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OPEN: Hey, good morning and welcome to STAG, I’m Jack. Contrary to what some preachers might say, Believers have problems. Get into jams. The same as with non-Believers, really bad things happen to some Believers. But what about God? What about His protection? We’ll look at those questions and then do a little news update. But first….
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Why does God, the all merciful, all caring God allow all the “evil” we see in the world?

As a Christian, though, we might start to take it personally when trouble hits us. Aren’t we in God’s will? OK, at least are trying to stay in His will. And yet, this THING happened.

I don’t think we can begin to understand why if we stay in conjecture. We can’t figure out some reason off the top our head and attribute it to God. If we were to try to really figure it out it would be like trying to define God. What human can figure out Perfection? So, instead of conjecture or fantasy, let’s look around and see what there is to see in our “real” world.

There are three main areas of investigation. The World, the Flesh and the Devil. I know there’s a fourth realm, but we’re leaving that for much later. You see, those three categories drive virtually 100% of our lives. The decisions we make and the resulting actions will be based on information from one of those three realms.

One caveat might be that ultimately the World and the Devil are actually the same, being that the devil runs the world. But we have to bring this whole thing down from the worldview to our individual view. Even though the devil runs the world and thereby influences the decisions we make, he doesn’t have to make actual contact with me to exert that influence. But he can surely whisper in my ear.

With the World, we have all those bits of information that bombard us 24/7. Sell, sell, sell. Some places are already using face recognition to flash products to you personally as you stroll around the store. The ad calls you by name. Hey, frank, How ya doin?” got some great shorts on sale today. You haven’t bought any for 34 months now, Might be time to stock up.’ Really! That’s here already.

And the subliminals are endless. I saw a good one recently. It was a short video of some protesters walking by the camera. They were all doing the regular protester things with flags, and signs and one of those big wide banners. The big banner was sort of in the background, with nearer protesters walking in front. The heads of the foreground people bobbed in and out of the banner. So the focus was more on the foreground protesters and the picture as a whole. And then someone points out the wording on the big banner. It said “Don’t Protest.” I’m not kidding. OK, it might have been “Stop Protesting.” But there it was, hiding in plain sight. That’s the World we live in. I urge you to search subliminals.

What about the lies that we are fed by everyone trying to make a buck? We live in a World of GMO food. Which was created to gradually kill off those who eat it. The engineers at Monsanto refused to eat it in their cafeteria. They won’t eat GMO food. And neither will animals when given the choice. They know it’s no good. Monsanto isn’t going to tell us where their GMOs go unless we pass laws that require GMO labeling, etc. We’re being poisoned. That’s the World we live in. A world of lies.

Enough World, I could go on four a hour with that one. What about the Flesh. That’ one word takes in a bunch. Decisions that are made based on the Flesh are made continually, all day long. But I have to stop here and separate some “fleshly” decisions. Remember we’re trying to understand the influence that founded certain decisions we make in our lives. When we gain that understanding, we’ll be more able to side step much of the tribulation we encounter. It’s a big learning process.

So we aren’t going to include our instinctual, survival driven decisions, like eating, keeping warm, getting some rest. Not that these areas can’t be abused. It’s mostly that they are abused. It’s the decisions based in desire above need that will come back on us and give us what we will want to call tribulation. That defines the whole area of the flesh.

Desire Beyond Need. Just look around and you’re sure to see some area of your life where you’ve accumulated more that you need of something. Two sports cars. Even one sports car. Ninety-four pair of shoes. A box of donuts always on the counter.

This isn’t as innocuous as it first sounds. “Oh, sure. I do that stuff. It’s not a big deal, you know?” Yes, it is a big deal, other wise he wouldn’t be trying to make light of it. You see, once you open that door, it turns into a can of worms. Once you admit to your imperfection in any area, you’ll start seeing it in other areas of your life. You may be familiar with the example of a person who had a favorite little word that was all over their conversation. “You know” comes immediately to mind. When someone sits that “You Know” er down and explains the whats and whys of doing that and also the implications, the person’s conversation changes over night. But just telling them that they say “You know” a lot has no effect. The minute they actually look at it, see the facts, their perspective changes and with it their behavior. Same thing happens when we admit we’re jerks in certain ways. It allows us to see how the underlying principle of the Flesh enters into every area of our lives. Anywhere we can make a decision, the flesh will be there to “help” us make the right decision. The one that benefits the Flesh the most. I always characterize it as, “I just want to sit here, where it’s nice.”

