OPEN: Hey, good morning and welcome to STAG, Iím Jack. I have to pass on a couple heavy news developments this morning. Believers around the world should be on high alert. Weíre headed for the last roundup, literally. Part of you doesnít want to hear this stuff, but more of you knows that you need to know. Then weíll spend a good time with the question of Jesus being he founder of a new religion, or any religion at all. Weíll also sneak in a short Communion, so this is the time to get your elements together. While I tell everyone else thatÖ.
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The NEWS: Let me remind you that Iím talking mainly to Believers. My sense is that most Believers still get their information from the Prestitute Media, as Gerald Celente calls them. Go to and listen to Alex Jones. Heís the best free news source around. Drudge uses his work a lot.

National Defense Authorization Act. Iím sure you heard something on the NDAA that Obama signed on new yearís eve. You know the one that allows the government to pick you up, detain you, torture you, even kill you just on the suspicion that you are a domestic terrorist. And they donít have to tell another living soul what they did or where you are, or even if you are. First they said that it didnít affect US citizens, but another paragraph in a different section included US citizens when it was necessary, or some such nonsense. That was bad enough, but worse was uncovered by researchers. Another section gave the military two allowances. From now on itís OK to be gay. Homosexuality is completely accepted. Well, thatís not that big a jump from where we were, but now they have to move on to the next step away from the family and men with women. You see, first it was OK to have an open marriage, right Newt? Next it was common to live without being married. Not much change there, but still step away. The next step had to be to same sex sex. No family, no children. BTW, thatís where all this is going; reduce the population. Well, evidently the struggle for gay rights is in its last stages.

Gays live openly, have laws protecting them, have been given the license to be legally joined. Heck, where can the Elite take us from here? Well gays may not be able to reproduce with their partners, but they can still take up some of the surplus population by adoption, thereby perpetuating the race.

Well, They are now beta testing the next step with the military. That shocking paragraph? If you live on an Army base, in resident housing, you know like some Officerís cottage or whatever. If thatís your status, then itís OK with the Army if you have sex with your goat. Or maybe you prefer sheep. Iíve heard Lamaís are pretty cuddly. Bestiality is now OK with the US Government. And every one of those middless robots that voted for this monstrosity.

Are you kidding me? I can have sex with an animal, if I do it on an army base in my own residential quarters? How many years before theyíll be trying to convince us that itís OK to marry your armadillo? Theyíll have animal rights groups with chapters all over the country advocating for cross-species marriage. Veterinarians becoming lawyers. How much will Bossie get out of the divorce?

Itís so transparent. Just overlay the whole gay movement on the animal scenario. Itís an oft used process with the Elite. Womenís Liberation, the Environmental Movement.

The Elite have one goal and one main idea for getting to that goal. The goal is to have 100% control on every single living thing on the planet. They want to act like they are gods. The main idea they have for attaining this position is to reduce the population and impoverish those left so they canít form any real resistance to their plight. That means killing off six and a half billion people. They only want a half billion left to work their jobs. You donít want to hear the list that I have just on the top of my head of all the ways they are trying to kill us off. Itís too long.

And if you donít research out these things for yourself, youíre just adding to the problem. Willful ignorance is treacherous.

When they get fully in place this global government, out in the open, to the point that they think we wonít be able to resist, theyíll start their population reduction in earnest. Billions dead in bio-weapons attacks. This wont be nation against nation by this time. There arenít going to effectively be any nations. Theyíll spray us with a lethal virus and give those who are able to avoid it a forced shot of the same stuff.

And now, your eleven year old child can decide, without your knowledge to let the nice folks from Public Health give them a shot of almost anything. Some places in the country, public health is coming to your door and telling you that they are here to give your kids their shots. Theyíve got the law with them, too. Remember this. There is NO law, anywhere in the US that says you have to vaccinate your kids. Theyíll tell you itís the law, but itís not.

Yeah, I know. But we up here in the woods live in a bubble. And maybe this place is pretty safe and out of the way. If they have their way, thereíll be a TSA agent with an Uzi at Shop Smart. And heíll want to feel inside your underwear to make sure youíre not a domestic terrorist who wants to bomb the produce aisle. Iím dead serious. Look it up.

They have already set up random checkpoints in more than one state. The Army is there with machine guns. Itís called a Viper team.

That brings up another issue. Last month DHS put out bids to stock and activate all their 800+ FEMA camps around the country. 100% staffed, from Administration to cooks, to fence repairmen. All have to be ready to fully implement their job 72 hours after they are notified to show up.

