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Satan’s fear factory. The false flag.

You know, the Bible tells us to be watchmen. God sent prophets to tell the people to prepare for events that were coming. Even to the point of telling them to go into captivity. He brought utter destruction on Jerusalem by the hand of Nebuchadnezzor. He had promised that through many prophets. But in the midst of the destruction, He sent Jeremiah to tell the people not to fret. “Go into captivity for 70 years, while I give your land the rest that you failed to give it for 490 years. This is my Sabbath rest for the land. At the end of this “Sabbath”, I will again bring you to this place.” God not only gave them warning of the impending destruction, He gave them time to prepare for the return in 70 years. If they went with a willing heart, they would be all right in Babylon. They would prosper and be abundantly supplied with all that was needed to rebuild upon their return. And indeed, they did prosper in Babylon. They did so well that after the 70 years was up, only one thirteenth of them wanted to come back to build the city and the Temple. 600,000 of them stayed in Babylon. That has to be mind boggling. What? God’s Holy, chosen people don’t even want to get back to Israel? God didn’t just tell them they would be set free in 70 years. He clearly meant for all of them to return. He knew that down the line they would again be persecuted until the time of Esther. Remember Haman duped the king into a decree of death to all Jews. If Esther hadn’t uncovered Haman’s plot, the Jews were dead. But this was over on the other side of the desert in Mesopotamia. It would have been different if all the Jews had gone back in the first place. The point? People are always ready to choose the comfortable known rather than the uncomfortable looking unknown.

After some fifty years of prosperity, owning a small shop, working in the government, remember Daniel, it wasn’t going to be a picnic trudging back to Palestine. The obvious hardships on the road, in reworking the grown-over land, and the extreme labor in repairing the city and rebuilding the temple, were too uncomfortable for 600,000 of them.

Going back was too hard for them to hear, so they figured out a way to stay in Babylon. When we confront the deeds of the Illuminati, as they bring down the whole world, that’s too hard for most of us to hear, so we find a way to deny that it will affect us. Either, we will be protected from the crash or it’s too big a scenario to be believed. People’s first response is that “They couldn’t control all that stuff. It’s way too big.” I heard someone say once, “Denial is not a river in Egypt.”

Believers will be quick to tell you that God is not the Author of fear. The devil is the author of fear. It’s his main weapon. He even used the back side of that coin on Eve. The implied fear was that she would stay ignorant and diminished if she didn’t eat the fruit. She wouldn’t be living up to her true potential. The Army uses that same propaganda. “Be all you can be!” You’ll live the rest of your life, never having attained your true potential if you don’t join the Army.

What does fear do? Doesn’t fear make us look around for a way out of the fear? Not many folks search for fear. Let’s remember what the devil’s ultimate goal is. Everything he does is to keep us away from God. So, he uses fear to keep us away from God. But how does that look in the day light?

Well, the devil doesn’t come personally and grab your shirt collar and drag you away. He knows that if he ever really showed himself that we’d run immediately to God. There’s an old saying that there are no atheists in a foxhole. CS Lewis, in The Screwtape Letters has the Senior demon tell his student demon that he shouldn’t be glad there’s a war on, just because of the killing and suffering that he was enjoying. Screwtape berated his student because of the many, many souls that were driven to God by a war.

The devil uses the planet’s infrastructure to do his fear mongering. He uses other people. Those other people are the ones in high government positions. OK. How do those minions of the devil instill fear in the rest of us? By threatening our safety. We will be diminished if this threat is not removed. They know that our first thought is to get help in getting rid of the threat. They even hide behind a façade of Godliness, invoking God and prayer. But they don’t direct us to what God might have to say on how to handle the threat. They direct us to their solution.

Sometimes the people in the Bible did that. And other times they listened to the prophets and Priests and did what God suggested they do. This was always the hardest choice. They always could see great loss behind this decision. Freedom, finances, even life, were on the line. You see, we have plenty of examples and direction right there in the Bible. You do it God’s way, and you come out OK.

Back to fear, or did we ever really leave? How does the fear look in the day light. OK, They manufacture the fear to get us to run around trying to find a solution, but what does that fear look like?

It looks like the Gulf of Tonkin incident. A complete fabrication of a non-existent enemy attack. And if our boys lose, that enemy could wind up on our doorstep. “ We better bomb the hell out of those rats.”

