Good morning! And welcome to Straight Talk about God. Are you ready for the end of the world? Itís here, you know. OK, not full blown yet, but the clear evidence of its beginnings. Iím only going to address ten of the top things that can bring our way of life to a halt. Iím sorry to say that many millions of people are going to die. If you arenít a Believer in the God of the Bible, this program isnít for you. If you are a Believer, get off you butt and start getting ready while thereís still a few months left. But firstÖ.

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Believers are commanded to watch, to be watchmen. Biblical watchmen are there to warn the people if impending danger. Thatís what Iím doing today. Even if you are a Believer you may not want to accept all this. Thatís a good indication of the dumbing down of America through the elite-owned media. If you get the idea that Iím fear mongering, donít listen to another minute. Put on some Reggae and fire one up. This is only an overview, you need to follow up on it. So Iím not going to cite documents or web sites. But everything can be confirmed by multiple sources.

Our Humboldt bubble.
You know, we live in the Humboldt Bubble up here. Oh sure, some of us have heard of cuts here and there, a few have lost a job, but nothing major. Only minor inconveniences compared to the rest of the country. Gas just jumped a dime in one day a few weeks ago, but ďheck it was up to almost $4 a gallon last year, so weíre not so bad off.Ē Our artificial dope economy has us lulled. I bet there were many who voted Yes in prop 19, just as I did. But I was wrong. The opponents cited big corporation take over of the industry. Yes, that surely would happen, but it goes deeper than that. George Soros was connected with getting that prop on the ballot. Why? Not because he thinks marijuana is good for the people and wanted to see them have better access to it. Licensing. It was more about control than marijuana. One more little piece in the Control puzzle. I wish Iíd heard of that before the election, and I thank all those who voted No.

Earth changes:
The thermosphere has one main job, protect earth from solar radiation. I know youíve heard about the threat to our communications satellites due to solar winds. The thermosphere is down to less than 5% of what it should be. No protection from solar radiation. Thatís the thermosphereís job. The ozone layer blocks UV radiation, the thermosphere blocks solar wind. Scientists are predicting much heavier solar activity coming up. Weíve already seen two Coronal Mass Ejections in the last few months. When this stuff hurls itself off the sun, and we are in the way, things burn. We have about a four day window before it hits earth and will be present some 12 hours. It can wipe out the grid and your refrigerator. Most modern appliances have chips in their works. Those chips get fried from solar radiation. Itís been said that things that are not plugged in may survive a heavy CME. The theory is that it will be the grid that transmits the energy that kills the chips. Protection might be had by pulling the main electrical fuses for your house. More importantly, 95% of weapons systems around the world contain unprotected systems. Our modern aircraft carriers will be dead in the water. But there are ways to shield against this radiation. I know this because Congress just recently voted ďnoĒ on beefing up the grid to withstand a CME. I find that suspect. You see, these things donít happen when they want to. They are all part of the greater earth cycles and sun cycles. The elite are well aware of these things, but are able to keep them from us through their control of the world media. World news comes from only two major sources, Associated Press and Reuters. Both of these are controlled/owned by the Rothschild network.

Another major threat is the magnetosphere. Were you aware that every so many thousands of years the earthís magnetic poles reverse? What do you think the affect on the earthís crust is when this happens? The crust is already moving. Look up all the volcanoes and high frequency of earthquakes and youíll see how many there are world wide. The crust has shifted many times in the past. If you go on line youíll be able to find the Piri Reis map of the world. This is a fascinating map that was drawn by Ries, from much older maps, in the early 1500ís. It not only shows correct longitude, which we didnít clarify until the early 1900ís, but it also shows Antarctica with NO SNOW or ice. And the shape of the continent shown on the map has been verified by soundings done by the Navy. We didnít know Antarctica even existed Ďtill the 1900ís. One researcher I heard recently , Texe Marrs, told of the elite buying up land in the high lands of south America; Peru and the Andes. They know that the pacific plate will push that land up, while other places sink when the crust gives a good shift.

Scientists say that lake Titicaca was raised to 10,000 feet in a very short period of time, perhaps days. It used to be a seaport. The Nazca plate is a subduction plate. It goes under the continental mass. Interestingly, the Gorda Plate up here where we live is also a subduction plate. It starts a bit south of here and goes north up the whole west coast. A crustal shift, not just a big earthquake, can cause a tsunami 5000 feet high. We might be spared that catastrophe, But that could wipe out New York in a minute. I'm wondering what land goes for in Quito, Ecuador.

