OPEN: The B0TT0M LINE OF WORLD AFFAIRS: An Update. That’s the title of today’s show. Welcome to STAG. I’m Jack. I know you’ve heard bits and pieces of these news items, but I want to show that they are all connected to depopulation of the world. This is just an overview of many different areas. I beg you to follow up on this material. Your life style has been changing for decades and is about to make a major shift that will be the beginning of the end of at least half the world population. The book of Revelation is clear about that. But first….

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DEPOPULATION The primary objective of the Illuminati. World government, the New World Order, is only one of the final steps is depopulating the earth to their desired “optimum” of half billion people. All the financial moves they make are down on the third level. More likely the fourth level down. The financial arms of the Illuminati are only tasked with bringing down nations, consolidating them into the New World Order. Another fourth level system is Big Pharma. Again, fourth level. Big Pharma is only the worker bee for the owners of Big Pharma. They would probably be on the third level down in implementing world depopulation. These people would own multiple corporations. They would be the George Soros type. Their scope is broader than one company. And in bed with Big Pharma is big Medicine. Pharma makes those baby-killing, autistic-making drugs for Big Meds to pass out. As unlikely as it may sound at first, the Fed is an integral and important part of depopulating the world. When bread is $40 a loaf, will anyone starve to death? How about the world weather? You’d think that someone was trying their damnedest to cut off this year’s crops, around the world, in case you hadn’t noticed. And what about all that flooding? Snow! Up north in June! Don’t go to the Midwest, unless you want a free ride on some local tornado. Have they stopped counting those things?

Do I have to do more than mention war? That’s a three-way winner for the Illuminati. They beat up their competition, they get control of both sides after the war, and they get enormously rich, with “annuities” coming in for years over the debt they created.

Have you seen the numbers of how many earthquakes are happening every day, all around the world? The Pacific Rim of Fire is doing a virtual dance. Fukushima. One quake over in Indonesia, a couple years back, remember?, depopulated the world by a few hundred thousand in just a few minutes. Well, I know that earthquakes don’t seem to fall into the category of Illuminati moves to depopulate the world. Would you agree that They control the high level science of the nations? The hidden labs at Area 51? Have you ever heard of HAARP? HAARP would be down on at least level five.

If you type in “Georgia Guidestones”, you’ll see what some have called the American Stonehenge. You won’t be able to find out who built the thing. That’s a mystery. How convenient. The big standing slabs are inscribed with a bunch of different languages. Each language lists the things that will make an optimum earth. Utopia. The darn thing reads just like the Communist Manifesto. But, on every stone, the first thing on the list of proper planet management is the optimum population for earth. 500,000,000. Half a billion. We’ve got 340 billion in the US alone. If you killed off half the population of China, you’d still have more than a half billion left.

And with what we see in the world every day now, they are really making their moves. Oh! We should probably mention the TSA; those un-sworn, underpaid, “selectees” who are putting their hands down inside 6 year old girl’s pants. Those morally depraved people who are willing to insert themselves into women’s bodies. All part of the job. “Next!” What’s that got to do with depopulation?

I don’t know whom, exactly to blame for the chem-trails, but they have been the illuminati’s best weapons lately. People think the passenger jets are making them. Add on to that number all those who know that they trails aren’t made by the big jets, but still think the trails are harmless. They’ve been told that the trails are a form of weather modification. That’s true, but only a small portion of what they are used for.

I’m not sure if there will be time to get into detail, but I will mention a very large area of control that the Illuminati have put in place around the world. The Environmental movement, Agenda 21. Remember that all these areas are working on the same plan. Some are working indirectly, like mainly facilitating the collapse of the US economy in order to pull it into the world government. Just the Wildlands Project will take away 48% of our land. Most of that we won’t even have access to. The core Reserves will be off limits for regular people. The World Heritage folks at the UN have taken over jurisdiction of many of our landmarks and national parks. Independence Hall and Statue of Liberty aren’t solely ours any more. The environmental movement is run at the UN by the Illuminati founded and funded NGOs. They have almost four times the votes that the official government Reps do. Rockefeller made Maurice Strong, the “Father of the Environmental Movement” a rich and powerful man by the age 25 and then installed him in the UN. His task? Get control of the world’s resources and impose heavy taxes, rebellion-breaking taxes, on the world population. Do all that to help bring in total world control. When no one has a means of resistance, everyone is easy to kill.

