Hey. Good morning! Welcome to STAG. We’re going to spend a little time with the kids and the adults today. We’ll revisit some familiar Bible stories, but mainly we’ll focus on the faithing done by the people. Then we’ll look at how we can indeed make the world a better place. That’s for the adults.

HEROES: I got three stories here; Noah, Elijah and the Israelite in the Exodus. We want to zero in on how the people acted on something the God had said to them.
First Noah.
Next, the prophet Elijah.
Now we hear about the exodus and how the people had to trust God.

OK. The kids can go play while we bring it up to the present.


Is there any way out of the mess that the world is in? How can we defeat Satan’s attempt to set up his anti-Christ kingdom? In four words, “Help people see God.” You want to make the world a better place? Help people see God.

Most of the things suggested nowadays to make the world a better place are so abstract or beyond our human capabilities that we end up doing nothing but talking about how to make the world a better place. Help people see God.

“Well, I think it’s better to keep a positive attitude about all this.”

“Having respect and love for everyone and every thing is all we need to do.”

“It’s easy. Just find those world Manipulators and hang them from the nearest tree. Drag them out of their beds and hang them!”

“We need to become more politically active and at the same time prepare to defend ourselves and the American way of life.”

All good “talking” points. And they are evidence of the helplessness felt by the speakers. They are only grasping at ideas, not having any real, workable and personally accomplished plans. That’s the trouble with the above ideas. Even the parts that we might be able to work on individually, we know won’t really help.

How will keeping a positive attitude help stop a genocide in some African country? Is it really possible for enough people to treat others and other things in the creation with love and respect to the point of wrenching the world out of the hands of the Elite and turning it around?

And the emotionally driven idea of cutting off the head of the Beast is silly, at best.

Forget the political scenario. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that we have no political influence above Village Supervisor or school board.

The only thing we can personally accomplish is preparing for the results of the Manipulators actions. If They bring down the banks or start a bio-epidemic, we can stock up on survival items and tune up our immune systems and maybe duck out of the way of the worst. But that idea doesn’t even address trying to stop the mess.

So, Those folks are still left with the questions. Is there any way out of the mess that the world is in? How can we defeat Satan’s attempt to set up his anti-Christ kingdom?
People don’t want to hear the truth about the world’s woes.

I think there's a correlation between levels of belief and denial. My sense is that people who have a small or no belief in God will hold an inverse proportion of denial. The less a person is grounded, the more they turn to denial. In other words, folks not grounded in God are too afraid to accept the truth about the Manipulators and their control of all the major facets of our lives. I mean it makes perfect common sense. No Ground, no Sanctuary. No Safety. No Where to hide. So, just deny.

I had a friend down in the desert tell me that “I should keep a more positive attitude” when I brought up some stuff about where we were headed and why. It was only a phone conversation and I wasn't getting very heavily into the subject, but she was right there to deny the fearful stuff. Had exactly the same experience with an old friend here in town. Her denial Sanctuary was everyone loving each other.

Reminds me of what someone wrote in an email. Some folks were arguing something. He finally wrote: "Can't we all get a bong?" I case you have never heard of a guy named Rodney King; he was a victim of Los Angeles Police brutality. He said to the press, as he was wheeled from the hospital, "Can't we all get along?"

I addressed these questions in a recent email exchange.

I read Obama’s Nobel speech yesterday and was really proud of it. Then I remembered.

Yeah, I know. He's a great reader. Maybe not as good as Orson Wells, but damn good. And he doesn't write those speeches either. None of them do. Trained psychologists make sure the Pres says the right things. Without his tele-prompter, Obama is all "Uh's and And's and ah's." I've even seen him say, "Uh, wait. I got ahead. Run it back."

We have to remember that it's not about Obama. It's not about the man. It's about the elite that run the man. Even if Obama wants to go against THEIR orders, he knows THEY will kill him. That's what THEY did to Kennedy. I’ve mentioned it before. Alex Jones’ recent video called, “The Obama deception”, is chocked full of documented information on Obama and who pulls his strings, and the final objectives of the world Manipulators.

Does a Christian have to take himself off all the grids and programs?

Not all. Just the ones that THEY control. All major media, TV, newspapers, Magazines. Even the PBS News Hour is run by a guy who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Jim Lehrer. You can't go wrong with David Icke, Alex Jones or Jeff Rense and any of their regular contributors. Steve Quayle is also a dependable source.

Do you lose faith in your nation in order to be true to your God?

When you do enough research and find who really runs the world and what THEY want to happen, it's not about losing faith in one's nation. So, being true to God isn't an either/or thing.