Do I have to go on? This is a level playing field here. We’re all the same. Can I go on without the feeling that you aren’t going to admit that you make self-interest decision? Didn’t God have Isaiah write “All we like sheep?” OK.

The devil. Well, there’s more to say about the devil that there is about the Flesh. On a personal level, how does the devil influence our decisions? I mean, anyone facing in God’s direction must be a target for the devil, right? There are some fools that will say he devil doesn’t bother them. Or they aren’t afraid of the devil. I’m not going to argue their sincerity, so I’ll put their statements down to ignorance.

That great Chinese general said “Know you enemy.” You’ve heard that. Know your enemy. Of course that doesn’t mean know who he is. All Christians will avow that the devil is an enemy. The general meant, figure out all the ways your enemy fights his fights. Find out his weapons, his tactics, his strategy, his numbers, his childhood, his education, his bloodlines. Know your enemy. Folks who don’t know the devil, won’t know it when he influences them to make certain decisions. This is the long, hard part.

Look, almost all Christians will agree when someone says that the devil whispers in your ear. But that’s as far as they have taken the idea. OK, my enemy can whisper in my ear.” Believing that whole heartedly won’t automatically allow that person to avoid or reject that whispering. You have to break it down beyond the belief to see how the influencing works. I bet most folks that have given this any thought have concluded that they will know when it’s the devil trying to influence them and they won’t be. Well, isn’t that just what would help the devil? If we think that we’ll surely know when the devil is talking, then the devil can hide in a place that won’t sound like him talking. I hope you’ll agree that he can do this. He is after all the fourth greatest power on our physical universe. The only ones above him are God, Jesus and Michael. The devil can do anything and much more than any one of the angels that we read about in the Bible. He was capable of creation second only to Jesus. Know your enemy. The devil could create a ten million dollar mansion that you could live in for a generation. He can surely figure out a subtle way to influence our thoughts; without us suspecting it’s happening.

The best place to hide a whispered thought is in amongst my own thoughts. In amongst the present context of my actions and thoughts. It could even be a whisper based on my history. We do a lot of stuff over and over. And especially, we do our fleshly desire stuff over and over. If the devil’s got his eye on you, then he knows the stuff you do and can conjure up just the right little phase to subtly influence your decision. Rationalization is the devil’s playground. He can dig up any number of “good” reasons why it’s OK for you to do it this way. He could keep you eating chocolate bars for years and never know he had a hand in it. No, don’t smugly tell me that the devil doesn’t care about eating choclate bars. Know your enemy. You don’t think that an over indulgence in chocolate bars won’t take some small energy away from my spiritual walk? Think again. Remember that we’re not concerned with the specific thought or action. We’re trying to get at the founding principle behind our off track decisions.

Chocolate bars isn’t going to be the only place in one’s life that this abuse comes from. We’re looking for a life principle. Let’s not lose sight of the devil, though. He’s just using our chocolate habit. That ain’t all he’s using. So, it could be that he whispers a rationalization in your ear. We could keep our antennas up for any rationalization that creeps into our decision-making. But that seems almost impossible. And I think it is. Besides, it’s not only rationalization that we have to look out for. The devil doesn’t limit his whispering to just rationalizations. We still haven’t talked about his hiding place.

Another way the devil can influence our behavior is by pictures. No words involved, like in rationalization, just a picture. It’ll be a picture of you doing something, being fleshly, beyond need. You may see yourself taking another beer out of the fridge. Giving some jerk a good talking to about his behavior. That would be followed by all the descriptions of those jerky things. Teach that jerk a lesson. Doesn’t that fall into the category of desire beyond need? Some third person would tell us that it was over the top. ”Oh, let it be.”

Well, we’ve not got words AND pictures. I’m not going to get into how the devil influences us by using others. He absolutely does do that, but we’re looking for his hiding place. When someone accosts us on the street about our beliefs or actions, it’s right there in our faces. We can deal with that better than in our minds. That’s where the devil hides.
The traditional picture of the devil sitting on my shoulder and whispering in my ear is misleading. Look, if I walked up behind you at the market and whispered in your ear you’d jump out of your skin and turn around ready to fight or flee. You don’t hear the devil when he whispers in your ear. He’s hiding, remember? Actually whispering in your ear isn’t hiding. Where is the devil hiding?

