Good morning. Welcome to STAG. I’m Jack. Got a lot to talk about today. Reality, the Illuminati, our bodies, faithing and internal bleeding. We’ll also take communion, so you might want to get your elements now.

We’re still trying to understand reality. Some of us want to know the whole story, not just the opening paragraphs. If what we usually call reality is only one tenth of what there really is, then we’re missing nine tenths of it. It’s like our DNA. Scientists call 95% of our DNA “junk” DNA. They have no idea what it does, or can do. Those genes aren’t there by accident or are left over from past lives. What if we could activate 100% of our DNA? It’s like we hear about using our brains. They say we only use 5-8% of our brains. What if we could activate our whole brain? We exalt those of us with IQ’s of 180. Can you imagine an IQ of 2000?

Even professed Believers don’t have an understanding of the real reality. Those things beyond what we see and hear. We may have heard what Reality is like, but it’s so far beyond our personal experience that we find it too hard to take any action on the knowledge. Sure, we hear the scientist tell us that the table isn’t really solid. It’s just a bunch of atoms spinning around. But we can see it, we can touch it, we can even sit on it. Above our “solid” reality?

Everything we see and hear is just energy. That energy is information of some kind. Try to imagine the universe as a big net of energy. Imagine that you could “see through” that solid table, like Neo could see through the matrix. He could see the energy that looked real when he refocused his sight on the solid aspect of the matrix. So, you look out from your new sense of perception and can see the actual energy that makes up what you normally see as solid. You look around and all you see is this big energy grid, maybe with little bumps in it. When you refocus, you see that those bumps are people, buildings, goats. You’ll understand that you also are one of those bumps in the grid and that all the bumps are the same. They are just energy. Each bump has its own consciousness. Some more, some less. I have more consciousness than a rock. Not because I’m better that the rock. We’re both just energy. I have more consciousness because I need it to function in more complicated ways than a rock functions. Seeing what Reality is, results in Unity. I know I’m the same as everything else and that we are all part of the same whole. We are not separate. This understanding will blow the whole Illuminati Game Plan.

The devil controls at the highest level; just under God. The devil and his angels have complete understanding how reality works. They understand how to manipulate the energy/information so that only parts of it come through to us. And they have access to technology that’s thousands of years old. They can affect the frequencies of information and they know what frequencies our systems run on. There are different frequencies used for brain signals to different parts of the body. Your brain isn’t trying to direct a workout at the gym when you’re eating dinner. It’s sending messages to your chewers and your acid makers. And when it gets a message back from your stomach that you’ve accidentally swallowed some bad food, your brain sends a new message in the frequency used by muscles, and you throw up.

Brain mapping isn’t new. Secret lab technology is 50 years ahead of what we see on the street. They can already figure out which frequencies your brain uses by recording your brain waves. When they play back the recording, your brain doesn’t know it’s from outside and it implements the proper action. If it’s your “sleep” frequency, you pass out.

Now, let’s consider what our bodies are. We know that we are a collection of atoms that are spinning around and presenting a solid looking body to the “outside” world. Again, if our eyes were attuned to the right frequency, we could look through our spinning-atoms body and see what’s behind us. David Icke references a hypnotist that proved this by telling his subject that his daughter was not in the room. When the hypnotist woke the subject up, he asked him what was he holding in his hand. The subject correctly identified the object as a wrist watch. This amazed everyone else in the room because the subject’s daughter was standing in front of him between him and the hypnotist’s hand. The subject was looking through his daughter. He didn’t just develop that skill. He just had never attuned his brain to do it before.

Have you heard the part about holograms being made up of miniature holograms just like the big one? If you break up a hologram into four parts, each part will contain the whole picture. This goes on no matter how small the parts get. So then, if you could change one little part of the hologram, all the parts would change. Affecting one small part of the hologram affects the whole thing because of all the small parts being connected.

