The Maya

Were Israelites

OPEN: Good morning! Welcome to STAG. I’m Jack. Anybody see the movie 2012? Catastrophic extravaganza? Most people will cite the Mayan calendar to back up the idea that the world is going to end in Dec of 2012. Not so. The Maya possessed factual information about a certain time period on the earth and what would happen to humanity during that cycle. I believe that it was their connection to God that made that possible. But I have to tell you
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The Mayan Factor:
We are passing through a 5200 year cycle of synchronization that ends in 2012. The Maya don’t predict the end of the world by catastrophe, like the recent movie. This will be a spiritual transformation. Yes, there will be conflict as the present paradigm of materialism and human control passes away. But even the book of Revelation doesn’t predict the end of the world, even though it does talk about some heavy earth changes. The book is called the Mayan Factor, by Jose’ Arguelles.

Here a some Mayan terms that you’ll hear.
Hunab Ku=The Galactic Core
Baktun= multi-dimensional harmonic term describing a bit less than 400 years
Kuxan Suum="galactic umbilical cord" that emerges from the solar plexus: Carlos Castaneda.
Kin=Sun=one day
I think at this point that there is an important distinction to be considered. Unlike Western science, which base_ itself on an investigation of matter-hence scientific materialism-Mayan science bases itself on mind as the foundation of the universe. Universe is mind, and the different qualities of mind can be described by simple, whole-number relations. For Mayan science, what we call matter represents different tones holding together as a harmonic frequency-spectrum perceptible to the sense of touch. Like all other resonant experiences, matter can be represented by whole-number relations.

A further corollary of the Mayan perspective is the universality of consciousness. Since the universe is mental rather than material in nature, or rather, since the notion of the material is derived from the mental, in actuality there is only consciousness-intelligent energy-be it a piece of quartz, an ant, a human, or something beyond. Everything is alive. There is nothing without feeling. The field of reality is saturated with purpose.

In this view, the form of things is the shape of consciousness at a particular resonant frequency juncture. A resonant frequency juncture can be defined as the synchronization of two or more tonal spectrums which join momentary need with universal purpose. The environment may need "ant" to perform a task, to aerate the Earth; ant then is the tonal spectrum joining momentary need with the universal purpose of aerating the Earth. In a similar way, at one point in its evolution, the Earth may need synchronized intelligence to place it in more conscious relation to the Sun and to the galaxy as a whole. Or rather, at the same time, the Sun may need a planetary body to consciously ground galactic information it is receiving from the galactic core and/or from more evolved star systems. It is to precisely this situation that the Mayan Factor be the synchronizers of momentary need-represented by planetary or solar intelligence-with universal purpose, full conscious entry into the galactic community.

What scholars have taken to be the Mayan obsession with time is not that at all. Rather, the number sequences that so intricately adorn the Classic Maya monuments are primarily intended to describe calibrations of a galactic harmonic as it corresponds to solar and earthly cycles of time.

As anyone knows, there is no intelligence in coercion or forcing another into action
or realization. And if the name of the galactic game is superior intelligent harmonization, it must be played so that the local intelligence is taught or shown how it works in such manner that it comes to its own conclusions. In other words, the galactic code of honor is to manifest and demonstrate harmony by whatever means possible. Always playing by the rules of harmony, but at the same time respecting the local intelligence, the code's chief command would be to do nothing to further any notion of duality or separateness (which is the Illuminati M.O.) A key Mayan phrase in this regard is: "In lake'ch:" I am another yourself.
We are information. The universe is information. Information, like number, is ultimately a resonant property of mind.

Let us, for a moment, consider a scenario. Let us assume the galaxy to be an immense organism possessing order and consciousness of a magnitude transcending the threshold of the human imagination. Like a giant body, it consists of a complex of member star systems each coordinated by the galactic core, Hunab Ku. [Your body does exactly this in maintaining your health. An energy signal goes out to make some white cells and to send them to get the bugs that set off the warning energy signals to the brain. The brain is constantly working to keep your body in proper, healthy alignment.] Cycling energy/information in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions simultaneously, the dense pulsing galactic heart emits a continuous series of signals, called by ourselves radio emissions. In actuality these radio emissions correspond to a matrix of resonance-a vast galactic field of intelligent energy whose primary on-off pulsation provides the basis for four universal wave functions: a transmitting or informational function; a radiative, or electromagnetic function; an attractive or gravitational function; and a receptive or psychoactive function.