So, we have a hierarchy. But before I go down that list I have to remind you about compartmentalization. It’s their most effective tool. Right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing, and neither realize to ultimate or even intermediate goal. Big Pharma advertising doesn’t know anything about the deadly ingredients in all vaccines. They don’t look at that part. They only figure ways to sell the product. They also don’t realize that the places that they learned their craft are owned or controlled by the same Illuminati. The Ad men have been compartmentalized.

The hierarchy tops at the Illuminati. Rothschild and their buddies. Then we’ve got the foundations and big financiers like Soros, who have been allowed to become fabulously wealthy in order to fund the different projects that aren’t completely Black. Big scale projects like destabilizing a nation’s economy, making an IMF loan possible. Did you know that they have invented a term for the results of an IMF loan? They call it the IMF riot. There’s always a riot. Would you riot if they taxed the water that came out of the well in your back yard? The only countries that do OK are those who refuse the IMF loan. Iceland. Big money, as you know, also takes care of “electing’ the people that will run the country the way the Illuminati want them to run it. Lindsey Williams says that Obama is risking his reelection by pushing all the war he is. But it’s not up to him to put ground troops in Libya in Sept/Oct. They are already gearing up and holding landing drills.

Third level down the hierarchy is the people who run the day-to-day world. That would be Presidents, “friendly” dictators, CEO’s. This level will be aware of the over all plan to take over the whole world. They have been told that they will be part of the take over or be part of the ones who govern after the take over. And like any self-respecting gang member they will have admitted/submitted to a crime big enough to take them down, should the need arise. You know, compromising sex pictures with children. Sending pictures of your private parts around the Internet. We’ll have a lot to say about Mr. Weiner later on. He would be down at least to level four.

Congressmen and Senators. Blackmail and threats are the order of the day in Congress. Lindsey Williams told how on May 15th a bunch of them made a lot of money by voting to open up the Alaskan oil fields. Slipped in quietly by the environmentalists.

Level five, again, would be the agencies of governments that implement the rules. Also the black ops of the Intel groups. Alex Jones and others point out that the police, the CIA operatives; the special teams that stage captures of long dead al Qaeda leaders are also at risk. The result of their actions will affect their own children, if they live that long. So many of the operatives of big ops… die suddenly.

The axis of financial evil would be the banks, the Fed and Wall Street. They continually shuffle paper around while skimming off the money. The Fed prints up as much money as it wants and gives it away to whomever it wants, including McDonald’s. Ford got 29 billion under the table. Wall street suckers people in and puts their money in failing stocks and derivatives, charging exorbitant fees for the transactions. The banks get to trade all the money involved and also gain control of the assets lost when the stocks bubble out. All the while, the Fed creates more debt, making our dollars worth less. We’re the only country that has this privilege. The dollar is still the world currency. Ireland can’t just print up money the way the fed does, no one would use it for business, but a small minority. Everybody uses dollars. But that’s changing rapidly. The trillions that China owns in T-bills is worth much less than when they bought them. They are getting rid of them as fast as they can. And some places around the world won’t let you buy stuff with dollars. You want an idea of how worthless our dollar becomes, watch the price of gold and silver. Every time gold goes up, it means that the dollar has gone down. Same to some extent for the stock market. When the market is up, it usually means that it took more dollars to buy that same stock.

The Elite want the dollar to “be dead” by the end of 2012. it will no longer be the world currency. That’ll happen before December 2012. Lindsey’s source says they want to raise the price of gold and silver 25% this year.

While we’re here, we should talk about oil. Pastor Williams lived for three years with the oil elite up when they were putting in the Alaskan pipeline. He was their Chaplain, and also the workers Chaplain. He was allowed in on the top-level meetings. In the ‘80’s he wrote The Energy Non-Crisis. The blueprint was drawn up then. They sent Kissinger to Saudi Arabia to make them a deal. They would help them develop their oil and would buy most of the US oil needs from them. The catch? They had to use some of that profit to buy T-Bills. Buying our debt. You’d think they wouldn’t go for that, but they had insurance. Our part of the deal was that we wouldn’t open up our own fields fully. You see, we have enough oil we know about to last us some 200 years, with no imports.