You've heard Dr. Scott preach and have read my stuff on God and faithing. Remember? There's no middle ground. No place to stand still in the middle. When your body is in action, you are either acting on God's word or you're acting on what the Devil has set up as reality. If you read a news story in a paper and pass then some disinformation on to someone else, you're helping the devil. EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE DOING IT! That's the matrix that most people live in. They don’t even realize that they are helping perpetuate the system. They don’t see it as a system. They are only concerned with their own immediate context. They never think of trying to connect the different areas of life to one source. It’s way too scary to think that a small group of people controls even our smallest moves, like buying a loaf of bread. If They press a button and shut down you bank account, you go hungry.

Gene Scott never went this far. What do we support in this world?

This question now gets into the realm of making the world a better place.
I said: The Bible tells us clearly. Galatians 6:6. Ephesians 4:11--> You support your teacher or teachers. For any of your charity money, do your homework as to the credibility of the person or organization. Don't take any of that charity out of the tithes and mandated offerings. That's only ABOVE the 25%.

In practically every letter, Paul tells us that we are to support those who teach us about God. In the Ephesian letter, chapter four is where Paul outlines that the work of all believers, from leaders to individual saints, we are to be about the building up of the body. That means we connect with other believers and share our God-info with them.
And that brings us back to my opening statement. In four words, “Help people see God.” You want to make the world a better place? Help people see God.

The only way we can improve the world is by helping those who are helping people see God. You're a better person than before you came to God, right? Me too. Well, Dr. Scott helped me be better, and that makes the world just a bit better. There are a lot of "Christians" who talk like they can stop the devil. I've heard many say that we can pray our way out of the world's mess. I guess their Bible doesn't have a book of Revelation.

Support your teacher and show off God to other believers. Period. So simple.
This next part shows a practical example of how this building up happens on the personal level.

To another email friend who had pointed out how amazing it was that she was lead to me, and had information she hadn’t yet tried to find. She wrote:

As for this new Irish High King, find, it all seems to be pieced together like a big patchwork quilt. Me writing to you, for instance, with all your knowledge of ancient Irish King history, how amazing is that????

I replied, Yeah, I know. That's God. I was just telling someone else about how and why we met. No names, of course. The context was the leading of the Holy Spirit. That’s what "coincidences" usually turn out to be. You only came to my site because of the Presidents relationships. But look what you found. I always say that our job as believers is to study hard so that when the HS wants to show someone and Answer, we'll be ready to give it. When we've reached the point where we know a subject well enough to give understanding to someone, they HS will bring someone around with a question. The question might not be the one they need to ask, but we'll have the answer ready, when, in the course of the exchange, a door opens for the Real question and answer. You know what I mean.

The bottom line of all this is showing off God. CS Lewis pointed out that our job, as Believers, was to show off God to each other. It helps strengthen our faith/belief. Although he didn’t mention Ephesians four at the time, he may have been basing his statement on it.

And finally, we get to the completely personal level, the place where it all starts: the individual decisions that we make all day long.

The question was:
What is worth doing? Hermits and monks had it right? Maybe the Cathars and the Gnostics had it right.

Different question, but the same answer. But I'll add that everything God gives us is worth doing. So do that. If the Christian claim that “all we have comes from God” is true, then I’m sure that there are many things that can be found in your present life that could use some care and attention. In the Bible it’s called Stewardship. Here are couple links that will help you understand daily Christian life. Reading them in order would be best. The first will help you understand the second one better.

I've thought for a while that the Christian walk is more reactionary than initiative. Initiative Equals Agenda. As Christians, we have no agenda. We have God's agenda. Logically, we should be waiting for God to bring us things to do. Then we initiate, but only in the context of what God has brought. Where preaching is concerned, one might say, “Don’t preach till you’re asked.”

I'm dead set against taking the initiative. Once the Path is clear, then I don't count following the Path as initiative. I count it as Stewardship. No matter how hard we try, we can never remove all of the agenda from initiative, even with Satan's help. What is “waiting?”

I see waiting as a big part of the Walk. It's all over the Bible, people being described as "waiting on the Lord." But I don’t count waiting as sitting still. I've looked at that in my daily experience. The way it shows up is when I give something to God there are two things to do, my best, and stay in the present. Do my very best on what there is in front of me. It doesn't matter if that task seems or is unrelated to what I've given God. What ever is in front of me is probably there fulfilling a prior commitment. What I'm NOT doing, is spending any time/thought in the past or the future. In other words, by not giving any energy to the future, all the scenarios, many of them negative, which could result in this faithing project. I'm not worrying somewhere in the past about having made the right decision or move. What that really amounts to, is waiting. Let me try just once more to make myself clear on initiating some action with another person. The context is that the person is not already in contact with you. Your meeting just “falls out of the sky.”

My only point is about who makes the first contact. It's not supposed to be us, It's supposed to be them, guided by the HS. The HS "draws" the person. “No one comes to God save the Father draw him.” Once they are drawn to "Whoever," it's a new situation.
It's not only the whopper things the fall out of the sky that need attention. FOOTS is FOOTS. True, little things that fall out of the sky don't require as much action, but if you're on God's side, then there are no coincidences. And EVERY FOOTS needs examination for the source. The more our awareness of the spiritual realm, the better off we are. If a FOOTS is from God (and I think that most of them are) we have a chance to open the door to a greater blessing. If the FOOTS is from the other side, then we need to be able to reject it at the first possible moment.