When we look at the source of the Armageddon script, the Book of Revelations, we find that it is both unrelentingly righteous, making black-and-white distinctions between the saved and the damned, and at the same time, as visionary a text as can be conceived. Most curiously, however, the number symbolism of the Book of Revelations possesses a profoundly Mayan overtone. The fact that Christ is the thirteenth in a group numbering twelve disciples is paramount. Then there is the incessant emphasis on the number seven repeated in any number of ways as the mystical underpinning of the entire revelation. And finally, there are the 144,000 elect, the same number as there are days or kin in a baktun. Remembering that the baktun is a multi-dimensional harmonic term and that we are currently in the thirteenth cycle, Baktun 12, we may begin to wonder if there is not some deep bond between the Christian Revelation and the Mayan Factor that has been ignored or avoided in the orthodox ruling circles of the neo-Christian West. Could the New Jerusalem, New Heaven, and New Earth, be the same as the entry into the unimaginable realm of the new cycle, the post-galactic synchronization following A.D. 2012? [As we’ll shortly see, this bond is a blood bond with the people of God in the Bible. The evidence shows that the Maya were Israelites! Stay tuned.]

According to the Mayan Factor, we live at the bottom of an electromagnetic ocean.
What we call the physical plane Earth is itself the ocean floor, while we, like squids or semi-blinded denizens, swarm about our little ways; only dimly aware that we swim and move across the bottom of a vast, multi-dimensional electromagnetic ocean. But to live, to survive in the dense, yet fragile bottom of the electromagnetic sea, we ourselves must be possessed of bio-electromagnetic circuitry. (David Icke calls the human body an electro-chemical organism.) In truth, through our exquisitely woven sensory radar, we are capable of far more nourishment and direction from the electromagnetic field than we now allow ourselves. Indeed, at present we have capitulated all of our electromagnetic powers to privately owned or badly managed state utility companies to whom we must pay for what is naturally ours. (If the energy can go in one direction, it can go in the other. So, taking in energy can vitalize us. Perhaps we, like angels, would have the ability to eat, but not the need. I believe that Adam didn’t have to eat to live. This principle also would apply to the carnivores of today. Before the Fall, they didn’t kill each other for food. It wasn’t necessary.) Yet, as Nicholas Tesla proved in his laboratory in Colorado Springs, a single human being can co-generate an electromagnetic field of incredible intensity, while remaining calm and in resonance.

The elements of the circuitry connecting the third-dimensional physical garment to, and inclusive of, the fourth-dimensional light body are well known. First, there is the sensory radar-the five sense organs and "mind;" then, there are the neural canals which carry electrical impulses from sense organ to central computer, the brain, for processing; finally, there are the psychophysical centers associated with the glandular system called the chakras and their network of subtle energy flows. The circuit is completed by the subtle currents that flow as resonant transmission from the chakra system directly through the Kuxan Suum, the galactic fibers, to the main currents of the electromagnetic ocean.

The information-bearing currents of the higher-the fifth, sixth and seventh-dimensions of the electromagnetic ocean, flowing to and from the solar plexus, also have entry points at the crown of the head, the throat, the heart, the sexual organs, and the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Thus, we see that the third-dimensional garment of the physical body, like any decent space suit, has its connecting points that provide the fourth-dimensional light body, coexisting with the physical body, its electromagnetic respiratory nodes.

The AH KINES, "Servant-Warriors of the Sun:' are those humans who fully realize the dream light body within the physical body and-understanding the circuitry of the human organism-use the light body to navigate the electromagnetic waters which we call the universe, through .attunement of their sensory radar and skilled use of the Kuxan Suum, the "galactic umbilical cord" that emerges from the solar plexus, (again, the Castaneda books) the AH KINES, the realized one-s of the past and present, are able to become star-mediums, channeling galactic information directly into the terrestrial ocean floor of the great electromagnetic sea. Possessing the same circuitry, we may do the same as the fabled AH KINES. Each one of us, returned to post-historic simplicity, may directly channel the alternating currents of the galaxy to suit our situation.