These people do things long term. The big stuff doesn’t happen in a week. The plan back then was to eventually get the price of oil to $200 a barrel. Lindsey was told last October, and I heard him talk about it on the Alex Jones show, that they were going to start bringing down the nations of the middle east in order to cut off the oil supply to the US. That was before Egypt. They are going down the line, handing over the broken nations to the CIA-created Muslim Brotherhood. The last to be taken down is Saudi Arabia. This is coming apace. But they have to get our fields open enough to make the transition to our own oil. They’ll take it out of the ground for $16 a barrel and sell it to us for $200. How about $10 a gallon at the pump. Will that cause some problems for the population? Food trucks without gas. Locomotives without diesel.

Just by way of credibility for Pastor Williams, two years ago he was told, and went on air and told us, that they said they were taking the price of oil to $150. It would stay there a bit but then come back down to about $40. Slight increases would happen over the next two years and then they would start their drive toward $200 a barrel.

There are two reasons why the price of gas has gone down some. They usually do that for summer. But they decided that we were getting to smart and would maybe get mad if they passed the $5 a gallon price just now. They are letting us cool down and get interested in something else, like American Idol. But summer will end soon and oil will start back up. You can gauge what’s happening with oil by what the state of the Middle East is. Has Saudi Arabia gone down yet? How close is it? You know, they are already putting provocateurs on the street over there. And the Saudis have given a bunch of good stuff to the people. It won’t help. They aren’t big enough to stop the Illuminati juggernaut.

Just a week ago Pastor Williams came on air and passed on the latest from his source. There’s an oil rig called the Liberty. It’s the biggest oil rig ever built. And it’s headed up to Alaska. He also said they are drilling fast and furiously up in the Bakkan reserve in the Dakota area. Our oil reserves total in the trillions of barrels.

Big Pharma has many different angles to it. But right now vaccines seem to be the biggest. Why is Bill Gates promoting vaccines? To get rid of those “black weeds” over in Africa. Over the years Pharma has repeatedly been caught putting toxins in their vaccines. Robert Kennedy Jr. and many others have tried to awaken the public to the knowledge that kids are getting autism from the vaccines they take. Over 23 vaccines are being pushed on kids two years old and younger. Those vaccines cause mini-strokes in the kids brains, by shutting down the blood supply.

They were slipping micro-chips into the needles two years ago when the bird flu phony pandemic erupted. The vaccines are part of the “slow kill” program of Big Pharma. Vaccines are used for sterilization, covert experimentation on unsuspecting citizens and more. I won’t do more than mention all the drugs that are pushed for curing some new invented ailment that Big Advertising has convinced the people they have. “Ask you doctor.” Big Pharma is also the big push behind Codex Alimentaris. That’s the move to ban all our food supplements. It won’t be long before you won’t be able to go to the health food store and get your vitamins. They will be illegal.

Talk about the weather. Talk about the weather has come close to eclipsing talk about the wars. The weather worldwide has gone crazy. Or maybe not. Much of our weather is not natural any more. Between HAARP and chem-trails, the world population is rapidly declining. There’s a guy called dutchsinse who has a YouTube channel. He monitors earthquakes and HAARP activity for the US. There are many radar stations around the country. Well, when there’s any kind of weather activity and they send out a signal from a radar station, it will highlight rings. Definite, unnatural circular rings can be seen in the weather images. The guy has been accurately predicting heavy storms just from the HAARP rings he sees A bunch of rings show up and two days late some big storm hits. I’ve bee watching this happen for months now. A few weeks ago, he accurately predicted two big systems that would bring tornados to the mid-west. He predicted it on Wednesday and they hit on Friday. A few days later, he made another prediction for the same area and two days later the tornados hit. You can see the stuff happening in real time on his page. He also tracks world earthquakes.

One very startling thing he showed us was how they can steer a hurricane or major storm with chem-trails. I sat mesmerized and watched the satellite video of a hurricane approaching the east coast. All of a sudden we saw a bunch of chem-trails being cross-hatched just south of the storm. The storm turned a 90% turn and missed the coast. Do you remember that Katrina made just such a right angle turn? That’s what brought it down on New Orleans. Just a few days ago they laid out a big chem-trail patch in order to keep a huge northern storm from sucking up much of a major southern storm and it becoming too big not to fail. They seeded an area much larger than the state of California.

HAARP, that giant antenna array up in Alaska and many smaller transmitters around the world, is able to send out frequencies known to affect not only the weather, but the earth itself. I mean, what is an earthquake but a giant vibration? If the frequency of that vibration can be duplicated, the result is the same; earthquake. This is all documented, folks. They can cause an earthquake anywhere on earth. And this leads me into Fukushima.

