OPEN: Hey, good morning and welcome to STAG, Iím Jack. This show is directed at Believers. My experience has been that Believers and Christians get most of their news from the main stream media. Thatís why Iím going over some of the news today. We need to know what the Elite are doing. So, weíll look at three Republicans running for President, plus whatís going on in world/US finances, and what we can do about sidestepping the bad economy. But firstÖ

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Listen carefully, OK? The following is not meant to endorse or dis-endorse any candidate. It might sound like that it times, but Iím just trying to show the history and background of three candidates for the Republican nomination. Iím purposely not dealing with Obama or Ron Paul. Their histories, associations and actions are an open record. With Obama, itís virtually all negative. With Ron Paul, I couldnít find anything negative.

So letís start with Santorum. Heís a member of the Knights of Malta. Youíll have to follow up on a lot of this, but the Knights of Malta is one of the highest-level organizations of the people who run the world. Otto von Hapsburg and Joseph Kennedy were also members. The Order of St. John is the Protestant version and the first Rhodes scholarship went to a Knight of St. John. All 13 top Illuminati families were members of the Knights of Malta and part of the drug trade before the American Revolution. The Knights of Malta is a top level Masonic secret society. Santorum is also a member of Opus Dei. Fritz Springmeier calls them the ďthe Catholic churchís own in-house version of Freemasonry.Ē

Heís a Director of the Israel Project. The lawyer for the Israel Project, guy named Davis is defending Penn State in the Sandusky scandal. Santorum further connects to Penn State being a recipient of young men from the Second Mile foundation. Give the under privileged boys a second chance. Sandusky founded the organization in 1977. Santorum gave Sandusky the Angel Award in 2002. Santorum also in 1977 founded the Penn State College Republicans. He did that with the help of Pennsylvania Congressman Phil English. But English was arrested in the Ď80s for soliciting sex from a black boy.

You remember assistant football coach Sandusky. Heís the guy they caught raping a boy in the shower at the college. He also procured boys for sex with big donors to the college. And with two other congressmen, George Allen of Virginia and the Rep from Missouri, he served as distributor of Second Mile young men for interns and staffers to the Senate and House members.

Santorum connects to Rupert Murdoch. He was a contributor to Fox News.
He has been beating the drum to go to war with Iran.
In a recent speech he called for public land to be given to the ďprivate sector.Ē
His top advisor is Richard Perle, the architect of the Iraq war and now of the war with Iran.

Santorumís money comes from PACís, $11M; Corp PACs like AT&T, Verizon, Tobacco PACs; Bof A, JPM, Wells Fargo.

Thatís what will be brought to the White House if Santorum is elected.

Mitt Romney. Heís been called Mr. Flip Flop. Heís now the big front-runner. ďYeah, heíll make a good President,Ē some people say. All the polls Iíve seen, so far, show that Romney canít beat Obama. Same goes for Santorum. Romneyís been given the win in three primaries.

In the fourth quarter of last year, his ten biggest donors were bank employees.
Citi-Group, 96K; JPM 180.5K, Goldman Sachs 106.5 K just for the quarter, but 500k for the whole campaign, plus millions to the super PACs. Now, who will Romney support if he gets to be President?

Romney is anti-gun, anti-second amendment. Those of you who agree donít understand two things. You donít understand the second amendment and you donít understand why the elite want to do away with our guns.

Heísí an advocate of global warming, along with Newt Gingrich. Against it when itís a good thing to be against. Along with that, he promotes Agenda 21; the UN hoax to take control of all the worldís resources. Look up Agenda 21 and see where all your freedoms are going. Itís the basis of the whole environmental movement, which is only meant to keep us off the land and in the cities, under control. He called for troops to go to Iraq. He wants to take out Iran. He wrote the model for Hilary Care, which became Obama Care.

Now in 2002 he was pro-choice. Women should have a choice. He was for abortion. But in 2005 he was pro-life. To explain away this contradiction, one of Romneyís top strategists said that Romney was ďfakingĒ being pro-choice in 2002. Now heís pro-life, but in 2002 he was faking being pro-choice.

In 1992, Paul Tsongas ran for President. His main issue was world population control. Romney supported and voted for Tsongas. Iíll remind you of the top goal of all the Illuminati actions, reducing the world population to half a billion. 95% of us must die.

