Good morning! And welcome to Straight Talk about God. Iím Jack. Weíre going to take another look at the nature of reality and how Believers can deal with it. Canít play the game if you donít know the rules. Weíll hear from David Icke. Heís a top Illuminati researcher who has taken that study way beyond the Bankers and financiers. He describes what Iíve been talking about here for 21 years. Whatís the best way to live? Faithe. Thatís the verb form of our English word ďfaith.Ē We have to put the ďeĒ on the end to make it the kind of faith that we find in the Bible, both Testaments. The Bible say itís the way to open the door to God. And weíll discover whoís really in charge.

DAVID ICKE: A while back I went to David Ickeís web site and found a two hour interview he did with Project Camelot. I liked it a lot because he was in a different mode than when heís on stage giving a presentation. The interviewers were, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy.

David Ickeís main question, something that will solve all our problems and defeat the Illuminati, is ďWhat would Consciousness do?Ē

Hereís the interview:
BR: These are the guys who heard that the Angel Gabriel is going to come and save us, you know? That doesnít work either.

DI: Every level ... it seems to me every belief system, every mind construct, seems to have a version of the cavalry coming over the horizon, you know: OK. Hereís the cavalry. OK? Hereís the cavalry. Hereís the cavalry. Thereís the cavalry.

And we need to understand that, you know, because if we give our power away to other people, where do those other people actually... Where do they actually stand, physically, as we give our power away to them?

Out-there, symbolically. So what weíre doing is giving the power away into the Illuminati and then wondering why nothing ever changes.

The whole conspiracy, or the foundation of the conspiracy, is to persuade 6 billion people to give their power away every day. And the power used to control us is the power of these people saying: Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

ME: Does anyone remember the scene from Matrix I, where Morpheous showed Neo what the Matrix used humans for? He held up of coppertop battery. Well, thatís just what Icke is saying. By acquiescing to the elites move toward the NWO, we are giving them the power to actually do it.

Take it back, house of cards comes down, because thatís what it is. Itís a house of cards, and weíre holding it together in-here. Weíre constructing the house of cards in-here. Great news... we can bring it down in-here.
KC: Right. But I have to say that weíre not only going to do that with the Mind. Thatís whatís really important here.

DI: No, the Mind plays it out. We're going to do it by becoming conscious. Thatís the point.

KC: Absolutely, but also left brain / right brain. I want to address that a little bit.

Because itís not enough to reconstruct reality based on things getting to a place where you donít know, and then youíre willing to open to a new construction of reality such that youíre going to play the game different, but youíre still lodged in the left brain.

You must bring in the holistic view, the view that encompasses the heart, that encompasses the female, which is the yin-yang side of things, because what we have here, has been playing out for centuries, is a really yang view of reality, especially on the Western side of the world.

So what I have to say is, itís more than just reconstructing the left brain in a new way to play the game better, because thatís actually cheating yourself on another level.

You need to grow and open the door between the left and the right brain, such that there is a flow. And that means that youíre talking about the heart. Youíre talking about senses that are beyond the five.

What you had to do in your own exploration was... you never would have gotten the information you wanted to get by staying in the left brain. As you said, you had physical sensations. They locked your feet. They gave you information that came out of nowhere. You couldnít make logical sense of it. Logic was out the window. So left brainís gone, you know. Itís even worse, or useless, when you get into that place.
So you must actually... Itís like traveling, in a sense. You must actually travel to a different place. What you do [meaning David] is, you follow your intuition.
Youíre over on your, I guess they call it the right side of the brain. Thatís where you are. Thatís where intuition resides, so youíve opened that door. There is a flow. And thatís really what has to happen.

DI: Well, yeah. I mean, I take my intuition, which has guided me and has lead me to information. Also itís like a filter. I have a vibrational sensation when something is not true and something is true, and another one when itís maybe partly true.

Yeah. The left brainís still important in bringing those concepts down into a language of communication that people can assimilate that are stuck in the left brain. Because if you donít talk in logical -- from their perspective, logical terms that the left brain can understand, which is under lock and key -- then that key will never open.

And that is also why what youíve just said, that you will... Except on rare occasions when Iím talking in a very small time-scale or doing an interview on a specific subject, I will never talk about the five-sense conspiracy without the nature of reality, and the influence of Consciousness, and all the rest of it.

Another point you make is about the heart. I agree. The heart is absolutely at the heart of this and is much more powerful than the brain and much more powerful than The Mind because it is connected. I would say thatís what connects us through the Consciousness.