Two years ago Webster Tarpley wrote a book that predicted much unrest in the middle east. 13 months ago, October of 2010 Lindsey Williams passed on information from his retired Ďoil giantĒ CEO that there was going to be a great disturbance in the middle east. He named the countries in the order that they would be over thrown. This would end when they had produced an oil crisis that would shut off most all oil exports to the US. And what do you know, thatís exactly what happened and continues to happen. The overall plan is to gain control of the whole Middle East. Have you noticed that Al Qaiada is now our friend? We gave them Libya. Another CIA construct called the Muslim Brotherhood, is getting the rest of the countries we are helping to overthrow.

They want, according to Lindsey Williamís insider, to drive the price of oil to $200 or more per barrel. They will then start pumping from our own reserves, which contain more oil that the rest of the world combined in four huge reserves; some of which they have already drilled just waiting to be pumped. Look it up. Syria doesnít stand a chance of surviving. Williamís source said that Saudi Arabia was the last on the list. Maybe it wonít be necessary to take the Saudiís out. War with Israel and Iran might do just fine. Weíve got three, count them, three carrier groups over there now. The minute they close the Strait of Hormuz, gas will be $7 a gallon. Gas stations will have signs that say, Government Only. Look it up.

ĒFaith is not a practice, itís a Principle.Ē

Iíve talked a lot about Jesus in relation to the Law. But only once or twice about his relationship to religion.

In the argument between Law keepers and those who say Jesus nailed the Law to his tree, therefore they are free of that Law, the crux of the argument doesnít even appear.

Letís ask why the Jews had the Romans kill Jesus. Their main argument was blasphemy. Jesus was tearing people out of Judaism. He was undermining Godís Holy Temple. He was acting out against their religion.

One of the by products of Jesus Mission, was the freeing of people from the bondage of religion. In the United States we have two separate entities. We have the law and we have religion.Ē Our Law protects our ďreligionsĒ, but we donít worship through the Law. Thatís what the Jews did. Their religion WAS their Law. Their Law, WAS their religion.

When Jesus freed people from the Law, he was also freeing them from their religious practices. In fact, from all religious practices then present or in the future. He showed them that those old ways were no longer necessary to get in touch with God.

Thatís what the foundation was of the ďswordĒ that Jesus talked about.
Mat 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
:35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
:36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

Just as an aside, I like the way Jesus says he came to send the sword. He didnít come to bring the sword. He sent the sword with his Apostles. The foundation of the sword is Godís word on the matter. Lastly, the word send is such a harmless little word. The Greek word means to throw violently. The Apostleís preaching intensely intruded into peopleís daily routine, with such force that many forsook all they had to further the preaching. How do you think that looked to the neighbors?

Jesus even narrowed it down to dividing oneís own family. And being our express kin, a human being, he experienced just that division in his own family. They said he was a bit touched in the head. At one point they came to where he was teaching. But it was neat what Jesus said when someone came in and told him that his mother and brethren were asking for him. Jesus moved up from the human being level to the God level and indicating the crowd said, in effect, ďThese are all my mothers and brothers.Ē

So, if you think about it, you can see how a very religious family could ostracize one of their own. Put it this way. Itís when the young person comes home to the Christian oriented home and announces that he or she has just joined a black magic coven and will soon be having sex with Satan. Itís in the same box. And it works both ways.

Jesus came into that Law of Religion and claimed to be God come down from heaven in human form. That may be in the opposite corner, but itís in that same box. The label on the box reads INTOLERABLE FAMILY DISRUPTION.

OK, weíve used the word sword a lot. Weíve been told what it will do to a family. And weíve seen how it was received by the larger population. But we havenít heard what it is, except that itís the word of God. Well, what word of God? What is this sword that went around causing so much trouble?

A lot can be said about the negative side of the sword. I think thatís what the focus usually is. Itís all about what the people didnít have to do any more. They didnít have to go to Temple to get in touch with God. They didnít have to do all those sacrifices. They didnít need an intermediary any more. They didnít need a priest between them and God. They didnít have to keep all those hundreds of laws. Thereís more, but thatís plenty enough to stir people up.

ďHey! Thatís the way Iíve always done it, and my father before me, and his father before him. And thatís how this family will always do it. If you donít stop that ridiculous talk, you can just take a walk. And if you wonít get out of here, you better fear for your life!Ē

That sounds like what the Christian father would have said to his black magic daughter. Only this was probably a Levite yelling at his daughter.

