent creation account which begins in Genesis 1:3. Scientists and Christian creationists have been talking past each other all along because they are discussing different creations of God on earth which are eons apart!

Genesis 1:1 is not describing the Creation Week account which begins in Genesis 1:3. Genesis 1:1 barely mentions that there was a primordial creation long prior to an extinction level event which caused the original inhabited and beautiful earth to become a lifeless, flooded, darkened orb in space in Genesis 1:2. Genesis 1:3 begins the account of how God re-created entirely new species during Creation Week’s “re-creation” of life on earth after the extinction level event described in Genesis 1:2. The original creation did not include mankind and it was a world dominated by reptilian, serpent-like creatures which went extinct in the extinction level event mentioned in Genesis 1:2. The second creation of life on earth featured mankind as the ruling species on earth and the animal world is now dominated by mammals, not reptiles. The extinction level event of Genesis 1:2 was the rebellion of Lucifer and the resultant war in the heavens (Isaiah 14:12-15, Ezekiel 28:12-17, Luke 10:18, and Jude 6 and 13).

We have been swamped with gays and abortionists lately. The media is having a field day with both subjects. Gay’s right to marry is being debated everywhere we turn. And the news connected to the abortionist doctor’s murder, in church no less, continues on the inside pages.

I see a majority of the protesters on both issues as being from what some call the “Christian Right.” Now, I count anyone who even marches or stands on the corner with a “honk” sign the same as the murderers and bullies. God isn’t the one who gave these people authority for their actions. It was their Ego hiding behind God.

This message is strictly for Believers. If you’re not a Believer, you’re welcome to stick around. At least you’ll find out what one Believer has found on the subject.

If you count yourself as a Believer, and you’ve been participating in these activities, you’ve been feeding your Ego not your Spirit. You feed your spirit with the Bible. You read what God says to do and submit yourself. You don’t add to it. You don’t interpret it. You do literally what it says you are allowed to do. And of course, you can’t do less than it says either. No partials where God is concerned.

There's some HEAVY Code involved in gay-bashing and anti-abortion actions that I see. I call it Code when people do or say things that aren’t really what they mean. It always comes off the wall, so to speak. I maintain that most of this overt, confrontational action on the part of the Christian Right is based in one, a perverted use of scripture and two, selfish reasons. I think it’s necessary to recognize both parts of the action. The scripture is, of course, what provides them the rationale for hurting others, including murder. Wow, how off the wall is that? It's their own selfishness which drives them, not the reasons they give. They quote the Bible and tell us that homosexuality is an abomination. They're right. Let's look.

It says in Romans 1:24 that God gave certain people up to dishonor their own bodies. Verse twenty-seven is the proof-text: "And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, etc.," That's one passage. When you hear that in church you're going to form an opinion that those people are not right, their sinning is almost equal to murder. There's another favorite verse used to convince gays they shouldn't be. Exodus 18:22. God is laying down laws through Moses and is speaking to men when He says, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind. It is an abomination." It's an abominable thing to God for two men to have a sexual relationship. That's clear from the scripture. God doesn't like that. That's the kernel of truth that some use to twist reality into self-service. It's not the Bible that gets twisted.

There're millions of self-serving "Christians" who are trying to annihilate gays.
The abortion controversy is conducted the same way. It's people twisting all the true scriptures where God or Christ or a man of God has made a statement concerning children and parents. God loves children. God does not condone abortion at will. Life is precious to God. Just the page I'm now looking at in my Bible has five additional references to a god named Molech. He's the old Pagan God of fire. He required that babies be purified by fire. The parents were to throw their babies through the fire. Sometimes they died. This practice was common in Old Testament times. That's why God talked about it so much. "And thou shall not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech." "Suffer the little children to come into me," Jesus said. God loves children; mainly because they're so trusting is my opinion. God loves children. He doesn't want to see them aborted.

Now we have to look at instructions. There are many places in the Old and New testaments where God or Jesus is giving instructions: the Ten Commandments The Bible is an Instruction book. I call it the Rulebook of Life, just as are the Ten Commandments. They teach us how to get on the best way down here. That doesn't mean you'll go to heaven for using the Bible as you behavioral guide.

With that frame set down, let's see if we can find where these activists go wrong; how it is that I can judge that they are perverting the use of scripture for selfish reasons. We must ask two questions. To whom were the instructions given? When God, Jesus and Paul gave instructions, whom were they talking to? Secondly, did those instructions reach beyond the group of instructees?