And this conspiracy also... Because, you know, itís a simple thing. In the deep shadows behind the people in dark suits is a force, whatever you want to call it, that understands how this works.

ME: Now, for those of us who have read a lot of the Seth material, especially ďThe Nature of Personal RealityĒ, youíll be able to hear that same teaching here in what David Icke is saying. Seth teaches repeatedly that we make our own reality, by acting out our beliefs. We make it up in our heads and bring the construct to life on the physical plane. And youíll also hear Sethís solution to our ďproblemsĒ in what Icke says. Seth teaches that in order to change the physical, our personal reality, we have to do it from inside our heads, not out in the reality weíve already created.

So again, when Icke talks about in-here and out-there, he means the beliefs we use in our minds, and the construct that is already in existence. I love one of his analogies on this. Icke says that people go around trying to comb the mirror. They are looking at the world(the mirror), and wanting to change what they see, they work within the construct.. When they look in the mirror and see some messed up hair, they try to comb the mirror instead of their actual hair. The hair stays messed up because it already exists that way, in the reflection. We can only change the reflection by changing the source of the image. Back to Icke.

DI: So theyíve structured a society that is to close down all the channels to Consciousness, to isolate us in Mind because then weíre playing in their stadium. And one of the key things they use is to close the heart. To close the heart.

And if you want to open the heart and you want to become conscious -- itís what I say in my talks -- then what we need to do is to ask the question: What would Consciousness do at this point?

ME: This really depends on how we define Consciousness. Icke is defining Consciousness as containing all the Right values that we find as given to us by God in the Bible. What a coincidence! In the God frame, we would probably say something like Conscience. What is Conscience, anyway? I believe that it has to do with the Holy Spirit. So does Jeremiah.

Jer 31:33 But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people.

Somehow, God is going to give us the knowledge of Right and Wrong right inside us. We donít have to go look it up on Wikipedia. ďWhat would my Heart say was the Right thing to do in this situation?Ē

Now, I feel like I have to put in some basic facts about reality here. All this talk may make intellectual sense, but isnít enough to carry over into our daily lives. We really have to understand the practical workings of reality. And locking ourselves into the physical reality of the Illuminati makes that impossible. It is very hard to realize that we have a Higher Self, that is in charge of things. Mostly the things of which we carry very little awareness. Like manipulating the physical energy into the construct of our beliefs. So, letís revisit the idea I brought you on that subject. I called it, You Arenít Really You.

God is a spirit.
The devil is a spirit.
The Angels are spirits.
And You are a spirit.

WE ARE A TRINITY!! Youíve heard, ďbody, mind and soul.Ē Letís substitute Self for soul. Body, Mind and Self. In other words, thereís a different, higher part of us beyond our minds or bodies. Our Soul, our Self, our Spirit. And those who believe in a Soul/Spirit wiIl also believe that this part of us is eternal and doesnít go away when the body dies.

If You are a spirit, what is your body?
Letís stay down on the physical level for just a moment. What we usually call ourselves does not include the separate parts of our body. One could hardly say, ďMy arm is me.Ē What is your arm? A thing that hangs off your body. Your arm is not you. And when we move up to the spiritual level, your body isnít You, either. You are a spirit.

You take up no space. You have no volume. You have no mass. They canít weigh or measure your spirit. You are a consciousness contained in a bit of energy. Science has long known that the world, all matter, from rocks to human beings is just energy.

Spirit is just energy.
God is just energy.
The devil is just energy.
An Angel is just energy.

The evidence is that all spirits have the ability to manipulate physical energy. God created angel-Spirits with the ability to take human form. Angels can do this at wiIl. Although most human beings donít realize it, they manipulate individually and in concert the energy of the physical universe, thereby maintaining physical forms.

Your Self, manipulates energy. Itís the only way to explain Jesusí saying that if we had faith we could tell a mountain to jump into the sea, and it would. What if you were the greatest magician in history. An advanced tele-keneticist. You could bend spoons when you were 8 months old. Lift cars by age one. Help wrecking crews bring down buildings by four. Fly oil tankers across the ocean in an hour by age seven. Thatís the process. Itís just like we think of as magic. If you happened to be sitting next to God when He created the earth and were trying to tell some angel who happened to be sick that day, ďmagicĒ would be a good way to do it. Jesus even said that we, believers, would be able to do not just miraculous things like he did, but even more miraculous things. Only one explanation can satisfy this. The physical energy that forms all things physical, can be affected by us. The US that is our Self.