We know a bunch of stuff that we donít have to do. What about what we are supposed to do? We donít just get let off the hook of all those boring rituals and expensive sacrifices and go back to Monday night football. We still want to be in touch with God. Whatís the replacement for those rituals and sacrifices? Jesus said that the whole Law boils down to two things.

Jesus told us in Mat 22:37 ďJesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. (give yourself completely to God)
Mat 22:38 This is the first and great commandment.
Mat 22:39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Mat 22:40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.Ē

Hear that? ALL THE LAW. To the people of his time, Jesus said that the only thing you have to live by is loving only God and treating your neighbor the same as youíd treat yourself. You could spend hours going through all the various laws they had and that we have and find how they all boil down to doing the right thing by those around you. The other nine Commandments are about love you neighbor.

Did the early American Indian tribes know about Jesus? Had they ever read the Bible? And yet, youíll find them living by these two laws. This isnít Christianity or Judaism. Itís part of the make up of the universe. Those of us who havenít been dumbed down into thinking that what we see is all there is understand that there is a higher Consciousness that is responsible for what we see. And that this Consciousness has given us guidelines as to how to relate to the physical creation.

If youíre one who is stuck on Monday Night Football, American Idol or Amy Goodman you will undoubtedly carry a feeling of helplessness. When youíre stuck on God, all other things fall into their proper place of importance.

What has loving your neighbor got to do with sacrificing a lamb or a dove? Will it hurt your neighbor if you donít? Wow! No more sacrifices. OK, we know how to get it right on the human level, the physical level. What about the first commandment? The one about loving God. Werenít those sacrifices loving God? Surely the burnt offering was about loving God. It was totally voluntary and the person got no return out it, like he did with the sin offering.

Isnít validation one aspect of love? When you love someone, you will be found constantly validating them. Using their name. Giving up some of your time to help them on a project. Even buying them gifts. All that can be said to be validation. When it comes to God, I think of it as worship. But weíre doing all the same things. We call on His name or names. We use some of our time talking to others about God. We might even be supporting those who are reaching others.

I went into this in detail last time. The believerís Walk had three main parts. There was faithing, giving and edification. The above are two of those parts.

They are validating to God, but they are outgrowths of faithing. Giving and edification of other believers comes only after a person becomes a faither. So neither validation nor worship are the sword. They are the resulting life changes that occur from the sword. Faithing is the sword. Faithing is the sword that cuts you out of the herd.

Faithing has always been the way to God. It was just cloaked in the Old Testament in all the Laws and sacrifices. All the Laws and commandments were laid down so that the people would be forced to depend on God to take care of them. Godís Way is to give people the chance to trust what He says. He said in one place that the people saw His wonders, but Moses came to know His ways. The people sure didnít. They started griping the minute they felt a little uncomfortable. If they had understood Godís ways, they would have been patient and waited for God to supply. All the jams they got into were allowed by God to gradually teach them dependence on Him. They didnít learn that, as evidenced by their not trying to take the Promised Land the first time around. They hadnít learned Godís way of faithing beginning with them and then being added to by Godís strength.

Trust has nothing to do with any rules. Trust isnít an emotional thing, either. Trusting action is based in a willful decision. It canít be coerced. And it is the highest form of validation we can give anyone. Trust is better than money.

Weíd be better people if weíd only be aware of how much trust others give us. Do we ever sit quietly and think about other people trusting us? I donít, do you? How many times have you shown up on time for a meeting? Did you stop and think. ĎYou know, Tom really trusts me to show up on time. ĒHey, Tom? Thanks.Ē Your boss doesnít stop by the house to make sure you got up on time does he? Yeah, I know. You get a paycheck. Why? Not only for the work you do, but for showing up on time. The boss is trusting you with his money that youíll do whatís required on the job. Trust is validating.

Faithing, is trusting God. It is the highest form of trust. Higher than anything I can think of. I canít think of anything that will get Godís Spirit in my body except faithing. Paulís whole explanation of salvation is that we are saved when the Holy Spirit is in us. Literally. We get that Spirit by acting in trust on something God has said in order to overcome our fear of possible negative results from our decision to proceed. We are trusting what God has said about providing what we need to do this thing that we must do.