Some very compelling evidence exists for it not being a 9.0 earthquake in Japan. Quakes that numbered 6.8 and smaller have caused devastation of cities and villages, which were farther away from the epicenter than the 9.0 that rocked Fukushima. That quake was close enough to the nuclear plants to have knocked down the reactors. It didn’t. There was virtually no seismic damage in any other towns or cities near the epicenter that were not hit by the tsunami. Go to

Learn more:

In one reactor, part of the four-foot cement wall of the containment vessel turned to dust. Now, they said that this was like the other explosions. It was due to hydrogen buildup. They are supposed to vent off any hydrogen to prevent that. The vents were open and working when the explosions occurred. The main thing is that a hydrogen explosion doesn’t turn cement into dust. It just busts the cement apart into big chunks. But the cement of this explosion was turned to dust. That was no hydrogen explosion in reactor 3.

Question: How big would be security cameras that were installed outside and some inside of the reactor building? Security camera. Could we use a camera system that weighed 100 pounds? Each? The security systems I’ve seen can’t weigh more than 50 pounds. The cameras recently installed at Fukushima weighed over 1000 pounds each. And they look like what’s called a gun nuke. You go to and you’ll see what they look like. Oh, and BTW, they are made and installed by Magna BSP. They live in Israel, but I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything.

Another piece of circumstantial evidence is, according to he article, that people on video clips, taken minutes before the tsunami swept in on them were just going about their daily business. They were unaware of any tsunami danger. Wouldn’t a 9.0 quake give them some kind of warning? Sure, they’re used to quakes over in Japan and the folks might have not been worried by a 6.0. Maybe that’s all they felt, not a 9.0.

How does one cause a tsunami without a big earthquake? Perhaps an underwater nuke?
Too many things about Fukushima don’t add up. Just like 911. But when you apply HAARP to the mix, everything falls into place.

What’s that got to do with the Illuminati goal? A million deaths are attributed to the Chernobyl melt down. Five days ago, they had raised the estimate of Fukushima to 30 times Chernobyl. 30 times. Containment at Chernobyl happened very soon after the meltdown. The estimates for containing Fukushima are as high as 2 years from now. The means, for at least four years we’ll have radiation falling out around the world. It took two years for the skies to clear after Chernobyl.

I know it’s a struggle. It is for me anyway. But we have to keep the fallout threat on the front burner every day. Everyday we’re being hit with radiation. And all the little bits that they say are no problem will accumulate into as big a problem as you can name. We have to do what we can, at least, to minimize our exposure; especially when it rains.

There’s a good web site that I check every day. It not only has news of Japan, but it covers what’s happening right now in the US. The nuclear situation is so bad that even the main stream media is covering it. If nothing else, I can get the pertinent headlines each day. My feeling is that they are independent of outside influences.

These are seven of the top eight headlines for June 28th. You’ll notice the wide spectrum of areas. Anything to do with energy is what they report. So the big fire is a concern, because of Los Alamos Labs. That’s The ene is for energy.
Cooling pump fails at New Jersey nuclear reactor, plant shut down — Remains in ‘hot shutdown’

The death rate of newborns is spiking. Literally. In Seattle? Up north. Baby deaths went up 35%. One study done for just April showed that people in Seattle were breathing in five radioactive particles daily for the month of April. They measured by cubic feet of air. How much radiation in a cubic foot? Then how many cubic feet of air people breathed in per a day. That was in April. Did that fallout take a vacation? It’s been falling on us for the last two months also. And particles that get lodged inside our bodies WILL kill us eventually. Just one particle of plutonium will give you cancer.

There’s too much to say about Fukushima. Folks, we’re Fuked. The whole world is Fuked. So many people are going to die, it makes me cry.

OK. We need to lighten up a bit. We’ll talk about Weiner. There’s a ton of stuff on the web that you can read. But Barry Chamish really put the many parts together. He made the rounds of the alternative radio shows a couple weeks ago. You know why so many eyebrows are up over this foolishness? Because it just doesn’t make sense. It’s just like the Strauss-Kahn thing doesn’t make sense. All the “official” pieces don’t fit with the other pieces of the puzzle.

There’s a huge background to this story, but we don’t have time to do that. It’ll be your job to fill out the details. There’s some ball busting parts of this story that you need to reinforce by your own research. There are life endangering principles involved here. The less you are able to see through the smoke screen reality that the Illuminati have created for us, the more apt you are to receive the hits they send out, like 911.