For this to occur, all we need to do is reverse our view. It is not the physical body that is primary, but the light body. The auto-kinetic physical body, like leaves to a tree, is the projection of our inner attainment. The light body, with its sensory radar, neural canals, central computer, chakra and subtle nervous system, and ultraradiant fibers, is the true skeleton of the physical body. Operating on the same 260-unit pulsation template as the Sun the Mayan Harmonic Module-the functioning of our light body is amazingly simple. Yet disregard for it is what consigns us to what we call the realm of the beasts.

The author takes the Maya information and leads us to the Galactic Core instead of God. this is diabolical. BUT....

I have to remind you that many will put this info into the box marked The Devil. The thrust of this author is toward the New Age teaching. But we must remember how the devil works. He comes as an angel of light. That means that some 95% of what he says is Truth. It’s just that remaining 5% that takes us off to the side just enough so that we run into the wall instead of passing through the door. All this to say that most of this Maya information is true. What we can’t check with the Bible can be discarded, while we learn about the nature of reality and our role in it.

This 5200 year cycle and it’s elements parallel what the Bible says about the 7000 year history of man and the earth. And after the 6000 years, we transit into the golden age of the Millennium, which certainly must be seen as a spiritual transformation. Now to the Maya Israelites.

The Mayan Moses and the Red Sea Crossing
Has the reader ever wondered why, or how, the remote and famous Meso-American tribe that reached a high pinnacle of cultural success in the ancient-American “New World,” the Maya, held within their own, tribal historical records such as the “Popol Vuh, “The Annals of the Cakchiquels,” and the “Titulo de los Señores de Totanicapán” a clear and concise record of the biblical Red Sea Crossing, an historic, and very miraculous, earth-changing event of deep antiquity that occurred on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean where their ancient homeland had been?
“These were the the three nations of the Quichés , and they came from where the sun rises...” - Titulo de los Señores de Totanicapán, p.170.
The sun rises over the Atlantic from the east to the west as viewed from Guatamala. The Maya also claim to have once come to “Tulán” the fabled land, from the other side of a sea “...from the west:” and after their arrival to have been dwellers in that wonderous land called “Chiwim Tulán.” The land of Tulán is held to be a mystical land of the gods and one is also located “in heaven, as well as in the east.” In fact there are “four Tuláns” in the Mayan history / mythology. The sea of the fabled history is not the Atlantic. They walked across this sea and as we shall see:
“...They plunged forward then and passed over the sand; those who came at the rear entered the sea as we emerged from the waters on the other bank. “ - The Annals of the Cakchiquels pp. 54-55.
We’re getting a little ahead of the story. But this statement gives an idea of the narrow width of the sea.
“From four places the people came to Tulán. In the east is one Tulán; another in Xibalbay, and another where god is. Therefore, there were four Tuláns, Oh, our sons.” So they said, “From the west we came to Tulán, from across the they told us.” - Annals of the Cakchiquels p.45
In their count above, they omit the Tulán in Meso-America where they were at the time. It was naturally assumed and understood to be the fourth Tulán.
What is of particular interest next, is that when they came to the sea in question, their leader, “Balam Quitzé” also known as “Kukulcán,” enacted what can only be called a supernatural event.
“When they arrived at the edge of the sea, Balam-Quitzé touched it with his staff and immediately a path opened” - Annals of the Cakchiquels p. 55, footnote 51
This Balam Quitzé is recognized among Maya Scholars to be the same as “Kukulcán’ their leader at the time, Balam-Quitzé being a title given to several historic figures such as Joseph, with his coat of many colors: Pisom ca’ak’al who is also called “Balam- Quitzé” ( literally means “frontier lord” in shemitic languages such as Hebrew and Phoenician )
“Then we arrived at the shore of the sea. There all the tribes and warriors were reunited at the shore of the sea. And when they looked upon it their hearts were heavy...There was no way to cross it...And we spoke to them in this manner. Go, you, go first, carefully!...How can we cross, in truth, we who are here? Thus we all said. Thus they said, ‘Have pity on us, Oh, brother! who have come to gather here on the shore of the sea, unable to see our mountains and our valleys. If we remain here to sleep we shall be conquered...’ And our grandfathers...said, We say to you: Let us go to work, our brothers! We have not come to stay here huddled at the shore of the sea...Let us plunge [into the sea] immediately! Thus they said, and at once all of them were filled with joy.
When we arrived at the gates of Tulán, we received a red stick, which was our staff, and because of that we were given the name Cakchiquel [s], oh, our sons! said Gagavits and Zactecauh (zac camp).