Your Self, your spirit, You, manipulates energy to form a tool that allows You to experience the physical reality. That tool is your physical body. Your physical body is not You.

Your physical body is no more than some little earring that hangs beside Your ďheadĒ. Your body is to your Self, as your arm is to what we usually think of as ourselves.

This idea is nothing new. Itís been taught since there were people. The point is not that your body, your brain, your mind is not You. The point is why we have bodies at all. Extending outward, the point is, why is there a physical reality?

Spirit energy cannot experience the physical reality. It canít taste a juicy steak. It canít smell a rose. It canít smile. Our spirits have constructed physical bodies as tools to experience the physical reality. If the Self found itself in a different reality, it would have to construct a different tool to experience that reality.

God is a God of Threes. Heís One, but, One in Three. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And when you look around at the creation and the processes by which it works, you find a myriad of threes. The Druids are famous for their triads. And, as I said, we humans are also a ďtrinity.Ē We have a Body, a Mind and a spirit. Or a Self.

I know that possession can be a very dark word. But think about it. We are all possessed. Our bodies, which we usually think of as ourselves, are possessed by our real Selves.

So Icke is saying that in order to change our reality, we just have to ďDo the Right Thing.Ē Heís saying, consult that little bit of God that is in your heart and see what option is Right.

DI: Would Consciousness, when weíre faced with this set of circumstances say: Well, whatís the best outcome for me? No. Consciousness would say: What is the right, just, fair thing in this situation for me to do?

And if we, when weíre faced with choices all through the day, ask that question: In this circumstance, what would Consciousness do? And act upon it Ė crucially -- then everything changes. And our life changes.

ME: According to Seth, weíd be changing our beliefs. But in the God frame, we donít stop there. Yes, weíre acting on new beliefs, but weíre not the ones making up the belief, like I want to be popular or wealthy. Weíre acting in accordance with what God has said on the subject, in the belief that itís the way it works best.

DI: Why? Because we are now starting to resonate with Consciousness because weíre operating in its realm, which is... By doing what we say Consciousness would do in these circumstances, we are vibrationally locking in to that level and therefore becoming more and more influenced by Consciousness.

ME: Iíve been putting this in terms of Ego. Because asking what someone or something else would do is not asking what we can/should do. Itís giving in to something outside our self; with a small S. We have a common name for this. Itís called Ego. To the extent that we govern our actions on an outside standard, we are giving up control to something else. Can you see how this is exactly the same thing Icke talked about early on? He talked about giving away our power to the Matrix. Life is ALL a matter of giving away our power. We just have to decide which power we want to give up to.
As Dr. Scott used to teach, we have no choice but to faithe, thatís to act in trust. Our every action is based in trust of in something. Our only choice is the object of our faithing. Do we trust what God has said on the particular thing or do we trust something else, like our ego, which isnít concerned with anything but our survival and comfort. Thereís a reason why all the major belief systems teach the elimination of ego. Icke says:

When we say: Well, yeah, I see that, but itís not good for me if I do whatís right in this situation. I must do whatís right for me. Thatís Mind, so thatís locking you into Mind.

You know, this thing about becoming conscious... I see it so often all over the world. I mean, I was in India just before Christmas. And, you know, good luck to them, but they make it sound so complicated.

And you know, a lot of the complication, I see this with New Age people that stand on stages and do workshops, not all of them of course. I see it with gurus in India and stuff like that. Not all of them, again, but vast numbers of them.

The complexity says two things: One, they donít really understand it, because if you really understand something, you can put it in simple language.

This is why you get academia repeating jargon. And you say: Look, Iím an idiot, mate. OK? Iíve never passed an exam in me life. I left school at 15 to be a professional soccer player. Youíre gonna have to put it in language I can understand. They canít because they donít really understand it. Theyíre just repeating jargon.

And the other side of the complexity of becoming conscious is, if you can make it sound complex, then youíve taken power over your potential audience. Thatís a big thing.

You have to come through me. And the more I make it sound complex, the more power I have, and therefore the more you must come to me, and the longer you must stay with me. And, by the way, put the check in the box as you leave. [Kerry laughs]

And yet it is so simple. This is the point I would make. People talk about ďWe must become consciousĒ. Itís a lie.

We are conscious. That is our natural state. Whatís happened is, barriers that we have been manipulated -- and we must take responsibility for it too, big time -- are put in place, have symbolically created a concrete shell around our natural state. And in this concrete shell are all the things that control people -- fear and stress, and conflict, and seeking success, and competition, and all this stuff.