I’m sure that most of you have heard of palm reading, iridology, “foot”ology, and “ear”ology. You know, how different parts of your body can be manipulated and can affect all the other parts. Your liver is contained in a certain place on your foot, in your ear, on you hand, in your eye. Some people specialize in healing through foot manipulation. Others by applying pressure to certain parts of the ear. Sounds just like the description of a hologram.

Well,…..that’s because of what all those little spinning atoms create. We are holograms, electro-magnetically speaking. We are projecting energy that other Selfs can decode as a hologram of our selves. We’re projecting what we’ve decided we look like, feel like, what we are. That’s why something on our foot can affect something in our head.

Yeah, I know, but let’s take it one step further. Each of our cells is a whole holographic Us. What did we start out as at the moment of fertilization? One cell. That one cell became the trillions that make up your present hologram. This of course is because each cell contains your DNA. That DNA is the blueprint for the whole hologram.

It’s all about decoding energy/information from sight/hearing to the greater energy construct; reality. From ears to newspapers, it’s the same.. It’s all information. To paraphrase David Icke, "if it vibrates, it’s information." Your ear doesn’t hear anything. It vibrates creating electrical energy. Your brain doesn’t hear anything. It interprets the energy vibration and tells you that it’s a sound. It takes in information and sends out information. Everything that happens is the movement of energy.

When you “read” the paper, your eye doesn’t read the paper. Your eye doesn’t see the garden. It sends electrical vibrations to the brain and the brain says, “That’s a flower.” If it’s night, you may not be able to tell it’s a flower. You can only act on the information you receive.

So,....if I run the schools, the newspapers, the movies and magazines, then I can easily keep your information in any box I want. If I’m planning to attack Iran, I’ll plaster war stuff all over ALL the different media for five or six years, just to get you ready. I watch zero TV, except a few hours a week on PBS. In the last three years there have been at least five new war related shows each new season. And then they re-run them more than once. They’ve run a 4-5 hour series called, “Carrier,” three times.

-CRUX: everything lies in realizing(remembering) that everything is only energy/information. Again, the so-called All That Is, or what you might call the E-Universe, is an enormous energy field, bits of which are manipulated to “form “physicality.” That means that your real Self is not the physical body that has been manufactured to exist on our physical matrix. Our higher Self, if you will, doesn’t have a physical body. It pushes and pulls the Grid energy to form a physical body. Experience in the physical world must be obtained by being physical. My higher Self can’t eat a steak.

Where does your Self reside? Remember your bump on the Gird? The Grid is an Energy Whole. It’s the totality of God. Isn’t your Self an “individuated” bit of the totality of God? Does your Self move around within the totality of God? Does your Self have to move around within the totality of God? Isn’t your Self where ever it wants to be? Does your Self reside in your body? Is your Self attached to your body? It can detach? Come and go?

If your Self is stuck in one place within the totality of God, then how do you move around in the physical world?

You don’t move around. The world moves around you. You’re sitting still while you manipulate the Universal Energy into the events that you believe will happen in your life. And I also believe there is a certain amount of cooperation between beings that allows for buildings to be more room than for one person. A lot of people have to cooperate to make the Empire State building “real.”


There are many levels of control. Each level controls what it can; downward and sideways.

We must understand the compartmentalization that exists on all levels of our lives. Society is based on a definite hierarchy. A hierarchy of Control. And, no, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are and have been societies that are way less hierarchical than ours. Maybe even those that are without a hierarchy. A society where everyone is indeed equal. We need to remember that embedded within any hierarchy is Separatism. It’s very hard to have even one Leader and all the rest followers, even though all are considered equal, and not see some separation between the Leader and the Led. But the more intricate the hierarchy, the more will be the compartmentalization.