[[Egyptian red military spears that had washed up on the shore after the crossing.]]

‘Let us thrust thepoints of our staffs into the sand under the sea and we shall soon cross the sea on the sand, using the red sticks which we went to receive at the gates of Tulán.’ Thus we passed, over the rows of sand, when it widened below the sea and on the surface of the sea [floor] ...They plunged forward then and passed over the sand; those who came at the rear entered the sea as we emerged from the waters on the other bank. - The Annals of the Cakchiquels pp. 54-55.

Then we have this amazing statement:
“These then were the three nations of the Quichés, and they came from where the sun rises, descendants of Israel, of the same language and the same customs...When they arrived at the edge of the sea, Balam Quitzé touched it with his staff and at once a path opened, which then closed up again, for thus the great god wished it to be done, because they were the sons of Abraham and Jacob.”- Titulo de los Señores de Totanicapán p. 170.
Next we begin to demonstrate the undeniable Hebrew-Phonecian connection with the Mayan language.

CHICHEN ITZ´A - Mayan capital city
Mayan Account:Chichén Itzá." “After -forty years of wandering - they finally reached Chichén Itzá” - Popol Vuh, p. 67.

nwçç (sheshen) joy (8342-48)
axy (ytza) brought forth (3318)
Comparison / Transliteration:
Hebrew: axy nwçç
Phonetic: Sheshen-Ytza

Israelite Account:
The Biblical usage of this expression in the exact context of leaving Egypt ( that is after 40 years of wandering , as used by the Popol Vuh, see: Psalm 105:43. This similarity of words and ideas in parallel between two diverse cultures such as the Maya and Israelite, is no mere coincidence. The accepted academic theory that Catholic-Jesuit priests during the conquest era, embroidered the minds of the Maya neophytes with biblical stories, will not work in these instances where it is abundantly clear that the very Mayan language ( specific words ) are the same as Hebrew. This, the Spanish Jesuits could never have accomplished, had they desired. One must ask the question, “Why would the Spaniards have desired such a thing in the first place?” What advantage would result from teaching the Mayan people a new language? In this instance it was only one educated Mayan noble who transcribed and transliterated the Popol Vuh into Spanish-Roman characters.

How could the Jesuits have caused the entire Mayan nation to change languages? It is totally absurd, to conceive such an idea. Therefore: it is abundantly clear and simple; the Maya spoke an ancient middle eastern language. Their very words testify to this fact, speaking of the same events.

Hebrew: axy nwçç nwççb wm[ axyw ( Psalm 105:43)
The nwçç “SheShen” (Joy) is from relief, both, from slavery and forty years of wandering in the desert as a punishment for sins and actions against Yahweh commited.

The “Chichén Itzá” in Guatemala is, in fact, a ceremonial city, perhaps named for the same type of salvation from a ship-borne oceanic crossing, or, as a memorial to the earlier joyous times, not in “Guatamala,” but, on the “other side of the sea, in Tulán” ( the eminent land of promise ).

The late Dr. Cyrus Gordon, Brandeis and Harvard professor emeritus, has pointed out in his book, Before Columbus (Chapter X pp. 154 ff), that there are numerous elements in the Popol Vuh which could not have been transmitted to the Maya by Catholic missionaries of the conquest era. These minute elements are simply not related in the Bible (and we might add, several points are totally absent from church doctrine, although well attested to in the biblical text). The evidence, as Dr. Gordon saw it, demonstrated an ancient connection, or intercourse, between the old and new worlds very clearly, that is, to one who could recognize those nuances. The historic relation of the ancient Quiché Maya demanded an explanation which would incorporate, within it, an early, pre-columbian connection with the near east.

The anthropological establishment did not readily or genreally accept his analysis, even if it came from an expert linquist and Semeticist, and therefore, and typically, because of ignorance, bias and professional jealousy, panned his work which forcefully made that point of an early cultural connection between the old and new world. Dr. Gordon was expressing his knowledge, knowledge that they lacked.