It looks like 911. What will save us from those terrorists? The Patriot Act. Is there anyone out there who thinks that God would call for the Patriot Act after the Illuminati took down the world trade center? Or would God suggest that we invade Afghanistan?

Fear looks like the Underwear Bomber being helped to board an airplane, without even a passport, by an intelligence operative. Make us run to the solution of full body scanners. These will not only control us, they will hurry along our cancer by literally cooking us with microwaves. Same for the shoe bomber and the Christmas tree bomber.

These are all what they call false flag operations. They aren’t carried out by the ones we are told carried them out. I have to stick in here a word about the occupy movement. It is documented that Soros’ Move On organization is heavily infiltrated into the occupy movement, long with the Democratic party. In many places around the country the group organizers are telling Ron Paul supporters that they can’t carry Ron Paul signs and can’t talk about him. The elite are trying from more than a couple places to co-opt the occupy movement and keep it sterile. They may not succeed, but they are trying.

The reason for this bit of comment is the latest false flag. The Iran-Mexican cartel bomber. They say he was trying to blow up the Saudi ambassador’s place in DC. A very sophisticated operation using a $600,000 military drone, was to be done by a drunk, whore mongering used car salesman. This story is so bad that many main stream voices, including some in government have called it a hoax. As an aside, I’ll say that just that fact seems a bit fishy to me. From what I’ve heard this is a complicated issue. It touches not only the promotion of a war with Iran, but it’s connected to the Fast and Furious gun walking operation, that’s been in the news. It can’t be coincidence that the Iran bomber was made public the day before Attorney General Eric Holder was to be subpoenaed for his role in the operation. They had this guy in custody in September, weeks ago.

There’s a bunch more to say about this, but I’m interested in understanding this repeated fear tactic that is being used on us. What do we do about it? We do what the Bible folks did when they got it right. They listened to the watchmen and prophets, and they got themselves ready for the future.

You know, there are too many so called Christians that are relying on the rapture to save them from the coming hard times. Well, what if the rapture, if there really is going to be one, only happens when, as Paul wrote about his shipwreck experience, “all hope was lost?” That seems to be the way God lets things play out. What kind of images does all hope being lost bring up? Would that mean when the dollar is so dead that you can’t buy bread with it? Does that mean a time when Mid East oil is cut off from us and we are paying $10 a gallon at the pump? That doesn’t sound like all hope being lost to me.

How about when they come around to force people to get a vaccine for some new virus that they manufactured and let loose in some big city? If you won’t take the shot, maybe they’ll quarantine you in your house for a month.

Would all hope be lost if they foreclosed on your house because you couldn’t afford the mortgage? Or if you happen to be mortgage free, you didn’t have enough saved up to pay the taxes for next year. They would take ownership of your house or business or farm and let you work the property for them.

The point is that all this stuff is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

The watchmen are telling us. We aren’t going to whisked out of the way by some supernatural event. At least, not until “all hope is lost.” But if we take the watchmen seriously and make the hard choice to prepare, we’ll make it through.

Look, isn’t it obvious that they are crashing the whole world economy? Isn’t it obvious that they are fomenting the unrest in the Mid East? How else would it be possible for a CIA construct, the Muslim Brotherhood to be put into power in country after country? How could our sworn enemy, Al Qaeda, be sanctioned by us to run Libya? They’re putting a strangle hold on the Mid East to cut of our oil. If I had to pick a time for the Rapture, it’s be after They have well accomplished their goal of reducing the world population to half a billion. This might be after the death of 4 billion people. The world is going to be hit with some major biological weapons. You can kill a bunch of folks with nukes, but bugs are better than bombs. And a whole lot cheaper and easier to deliver.

These are things that we know are coming and can prepare for. Just the basics of food, water, money and protection are good enough to work on. Store up some food. Have a way to have clean water. Get rid of any paper money except for day to day. That means no stocks or bonds, no IRA or 401K. that means hard assets like commodities, gold and silver. You know what protection means. Just these considerations will get you through the transition period when most of the dying is going on. But stores will have food and energy will come back, at least partially. It’s not the end of the world. It’s an extreme tightening of one’s belt.

This Iran Bomber hoax may accomplish their end to have Israel bomb Iran and we’ll provide the backup. It’s already come out that we are massing troops in Kuwait. That’s a major card on the table, but maybe it won’t it won’t happen; this time. But remember that war with Iran is only a side issue in the whole world scheme. We’ve got plenty of other stuff to deal with.