The basic result of compartmentalization is the fracturing of knowledge. Each compartment will know less than the total picture. This compartmentalization can be comprised of many sub-compartments. The larger the organization, the more compartments it will contain. And each compartment can have it’s own little form of compartmentalization. Within a very large structure, there will be very little commerce between the different compartments, resulting in a great restriction of the knowledge of the whole organization. The mail clerk takes orders from the Head of the Mail Dept. and knows almost nothing of what goes on Upstairs. The clerk may only know that the firm he works for is an Investment Bank. He is almost completely Separate from the Owners. And this separation sets up an antagonism. Us and Them.

Our world societies, for most, are based in extreme Separatism. What is happening in this country is happening in the developed nations, and most of the developing nations. Our whole country seems to be based on Us and Them. Every issue promotes against ness instead of unity. I don’t say that there can be no disagreement in society, but I do say that all disagreement can be resolved by remembering that we are all part of the same larger Consciousness. But Separatism has been promoted in this country to the point that all talk of unity has become empty talk. Obama, and all his predecessors, have parroted the “Bi-Partisan” doctrine. It’s not because they are for Bi-Partisan action. It’s because they want their own way to prevail. The Illuminati are great masters at creating two sides of an issue. When an issue gets large enough to influence many people, they will make up an opposing side and fund it. First, to stop any dissidents and second, to promote Separatism. They will not allow Unity. Unity, they know, will bring them down.

They have had thousands of years to structure every major facet of life to bring about Separatism. From the structure of any city to the structure of the whole world, the Game is the same. Separate. You’ve heard it. “Divide and conquer.” They can conquer the great earth populace only one way. Divide us up into small factions that will go to war for our ideas. The control of information is the key factor in this Separation.

The information they let us have about the military, the government, the media, the schools, religions, our health, our food, our energy is all geared, not just to make them piles of money. They already had that 200 years ago. On writer said the Rothschilds took control of the world finances in the mid 1880’s. The control of information is meant mainly to keep us Separate from each other.

Type in Laurel Canyon and you’ll find a good series of articles exposing the Love& Peace movement, of which rock & roll was an integral part, as manufactured to derail the real anit-Viet Nam war movement. In other words, they made up the Flower Power to move people into talking peace and doing nothing. They were encouraged to “tune in, turn on and drop out.” Not a very effective plan to stop a war.

But this Compartmentalization coin has two sides. Separatism on one side and Consolidation on the other. Separatism keeps us all busy fighting our own little causes, but when pushed and shoved, this Separatism will clash and cause a commotion that will make the rest of the people call for a stop to the ruckus. That’s when Consolidation steps in to “solve” the made up problem. Of course, this consolidation will result in one Compartment headed up by the Illuminati doctrine.

If you had the power to cause an economic meltdown, you could bust a bunch of little banks, the competition, and set up an organization that would control all the money in a country. It’s called a central bank. That’s what the Federal Reserve is. It’s a privately owned bank that handles all the money for the United States. Consolidation.

Compartmentalize to Consolidate. Sneaky, huh? It’s not Separate to unify. The true Consolidation results in a higher degree of Separatism. Now instead of a bunch of separate European countries, we have the European Union. World war has been abandoned as a Consolidation tool. Nukes are too dangerous to let loose in a world war. This union will be pitted economically against the soon to be North American Union until it’s offered that it would be better if they both cooperated. They would both give up their Union-hood and become part of the United Nations. There are already unions everywhere, Africa, Asia, the Arabs, South America. When all the earth Unions come together it will be under the control of what ever the Illuminati have set up as the world government, probably the UN. The closest move toward this world government will be the organization headed up by the Anti-Christ. And I don’t believe, as many do, that all nations of the world will be involved. Only the big nations with the most world influence are necessary. In other words, only the nations of the world who can offer real resistance to a world government will require control. Haiti isn’t going to impede the Illuminati world government.