Dr. Gordon made other important conclusions regarding early Phoenician travels to “Hy Barzal” the island of iron ( continent of South America ), based on minute examination of the stylistic forms and linguistic details of the Phoenican language which were incorporated into the Paraiba Inscription from Brazil (barzal means “iron” in Hebrew & Punic ). These were unknown at the time of the inscription's discovery in the nineteenth century. Fully one-third of all of the earth’s surface iron ore is in Brazil. Dr. Gordon has made those correct cultural conclusions, even in absence of the linguistic parallels that have been uncovered in the NEXUS. ( The NEXUS, D. Deal 1993, ISAC Press Columbus, GA )

For the past several centuries the American academics have erroeously endorsed the idea that the Spanish priests of the conquest period had inculcated these Bible stories, such as the Red Sea crossing, into the minds of the Maya neophites, and therefore the Mayans were merely parroting these stories.

Until recently that is. My book, The Nexus, proves that the basic language of the Maya, particularly the principal, priestly and kingly language Quiché, ( still spoken in the Mayan city of Chichicastanengo, Guatamala ), is based in Shemitic roots. Meaning, it is a language from across the Atlantic, and Mediterranean pointing directly to Palestine-Israel to a time of the Exodus and Judges of Israel at a minimum. I converse in a very rudimentary way with my wife’s housekeeper in Quiché language to this day.

As the pieces fall together from the various Mayan documents...we read directly from the Mayan Popol Vuh: the story gets even more interesting with the actual dry-shod sea crossing: “(6) ...cholochic abah, boco tahinac zanaieb...” ... Mayan translated to English: “They crossed the if there were no sea, they crossed on stones placed in a row over the sand. For this reason they were called, Stones in a Row, Sand Under the Sea, names given to them when they [the tribes] crossed the sea, the waters having parted when they crossed” -Popol Vuh ( Adrian Recinos 1983, p. 183 & footnote. 6 )

Strange sounding Mayan words? Let’s see what the meaning is, via the not-so-strange Hebrew:
Transliterated into English by comparison:
cholochic abah, boco tahinac zanaieb ( Mayan words from the Popol Vuh )
jlq (ka-lak’) divide, Smooth as stones (2520,2505-13) (also) (7971,7994)
°a (ak) surely (389)
hba (aw-ba) willingly (became) (14)
][qb (bo-ko’) opened (1234)
µht (teh-home) sea (8415)
°a (ak) surely (389)
nwx (tzeh-on) migrated (6629)
ba (ab) father (2) 3
Comparison / Transliteration:
Hebrew: ba ˆw[x °a µht [qb hba °a qlj
Phonetic: kalak- ak aw- bah bo-ko’ teh-hom’-ak tzeh-on- ab
Hebrew to English: SURELY (the) SEA DIVIDED [ becoming smooth as stones to walk upon ], IT

At first blush, it seems to be the identical story doesn’t it? That’s only because it IS the same story. More importantly it is the SAME LANGUAGE!

After crossing the sea, on foot, other Mayan accounts claim that they arrived in the fabled land of “Tulán” - Popol Vuh p. 63 and Annals of the Cakchiquels, p 45 , also called Hacavitz and “Jo Balam K’ana.” - Quechean Civilization p. 289. It is this very name “K’ana” that is of interest here. K’ana is the correct, Hebrew name for Palestine, otherwise known as the “Land of Kanaan.” Kana is the prime root. Balam = Baalym, Hebrew for “lords.” “ Jo” = Yah ( YHWH ) “Yahweh.” The plot thickens.

Just who was this Mayan hero that did the same things that Moses did? It was, indeed, Moses! Kukulcán was Moses? As we shall see in the following evidence, this is exactly the case.
Mayan Account: Leader’s name, “Kukulcán,” place names: “Chakanputún,” “Bolonpel Uitz,” &
“Chichén Itzá.”
“In this same region, at a place called Chakanputún there lived for a space of 250 years a tribe called the Itzá*...This tribe came from the land of Bolonpel Uitz...In a Katun 8 of the Maya short count [any twenty year period]...a group of Maya-speaking people began moving slowly northeastward across the peninsula. Part of these at least were the Itzá...under a leader named Kukulcán... having been living in ‘what is now southwestern Campeche’ [sic] for some two to two and one half centuries. After forty years of wandering, they finally reached Chichén Itzá where they established their capital...”- Popol Vuh. p.67.*

Genesis 21:12 states that Abraham’s descendents shall be called by the name of "Itzakh-aq," ( Isaack ). Amos uses three names for one group. Verse nine uses Isaac, Israel and Jerusalem. Verse sixteen has Israel and the House of Isaac.