Heís been attacking Gingrich for a climate change ad that Gingrich did with Nancy Pelosi. That puts him in the same camp with Gore and Soros. But in 2003 he backed a new coal plant in Massachusetts. But then in 2005 he help shape the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Elimination of CO2 is the main issue of climate change. But then in 2011 in Pennsylvania he said that ďreducing CO2 was not the right course of action.Ē
The question is, what kind of President will Romney make?

Letís move on to Gingrich. I shouldnít have to say a lot about Gingrich. His political history is well documented. Heís was kicked out of the position of House Speaker for ethics violations. He also is war mongering and wants to attach Iran. His marriages and affairs behind the scenes and out in the open are a whole TV series. While Arizona Wilder, an Illuminati sex slave has said that she saw Newt at satanic rituals.

He has been connected to casinos since at least 1998 through Sheldon Adelson a casino mogul. Not surprisingly, Mr. Adelson gave Newt $11M, which, jump-started his campaign. One day there was no Newt. The next day he was a front-runner. Now Adelson has switched to Romney, or is it Santorum. Itís hard to keep up with this chess game.

And again, he was with Nancy Pelosi hawking global climate change. In 2007 he was for the carbon tax. But in 2008 he fought against cap and trade, the carbon tax thing.

Like Santorum, he was connected to Murdoch. He was a contributor to Fox News as a political analyst. And like Santorum, Gingrich is endorsed by BofA.

Have you noticed how much these three guys are alike? They are all backed by the same people. They all say whatís convenient at the time. They have all voted for both sides of issues at different times. They all advocate the same foreign policies; the ones that are bankrupting this country.

Isnít it interesting that all three of these men want to go to war with Iran, but Gen. Dempsey of the Joint Chiefs said recently that ďtop government officials donít think Iran is seeking nukes.Ē

Anybody with half an eye can see the ďcandidate leapfrogĒ thatís been going on here. Start way back at the beginning. There was no Gingrich. There was no Santorum. There was maybe a Huntsman and a couple others, like Palin. All of a sudden there was Bachman. Bachman was the big deal. But then seemingly over night, practically over night there was Rick Perry. He surged ahead in the polls. He was way ahead of everybody. (except Ron Paul, but they donítí print that) But Perry was discredited a bit, so, all of a sudden the big front runner was Huntsman. Who ever heard of him? But, ďheís the big one now, top tier,Ē or whatever labels they use. I donít know what he wasnít, but he must have not been, because, all of a sudden, we had Romney. ďOh, yeah, Romney. Yeah, heís the one that can be elected. Yeah, OK.Ē But maybe not, because all of a sudden there was Santorum. Well, he won Iowa.

Well, he didnít win Iowa, but then he did win Iowa. Carl Rove got in on that win. And then all of a sudden there was Gingrich. What is that!? Weíve got six different candidates popping up like they were going to take the world over and then fading away. It really looks to me like the big THEY behind the scenes are trying to find out who can do the most damage to Ron Paul. I donít know if youíve been following the election news or not, but there has been blatant, documented fraud in at least three of the primaries so far. In one there were over 900 dead people that voted. The dead people who always voted in the Chicago elections mustíve trained those people. The Iowa caucuses, the same thing. There arenít trucks taking the votes away. They are counted by a show of hands. Everyone in the room knows how many votes were cast for each candidate. The tally is then phoned in. More fraud happened in Maine. Three counties called in their totals, but the grand tally showed that NO ONE in those counties voted. They got a zero. And Romney only beat Ron Paul by less than 200 votes. Ron Paul is finally contesting that one.

Well, thereís no way for us as individuals to stop this locomotive as it moves toward Global government, but we can at least protect what weíve got from their manipulations to take it away. We have to do a little work, though. We have to find a source for the financial truth, then confirm that info with two other credible sources. And Fox Business News?, ainít one of them. But Bob Chapman is. Heís a world-class financial consultant, whose newsletter costs about $150 a year. He was one of the worldís biggest gold traders and stock market brokers. Back behind all that he was an intelligence agent, a government spy. And maybe the most important tip off to his character is the fact that he helped Gary Allen write the Illuminati primer, ďNone Dare Call It Conspiracy.Ē

Iím going to read extensively out of his newsletters from February 15 and from February 25. Some places youíll be able to see a progression and then apply the information to what is happening today. Be sure of this. What is happening over in Europe, like Greece, will happen here. Itís all part of a world wide plan, not just Greece or Italy or Spain, etc.