From the kindergarten teacher to the Rothschild cabal, each level has its little pyramid of power, with the Controller at the top. The teacher is head of the classroom, but takes orders from the Principal. The Principal takes orders from the Superintendent. The superintendent from the Board. The Board from the State, the State from the Feds. The Feds from the likes of Dick Cheney. Cheney from Kissinger, Kissinger from Rockefeller, Rockefeller from Rothschild. That’s where the human chain ends. Rockefeller and Rothschild aren’t where the buck stops. They are just in charge of all the people on earth; not the earth itself. Rockefeller and Rothschild have those above them whom they support. What’s above the Capstone? The Global agenda doesn’t come from the minds of men. It comes from satan himself. That’s why the elite seem so driven. It’s hard for common folks to understand, because they know that the elite doesn’t need more power or money. They’ve had virtual control of the earth for centuries. I believe that if satan wasn’t involved we wouldn’t have people raping the planet, killing off whole populations and only giving up to the masses the barest necessities for survival. And we certainly wouldn’t have a World Bank that would make possible the selling of people’s water. All that misery is straight out of satan. It ain’t bad luck. In fact, if you remember the origin of luck being Lucifer, you’ll see that it’s good Luck when calamity hits.

Big time wars have always been political. Take away land and consolidate, no matter the size of the population. A couple South American countries to WW2, with the WC (World Controllers) it’s always about consolidation. Just follow all the major world empires and you’ll find each one taking up more land than the one before.

Ancient Babylon just hung around the Euphrates River. Egypt was a lot bigger than Babylon. But Nebuchadnezzor beat up Egypt and expanded the area a bit. Then Cyrus did in the Babylonians and a hundred years later the Assyrians were thinking about Greece. Alexander put a stop to that and expanded the Empire even farther by going east. But, of course, the Roman Empire consolidated more land and became the largest empire to date. When the Illuminati had milked the Romans for their last drop of blood, they moved up to the British Isles and started up the largest Empire ever to exist. Consolidation. And most all of it by force of arms. War is so much more lucrative than negotiations. Oh, did you notice another luc word go by? Lucrative. What “light” has to do with something being financially beneficial, I don’t know.

An interesting side note is the movement to overcome Christianity. Satan will always be seen to work against what God is doing. I think we can all agree that God is doing Christianity. The illuminati have infiltrated ALL Christian denominations at the top levels. That’s not just a recent development. It’s part of the larger movement to control all of Christianity. That control started in 37 AD. That’s when Christianity started its childhood. It was born in Israel, but grew up from the British Isles. The country that was to become the greatest empire of all history was helped along by the Illuminati in order to suppress Christianity. The devil does most of his work in the church, always has.

All the little pyramids on the level Titled “Secret Societies” are run, at the top, by the Heads of the societies. Each Head will have All the information about the goals of his little pyramid. And he’ll be the only one in his pyramid that knows a lot what goes on in the level above. So each one of these Secret Societies form a solid foundation for the next level, and so on to the very top little pyramid that makes up the Capstone. That would be made up of the likes of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the 13 top Illuminati families. Directly under the Capstone are the Rich guys who run things. George Soros types. Banking Heads. Wall Street. They directly support the people up Top. They are in on most everything there is to be in on.

That’s our reality. That’s how we live on this planet. We’re all in our little Us boxes. We think that’s all there is to reality.

The task of the Believer is to fit faithing/indwelling into the E-universe. Faithing can free us from our senses, the prison that we’re kept in by our Mind. How does faithing connect to E-universe?

Faithing consists of giving up what you think of as your own power to a Higher Idea, God. We read in the Bible many things about God. We read about things He’s done and will do. We read what He’s said about how we should live in contact with Him. When we try to live that way, it’s what I call faithing. We are depending on God to address the unknown parts of something that we are doing.

If God has said that we are supposed to take part in His plan to let the world know that He is going to set up a Kingdom here on earth, then we’ll want to know exactly what that entails. How do we do that? We’ll have to buck up against the unknown. How will we recover the resources used to participate?