Ice ages are clocked at 11,000 years for the major ice ages and 360 years for the smaller ones. Both those cycles are converging. In reality, weíve been in a cooling cycle for the last 30 years. This isnít going to be affected by what the sun is doing. A CME is temporary. It doesnít cause any appreciable warming of the earth. Keep this thought as we go through this part. How many weather analyses by the experts have you heard that say anything about the Gulf stream loop current?

This will be the worst global winter that weíve ever had in our lifetimes. The whole northern hemisphere will be affected. If you want to know whatís coming, go on line and check out the weather in Britain. Britain and France are in a mess. Scotland had two feet and more of snow two weeks ago. Unheard of. Schools all over the UK are closed. Ditto airports. Highways lined with abandoned cars and trucks. What about the markets that those trucks were going to?

One researcher I heard said that we're heading for a two-season year. Spring and Fall will fade out and we'll have Cold and Warm seasons. The transitions will be so short that Spring might only last a week. A big problem in most of those places is that they have never had to worry about burying their water pipes very deeply. Six inches is fine. They do it a lot differently in Russia and Siberia. What will London do when there's no water? And frozen pipes not only freeze. They break.

Donít make the mistake of thinking, well thatís just over there. That cold will continue and eventually makes itís way right over here to California. Weíre talking about an earth cycle here, not just a bad winter and it will be warm again next year. But the elite think they need to help.

I recently sent out some links to my mail list. These are the headlines for those links.
Waves freezing on impact with the shore in Newfoundland. Itís on YouTube. The waves come in and freeze as they hit the shore. They look like the pictures of earthquakes when the land is violently pushed up.

They turned off the heat on the poor stranded people at Heathrow airport in London. The flights had been cancelled and the weather had blocked all traffic, so the people were stuck in the terminal and couldnít fly or leave. The airport officials shut off the heat and lights. Nice guys.

The Polar Bear Club had to bring out their axes! This was a very funny picture of a naked guy trying to do his winter swim, but had to take an axe with him. The picture was of him chopping a hole in the ice so he could take his dip.
Again, over two feet of snow in Scotland. There were lots of Google hits for that one.
How about snow on the east side of Australia? Hey! It's summer down there. But also, four days ago 1000ís were flooded out of their homes in east Australia.

And the dis-information and Coverup people are still trying to push global warming. They are now saying that the snow and ice are the result of global warming elsewhere on the planet. The elite want their carbon-tax control operation so bad they are bordering on the insane in their propaganda. Last Monday morning New York was getting a taste of what London has had. The city was almost shut down with snow. People stuck in their cars. Snowplows burying cars. They even called a state of emergency in DC.
Does global warming exist? Just look out your window for the answer.

BP blowout:
There was a two year advance warning made to BP not to drill in that place because it was too unstable. They didnít even have the equipment to contain the pressure they knew was there. Then they purposely withheld certain safety protocols; didnít install devices they did have. Corexit, the dispersant they use to cover up the true amount of oil that blew out, is banned in Europe. By drilling so very deep, they have disturbing the earthís crust, causing cracks, out of which more toxic oil is still leaking. Horror stories about health have poured out of the south. A lot of people are going to die. Itís not just the oil in the water. Thereís radio activity and benzene and more in the very air. This has had a devastating effect on the Gulf Stream.

British Petroleum continues to pour in 1000ís of gallons of dispersant below the water, AND spraying at night in order to keep the appearance of oil down. That way they can claim everythingís OK and wonít have to pay out so much in reparations. But the goop of that oil/water has disrupted the Gulf stream loop current, which was already somewhat diminished. Result? The warm current from the gulf doesnít go up the east coast and then over to Britain. Itís just like the movie ďThe Day After,Ē except it wonít happen with such speed. BPís drilling into the giant dome has caused cracks as the dome has lifted and more crud is leaking through the cracks. There are tons of methane down there that can break through and ďexplodeĒ the ocean floor and cause a giant methane tsunami that will ruin the whole of the four southern states of the Gulf.

The gulf stream has affected the jet stream and this has caused weird weather all over the globe; the big heat wave that caused the fires in Russia. This will affect the growing seasons everywhere. Russia has stopped exporting grain. They donítí have enough. The rain will last longer and delay planting. The cold will delay the germination of seeds. Russia and the Ukraine have already stopped exporting wheat. In warmer areas the rains will cause flooding and mud slides. Remember Pakistan a couple months ago?