The key phrase is, “Don’t participate.” Don’t accept and repeat the fear language they push at us. Don’t take the shot. Don’t vote for anyone whose background touches the elite in any way. Find out where the money comes from. And be proactive in telling others.

Now to the good part; talking about God.

We hear a lot of people say that Christianity isn’t a religion it’s a relationship. I believe that’s true , but that doesn’t tell me anything specific. It doesn’t tell me what really goes on in a relationship. That’s what I want to look at.

Three things make up a usual relationship. The past, the present and the future.
1 the past; There is no past. A relationship starts and continues in the present moment. That means that not only is the past “forgotten”, but that the Present moment will also be “forgotten.” Our dealing in the Present moment is the only thing that really exists.

2 The moment; There is only the moment. The moment is where we make our decisions. These decisions have NO bearing on the Past. And they can’t inextricably bind the future; as at that future time we will still be in charge of making some decision. In reality, our actions in the Present have NO effect on our Past or our Future. One of the “features” of Free Will is that we always have the ability to decide. We can decide that we can act in our present circumstances like something God has said will apply to us and help us through. Or, we can decide to try and solve this problem solely by our own abilities. This second path is the one marked “Survival.” In the broadest sense of the word survival, we will associate any action based in self-interest. This is more than comfort or pleasure. It gets down to the food on our tables.

It’s hard to see God’s hand in our lives because He’s taking that “thousand mile” trip. He may not do a minor miracle and save your mortgage, but He’ll set up several little “windfalls” that will get you through and well out the other side. He usually takes it one small step at a time; always leaving the door open for self-doubt and other’s ridicule. It’s a guarantee. If you faithing, it’ll look like wasted effort or a naïve idea of how things work.

The wasted effort syndrome is more on the personal level. We want to be out of this jam NOW. It’s very hard for us to see God’s forest, when we’re only focused on this one tree. We may need food, but this fir tree isn’t much good to us. The forest around us may be filled with acorns and pine nuts, but we won’t see them unless we let it go and take a sit at the bottom of that fir tree, trusting that God heard us and is working on the issue. “Oops! What are all those oak and pine trees? Hmm. Thanks God.”

3 The future; The only future is our word. There is no future, but there is a future. Living strictly in the moment has more than just that side. Our focus is generally drawn to “staying out of the future.” And that’s good, but not the whole story.

This is nothing new, but it must be put into the mix consciously. The future only exists in one way. There is only one connection between the Present and the future. There is none between the Present and the Past, but there is one between the Present and the Future. Our Word.

When we say we’ll do something, that is obviously a statement of an action that has not happened. It’s an action in the Future. Your Word on something will be added to my list of criteria governing my present decisions.

If you tell me that your flight will be in Thursday morning at 7 am, the decisions I make Wednesday night are going to include that information. Let’s take a look at the three wys that can go from there. One, I pick you up at the airport. All the Words spoken were fulfilled. Two, I show up at the airport, but you’ve cancelled the trip. I didn’t know that and acted on your Word about the arrival. Third, when you found out you couldn’t make it, you called late Wednesday night to give me a heads up. I don’t make some of the same decisions. I might not take the time to “unpack”, but I will reset the alarm.

Notice here, that we now have a NEW Word. This Word will change some of my decisions concerning tomorrow.

Now. Relationships are relationships. When two “things” relate, there’s a relationship. Even if we bring that down to the part of nature that has no conscious control, or just lives by instinct. Trees and Squirrels. No Words pass between these two beings, but they have a relationship. No words pass, but they “live” by A Word none the less. They live by the Created Word.

Have you ever heard of a tree getting a bit uppity and demanding that God let it live like a fish? These lower beings aren’t given the ability to act outside their niche in creation. A few of the higher, more intelligent beings can be seen to make decisions about things, but they won’t be seen trying to live outside their created parameters. A smart raven doesn’t try to be like a chimpanzee.

But when we get up on the human level, we see the capacity to attempt to change the created reality. The attempt, not an actual change. The lower animals and plants only have the Created Word to live by and not enough awareness to challenge that Word. When given the chance, animals will either “fight or flight” when a challenge appears. Kill it or run away. Either way, they are quit of the problem. Done, time for bed.