February 15th.
By decree, by the privately owned Federal Reserve, zero interest rates are here to stay. You do not get to borrow at those rates, only the member banks do. In the latest currency swap (loan) from the Fed to the ECB, European Central Bank, as we noted in previous issues over the last two months, that Europe has been forced to join the Anglo- American system; the system of zero interest rates and the continual creation of money and credit. Due to the Fedís ability to create endless supplies of money and credit it eventually took over the control of ECB and European monetary policy. These policies starkly point out the zero interest rates and monetary policy of endless money creation is the path to be taken probably by all in the system to lesser or greater degrees. That means no savings and that leaves speculation and the purchase of gold and silver related assets. Looking at monetary history we would categorize this policy as Neanderthal. The recession/depression that the Fed has been tying to neutralize via zero interest rates and quantitative easing hasnít worked and it wonít work. What is worse is the Fed knows it wonít work. Greenspan and Bernanke saw 21 years of such policy not work in Japan, yet they learned very little from living history. An example that doesn't work and renders currency meaningless is the housing market.

They cannot even lower bank home inventory with 3.8% loans. That tells you lower interest rates are not the answer. More jobs are the answer and where are they? They are in some other country under free trade, globalization, off shoring and outsourcing. It is far more important that transnational conglomerates make mega profits. Zero interest rates and quantitative easing stifle many things. It causes banks not to lend and to hold cash and as well be in no real hurry to get rid of real estate inventory. They figure the zero interest rates and QE will go on indefinitely. Such a climate also leads banks to speculate. If our take on the financial sector is correct it will be a hole before the bottom comes out of the system. The ability of the elitists to keep the game going until hyperinflation manifests itself is very good. You just saw that with a $1 trillion loan from the Fed to the ECB. They can make as many of these loans as they please until the system signals no more. How long will that take, who knows? All we know is that gold and silver will rise in that process.

The FOMC, the Federal Open Market Committee, which gives marching orders to Ben Bernanke, has said its goal is to devalue the dollar by 1/3 over the next 20 years. As you can see we may well see years of devaluation zero interest rates and quantitative easing. Again the only alternative to save the value of your assets is to own gold and silver related assets. What an admission. This will be the fallout from excusing monetary creation. The FOMC also said there would only be 2% inflation over that period. Of course, any sane person can hardly believe that. Just think what it is really going to be. If you want a glimpse of the future, but in a speeded-up timeframe, just envision the 98% loss in the value of the dollar since 8/15/71 and compact it into 3 to 5 years. All fixed income investments will lose purchasing power. Those in regular shares will have to be lucky enough to get out near the top and switch to gold and silver related investments.

Now you can see that US dollar holders will be the ones who have been chosen by design to pay for the insane machinations of those who control our government. At its very worst the gold standard far outperforms the Keynesian monetary approach. After laying off every worker they could corporate America is finding it harder to find income growth. Consumption worldwide has definitely been affected by the financial problems in Greece and Europe over the past four years. At the moment if Greeceís parliament does not pass enabling legislation this week, then Greece and the region face more difficult problems. If parliamentarians pass such legislation all that voted for it will be out of office in April. The ongoing demonstrations show you how outraged the public has been for the past two years. Even with a 70% haircut and austerity it would take Greece 30 years to exit depression. The idiots enforcing austerity expect revenues to grow. There is no way that can happen. Even if an agreement was signed it cannot be kept. They will need bailouts every year. That means despite trillions of dollars being thrown into the European caldron monetary chaos will continue in the EU for years to come. Just look at the heavy financing requirements this year. They will get financed but the eventual result will be brutal, in spite of all the money and credit being put into the system economies will struggle and earnings growth will fall. It will be a difficult year and 2013 will be even more difficult.

Austerity is certainly taking hold in some EU countries making growth very difficult. In Portugal in December growth was minus 3.6% and in November 2.5%. In Greece it fell 2.9% in December and 6.2% in November. Even Germany and France are tightening up. In the euro zone year-on-year rates of growth fell to minus 0.3% from plus 8.1% in 2010. In that period the euro fell 12.8% versus the US dollar, which should have been helpful to the euro and European production and sales, but it wasnít. In addition as we said earlier loose monetary policy on its very own undermines exporterís profits offsetting the short-term advantages of currency debasement. Austerity cannot be applied at once no matter what situation. That simply strangles an economy making no recovery possible. If Europe does not ease up theyíll be in for more serious trouble next week.