You see, faithing isnít some specific action. Itís the principal behind the action. Thatís one of the hard parts about faithing. We like to lock things down so we can be sure of the outcomes. Hence, we go to church every Sunday. We help out at the food bank, we donate to charities, besides our support for our church. Anyone of those things, and a number of others can be accomplished with no fear what so ever. We donít face the unknown when we go to church. Whatís fearful about helping pass out food to the local people in need? Faithing isnít specific works.

The principle that founds all saving acts, faithing acts, is putting our trust in what God says is the right way to handle the present situation.

Your church has a pastor that teaches the Bible. He gets back into the original language and proves the ideas in the translations. You really get a lot out of the teaching every Sunday. But this morning, your car wonít start. Youíve already wasted five minutes trying to get the thing to go. How will you ever get there in time for the teaching? Service starts in fifteen minutes and you live three miles away. Itís decision time. Do you take defeat? Or do you claim Godís promise of provision and start walking? Do you act in trust that God will get you to the church in time? Do you faithe the walk? And when you got to the end of the block, did a member of church just happen to drive by and see you walking and give you a ride? The minute you put your trust into action the Holy Spirit went to work to do Godís will for you. If you hadnít started out, you would have missed that ride from you friend. Even worse would have been that you saw him drive by down the block but couldnít stop him.

Yes, you may not get to church that particular time. But your mind is easy because now youíve put God in charge. If you donít make it to church, it was OK with God. He allowed it. Iím not saying that youíll always get picked up by a friend. But I will say that you shouldnít ask a Believer to tell you about the times when something like that did happen. You may be there for a couple days.

The Bible says that weíre saved by the implant of the Holy Spirit. Weíre ďin Christ, when Christ is in us.Ē It tells us how to get that Spirit in our bodies. ďChrist is formed in your heart by faith.Ē For twenty years youíve been hearing me tell you that the word ďfaithĒ that we see in the Bible is not some belief that we have, but an act based on something God has said. Faithing. Christ is formed in your heart when you act in trust of what God said. Thatís a much fuller meaning to that verse.

Do you see how personal and private and self-exclusive faithing is? Look at Communion. There you are at night. Youíve said your nighttime prayers and are about to take communion. You have your wine and bread. You reach over and pick up the phone. You call your pastor and ask him if itís OK for to you take communion. He always says Yes, but you have to ask him. Christ did away with all that. Itís you and God alone. No list of rules to follow. No intermediary. Just you and God.

Thatís a sharp edge that cuts through even the marrow of the bone and the soul. You donít need anyone else and none of your works or attributes means anything. Your position in the community doesnít matter. Anyone who had any claim on your spiritual Walk is cut off. Thatís the Sword. Thatís why the Bible has come to be known as the Sword of God.

Youíll have a hard time finding the Christian that doesnít believe that Jesus established a new religion. He was the founder of a major religion, like Buddhism, etc. He did away with all that Old Testament Law and gave us Christianity. Of course, hardly any of them will be able to define Christianity outside of the usual works seen in most churches. In one breath theyíll parrot that Christianity is a relationship not a religion. But then theyíll tell you that you must religiously do this list of things. There are no rules to faithing, to trusting God. How about putting the Sword to use? What to faithe on?

Hundreds of times in the Bible we see the phrase ďname of the LORD.Ē Or the name of God. Many of those times weíll see someone, particularly David in the Psalms, calling on the name of the LORD. That word call, in Hebrew is defined as ďcall outĒ or ďproperly address by nameĒ. But it also carries the idea of accosting someone.

So itís a little more intense than just calling. And in the Biblical context it doesnít just mean, ďHey, God.Ē Or Jehovah. You see God had given them many different variations of His name. There are at least eight different names of God that tell us something about Him. His name isnít just Jehovah. Youíll find that He has attached several different words to His name.

When those Bible folks called on the name of the LORD, they were calling on Him in his specific capacity that applied to their present need. When they needed food, they didnít call on Godís name that applied to winning a battle. They were using Godís names to faithe in their present situation. And thatís just what we do.

Paul tells us that any promise that God made to anyone in the Bible can be used by us. He said that ďall the promises of God are in him yea, and in him amen. You donít want to start listing all the promises that God has made all throughout the Bible. But just the names of God are enough to cover most any problem that we are faced with. That means that we have very clear ideas that we can use. No guessing when God promised the people Heíd be their Healer.

Thatís what we really need. Clear ways to get God in on our problems. No guess work. Youíve heard me say that faithing is very simple, but very, very hard to actually put into practice on a daily basis. Well, Godís names are the answer.