Here’s how it works. You’re a golden boy and are helped along in your career in exchange for promoting and implementing the plans of you bosses. You do real well while you play the game. You might even be considered the winner of the Mayoral election of New York City. A sure win.

But when you cross the line, you do it at your life’s peril. You Play or they put you away. The sooner the better, but no if’s about it. OK. Weiner introduced a bill to make the Saudis accountable for their contributions of money to terrorist groups. Bin Laden was mainly just a messenger boy delivering the Saudi money. Hilary took that personal. You don’t make a move on the elite. The elite and the Saudis have a special relationship. So they set him up. A long term plan.

Please don’t beg for details. Go to Barry Chamish’s web page.

Not long ago Weiner got married. The Clinton’s put on and presided over the wedding. Weiner happened to marry Hilary’s chief of staff, Huma Abedin. Her mother, Pakistani-born Saleha Mahmood Abedin, PhD, is an associate professor of sociology at the Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah, which is run by the Saudi royal family. Huma Abedin grew up in Saudi Arabia from years 2 to 18. She was then invited to attend Bill Clinton’s school, George Washington University. Within months of arriving there she was put on Hilary’s staff at the White House as an aid. Somehow, on an aid’s salary, she got very, very rich. As said, she’s now chief of staff. It happens to be well known that Hilary and the now Mrs. Weiner have been “wedded at the hip” for a long time. Hilary’s lesbianism is common knowledge in DC. Huma Abedin came on to Weiner, entrapped him, spied on him and delivered the goods to her longtime lover, Hilary. Poof. No more Weiner. No more “tampering” with the Elite plan.

Many steps removed from world depopulation is the Weiner event. But when looked at in the big picture, it has its little place in the puzzle. We have to go back to what Lindsey Williams was told by his elite contact. Bring down the Middle East until ll the oil to the US is cut off. Well, how can the Saudis finance the protester in various countries is they have to tell us where and how much money they sent? The elite plan goes through, not Weiner’s. And then of course, the lack of oil leads to financial collapse, starvation, disease, depopulation.

Have you noticed that girls are reaching puberty at ten now. There are even documented cases of girls going into puberty at five. BPA’s. That the stuff they put on the inside of canned food. On your register receipt from many different places. Over a decade ago Alex Jones outed this deadly chemical. It is admittedly being used to boost estrogen production. That means that boys are turning into girls, while girls are hyper feminine. But the end result is less people. Depopulation.

Same goes for GMO’s. GMO’s are designed to mess with our DNA. Same with Fluoride. Wonderfully, there are a few cities that are eliminating the use of fluoride in their drinking water. Not only is fluoride a deadly toxin, used for poisoning rats and generally fumigating a whole house, but it “numbs” your system, makes you docile. The Nazis used it in the concentration camps. And there’s now talk of putting tranquillizers in drinking water to help people stay calm in an emergency. Same for cell phones and body scanners at the airport. They are already coming up with major cancer cases in the TSA workers who run the scanners. Look. The manufacturers knew that the scanners put out mega radiation. They are built to do that. Not only cancer, but infertility and DNA damage results from these scans. And what about the BP disaster in the Gulf? It’s already killing people down south and has completely killed the Gulf stream current. None of the warm water is getting over to Britain and Europe. This is having a big effect on the growing season.

1-this list we’ve just heard is only made up of the top areas of concern. Please use this overview to follow up on these subjects. The illuminati are after our bodies, minds, and souls. And not matter which direction you look, They are there behind the scenes depopulating the world.
2-There’s lots more to talk about these subjects at STAG. We’re at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. The number there is 707 923 ALLY-2559, We’re also on the web at and from there you can access the radio archive. 100’s of past shows are there.
3-I’ll be back here on August 7th. I trust you’ll be here too.
4-To paraphrase and old saying, “We can beat ‘em, if we don’t join ‘em.” We’re the ones holding up their house of cards. And the thing that they fear most is US. They don’t care for the third and fourth level minions who carry out their orders. They are also considered expendable. Only the top two levels really count. If there are one million of Them, which is a pretty generous estimate, then we outnumber them 7000 to 1.
5-Those odds are pretty good, but Believers have the added strength from God. He’s real, you know. And He’s promised to take care of us.
This is Jack, Bye.

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