The foregoing, of course, is complicated by UK, US, and NATO sanctions against Iran on oil sales and access to the world banking system; which is going to haunt the petrol dollar. It wonít be long before Iran shuts off Europeís oil imports. That should help to flatten any European GDP growth expectations. Doesnít the possibility of Iran selling oil for gold to India wake people up? Gold is the world premier currency and that is being demonstrated by just such discussing of its utility.

In 1933, it was the Communists that were the excuse that brought about the Enabling Act that brought Adolph Hitler to total power. Today we have terrorists that will enable that leap to power. Todayís propaganda is far-reaching and far more powerful and effective then anything Dr. Goebbels could have put together. It is overwhelming and unrelenting anti-privacy. Almost everything is being monitored and everything electronic you use will be accessed to fill government databases. Then we have the TSA, which assaults travelers in airports and now at internal checkpoints all over our nation. Interference in our lives is justified by terrorism, which is an excuse for pursuing suspicious activity or the possibility of pre-crime situations. If you look or act like a potential terrorist you can be arrested or detained without charges forever, simply disappearing from society. Americans, in order to continue their idyllic lifestyles have traded in their freedom and liberty for promises of security from terrorists. We give up our country to a group of totally insane elitists just as the Germans did so long ago. There is nothing sensible anymore. The middle class has lost its logic. They do not want to see through anything as long as they have theirs and nothing disrupts their lives. By living in this cocoon it allows Americans to live in their own world and overlook what their government is doing in their name. Do not forget living as prisoners makes us safer. [[Have you ever thought about that? Where can you go or be where no one can beat you, shoot you, steal your food, cut off your lights? Answer? In prison, particularly solitary confinement. Youíre really safe in Solitary.]]

You might ask why people would want to take our freedoms away from us? We can certainly understand a terroristsí motivation, but the elitistís goals are far more complicated. They want our hearts and our minds. They want to enslave us, because they consider us useless rabble to do as we are told. They want the complete submission of all societies. Of course there is no war on terror. Its beginnings began in the 1970s via the Iran Contra program and flowered from there into the vast penal system we see today. Our elected representatives have voted over 90% to help enslave us. These people are all paid off by those who want to enslave us Ė our own representatives Ė the people we put in office. They authorized our federal government to indefinitely imprison without charge or trial American citizens and others picked up inside and outside the US. There is absolutely no reason for such legislation and the public knows that, but few speak out. This is what happened in the Germany of the 1930s.

These terrorists are everyday people like you and us: veterans, gun owners, journalists and commentators, constitutionalists, gold and silver owners, home schoolers, those who are religious and those who dare to speak out.

[[Look up the new papers released by the FBI defining whom they say we should watch. They want us to report even those who pay cash for coffee at Starbuckís. Just last week the police were called when a grammar school kid drew a picture of a gun. They showed up at the girlís school and arrested the father when he came to pick up his three daughters. They didnít site charges, just took him of the jail for the night. The excuse was that it might be dangerous, the kid might have access to a gun. And it even turned out that they did a full search of the house and only found the TOY gun that the girl used for the drawing. She said, "My Daddy uses it to shoot bad guys and monsters.Ē And the teacher called the Child Protection people. You look up those FBI papers and youíll see that you are someone that they want your neighbors to tell them about. There are ten or fifteen different categories of people listed. You canít take a picture of a bridge. You canít cite the first amendment to a cop. If you applied these rules to your grandparents, who were around before there was a war on terror, theyíd be suspect, as domestic terrorists. Itís that bad.]]

The history of the last century was the precursor for todayís events. All the books are there to be read that inform you of your coming servitude, if you do not act to stop them. Your government and those who control it are coming at you from every angle, especially electronically and it is going to get worse. Buckle up and get ready for battle, because it will be a long and difficult one. Get Ron Paul elected as our president and we may be able to reverse this horrid situation we are in.

Now the update on February 25.
The seven-week sanctions against Iran oil sales and the use of the banking system and the Swift Code facilities by US, UK and European governments has as yet not been effective. Negotiations are in process with six EU nations to adopt oil contracts for up to five years. Future oil must be paid for immediately. Four of those members can barely pay for oil now. The embargo as you can see is ridiculous. Even if alternative services are found how will they pay for all of it? This has to be one of the most ill thought out schemes ever.

The financial end wonít stop payment, countries can use barter, multiple currencies and gold. Talk about shooting one in the foot. This has been a case of the Illuministís shooting themselves in both feet. Talk about financial vehicles of mass destruction. Now we have three of them if we include derivatives. We have had limited sanctions against Iran for some 30 years, yet their economy has improved. In the years to come more growth will be there. Iran is breaking the hold on the petrodollar so it must be destroyed under any ruse. It must revisit the Stone Age. This is the elitist idea of freedom and liberty.