KUKULC´AN,a Mayan “GOD” of legend and myth. ( aka, Quetzal-coatl )
“Kukulcán: parted the sea and then led the people forty years in the wilderness.”
qqj (khuquq) lawgiver (2706-10)
la (el) highest (5927)
nhk (khan) priest (3547)
Comparison / Transliteration:
Hebrew: nhk la qqj
Phonetic: Khuquq -el -Khan
The biblical equivalent of "Kukulcán" clearly is Moses. There can be no other conclusion. Was Moses a high priest? Yes, he spoke face to face with Yahweh. Aaron, Moses’ brother was high priest subordinate to Moses. Under Yahweh's direction and help, Moses brought forth the Israelites out of Egypt after 400 years of slavery; first, northeastward across the Suph Sea on foot, into the Sinai peninsula, then, generally eastward into the wilderness Paran and Midian, for thirty nine years of "wandering." In the fortieth year, Israel crossed the Jordan river, westward into their portion of the promised land of Kanaan.

As soon as the Israelites crossed the Suph Sea, they were actually within the borders of the Greater Promised Land, as defined in Genesis.

Of course, many serious questions arise. First and foremost among them is, Why haven’t the smart academics been able to come up with this obvious connection?
Please don’t say, “Well, you have only presented a few examples, how can you be so sure?” If you take the time to read “The Nexus,” which can now, after its first print run from ISAC Press, be downloaded at no cost, from my web site , ( under “NEW” research ) you willl see hundreds of examples and you will read Dr. Cyrus Gordons approving introduction to my work. So the questionm stands. Why haven’t the academic Mayan linguists found this connection, or NEXUS? Probably because they have not been trained in Shemitic languages, after all, American academics, never expected
to find such evidence in the “New World,” did they? Moreover, they don’t want to find such evidence.

Their peculiar bias, demands that this scenario is quite impossible. Mayan languages exist in a tight little vacuum in the region, having no outside influence or origins. We, modern students of the ancient Maya, must not fall into obedient or slavish belief in the professional’s false, prejudicial argument, typified by a letter written to me by Dennis Tedlock, James H. Mcnulty professor at University at Buffalo SUNY: Teadlock writes: “...I can tell you...Historical Linguists begin by acquiring a knowledge of several neighboring languages and then work their way carefully farther afield, showing respect for the autonomy of a given language and the authentic history of its speakers; to suddenly jump far away would be to say, ‘your local history and traditions don’t matter; what matters is the world across the Atlantic, where my people came from...’”

There are several fallacies in this thinking. First, the term “authentic history” begs the question of the authenticity. Who determines the authenticty of a certain history or myth? Is it the anthropological establishment? Do facts not supercede authoritative pontifications? The interpretation of even one’s own history can become somewhat mythologized with time. The myth of young George Washington and the cherry tree is an example. Modern historians do not believe that this famous event really occurred. Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, John Henry and “La Llorona del rio” are several other famous American myths. Some of these stories may have had a germ of truth in them, but by now, have been overcome by mythology.

The possibility that these New World languages at question were derived from earlier Old World tongues is flatly ignored, without being given even the slightest consideration by the so-called “experts.” This is an illogical, and extremely prejudiced view. Secondly, since we know that our world civilization actually generated in the Old World, and that far too many cultural similarities exist between these divergent (western vs. eastern hemisphere) branches of the human family for o believe that the new world indigenes reinvented them all. That’s a “McNutty” idea if I ever heard one.
One must ask a question of the anthropologists. Why do you, as a group, fight so hard against any valid discovery or evidence of Old/New World connections, whether by amateur or professional? Why indeed. The answer is; evolutionary bias created by an academic paradigm devised in the 19th-century by Major Powell of the Smithsonian Bureau of Ethnology, and propagated down through the years by schoolbound academic professors. Perhaps they will die in their ignorance and never realize the importance of the great events recalled in this genuiane historic account.