Itís not that we have to become conscious. We are conscious. Itís breaking that shell. And that shell is Mind domination. If we can break that shell, we become conscious.

BR: Itís like the lie thatís in language when people say: My spirit, My soul, and Iím hungry. Itís like, wait a minute, this is the wrong way around here. You know: I have a body and my body is hungry. My body is tired. And I am a soul and I am a spirit.

That language is a product of The Mind in the first place. We donít talk how we think. We think how we talk. And language is one of the ways in which weíre programmed.
DI: A massive, massive way.

Programming the computer. But what are words? Theyíre vibrational fields. So, again, even the words... The programmers are actually coming in at a vibrational level, a waveform level, and theyíre only decoded into language when they pass though the brain construct.

So everything gets in, that plays out-there, gets in at vibrational level. Thatís why we need to get to that level of ourselves and clear ourselves out because thatís where all the patterns are put in.

And I use this analogy in my talks, that, you know, a ball, its natural place in a tank of water is on the top, just floating away. Itís a natural state. Free. Going like...

If you want to put the ball in an unnatural state in the tank, youíve gotta put in on the bottom of the tank and youíve gotta hold it there. You canít put it there and itíll stay there because itís not its natural state. Its natural state is floating on the top. Our natural state is being conscious.

So what their manipulation has had to do is -- and this says something about the true scale of who we are -- it has had to bombard us with so many multi-level systems of control, diversion, and manufactured ignorance, to symbolically hold the ball on the bottom. And it hasnít succeeded.

KC: Actually, theyíre mounting, these systems of control. Thatís what the move towards a Fascist state and a world government is all about. I actually heard an interview with you in which you talked about that fact. You see, the fact that we are - to use your analogy, which is a very good one - we are Consciousness and as that ball we are moving as a group towards the surface of the water. Weíre actually getting out of their grasp.

DI: Right.

KC: As that happens, theyíre intensifying their game to want to keep that ball down and so thatís why the stakes are rising on both sides.

DI: Couldnít agree more.

KC: And whatís going to happen is... Look at the natural, I mean, even the metaphor is perfect because whatís going to happen ultimately, the water and the ball are going to win. OK? Thereís no way that those forces... As much as they intensify, sometime, somewhere that ball is going to get to the surface, like it or not, The Powers That Be.They think: If you donít get it, then we can hold you down. You deserve to be held down. Thatís actually their... Iím sure you know this. This is their rationale.

So what happens when we, because weíre greater than our bodies... the Consciousness that we are is greater than what they are because theyíre on limitation, start to win in their own mind? You see? And they start to let go. Because this is whatís probably happening. There have to be many members that have been under the thumb of this game and have joined and are being, you know, will be patted on the head and given all the reinforcement necessary to keep them in the game. What happens when they start to see the light, so to speak?

DI: And some of them, Iím sure, already are, because thereís nothing more fiercely compartmentalized than this whole control structure itself.

Thereís so many people within the control structure, right down into mainstream society, that are daily contributing to this gathering Fascist global state, who have no idea of the true implications of it. Or, as they go up higher and higher, have been mislead about the nature of themselves, reality, and the force behind it.

KC: So the nature of the chaos and the destruction will actually work in the favor of releasing the ball because what happens is, during chaos you can change sides, you see. You can actually, you know... Itís really hard to maintain control during a time of destruction.

DI: Yeah. I agree. What I would say is that the ball will get to the top of the water when the ball realizes that it is the water. [Kerry laughs] And the scale of the movement and the speed of movement of this conspiracy now as it puts in more and more surveillance, more and more control, more and more centralization of power, etcetera...Iíve been saying for years now that is not about even gathering more power. It is about defending the control thatís already there. Because they understand.

I mean, if I can go to a psychic in England in 1990 to be told through this psychic that this vibrational change was coming, was going to create a spiritual revolution... I mean, are the Illuminati families not going to know that this spiritual change, this vibrational alarm clock is coming? Of course they are and theyíve known about it for a long time.

And so, what weíre looking at is a... I mean, when you lose the power -- from ďWeíre in control and weíre going to get more powerĒ to ďWe must impose more and more control to stop this happeningĒ -- theyíre not in a, if you like, a pro-active situation now as they push this Orwellian state on. Theyíre in a defensive situation, trying to keep the lid on human ignorance as this vibrational change brings it to the surface.