That was the first version of the idea. This is the second generation found in my radio archive under Transcriptions. It’s called, The Key to Life with God.

People are told all over the world what their life with God should be. But outside of prayer or maybe fasting in conjunction with prayer, no practical explanation is given. We're told to Trust, be obedient, surrender to God. Oh, yeah? How does that look in the daylight? DWIFOY and FOOTS. Do What's In Front Of You and follow up on things that Fall Out Of The Sky.

It will set you free. Literally. Try to imagine going through your days doing your best job on what was in front of you at each moment. You are free of all other focus. Your mind has no need to think about anything outside of what's in front of you. There’s nothing to think about!

In that state, imagine that something happens to interrupt your DWYIFOY, the thing that’s in front of you. This will be a FOOTS, as long as it was unexpected. The pizza guy at the front door may be startling, but it's not unexpected. Once we've determined to the best of our ability that this interruption is truly from God, our next DWIFOY is resolving the FOOTS. I hope you’re keeping up with these two acronyms. Follow up the FOOTS ‘till there's nothing left to do. That will be your Present Waiting. If God doesn't "hit" you with something else, you head back to the previous DWIFOY, fixing that busted chair or whatever.


The DWIFOY is where the faithing lives. You must stay in the present moment. So, one of God’s promises can be applied to your action. His promise of guidance, or provision will apply to most situations or tasks.

A word about DWIFOY: while working, we have to keep our antenna tuned for a FOOTS. That FOOTS may apply to the present task or to a future one. So, we have to be on the lookout for FOOTS every minute, everywhere, not just while we're painting.

A word about FOOTS: we MUST follow up every FOOTS. We can never just let that “coincidence" slide by without taking any action on it. If for no other reason than to verify that it was from God, we have to resolve it. We might not be working directly on the DWIFOY, but may be at the market or Post Office when someone mentions something that we’re interested in.

The key to a Righteous walk with God is DWIFOY and FOOTS. You do your best on what God has already given you, while you wait for Him to drop something new out of the sky on you.

We have to be on the lookout for those who are sent to us by the Holy Spirit. You've heard me say that it's the Spirit that draws and we're not to go after people. Well, that applies to more than just salvation. It applies to more than just unbelievers. When we get enough information and can help someone understand enough to get them started on their own research, the Spirit will send someone. Soooo.....people can foots because they need to hear what we have. We always have to factor that part into a “Fall Out Of The Sky” meeting with people.

I email regularly with a woman in the UK, who is a believer, but came to me through the Presidents bloodlines. I may have mentioned her a while back. she's in the Russell bloodline. I supplied her with info on the Manipulators. It opened up that whole field to her. Now, I can't say for sure she's a faither. Maybe she's only a believer. But she needed to hear about her family ties. And I don't think it was the devil that sent her to me.

This kind of thing is part of the trip. And I've got hundreds of pages up on my site. Many different subjects are there for people to look at. People stop by for one reason, but find out something else that jogs them.

We still can’t do any more than follow up when someone falls out of the sky. We mustn’t initiate. But in a normal conversation about the Elite, the subject of "aliens" really being fallen angels is right there at hand. And if the Spirit is involved, then the other person will be asking for more information.

When given a good solid look, the Bible explanation for the Manipulators and aliens makes more sense than anything else. I don't know of other scenarios that can found themselves on fulfilled prophecy, as does the Bible. David Icke's aliens and my fallen angels are almost on the same side of the coin. Taking a flesh and blood look at what angels can do gives the explanation for everything we see happening; shape shifting being one them.

How can we defeat Satan’s attempt to set up his anti-Christ kingdom? We can’t. We’d be working against God if we tried. We couldn’t even defeat a determined demon, let alone the supreme devil. In fact, that’s just the kind of thing the devil would have us trying to do. Keeps up busy and out of his way.
Is there any way out of the mess that the world is in? Yes. In four words, “Help people see God.” You want to make the world a better place?

Help people see God.

WRAP: The whole thing is wrapped up in faithing. Whether we’re acting on the personal or global level, faithing works for everything. God helps us with our personal needs when we act in faith on His promise to do so. And the life of faithing allows God to connect us with others who are looking for a better way.
If you’d like to discuss any of these topics, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We’re at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. The number is 707 923 2559. Or on the web at stag.ws. And check out the radio archive while you’re there. I’ll be back on Feb 7. I hope you can make it too.

Walking with God is so simple. It takes a lot of discipline and hard work, but it’s simple. Do what’s in front of you, while you wait for God to drop something out of the sky. And I guarantee that it works. Because I know God is real and does what He says.

This is Jack, Bye

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