Once weíve defined the problem, we just see which name of God fits our problem and claim that promise as ours. Weíre using that name to let go of the fear we might see in taking action. We step out in spite of that fear. When we act on Godís word and overcome some fear, weíre faithing. No fear, no faithing. No faithing, no Spirit.

1-Whatís your problem today? Got a busted leg? Jehovah Rapha.
2-Looking to be righteous? This has to do with salvation. Salvation only comes through righteousness. And to show that we canít become righteous through our own efforts, God has given us His name Jehovah Tsidkenu. He is our righteousness. When He, or His Spirit is in us, we are righteous.
3-Then thereís that banner of protection called Jehovah Nissi. It letís all our adversaries know that God is on our side.
4-What about peace? Peace in conflict or even peace of mind. Jehovah Shalom says that God will bring peace in these troubled circumstances, just trust him.
5-And of course, the one that everyone can claim is the promise of GodĎs provision. On many different levels, Jehovah Jireh, God will ďseeĒ is the Hebrew word used, will see to it, will provide. Gen 22:14
6-Guidance from God can be had by calling on His guidance name, Rhohi. This is the word used in Psalm 23 for ďshepherd.Ē And the idea is clearly said in Proverbs 3:6. ďIn all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.Ē
7-One that we donít usually hear about is Jehovah Shammah. The LORD is near. Itís a promise of presence. Heís right there all the time, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves thatís true.
8- Shaddai, promises the nurturing of a mother. ďThe enough God.í In some places itís called the breasted God.

Now lastly, I want to talk about the ďLORD of hosts.Ē Every time you see the word lord in all capitals itís being translated from Jehovah Sabaoth. That means the Lord of everything. He has control and can use ANY part of the creation to go to work on your problem. He can get some rocks or trees or the wind to help you. Those hosts are all the creations.

You donít need to get any more specific than that. You could easily memorize these names and get help where you need it. You can get healing, peace, provision, guidance, protection, nurture and even righteousness, just through Godís names. What to do in a jam? Call on the name of the LORD.

But Psalm 91 is a good place to find some practical promises. Mostly they are in verses 14 through 16. Thereís some overlap, but basically we are promised to be slipped out, escaped from danger, put on a lofty place, paid attention to, be raised to equality with Jesus, equipped to ďfightĒ whatever battle confronts us, be honored, exalted and be filled completely with what we need.

But again, the idea of success comes only through trust. Verse two puts a condition on the promises. Itís faithing. The verse says, ď I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.Ē Trusters get all that good stuff in Psalm 91.

Now, I know that just hearing me say this isnít going to make it true for you. The thing is, you have to actually put them into action. You have to identify the problem, find the name that fits and then start moving forward regardless of the doubts you have over the negative outcomes that come to mind.

And you may have to bring more than one promise into play because some fear will not be a ďwhat if,Ē itíll be a sure thing. You can see that doing it the Right way will bring it down on your head anyway. In that case you might want to claim an additional promise. That may be the time when you use the Sword and you know it wonít be received with a smile.

As youíve heard me say many times, Communion is a way to trust God, to act in faith. First, itís Godís word through Jesus that we do this. And also that we are to remember what Jesus did for us by giving himself up to crucifixion. Communion is an action based in something God has said. Faithing. Sure you donít have very much to overcome in the way of fear when you take communion but there are some fearful things that can come to mind. But you may be one of those that have been told that you canít take communion unless the pastor or the board of elders OKís it.

That teaching comes from the mis-interpretation of Paulís description of communion in 1 Cor 11;20-30. Preachers down through history have turned Paulís words into tools to plant fear in their congregations. They have told them that they will be damned if they take communion and they arenít worthy. But verse 27 doesnít say ďunworthyĒ. It says ďunworthily.Ē That means in a worthy manner. Well, thatís good news, because in Godís eyes none of us is worthy and never can be. But we surely can follow Jesusí teaching on the communion and do exactly what he tells us to do. Any child can understand these instructions. Doing it Jesusí way is doing it worthily. Unworthy people doing communion in a worthy manner. And again, communion is faithing. ďChrist is formed in your heart by faith.Ē

Youíre not expecting to feel anything, are you? Itís a real good bet that you wonít. You wonít feel the Holy Spirit come into your body, especially if youíre looking for it. I know that if I was God, Iíd make sure that a person who was looking for some feeling wouldnít feel a thing. That would be just like the Israelites in the wilderness waiting for God to supply their food. Doesnít it say, ďsurely you are a God that hides yourself?Ē

In fact, most of the time when you think God stepped in and helped, some other person can usually put it down to coincidence.