You see, God says that we are to help those who are doing the telling. We’re to tell or support those who tell. That’s the reason for the tithes. We’re to use our resources to do some telling and support our teachers. Just tithing isn’t the end of our involvement. Put the money in the box and go live the rest of our lives for ourselves. Just as our spiritual walk isn’t just going to church on Sunday, our participation in God’s work is more that just our money. It’s a tithe of our whole life, time energy AND money.

A Believer’s walk focuses on eliminating all personal activities. It’s giving up of our selves. That’s what Jesus meant when he said “pick up your cross and follow me.” Our ego is our cross. We have to give up doing things our way and do them the way God has said.

What does that giving up of ego accomplish? It gets us out of the physical reality. We start living on ideas that we can’t see or hear. It helps us refocus on the Real world just a little bit. You may not all of a sudden see the E-Universe, but you’ll be acting as though is existed. And because it does exist, things will work out, in spite of all the stuff that could have gone wrong. That would be all the “what ifs” that we constantly embrace. We like to forget that “what if” is in the future. It hasn’t happened yet and is not guaranteed to happen.

The Illuminati play on our survival instincts to keep us on our little physical box. While we’re busy protecting ourselves, we have much less time to think about he Real world.

Now, I know how this material sounds to certain people. Mainstream Christianity has been taught that this is New Age religion and it comes out of the devil. But a good study of the Bible and the principles of New Age will show that they are almost exactly the same. They just use different terms.

I’ve said many times here that the devil comes as an angel of light. And by the way, when you hear people like Obama talk about Points of Light and the City of Light, they are expressing an idea out of the pagan occult worship of satan. Only they won’t call him satan. They will insist that they worship Lucifer. That’s why the word light is used so often. Satan’s original name, Lucifer, means light. The great invocation of Theosophy makes extensive use of the term “Thousand points of Light.” In fact, their publication originally came from Lucifer Press.

But again, satan comes as an angel of light. You’ve heard me say that this means that 95% of what he says is the Truth. That’s why it detracts so many people. That’s why the belief system works on the lower levels. It’s only when we take into account that last 5% that the real agenda of satan is discovered.

He’ll allow you to have the power of miracles as long as you can influence others to do it his way.

Believers have to study the facts of the physical world and incorporate them into the Bible scenario. I had one email responder try to tell me that God wasn’t a Spirit. He may have read my essay called “You Aren’t’ Really You.” It starts out by saying “God is a Spirit, angels are spirits, You are a spirit.” Given what science has found, that makes perfectly logical sense to me, but I didn’t think it up. I read it in John 4:24. “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. It’s your spirit, not your physical body that worships God. Even more telling of the traditional viewpoint is the response of a Pastor to my view of reality. At one point he even prayed out loud for protection. Satan has done a good job of closing the minds of traditional Christianity.

And when Paul says that we “are in Christ when Christ is in you,” does that mean that we can take an x-ray and see a little shining body inside us? It’s all Spirit. It’s all energy. And as I’ve said, the energy has a certain amount of consciousness. Rocks have a certain amount of consciousness. The energy that makes up a human being will have more consciousness that a rock. A rock doesn’t have to know about God. It can’t wake up one day and find that it has missed heaven because it didn’t trust God.

Your mind is virtually useless in worshipping God. Your mind will try to think up lots of physical ways to worship, like going to church, giving to charity, picking up a hitch hiker. It’s your mind that wills your actions. Paul even calls it “will worship.” It’s physical works that can be easily accomplished without any dependence on God. It’s physical acts that have no quality of the unknown about them, no risk. I mean, how much risk is there in going to church? How much dependence on God do most church
goers have by going to church? Almost none. There may be a smidgen of dependence on God for the $20 they put in the plate. If they were actually following God’s plan of giving back 25%, they probably would have a lot of dependence at work. It’s a very fearful thing to think of giving back a quarter of everything that comes in, plus the tithing of one’s time.

Now, I didn’t even try to look up all the times in the Bible when it talks about the “spirit of God.” Because it says the Spirit of God, does that mean that God has some kind of body, and He just lets His Spirit do stuff?