Who was instructed? Who did God talk to through Moses and the prophets? Who was God instructing? I find no mention, not a verse that says God talked to Pharaoh about the Exodus from Egypt. He had a lot to say to Moses, and a bit to Aaron, but not to Pharaoh. God didn't talk to Nebuchadnezzar. He talked to Daniel. Let's put some flesh and blood on the Bible. Do you really think that if God came to Sennacharib when he was besieging Jerusalem with over 200,000 troops, and told him that this wasn't a good idea, and that if he persisted he'd lose 180,000 men in one night, that Sennacharib wouldn't have packed it in and gone home? But God didn't talk to him; He talked to the King of Jerusalem and told him that he didn't have to worry. The point is that God doesn't give instructions to those outside His own group. He instructed the Israelites, all twelve tribes; which included the one tribe of Jews, the Judahites. He only talked to the twelve tribes, not the Canaanites or Jebusites or Hittites. Who did Jesus instruct? Did he go to Rome and talk to Caesar? Did he go talk to the king of Egypt? Did he bring His instructions over to China and tell them how to live? No. He gave instructions to his own people, mainly the Jews, but also the Galileans who were the Israelites of the tribe of Benjamin. He went to his own people. Christ didn't go and condemn the Arabs for engaging in homosexuality. If he mentioned homosexuality at all, he told his own people.

The same is true of Paul. Following Paul's ministry shows that he went to places inhabited mainly by Israelites, the ones who migrated north and west as the Lost Tribes. They wound up in northwest Europe and the British Isles. When Paul gets to those places, like Galatia just beneath the Black Sea, he's talking to ex-Gauls. They came back from over in Gaul (France), sacking Rome en route, to resettle in present day Turkey. Don't be confused by the fact that he always hit the synagogue first in those locations. He was a highly educated member of the ruling theological body of Israel. He started with the Jews in each location because they knew the scriptures and could be shown the connections to Jesus. Even so, he started in the synagogue, but wound up in the streets. Mostly the Jews didn't want to hear it. Paul wanted to go to Asia and God turned him around, because he was to go to the "lost sheep of the House of Israel" first.

All of God's, all of Jesus', all of Paul's instructions went to God's "chosen" people; the Israelites, including the Jews. What did they do with those instructions, Old and New testaments?

The Israelites in the Old Testament moved into the Promised Land and took city after city. Finally, under David's rule, about 1000 BC, the whole of the territory was conquered, pulled together and there was peace and prosperity for forty years. They were following God's instructions. What happened?

David's kingdom extended from the Nile River to the Euphrates over in Mesopotamia. Even though they had sovereignty over those places, they didn't go over there and say, "OK, you guys gotta be circumcised." They never established outside colonies. The Israelites didn’t try to impose their instructions from God on other cultures. They knew the rules worked, but didn't require others to live by them. Remember the second question? Did these instructions reach beyond the group? The instructions didn't say, "Go out and tell everybody not to be gay." The instructions did not reach beyond the group. If a stranger came in, there were provisions made by God for the stranger within the group. The stranger adheres to the rules of the group and the group accepts that stranger as one of their blood kin. The instructions didn't reach beyond the group and did not require the group to enforce them on others.

I think you've got the point by now. The gay-bashers and anti-abortion people are going outside of their own group, mainly the Christian frame, in order to put their God-given rules on those not in the group. They're perverting the use of valid scriptures for selfish reasons. God never said to go instruct unbelievers how to live. At the very most, the Israelites were to demonstrate to the outside world that God's instructions, if followed, would result in a good life. If you do it God's way, it really works. That was one of the "jobs" of the chosen people.

Why, then, is all this happening? Let's stay with the idea that it's for selfish reasons, because murder and gay-bashing certainly aren't based on scripture. I maintain that it's a manifestation of inadequacy. It's a sense of inadequacy that drives most of our stress-producing actions. These overt, harmful acts are being committed under the rationale of a "Good Cause;" a rationale that comes off the wall. It just doesn't fit. But, in the name of this "Good Cause" people are burning and murdering. And that's a sneaky part. Something done in the name of a cause relieves the individual of responsibility. The Cause is responsible. The people who burn the clinic don't think themselves responsible. That lets the one doing the specific action off the hook.

At this point I have to add the part that the Illuminati play in all this. The first thought I had when I heard about the doctor’s murder was mind control. This guy was a perfect candidate for mind control. The only usual thing that he didn’t do was turn the gun on himself. That’s always part of the event, have you noticed? Columbine, Virginia tech and others had that same scenario. Before WW2 a psychologist testified that within the space of a couple hours he could get a person to commit murder and think they were doing good. Manchurian Candidate. How easy it would be to create a suicide bomber already steeped in propaganda.

I’m also very suspicious of the great controversy over marriage. Marriage is just a word. Shouldn’t the debate always be over the rights of the person, not the name of the relationship? I bet you’d have a hard time finding some gay person who would trade hospital visitation rights for the word “marriage”. Haggling over the word “marriage” just doesn’t make sense to me. Where does all this vehemence come from?

Don’t the Illuminati always pump up both sides of the big issues? Don’t they have their agent provocateurs in the upper ranks to the Christian Right and the Gay and Lesbian movements? Yes, they do. Haven’t they gained more control over all of us by passing the hate crime bills? The number one hate-crime organization, the Anti-Defamation League was founded by the Illuminati, to help cover their act behind the claim of anti-Semitism. Didn’t I read or hear of a school kid being arrested for saying or writing something about Islam?