The Great Parting of the Sea as an historic event. Here in the Mayan histories we have an entirely outside and legitimate account of the miraculous and otherwise “biblical” event of Yahweh’s great power and majesty. This is not a case of Catholic priestly embroidering of Mayan neophites into the “authorized” catholic version of biblical knowledge. Not at all.

The Mayan record is written in the ancient Old World language of the Maya, unbeknownst to the Catholic religion spreaders. In fact, many old world “Hebrew” documents were destroyed by these conquering zealots such as the book-burning Bartholomo de Las Casas of the “Casa Santa” ( Roman Catholic inquisition). These books even included “Hebrew looking” writing according to some priests of the conquest era, and it is sure that Catholic priests were schooled in Hebrew.

Who Were The Maya?
The Maya claim to have come from across the Atlantic Ocean “from the east” from the fabled land of CHIWIM Tulán. The operative word here is “Chiwim.” It is the Hebrew (Shemitic ) name of the biblical tribe of Kanaanites called the “Hivites.” These were Shemitic speaking kHametic people, unrelated to the Israelites except by speech. This is the first, Old World tribe that has been identified here in the Americas, and identified by history, but mostly by language. Incidentially proving the American academics totally and irrevocably wrong. By this I mean the anthropologists, archaeologists and historical linguists.

It is necessary to look at the Hebrew original text to make these assertions understandable by people who do not know Hebrew, and also, to people who have been trained in “modern” spoken Hebrew, which is quite far afield from biblical Hebrew. If the solutions are difficult at all, particularly to Hebrew scholars, ( Dr. Gordon had some difficulty ) attribute that to a lack of knowledge or an improper Hebrew training. If this historic realization rings any bells, they should cry out to look for more old world connections among Amerindians. The Hopi, for example, have strong linguistic similarities to Shemetic, as do the Cherokee including the usage of the sacred name YHWH. The Mandans are supposed to have strong Welch connections, The Diné - Na Diné tribes have strong historic and linguistic connections to China, the Tarim Basin and Turkey, having left the Tarim Basin in 1233 AD ( Ethel Stewart, The Din´-Na Diné Indian Migrations of 1233 AD,. ISAC Press, Colunbus, GA 1993 ).
The Israelite crossing of the Red Sea ( Suph Sea ) was awesome event, and now we know that others

recorded it in their tribal histories, in this case the Hivites ( Khiwym- Maya ). The event itself was a marker event, and event that disturbed the old world, Egyptians in particular, who also recorded it on a stelae dedicated to Pharoah Tau-Thom found at Wadi El Arish in the Sinai peninsula along the Mediterranean shore. The Pharoah of that stelae ( and of the Exodus ) was killed at a great whirlpool at “Pikiroiti” ( the same placename as the biblical crossing “Pi Ha Kirioth” ). He and his army died while “...chasing slaves fleeing Egypt.” So, if one is honest to his own person, he will realize that there is more to the Red Sea crossing than has been reported to the world by the academic press. It is not a mere “biblical myth” as unbelievers and atheists are prone to claim: unbelievers who are too far from the event to understand it or even try. There is much in the way of evidence aside from the Bible version to conclude that if one never looked at the Bible, he would find it.

It was not at “The Sea of Reeds” as many now surmise. It was a passage through the northern end of the Suph Sea now called the Gulf of Suez. The crossing place, “Ba-al Zephon” was adorned with a great eagle, with it’s wings spread in a protective stance between the pyramid of Ba-al Zephon ( also called migdol ). Is there another reason for this wonderful “natural” design? - Exodus 19:3

This is the actual crossing place of Israel and the place of the great eagle mentioned in Exodus 19:3. Before crossing Israel was at “Etham.” Three days after crossing, Israel was at “Mara” ( Bitter Lakes ) in the wilderness of “Etham.” The only place in the world that this could have happened is here at Suez.

The Los Lunas Decalogue (Ten Commandments) at a ceremonial site in New Mexico has been dated at 1000 BC. Seeing that the tribe of Dan with their cousins, the Phoenicians, sailed to the British Isles while the Israelites were still in Egypt; and that 400 years later their descendents, under Solomon, sailed over the whole world, couldn't a group of Israelites migrate to Central America 500 years after that? How is it that history parallels the Bible? You know. Becuase God is behind it. He's real. And what He says, happens.

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