The fact of the physical world is that NOTHING is solid matter. It’s all just energy. And that energy is just information for our minds to decode. When you look at that table, the vibrations that your eyes and brain decode tell you that it’s a table. It’s not a table. It’s a bunch of atoms spinning around at a frequency that we “see” as a table. That has NOTHING to do with New Age. It has to do with the nature of what we call reality.

You’ve heard me use the research of David Icke on this show. I believe he has the correct view of reality and those beings that are manipulating the virtual reality to make us think that the physical world is all there is. He’s got a straight line to the Illuminati and those who posses them and have manipulated the bloodlines of the top families so that they would more easily contain the entities behind the physical reality. They don’t want us to know that we are infinite consciousness, like God. Once we wake up to that fact, they are out of a job. You can control a mind. You can’t control a spirit.

And yet, God has snuck into David Icke’s view and made him express the same idea that you’ve heard me talk about for 20 years. Faithing. Acting in Trust of something God has said, depending that it will be the best way to deal with life. Icke has said that the practical way to deal with life situations as they arise is to ask one question. It’s the only practical action I’ve heard him express. He talks about some abstracts like love, but he comes down to the “Point of Commitment” as I have called it. Our lives depend on each little decision we make.

I say, we stop, remember what God has said about the situation we’re in and do what He says is the Right way to act, depending on His word to overcome our fear or doubt about the outcome of our actions. Faithing.

David says, that at the point of decision we are to ask, “What would Consciousness do?” He even goes on to mention a few examples, like taking advantage of another person for our own protection, etc. Now tell me, what’s the difference?

I depend on God, and David depends on Consciousness. A rose is a rose.

I want to talk about the woman with an Issue of blood. It’s a familiar story of Jesus’ healing. But we have to read all three of the versions to get the whole picture. And to illustrate the point of this Communion, , we’ll need to go to the original language. All the words we read in English aren’t necessarily the words that were used in Greek. We’re going to find the word “whole” used several times in theses stories. It’s always the same word in English, but there’s an important difference in one of the usages. In order to get the whole picture, I’ve spliced together all three accounts. This will cause a bit of repetition, but I’ve tried to make it flow. The story is found in Matthew, Mark and Luke. I won’t be giving the individual references. When you hear one of those repeated phrases, you’ll know that a part from another account was inserted.

Mat 9:20 And, behold, a woman, a certain woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any, And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse,
Mar 5:27 When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment, came behind him, and touched the hem, touched the border of his garment:
Mat 9:21 For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.
Mar 5:29 And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague. immediately her issue of blood staunched.
Mar 5:30 And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes? Who touched me? When all denied, Peter and they that were with him said, Master, the multitude throng thee and press thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?
Luk 8:46 And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that virtue is gone out of me.
Mar 5:31 And his disciples said unto him, Thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?
Mar 5:32 And he looked round about to see her that had done this thing.
Mat 9:22 But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her,
Mar 5:33 the woman fearing and trembling, saw that she was not hid, she came trembling, knowing what was done in her, came and fell down before him, and told him all the truth.
she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately.
he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole,G4982 go in peace, and be wholeG5199 of thy plague. And the woman was made whole from that hour.

So, in his composite of the versions we have the word “whole” used four times. First, the woman, “she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, his clothes, I shall be whole.

That word “whole” is being translated from the Greek word number G4982
sozo sode'-zo From a primary word sos (contraction for the obsolete saos, “safe”); to save, that is, deliver or protect (literally or figuratively): Now, you can easily etend that to say that God’s saving, deliverance and protection will include healing, but the first meanings given it by Strong’s is to save. But the English words used start with healing. It says, “-heal, preserve, save (self), do well, be (make) whole.

There’s also the one at the end of the story. This is the same Greek word sozo sode'-zo
In both these cases I think we have to interpret sode’-zo as the deliver definition. I had trouble trying to have the woman sitting home thinking that she’d be saved, as in go to heaven, if she touched Jesus hem. But I can easily have her believing in deliverance from her considition. And the same for the last “whole.’ She was delivered from that day on.