I know you donít want to hear this, but if you have ANY paper assets in, stocks, 401K, CDís, IRAís, etc. pay the penalty and cash them in now and buy gold collectable coins. Bullion of gold and silver will probably be called in and declared illegal to own. But collectable coins wonít. The Fed is crashing the dollar. Theyíve already passed out over 3 TRILLION to the banks that caused the economic problems. They are talking about a second multibillion bailout and even a third ďQuantitative Easing.Ē This was all above the table. They secretly ďloanedĒ 12.3 TRILLION dollars to many foreign central banks, even Ford Motor co. Ford was the one that boasted that they took no TARP bailout money. They didnít need to, the fed gave them $29 billion under the table. They did this without asking or even telling Congress, printed up the money and sent it. The only way we found out was because of a little bill attached to a bigger one, that made the Fed tell where they gave the money. You may remember that Bernake refused to tell the investigating Congressional committee when they asked.

This is part of devaluing the dollar. Maybe youíve noticed the beginnings of this when at the market. Prices are on the rise. 6% rise from just a couple months ago. This happened in one day. They say that this is just like hyperinflation. Gas can easily go to $10 a gallon. Itís already up to $3.45 here. Every dollar that the Fed puts into the world system makes the one in your pocket worth less. Since 2004, gold has gone up from $260 an ounce to $1400 an ounce. Thatís 530%. Thatís because the dollar has gone down so much. Iím not advocating buying metals for an investment, but as a way to preserve what you already have. In 1933 a $20 gold piece would buy a good suit. I think youíll be able to find a very good suit for $1400. Gold holds itís value no matter what currency is in use.

That $15 Trillion that the Fed printed up could put $44,117 in the pocket of every US citizen, even in the diapers of the babies. $15 trillion divided by 340,000,000 people comes out to $44,117 apiece. Thatís $176,470 for a family of four. Over a fifth of a million dollars. Thatís the true way to stimulate the economy. Those families wouldnít put all that in savings. Theyíd use it for all the things they havenít been able to afford. Instead, those trillions are putting a very heavy burden on us.

Crashing the dollar is only one reason behind the elite moves. They canít fully control this country as long as we all have guns. The UK and Australia donít have any guns. In Australia you even have to register a crossbow. If the dollar crashes, panic will ensue and folks will be killing of each other just to eat. No soldiers necessary except to go in later and mop up. There will be way less need for a Martial law. Martial law is unnecessary when bread is $20 a loaf. And gas is $15 a gallon. Last fact, 20 of the 50 states are so far in debt as to be talking about bankruptcy. Same for many, many cities around the country. One economist said that the stock market could actually go to $20,000 instead of crashing down. This would be due to the value of the dollar being so low. Same thing for gold. Gold doesnít go up, the dollar goes down. If this scenario plays out, weíll have plenty of food at the market, but not enough money to buy any of it.

Real ID:
Part of the reason for the financial crash is to institute a global currency. But they have to have better identification in place for that. This coming April will be the turning point. Thatís when the Real ID comes up. This is a world wide move. It starts by ďidentifyingí guest workers. But it will be the start of having biometric info on each person. Once they have that, they can bring in e-money. Itís for our own financial safety. No on will be able to hack you account by counterfeiting your card, because youíll have either an implantable chip or an invisible tattoo chip that canít be tampered with. Thatís when they can control your bank account. Cash out, scans in. Push a button and Poof! There goes your bank account. No cash, no account, no food.

Chem trails:
You would be amazed at how many people think that chem-trails are con-trails. Most of this is top-of-the-head thinking, helped along a bunch from the ILL owned media. And Iím not talking about folks who never question anything. Iím talking about those who think of themselves as activists, environmentalists, monitors of Govít.

The next layer down, for those who want to do a little investigation, is the Cover layer. Thatís where they say that they are spraying that stuff to balance/control the weather, for the good of the earth, of course. ďWeíre fighting global warming, donít you know.Ē Another cover is protection from CMEís. They are lacing the very upper parts of the atmosphere with nano-particles that they say will deflect the solar winds that want to cause havoc with our satellites. Look up Morgellonís disease and youíll find plenty of indications that this mysterious disease is connected to nano-particles.

But what has been the result of all this spraying? What do the highly toxic contents of this spray do to living things? Barium will kill you. Aluminum will make a sieve out of your brain sack. Many different people have brought in samples of this crud and found it full of harmful stuff. It rains down on the plants and some die. It rains down on animals that eat the plants that donít die and get the toxins in their bodies. We eat both and get a double dose, one from the food and one from the air. What kind of fool would spray barium on people? IT WOULDNíT BE TO CONTROL THE WEATHER. It would be to affect the immune systems of people. They put another toxic substance in our drinking water. Itís an industrial waste, but it will gradually calcify your pineal gland and dumb you down into a quiet little worker bee. Thatís why they used it in the German concentration camps. You know Iím talking about fluoride, right?