People are different. They have the ability to do neither, but still maintain themselves in the face of the challenge. Live with it. People are good at living with adversity. Ask any Postal worker. We’ve learned to protect ourselves a third way. When we can’t run or fight, we’ll use deceit. We’ll lie. We lie to the outside world about our feelings. We’ve learned to survive in harsh circumstances. Humans are great survivors. It’s one of our greatest gifts and one of our greatest downfalls.

Our true survival instincts are OK. Fight or flight. But not survival by deceit. It doesn’t bring resolve and therefore peace to the problem. It eats at us from down inside. When we act based on our own and even other’s abilities, our solutions are always imperfect and incomplete.

Our lives are so survival oriented that we forget many times that there’s another way to do things. Consider, how much of your time/energy goes into just day to day needs; food, water, shelter, warmth? You may be a successful artist that gets to paint just the things that are really enjoyable to you. You may have a wonderfully happy life painting. While very spiritual in nature, the practical side of life looms up when folks stop buying you work. Even happy work takes a back seat to food.

And after we eliminate survival, we are still loaded down with comfort, pleasure and mainly approval. Don’t we do a host of things based on what other people will think or say? There’s hardly any room left for comfort.

And there’s still that major consideration lurking in the gray area between survival and approval. That would be financial security above your day job. We spend a lot of time in the future over financial security.

Are there any other areas of our lives that aren’t in the above area of Self-Interest? I can’t think of any. I’m not even going to try. I’m just going to live like there are only two ways to decide in life. I can decide to do things my way alone, or I can get help and trust something outside of myself. What’s that old story about the guy who would rather drive around for a couple hours looking for a place than stop and ask directions?

When I’m making those Present decisions, I’ll only be looking at two options, not 20 or 30 possible future scenarios. I’ll live by my own Word or I’ll live by Someone else’s Word.

I, and even some friend may think we have all the bases covered, but I know that my friend is just as imperfect as I, and can make mistakes. Some third party, some real expert might come along and tell us we were wrong. One just can’t count on another human being 100%.

One, take people as they are in that moment, not letting their past color what’s in front of you. Make Present decisions based on God’s word on the subject. When you say something, make sure you keep that Word.

Old stuff, huh? At least familiar. But this is the way we MUST relate to God. Keep your Word to God even at the cost of your own hurt. In the other direction, take God at His Word. Use what He has said in the Bible that applies to your jam and act as though He was working to help you through. You do what you can, in the present moment.

You have to do more than believe that God is real and has the ability to affect your life. The devil is well into that place. The difference between the devil and us is that we will decide to trust God and act on what He’s said. The devil only decides for God in those things that God has commanded him to do.

The New Testament boils down to a single message. We make it into God’s Kingdom by faithing. The Gospel preached by Jesus, all the Apostles and finally Paul is that Gods going to set up a Kingdom on the earth. Jesus exemplifies and Paul clarifies the method for participating in that Kingdom. And the New Testament is firmly grounded on the whole Old Testament. Paul found that out from the resurrected Christ for those three years he spent with Jesus in Arabia before going to Jericho. Jesus was telling him about all the types of Himself in the Old Testament.

Paul plainly teaches in most all his letters that we are qualified to participate in God’s Kingdom by trusting God with our very lives. Faithing. The “ing” is necessary because the Greek word that all our Bibles translate as “faith” is only one small step away from a primary verb. Every time we see “faith” in the Bible, it’s talking about some trusting action, based in God’s Word.

The word is pist-is. But I must add that the word that’s translated “believe” is pist-euo. The only difference between the two words is the suffix. The pist root is the same. That means that not only is “faith” a verb, but also “belief.” It’s all about action.

When it’s decision time, acting like God knows better than anything we can come up with, will save our bacon.

But we also have a mission to perform.

The Christian’s Mission

We’re supposed to do things God’s way. Do what God has told us to do. Fit into God’s scheme of things. That means that we aren’t just to decide for God’s way when decision times comes. It means initiating some way of getting the word out of God’s coming kingdom. That’s been the mission of everyone, prophets, priests, Apostles, and Jesus.

We’ve heard that each person in the Body has a unique and irreplaceable function.

We know from Ephesians 4 that this function is the building up of the Body, edification.
This must mean that we are to focus our efforts on believers. The Body is made up of Believers.

What will reach believers? The Gospel of salvation? They’ve already heard and accepted that.

We have two main areas of work. 1-presenting evidence that God is real. 2-presenting evidence that the Bible is true. Those two things underpin all Christian life.