Now the interesting part. We read this in English and never give it a thought. In the Markan version Jesus final words to the woman include the word “whole” twice. Twice in the same sentence. Given the context of the other two “wholes” we’ve looked at, this verse will say no more than “healed” to our English ears. But only one of these words comes from the deliver word, sode’-zo. The other “whole” is a completely different Greek word. Number 5199, not 4982.

G5199 hugieŻs hoog-ee-ace'
From the base of G837 (to drive out of home, disturb); healthy, that is, well (in body); figuratively true (in doctrine): - sound, whole.

Do you see what that means? Jesus wasn’t telling her that she was healed twice. Remember he also included the word “faith”. “Your faith has made you “whole?” Well, if the rest of the New Testament is true in saying that the only way we get God’s Spirit in our bodies, the only way were sode’-zo, saved, is by acting in faith of something God has said, then Jesus was telling her (and us) that her act of faith had also accomplished her spiritual cleansing.

Again, the translation says: And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, to which h Mark adds the word “plague”. And “plague contains the idea of gnawing, something that was eating her.

But let’s insert the meanings of the words he said. “Child of God, be of good “courage”, your trusting act has “saved” you and re-established your contact with God, now go in peace, and be rid from this day on of the disease that was eating you up.

Her faith act did two things, saved her and healed her. And that’s what God does many times. I won’t list the events, but whenever you find God saving someone, He usually includes healing. He saved them out of Egypt, but He provided for their healing. They’d have to be (hoog-ee-ace)healthy for the long trip ahead. In the wilderness He provided healing and saving when Moses held up the brazen serpent. Brass, by the way, symbolizes judgment.

And, of course, we’d expect God to include both sides of the healing in one of Jesus” commanded practices, Communion. That’s why we have two elements, the bread and the wine. These, as you know, are symbols of the first Passover. The blood on the door and the lamb in the house. The blood saved their lives and the lamb healed their bodies. Saved and healed.

And if we throw in the fact that both acts, the bread and the wine are acts in faith of something God has said, we’re twice as saved.

Let’s do our Communion now. We’ll take the bread first. That symbol of the first lamb became the Real Lamb, Jesus. And it’s his death that opened the door for us to again make contact with God possible. That’s what a faith act does. It opens the door to God, because he counts the act as our being righteous. He can only interact with people who are righteous like Him. If we’re not righteous, then He won’t make contact with us, because He doesn’t want to kill us with His righteousness. Scripture says that Jesus took all our infirmities when he died. His body replaced ours for all future maladies. The door to our healing was opened by him. So, let’s talk a little faith and say, “with his stripes, I was healed. In Jesus’ name.

The wine represent s the same process, only it’s with our souls instead of our bodies. It says that when Jesus died he also took all our shortcomings on himself. God’s not going to notice the times when we’ve preferred to act on our Egos advice instead of what we know to be Right. We fall short like that with a major portion of our important decisions. We almost always act out of fear and survival. That’s what the wine is for. It helps us in overcoming our human, non-trusting, nature. And do we ever need mercy when it comes to our human nature.

Take the wine now, and thank God for His grace, and ask for His continued mercy, Thank you Lord, have mercy on me, in Jesus’ name.

WRAP: 1-Well, Ihope you feel a little less connected to the world and a little more connected to God. The more you are connected to God the less affect the Illuminati will have on you. The farther out of their box you’ll be.
2-There’s more talk aout this subject and many others at STAG. We’re at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. The number there is 707 923 ALLY (2559). And on the web at And this show will be on the archive and in transcription in a few days.
3-Thanks for listening today. I trust you’ll make it when I’m here next time on Nov 7th.
4-You can be “all that you can be." You can be the Real You.
5-It’s really possible, because God is real. And He’s there for you.
This is Jack. Bye.

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