GMOís: GMOís break down our immune systems. When cattle is offered two bins of corn, one organic and one Genetically altered, they wonít even take a mouthful of the GMO corn. GMO has two main objectives. Degradation of health and control of the world food supply. Just recently an article outlined how they are rushing to obtain all the different cannabinoid combinations so they can take out a patent on them. They already have patents on a few. They are taking out patents on dope.

The internet is the last place the common people can get the truth. Well, not in China. But thatís what they want to do with the net worldwide. We donít want that, so they will use their old standard solution to the problem. Theyíll cause some ďdireĒ circumstance that threatens our freedom. They pulled 911 to get into Afghanistan and Iraq. Now they want us to believe that itís necessary to shut down the net to stop people like Julian Assange from endangering our safety by releasing documents that compromise our national security. Trouble is that nothing really important was released. Many sources have said that there was nothing new in those emails. Just the same as they said about the first batch of leaks a while back. It was filtered first. Itís also been said that the sheer volume of the leaks indicates government involvement. Real leaks disclose important info, not some embarrassing thing Hilary Clinton said about some foreign diplomat. There was nothing about 911 being used to get us to go to war. Actually Assange has upheld the Government report that those 19 Arabs did it on instructions from a dying guy in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan.

Well, now weíve got the ďcrisisĒ and what do we find Congress hurried to pass before Christmas? The Shield act. Not only does this give them control of the Internet, it labels all whistle blowers as threats to national security and sends them to prison.

Interesting coincidence: Iceland refused to play the IMF game by not taking a bailout. They let the banks take their chances and sell their bonds at whatever they could get for them, instead of paying them off with a ďloanĒ from the IMF and imposing heavy austerity measures on Icelandís citizens. They are growing. But people who monitor the HAARP project noticed that there was activity from that giant antenna array at just the time when Iceland experienced multiple ďclusterĒ earthquakes a few weeks ago. HAARP is well documented as being able to cause earth quakes and other strange phenomena like the cloud spiral that showed up over Scandinavia a few months ago. They tried to spin that one into a mis-fired missile test. Sadam Hussein didnít play the game either. You ďplayĒ the game or they take away your glove.

It was just a couple weeks ago that Ireland caved in to the IMF. Now they are rioting in the streets. Same for Greece and Italy. Waiting in line is Portugal and Spain. Itís a game of dominoes. Understand, these bailouts are not bailing out the countries. The banks gambled big on bad investments, like the sub-prime houses, and lost their shirts. The bailout money goes to them. So instead of paying for their folly, the people have to pick up the tab. Any of you on SSA or disability, will find very soon that you wonít get that check any more. Because the only way to pay our debt is to cut expenses. Will they cut the militarty budget? NO1. Itíll be services, practical and social. Cops wonít come to your house for a burglary. They wonít have enough men to take care of the bigger crimes, like murder and armed robbery.

There is one tie between all the parts of the elite plans to implement their New World Order. Wars, economies, the environment, GMOís, chemtrails spraying, toxic chemicals put in our water like fluoride, biological dispersing, licensing of back yard gardens, AIDS and other lab-manufactured diseases, the move to vaccinating everyone on the planet, planned parenthood, the feminist movement and more, all result in one common objective. Population reduction. They have always said that the world should have only a half billion people. Itís the first tenet on the Georgia Guide stones and has been written about by Alice Bailey of the Theosophy ďreligion.Ē Ted Turner even lowered that to 300,000 a few years back.

If they werenít expecting a host of dead people, why have they stock piled 100ís of 1000ís of plastic coffins big enough to hold four bodies each, in many places around the country. These will be for those who donít get to go to one of the 100ís of detention camps built by FEMA under the direction of Cheneyís company Halliburton.

You know, this is like Y2K all over again. Only this time there more than ten different things that can wipe us out. And we know for sure they are going to happen and not just some possible, maybe-itíll-happen computer glitch.
2-If youíd like to talk some more about these issues, STAG is a friendly place to do that. Weíre at 88 Briceland rd in Redway. The number over there is 707 923 ALLY (2559).
3-If there isnít two feet of snow on the ground, Iíll be back here on February 6th. I trust youíll be able to tune in.
4- Thanks for listening today. I hope youíll take this info to heart and make some preparations. This next year is going to be a doozey. Youíll need some backups.
5-You know, itís not only the news thatís telling us whatís happening and coming. The Bible had this recorded over 3000 years ago.
6- If we aren't moving into Revelation end times, I've been reading the wrong Bible. Why believe what the Bible says?
7-Because God is real and faithfully tells us whatís going to happen.

This is Jack, goodbye.

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