The evidence that the Bible is true is easily done, with much hard work. There has been much historical and archeological evidence that shows events told of in the Bible to have actually happened.

In the area of prophecy, it can be shown that most of biblical prophecy, especially about the House of Israel, has been fulfilled. One 4000 year old prophecy has just come to pass in the last century. It’s the prophecy given to Abraham. God told him that his descendents would control all the major trade entrances of the world. That has been accomplished by the lost House of Israel, Britain and the USA.

No human being could know that. It’s one of the supernatural aspects of the Bible. There are three or four other supernatural things about the Bible. These are the numerical schemes that run through the Scripture. Numerical properties that could not be invented by the actual writers of the book. Indeed, they had no knowledge that what they were writing had those qualities.

Just the first half of Jesus’ genealogy, written in the Book of Matthew contains fifteen features of the number seven, which symbolizes spiritual completion. This involves the number of nouns, names, vowels, consonants, letters, words, and figures. Then there’s the Bible Code, written about by Michael Drosnin. It has been well established as existing. The codifying of the text by this method is humanly impossible.

Once we have established the veracity of the Bible, we have also confirmed God’s reality. It is from this place that we can confidently pursue His tasks, depending on Him for the needed help. One can’t act on something not believed in. The actions of Christian life are too hard for the person who just talks about believing in God. If James was here, he’d say, “Look for their works.”

The “work” of Christian life is always virtually the hardest of all the options. Many easier options can all be seen to contain self-interest, Protectionism. We commonly make decisions based on our comfort, safety, or financial security. It doesn’t take long to discern whether a person is grounded in God or Self.

Some people will have trouble trying to reconcile Paul’s writing in Ephesians four with Jesus’ commission to his disciples, the one known as the Great Commission. There’s only one explanation. Jesus was talking about two different groups of people. Jesus told Paul what was meant for believers in general. He told his disciples what he wanted them, specifically, to do. The Great Commission was given to only the disciples, not everyone.

Another proof of that is what Jesus said about the Holy Spirit’s job. He said, “No one comes to God save the Father draw him.” I’m not the Holy Spirit. It’s not my place to “draw” someone to God. It’s not my place to “lead someone to the Lord.” I’ve been told to build up the Body of believers.

How do I reach other believers, if I’m not to do that on a personal level? We must do enough study of a subject to be able to communicate the idea to others. Then, we must find a ways to communicate that idea in such a way that the receiver has 100% control over the intake of the idea. A blog, a web site, a book, a radio/TV show, a newspaper ad for a meeting are all ways that allow the receiver to take as much or little as they decide.

Don’t think that these ideas are something new. On the other hand, don’t think that because these ideas aren’t new that they will have no meaning for the receiver. It must be remembered that we are all individuals and have our own way of communicating an idea. This is where our uniqueness in the Body comes in.

That Old Truth will come out of your mouth differently than out of mine. And only ears that can hear your kind of mouth will respond. For this reason, we must remain aware that everyone to whom we present the Truth will not take it in. Only a very few can hear things the way you say them.

Therefore, without your particular voice those people will have to hear the Truth elsewhere. If God wants to draw that person, then of course, the person will find another mouth to listen to.

If one is to be True to God’s calling, the only thing we can do is nothing. We must take out every little bit of our own agenda or reason for doing something, and completely surrender, 100 %, to God. But that happens two ways, not just one. Without recognizing both, one may not move forward in one’s Walk.

We first have to define some words. What does “surrender” mean in this case? And how do we get rid of our own agenda?

Simply put, surrender means doing something God’s way. But the second part is indispensable. That part includes our making no decisions as to what we will do, as well as how to do it. It’s not up to us to decide what we’re going to do for God. Our task will be to edify the Body, but we must let God bring us the way that we’ll do that work.

We must make real the idea that God is in charge of our lives and is working to bring about what He knows we need. There will always be tasks for us to work on while we wait for His leading us to new ones.

So surrender means doing only what God brings us, His way. If you find yourself judging the task or the method by which to accomplish the task, then you haven’t yet surrendered.

This idea relates to our salvation also. We are not to try and figure out how to be saved; what we have to do to make it in. We can’t try and help God out and add our own acts; things that we decide are going to help get/keep us saved.

The Bible says we’re saved by faithing, so we should be able to confirm the above by examining faithing. If faithing saves, then it must fall into those two ways of living.

Faithing is acting on a promise of God in the face of negative circumstances. It’s depending on God to get us to our goal by taking care of those things that look like they will keep us from success.