First amendment? What first amendment?

One last fact: every researcher I’ve read, from ex-Illuminati family members to therapists report that homosexuality, male and female is part of the Illuminati lifestyle. Not just for a few, for them all. But, there they are on the Christian Right trying to get rid of all those rotten gays and lesbians. How can that be? They are above those issues and are using them to promote their control agenda.

Don’t make the mistake that I’m talking about all gays or anti-abortionists being part of the Illuminati. The lower levels are just serving their egos and know nothing about the top controllers.

Again we have to ask why. We have a dilemma. We have all these people claiming to be on God's side, working and living for God, their cause and actions are because of God and the Bible. They should know. If they were laying their inadequacies on God, they wouldn't hear other people say, "Hey, you can't kill people, even in the name of your cause." Then why do they do that stuff? People who are in the God frame still acting like they weren't. They seem to be contradicting themselves. "We're for God, but we won't depend on Him." "We're for God, but we won't let Him take of the problems of the world." "We're for God, but we've gotta help Him 'cuz He can't handle it."

We're still left with the question, "Why do they do this stuff, anyway!? No belief. No belief. Inadequate belief. Too small belief. When you act for God, and you let Him take care of what you see as missing in the process that you can't handle or accomplish, you're walking in with your eyes half closed. How do you know what's going to happen. It's a risky situation. It's a fearful situation. Fear of the unknown. Nobody's going to blame anybody for fear of the unknown.
“And if we let these gays, and abortionists get away with it, they’ll take over and pretty soon we’ll have forced abortions and cops making sure that there are some gays in every congregation!!” Fear of the unknown.

Now we have a solid, logical explanation for the code that the religious Right is engaging in. And hurting people. No belief or a belief so small that, and this is important, they have to add to it with their own rationale, their own construction. If they don't add to what God has said, they can't make up for the wrong qualities of murder and arson.

Time to put in a word for the Law. Believers have to realize, make it a real thing, that not one gay in any parade can be detained or arrested under Biblical law. Cross dressers flaunting dildos, aren’t doing anything that God said “don’t.” Now the difference would be if two of them stripped and started having sex. Then Biblical Law could be used against them. You see, the scripture is very specific. It says that there have to be two eye witnesses to the act. Let me ask any Believers listening, when was the last time you eye-witnessed two men having sex?

Okay, maybe there was one person who could honestly say "Yes". If so, the we have to ask the follow up question. Are those two guys either part of your congregation or immediate family? No? Then you have NO God given instruction to even approach them in a negative way. Should an admitted homosexual be allowed to worship in a church? Yes. As much as any admitted alcoholic, drug addict or prostitute. I can imagine some tightly wrapped chirstian saying, “Well, maybe not some recovering prostitute, but anyone else.” We can only go by the behavior that we can see, not what we guess.

I'm sorry if this discussion has been hard for some people to hear, but it's really been on my mind lately. I must stress, you have to leave people alone. You can't change anybody. You can't save anybody. You can't teach anybody anything. These clinic burners and gay-bashers obviously are not presuming the evidence that God is a real thing in the world. They're hurting people.

Leave people alone, except, to love them and forgive them. Love and forgive. Now, I don't mean like them, be affectionate toward them. Follow what C S Lewis says. He points out that the love we're supposed to practice when we "love our neighbor" means no more than wish them well. Additionally, some of the original language says we're to "be of benefit" to them. You don't have to like what they do or what they say and you can certainly be the instrument to bring punishment to those deserving it. Should a Christian judge hand down a death sentence? Yes. All the time wishing that was some way that the person might end up OK; like the thief on the cross that met Jesus "in Paradise." Love and forgive.

Spend all that heavy negatively directed energy confirming God, and trying to grow in faithing. Let me paraphrase C S Lewis. "You may not BE, but you can ACT like you are." You may not have a one hundred percent belief in God. But, if you sat down and thought about it, I bet you could figure out how you would act if you did have that complete belief. Then you can "pretend" you do while you take some action. That's the formula for faithing. When I am not in total control of a situation, all I can do is point myself toward the goal, knowing that it's Right, and get on with what I can do today, with the hope that the unknown will be overcome.

1-I keep saying it. You have to do your homework. The top of the head is not a valid resource.
2-If you’re not depending on what the writers of the Bible said, then how can you call yourself a Christian?
3-Want to talk some more on these subjects? STAG is a comfortable, non-combative place to do that.
4-We’re at 88 Briceland road in Redway. The number there is 707 923 ALLY (2559). Or on the web at STAG.WS.
5-I’ll be back on August 2. I trust you’ll be here too.
6-Ephesians chapter 4 says that all believers have the job of building up other believers. Let’s concentrate on that and leave all the other stuff to God. He’s the only One that can truly handle it. Because He’s real and keeps His word.
This is Jack, bye.

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