After discussions as far as we can discern, the Iran oil deal with India is for 45% of payment in Rupee and the balance in barter. That eliminates the dollar. [[See, Iran doesnít have refining capacity, so they sell oil and buy back gasoline.]] Oil imported from Iran to India is worth $12 billion annually. Debt and trade imbalance has been and still is killing the value of the dollar and many other currencies. The dollar has been totally abused since the US left the gold standard on 8/15/71. Its end as the world reserve currency will come over the next several years. Other countries are similarly positioned and we expect eventually a return to the gold standard.

Keeping Iran out of Swift Code for bank transfers is dumb. We can assure you they will find an alterative way to transfer funds via China, Russia or India. That will weaken the dollar control even further. Whoever came up with these operations had to have no common sense. If Iran is successful, which we believe they will be, the only other way they can stop Iran is by attacking it and possibly starting World War III. At the same time here is the US with zero interest rates forever, QE 3, $1.6 trillion in funding to bail out Europe for 1-1/2 years. Plenty of money and credit to bail out the financial community, but little or nothing for jobs and the general economy. Eventually interest rates will rise, and more problems will manifest themselves. The main problem being how long with bondholders hold on, as inflation moves higher along with rising unemployment. We read commentaries by other analysts and are profoundly disappointed when they tell us there is little inflation and that unemployment is 8.5%. [[I have heard many other economic experts say itís up at about 22%]] The analysts know the government is cooking the books, but still wonít tell the truth.

No one in politics or on Wall Street is going to stop the deficits; that is part of how the economy is kept afloat. The only exception being Ron Paul. Perhaps the Fed, Wall Street, the City of London and all central banks think they can extend survival forever via money and credit, but they cannot. Inflation will devour them. Living has been difficult for the past five years. What you have seen is nothing. The next five years will be like living in Hades. There are no solutions for the debt of the US, UK and Europe. All will eventually collapse. There is only one solution to the end of the financial system as we know it. There are those who know and understand, who have owned gold and silver from June 2000 until now. Gold is up 530% and gold and silver shares even more. By comparison the Dow is up 6%. If you havenít done so, now you know where to go with your money.

Who is going to pay people when the government goes broke? No disability, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment, food stamps and everything else that government pays for. There is no money left, the politicians have spent it all. As government reduces spending and increases taxes austerity sets in and revenue falls and deficits continue to rise as the economy moves lower.

The position of German President may be symbolic, but when he has to step down and prosecutors begin the process of lifting his immunity something bad has to be happening. Mr. Wulff is to be accused of accepting favors during his stay as Governor of the State of Lower Saxony. His judgment may have been bad and was this just one of the many indiscretions? We guess time will tell. Wulff was a personal choice of Chancellor Merkel. This happened previously when Mrs. Merkel saw her Presidential appointee Horst Kohler have to step down a couple of years ago. This is very serious business particularly at this juncture of Greek negotiations. This event weakens the hand of Germany to a slight extent and also the position of the CDU, the Christian Democratic Union.

What has been rumored last week has finally happened. Iran has become the aggressor in the oil embargo sanctions structured by the US, UK and Europe. The coming ban was to begin July 1, 2012. Iran has halted sales of crude oil to French and British buyers. Iran will sell its crude to new customers. This action will tend to put upward pressure on oil prices. That means higher gas and diesel prices that the world consumer gets to pay for as a result of foolish US foreign policy. This is the result of Iran selling oil in currencies other than the dollar, which undermines the value and predominance of the US petrodollar. In addition, Iran has threatened to halt shipments to Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. The EU constitutes 18% of Iranís exports of crude oil. In the event European deliveries are shut down by Iran the EU countries have a 4-month supply as a backup. China currently purchases 22% of Iranís oil exports. We believe the US has shot itself in the foot using these so-called sanctions, which as you can see have already been neutralized.

The players all know of the inflationary implications but believe them to be preferential to deflationary depression. It is easy for the Fed to create money and credit, so they have chosen this way to bail out the financial system over and over again. This infusion of money and credit will continue as inflation climbs. When hyperinflation of 30% to 50% becomes reality the game is over. The big question is how long will it take? We do not think anyone has that answer at this juncture, but we can assure you that with this kind of aggregate creation is certainly going to bring about hyperinflation. The stock market could well reach its old high of 14,700 with such tremendous amounts of money at bankerís disposal. There is one thing for certain all currencies will continue to depreciate more than 20% annually versus currencies as they have in 11 of the past 12 years.