That sounds like surrender to me. I have put aside all the thoughts about what can go wrong and moved ahead anyway. I’m not doing it my way, I’m doing it God’s way.

Would you like a more detailed idea of “God’s Way”? Just try the Ten Commandments and as much of the Mosaic Law as you know about. I call the Ten Commandments the “Rule Book of Life.” Paul said it was our “school master.”

Once you see what God has brought you, this new situation that has to be dealt with, you can stack it up against the ten commandments to see how God wants it done.

The Law is God’s Mirror of Perfection. It shows us God’s Perfection. That allows us to measure our way against God’s. If God didn’t give us some standard to go by, we’d never get in. We’d be making it up as we went along.

Paul talks about this when he tells us that he wouldn’t know what sin was if there was no Law. You can’t break a law that doesn’t exist. And that the purpose of the Law was to convince us that in order to succeed we needed to add God’s help to our own efforts. Once we saw the Perfect way, we’d know that we could never accomplish it alone.

Now let’s look at Jesus’ mission and its results. If it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.

Jesus’ mission was to “prove God.” Prove that God is real, is a person who will interact with other persons, and keeps His word faithfully. Maybe that should be our mission, too.

Why was Jesus crucified? To prove God. No crucifixion, no resurrection.

Why prove God? To give a basis for trust in what God says and in God’s coming kingdom.

If Jesus hadn‘t been crucified, he wouldn’t have raised from the dead.

Some have been said to raise the dead. Elijah raised the boy from the dead. Paul raised the boy from the dead. Jesus raised Lazarus and others from the dead.

But nobody ever came back to life without assistance. We find no verifiable record of anyone coming back to life after 72 hours. Jesus’ resurrection was a supernatural event. It proves that there is a “power” beyond humanity. It proves God.

But there are more levels. Another thing that Jesus did in proving God was to prove that he, himself was the physical manifestation of God. Thereby, he showed us the real intent of the Law.

“How the Law Died.”

All fleshly parts of us are governed by “law”. Including survival; rules of life.

All Spiritual parts are not. They are governed by spiritual influences.

The “law” is not dead, but doesn’t apply to the Spirit. It never did.

“Law” is how the physical reality works.

The law can’t comfort our spirit.

The Old Testament law didn’t save anyone. It was the keeping of what they could of the law, basing that act on what God had said about providing, that saved. Faithing. It brought God’s Spirit the same as in the New Testament.

With Jesus coming, God just widened the field to include ALL His utterances as a basis for our faithing. He also widened the field of who could be saved to include ALL ethnos. That’s the mystery that Paul talks about. The Jews were sure that no one outside their group could be saved. The same as some denominations think today.

If you are faithing when you “do” the law, then your faithing will get you God’s Spirit. If there is no faithing (risk taking) in your way of doing the law, then it’s not affecting your salvation.

Most anybody will tell you that Jesus’ advent did away with the blood sacrifice. His blood took its place. The question I have is, does God do things piecemeal? Is the blood sacrifice the only part of the Law that Jesus coming did away with? His blood took the place of the Law blood. Why can’t we apply this to the rest of the Law? The goal or end result of the blood sacrifice was Jesus’ sacrifice. He was also the end result, the goal of the rest of the Law.


I want to look at a different side of communion today. It struck me recently that communion was a perfect way to stay in touch with our “imperfection”. There’s a very big lot to say about the elimination of ego. Christ said to get rid of our ego, in his own way. He said pick up YOUR cross, (not mine,) and follow me.” He showed us with his life what elimination of ego looked like. He never went on about his own agenda. He repeatedly laid his actions on God. That’s how he fulfilled the Law. He never did anything that God didn’t direct or OK through His already known word. He tried to get the rich young ruler off his own agenda by telling him to sell what he had and give it to the poor and then follow him. That guy was too attached to his own agenda of being rich, having anything he wanted, that he couldn’t surrender to that suggestion. That’s what it takes. Surrender.