OK, communion is a faithing act, based on something God has said, through Jesus. But what are we faithing for when we take communion? Itís a faith act, but what does it do? Itís not like the burnt offering that only goes up to God. The answer lies in what Jesus said the wine and bread are to symbolize, what we are to remember.

The wine symbolizes his blood. We know from other places that the shedding of blood is necessary payment for falling short of Godís perfection, Righteousness. So, the wine acknowledges the fact that Jesus blood was good enough to make up for our falling short, so we donít have to pay for it with our lives. The wine is for the saving of our souls. What about the bread?

Jesus said that bread represented his body and the hurt it took. Both Isaiah and Peter tell us that two things happened with the crucifixion, salvation and healing. Jesus said his ďbody was broken for you.Ē The bread represents that broken body and the fact that our sicknesses and lameness was also put on him. Peter even puts it in the past tense because it was after the resurrection. He said, ďBy his stripes, ye were healed.

Time to get a little of Godís Spirit in our bodies. Take the bread now and say it with me, by his stripes, I was healed. In Jesusí name.

And now the wine. Jesus paid the price. Thank God for overcoming your falling short. Thank you for your grace, Lord. Have mercy on me, in Jesus name.

Jesus did NOT establish a new religion. He did away with all human efforts to gain salvation. He did away with all the rituals that religions lock us into; and lock us away from God. He brought faithing out into the open so we could make contact with Him on our own, without someone in between telling us what we have to do.

Look, no matter how hard we may try, we canít put God in a box. I think with just a little thought weíd all agree with that. In Whose image were we created? And where are we going? Doesnít it say that we will be gods? OK. Then letís not put on ourselves attributes that donít apply to God. Letís not let ourselves be put in some man made box of ďPerformance Pays Off.Ē We might as well have said, ďSin Pays Off.Ē In this case, sin and performance are the same thing. Both on the same side of the coin.

There is no way to do Christianity. There are no man made behavioral rules to follow. Thereís just you and God and the Bible; for those times when you donít hear from God directly. The Way is not a set of actions we do. The Way means how we handle each new circumstance that presents itself for a decision. And the Way God would like us to treat these decisions is by the way of faith, trusting Him and not our evaluation of the circumstances. Itís not Something you do. Itís the way you do the Something. You remember, ďItís not what you do, itís the way how you do it.Ē

The minute we start ritualizing some acts, we have created a religion. Lotís of folks create their own religion. Why not? Itís the safest kind. If you could make up your own religion, would you be mean to your self? Would God ever get mad at you or give you a spiritual spanking? Heck no. Heís be showering you with those blessings, like the song says. Showers of blessing. Yeah, thatís for me!

This is the most important point we face. It was very important to God that we be told that all we had to do was trust Him, and not rely on any made of rules or practices. He knew that the ones who were in charge of those practices were open to corruption by power. God wanted us to know that He was the only Power we could trust. And how did He prove that to us? How important was it?

He arranged for His own death, though Jesus. Why? So that He could raise that dead body from the grave after 72 full hours of death. No religion, is very important to God. Maybe itís time to examine our own religions.

What? You thought that a true Believer doesnít have a religion? Right! I consider myself a true Believer. Nothing but death could stop me from saying Jesus rose and God is real. But, of course, sometimes my communion turns into a religious act. Thatís just one I know about.

Hereís a bumper sticker. ďNO RELIGION NOW!Ē Inherent in religion is the ritual practice of certain acts. There are a few acceptable exceptions to that overall rule. Communion is a repeated act of faith. Prayer, tithing, etc. But I also know that each of these can be done ritualistically, without faith. Iíll add that if all a person is consciously doing for a faith walk is Communion and tithing, theyíve stunted their own growth, and may even be in jeopardy.

The Believerís walk touches every part of his life. If you had the attitude that to make it into Godís presence all that was necessary was taking communion and tithing, youíd be fighting God for the rest of your life. And what if you won?

WRAP; Jesus didnít bring us a new religion. Faithing is new every time. Faithing is not a practice, itís a principle.

More talk about this is available at STAG. Weíre at 88 Briceland road in Redway. The number is 707 923 ALLY 2559. Or on the web at The email is stag@

Iíll see you again on March fourth.

I donít know what religion you practice, but the Real God is faithful to those who donít have any religion. They only Trust God with each new decision.
This is Jack, Bye.

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