[[I want to take you through a little math exercise. If the value of the dollar decreases by 20%, that means that what cost you $5 today, will cost $6. But letís look at just the last two months of gas prices. The price of gas has gone from $3.85 to $ 4.39. I fully expect it to go to $5 a gallon before summer is over. So, it went up 55 cents or an increase of 14%. That means that your two-month-ago dollar is now only worth 86 cents. Sure, thatís not across the board, but youíve surely noticed how the prices at the market are spiking. Bob isnít in the gold business anymore, even though he keeps telling us to buy gold and silver. Itís the only way to preserve the value of your dollars. The stock market and gold prices are all a show. We have to look at what holds its value, no matter what people count in dollars. In 1933, with one $20 gold coin, which contained one ounce of gold, a man could buy a nice suit. Today with that same $20 double eagle, a man can buy $1775 worth of nice suits. The price of gold has not gone up, the dollar has gone down. I had a friend tell me last Spring that the market was doing OK so they didnít want to take their money out. It involved some penalties. My guess is that that money is now only worth 85% of what it was last year. And it is worth less every day. The value of the stock market has not gone up because the prices are higher. Itís gone up because the dollar has gone down. And we MUST take into consideration that the Elite have, for decades, been manipulating gold and silver prices. For instance, silver normally trades at one sixteenth of gold. JPM is a big player in silver manipulation. But one sixteenth of $1775 is $111.00. Whereas the spot price of silver is down around $35 an ounce. Gold and silver hold their value. If youíve got any money put away, it better be in gold or silver or not only is it losing value each day, but will be almost wiped out if thereís a default or a bank holiday. They are expecting a bank holiday in Greece, if it hasnítí already happened.]]

This data about the German President being indicted for fraud shows up in this section because of its importance and to alert you again to reporting fraud not only by government, but also by corporate America and their mouthpieces.

The National Association of Realtors reported that sales of existing homes jumped more than 3% in January, a 2-year high. In December, the existing homes sales number was reported to be 4.61 million, up 5% from November. The sales for January 2012 were reported at 4.57 million. That was a drop not a gain. The NAR fraud allows them to deliberately control perception of the housing market for the masses that are generally not exposed to proof of such fraud.

In addition, the NAR recently revised lower all existing housing sales from 2007 through October 2011 by 14%. That means seven of every 100 home sales reported over five years was fraudulent. This allowed the real estate industry to make higher sales than they might have made otherwise, thereby defrauding the public. The NAR is a fraud and most of governmental and corporate reporting today is as well. We have banking and some businesses being allowed to carry two sets of books.

You can compare NAR numbers with mortgage purchasing applications week to week last week. The 4-week moving average fell 3.2% and that index has fallen 12% year-on-year. Some buyers over the past three months should sue these crooks. Over the next 2-1/2 to 3 years the US real estate market will be hit hard Ė end foreclosures to add to the already over abundance of such real estate foreclosed inventory. Now that most of the lower end homes have been dealt with it is time to take on the expensive homes. Many of those lower priced homes will become rentals and that should continue to put pressure on prices.

Banks have let high-end owners in default live in homes free for up to three years for technical reasons and to hide inventory. These figures are available to everyone, but we hear just the opposite on financial channels. Like everyone else in business there is little validity in his or her statements. Once these homes are unleashed banks and government will find very few buyers. The banks paid a paltry fine of $26 billion or $0.02 on the dollar versus what they defrauded the American public out of. [USD 13T ] The foreclosure party is over. The former owners will be removed and the homes put up for sale. The high end of the market is finally about to be hit. They are about to complete their 50% to 60% drop.

1-A lot of important information today. Youíre not going to hear this stuff on Fox or MSNBC or even Amy Goodman.
2- The Elite want us frogs to boil to death so slowly that we donít notice when they turn up the heart a little more.
3-Understanding the markets and elections can save your bacon. There is something you can do to protect yourself.
4-If you want to talk about todayís show or any other subject, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. Weíre at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. The number is 707 923 ALLY(2559). On the web itís and the email is
5-Believers will be protected, but only if they listen and act on the warnings God sends them.
6-God is real and faithful to keep His word, but Believers have to trust that, and take some action.
This is Jack. Bye

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