People hear a lot about obedience. God says right there in the Bible that “obedience is better than sacrifice.” But where we’re concerned is our salvation. That trumps all other objectives. The Bible tells us that there is only one requisite to salvation. Just one. Putting our trust in God to the apparent hurt that will result. Mostly in the old testament the word “trust” is translated, with a couple “faiths” thrown in. Every time in the Old Testament that we see those wto words we can know that some action is being performed. All the Hebrew words are verbs. Same for the New Testament. All the words that describe a trusting action are based in the Greek word pistis. Any time we see the words faith and belief we can know that some action, based in trusting God, is being performed. When we do these trusting actions, we are acting like Jesus. That’s why God sees us that way. The Spirit of Jesus clothes us and God sees Himself. That’s why we are said to be saved by faith. We get saved from what? We get saved to heaven, but do we get saved from? Death. The final death.

Now you might be taking communion in obedience of Jesus command. Or you might be surrendering to God through this faith act. If faithing, Trust, is the way Home then I want to pick only those things that I can faithe on or the greater of two faith acts. So when I take communion I’d rather be in the surrender mode than the obedient mode.

I know God to do many things at once. Almost everything has a bunch of levels below the surface. I see the same with communion. If Cm is involved in our salvation, then there is more than one reason why Jesus gave it to us.

We’ve talked a lot about the meaning and promise of the two elements. The wine symbolizes Jesus’ blood, which opens the door for us to get back to God. The bread symbolizes his body, that opens the door for our healing. We think about what he is said to have done and how God used that action to open Himself to us. It’s quite a blessing. It’s so good that we would rather stay there than go to a deeper level. Once we see the other side of communion, we’d rather turn off the light and shut the door; even burn down the house in some cases.

The other side of communion is surrender. I can easily see the above description of blessing as containing almost no trust, just obedience. Or worse, reward. But we wont get into taking communion to get something.

If giving up my own agenda and surrendering that authority to God is the way to get saved, that’s the side of the coin I want to have up. I believe that God is teaching us, through communion, to surrender to Him. You see, your surrender is based in a certain knowledge. A certain knowledge. There’s no question about it. Only fools argue.
Down in our Core, there is a rottenness. It doesn’t look like a rottenness. That’s the problem. It’s just simple, ordinary, everyday, basic, natural survival. We’d die without it. How can that be bad, rotten? It gives fear a place to live.

When we are confronted with some negative-appearing situation, our first thought is to get out of it. Survival. We get so used to making survival decisions every day that it becomes habit. We don’t stop to evaluate things properly. Again, that doesn’t sound very rotten. But rotten still applies, because sometimes those decisions go against what we know to be God’s ideas on the subject. That’ll kill you. Anything wants to kill me, I’ll call rotten.

I’m glad God covered surrender with communion. Proper discernment means also looking at myself and recognizing that I couldn’t make it without God. By stepping back and measuring myself to Christ, I see how inadequate I am in working out my own salvation. I’m put in touch with my ego as a result of this. I can carry the idea out to looking back on the day and seeing where I used my ego; and I don’t mean only against God. Most of our ego use is against others. Even our friends. General rule: Any time you’re in “I” “me” “mine”, you’re in your ego. Hey! “My new pickup!” See what I mean?

We have to remember that saved and surrender start with the same letter. All the faithing you’ve heard me talk about over the last 20 years has included that idea of surrender. You can’t faithe without surrendering something to God. You’re giving up the part that you know you can’t control. You’re surrendering your authority over that part and giving it to God.

Well, let’s get in touch with our rottenness by taking the wine. We remember that Jesus’ blood made a way home for us and that we couldn’t do it without him. Thank God for His grace, in Jesus’ name.

Now with the bread, we also can see how inadequate we are in accomplishing our own healing. How many of your past colds have dragged on for three weeks? I might ask, how many times during those weeks did you take communion? The bread is for the healing of our bodies. Peter said it was a done deal after the resurrection. Let’s put it in the past tense. By his stripes, I was healed, in Jesus’ name.

WRAP: 1-A lot of old truth today. How to walk with God. How to get some of His Spirit inside our bodies by acting against what we see and doing it God’s way. Important stuff.
2-Also important is recognizing and rejecting the devil’s way. Remembering that God is not the author of fear. So we’re not flummoxed by false flag. You know, it’s practically the devil’s only weapon.
3-If you want to talk more about any of these subjects, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We’re at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. The number is 707 923 ALLY (2559). Or on the web at stag.ws. Also by email stag@asis.com.
4-I’ll be back here with more talk about God on Dec 4. I hope to see you then.
5-It’s all coming to a head, folks. But it’s not the end, especially for Believers. We’ve had plenty of warning and been given solutions to making it through. And we will make it, because our help comes from a real God that always does what He says He will.
This is Jack, Bye.

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