And, you know, compared with Consciousness, this Illuminati... I mean, theyíre flies on an elephantís back, you know, and theyíre gonna get removed.

I think itís not about winning the game, and itís not about losing the game. Itís about realizing the nature of the game, and the fact that itís not about winning and losing, itís just about experiencing.
And as these pyramids of control, certainly the lower levels first, start getting picked off by this vibrational change, and people start to see things differently, you know...
As Iíve been saying for 20 years, look at a pyramid. The capstoneís the place of the power. No itís not. The capstoneís up there because the rest of the pyramidís holding the bugger up there. The rest of the pyramid moves away, whereís the capstone gonna go? Itís gonna crash to the floor. Thereís nothing holding it up. We are holding up the very structure that is our own control system.
Lastly, hereís what someone wrote me via email. This person named a brother, who was a Mason, as a good man.

They wrote: "I have an opinion on all that stuff about the Masons and the Illuminati etc.... We don't have to pay attention to them or acknowledge what's behind them. So what, its all controlled by God anyway; have faith."

Christian denial usually takes this form.

I replied:
But then youíre only living half your life. Youíre only recognizing half the Control of this earth. If you agree that the earth is a Battlefield, then why not get Intell on the enemy? Remember ďThe Art of War?Ē ďKnow your enemy.Ē

We canít just brush off the devil with the statement the Godís in control. Part of His control is to let the devil do a whole lot of damage to us. First we study God, then we study the devil. Then weíre ready to pass that info to those who ask. The Holy Spirit will guide people to us for an answer they need to hear. And that may be the ONLY answer we have for that person. But if we keep up with our study, there will be others.

The Illuminati are Satanís human arm to accomplish the establishment of his kingdom here on earth, with the Anti-Christ as its King. We have to know all the different avenues that are used, from logos, to religion, to secret societies, to the thoughts in our own heads.

Are all Methodists and Methodist ministers in the Illuminati? Of course not. But in the study of the Illuminati, we find that the top ranks of the Methodist denomination are connected or even bloodline family members of the Illuminati. And in the study of the bad, itís not necessary to say much more about the lower, community-serving ranks, than the fact that they do lot of good that helps give the organization as a whole a Good name. I wonder how many of those good-hearted folks would stay in the Lodge if they knew that Satanic rituals were being performed there at night?

These organizations are meant to look Good, but are to provide the structure for networking between the various inside groups of elite.

As good a man as you say your brother is, ask him to repeat some of the oaths heís had to take as he advanced up the degrees. Or go on the web and look at them yourself.

I have to include one more example. The Red Cross. Yeah, the Red Cross.
The Rockefellers took over the Red Cross and the world blood supply. Then 10,000 hemophiliacs died from HIV-tainted blood. The technology for Ďwashingí the blood was there, but not used. This wasnít some accident.

The Grunts passing out coffee to disaster victims have no idea that they, in their own small way, are perpetuating this evil. Thatís the point and why we need to study these guys, and why we need to let others in on the control that is being exerted on their individual lives.

Does physical harm make you afraid? When that mugger holds a gun up to the bridge of your nose, are you afraid? I heard a lot of ďYesesĒ. But after analyzing things, donít we find that itís our bodies that are afraid? Our Soul/Spirit/Self isnít afraid. Itís not going to die along with your body. Itís our ego that will be hurt if we die. Dying reduces our bodies to nothing. Makes us as ďsmallĒ as we can be.

Iíve learned over the years that all our stress contains the idea of being smaller than we know ourselves to be. The jerk cuts you off on the freeway and you feel stress. He was acting like you were smaller than a human being, at least, smaller than him. Was your Self, the real You, afraid or mad that it would be reduced in size or effectiveness? No.

We have to start recognizing the separate parts of our total makeup. When we do, weíll discover our fears are all based in Ego and not Spirit. And that should help us know that if we do whatís Right, do it Godís way, the result is more freedom, a feeling of being larger, rather than smaller. Weíll see that our ego has been protecting itself and not our real Self.

Another very important revelation will be the fact that our Self can change things, where our ego is helpless in making our lives better. Decisions based in ego always contain some stress sooner or later.

You know, itís not what you call it. Itís what you do with it. Call it Consciousness. Call it Self or Soul or Spirit. The main thing is whether or not you are willing to handle situations based on what that part of you says is the Rright way.

Itís really true. The world works best only one way. Everything else will bring some amount of stress into our lives. It works because God is real and He does what He says.

This is Jack, Bye.

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