Well, what’s in your mind? That’s where he’s hiding. What’s in there? The only things in my mind are thoughts/pictures. I can think about places or things. I can “see” the sky with clouds. Or I can “talk out” ideas, mentally verbalize my ideas. If pictures and verbalization are the only things in my mind, that’s the best place to hide. Any whisper that the devil makes will be cloaked in a mirage that looks just like my own thoughts. He knows my history and can add little thoughts to what he sees I’m doing at the moment, suggesting that I add to the action, take it to excess. That’s the devil that we live with.

We’ve got the World in general luring us with what they want us to do or be. We’ve got our own survival instincts to keep a damper on. And we’ve got the devil planting thoughts and pictures in our heads. That’s the world we live in.

It’s no wonder why so many people question God. How could a God who is supposed to be so loving, longsuffering, gracious let all this adversity go on? It’s because they don’t understand God. They don’t know what He’s doing with the earth and humanity. They don’t understand the creation.

I mean, God must have a good reason. He has the power to wipe out this tyranny in a second. Why doesn’t He just stop all the wars? Have you ever heard that the big spiritual gurus all say pretty much the same thing when it comes to our actions? They all tell us that we have to overcome, get rid or our ego. That’s exactly what God is teaching us. That’s his reason for allowing all the bad stuff to happen. Small or big scale, it’s the same lesson.
One thing we have to remember is that God only made things to work one way. No single creation, from a rock to a tree to a human being, was created to be two things. We don’t want to start a list of all the ways that people have abused the environment. We’ve changed God’s way of managing the earth to man’s way. We’ve changed God’s way for humans to live into what will be the most convenient, safest, most financially beneficial way to live. We don’t want to take care of ourselves the way God intended us to pay attention to our bodies. God never intended some for anorexia or some for obesity.

God allows all the bad stuff from individuals to nations as a lesson in learning how God would deal with the circumstances. That’s the fourth realm we mentioned earlier. We have the World the Flesh and the the devil influencing our decisions, but we also have God. And He acts just like the devil. God whispers in your ear and, just like the devil, you take it as your own thought or picture. That allows you to diminish the importance of it. If God were to knock on the door and tell you face to face, that same thought, you’d treat it differently.

So, that’s the good news. The World the flesh and the devil are against us, but God is for us. And as Paul writes, “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

We’ve come a long way from the beginning. But we still haven’t provided a solution to all the bad stuff that happens. And that lies in dealing with those whispers. If the devil talks just like me, how can I know it’s him? FOOTS

I’ve talked about this many times. The key principle of the Walk with God is FOOTS. It covers all the sub-categories and gives us a Right direction to strive toward. FOOTS stands for Fall Out Of The Sky. In other words, when something unexpected interrupts the normal flow of things, it comes “out of the blue” is an old way to say it. Now that means overtly or covertly. Overtly, you may receive a check in the mail from some inheritance you didn’t know about. Covertly, it’s just one of those thoughts that “pops” into your mind. It might pertain to what you are doing, or not. It’s not some thought that follows, logically what you were thinking, like when you are trying to solve a puzzle.

The FOOTS is the key. And, thank God, a FOOTS is pretty easy to recognize. We know pretty much all the times when something just fell out of the sky. Lucky break is a common term. Well, at least for good stuff, like the parking place at the door. The key is the FOOTS, what we do with the FOOTS.

I’ll only give you the short version, but know that this works. It’s faithing. First off, we all have a sense of right and wrong, basic right and wrong. We’ve all been confronted with a problem and seen that there was more than one choice. Someone once said that there were always three things you could do. Point is, there will be more than one option. A quick analysis will show the Right way and the way that suits our self. I always say that the Right way will always be the hardest option. The most convenient, the most comfortable, safest and won’t cost us as much money.

And it doesn’t have to be some problem. It can be a innocuous as buying a new refrigerator. You may opt for the cheaper one to save money, only to have it clunk out a year after warranty. Why did God allow you to go ahead with the bad decision to buy the cheap fridge. He could have whispered extra loud and said “Don’t.” You see, God didn’t intend for us to produce inferior equipment. If God had made that fridge it would last a lifetime or more. It would probably draw energy from the earth itself and not from the grid. Save you a lot of dough. God is teaching us to be like Him. That’s the reason for all the woe. He lets us do things the wrong way so we’ll see the Right way. He lets the Illuminati foment war after war after war trying to teach us that war is wrong. He allows GMO food to teach us how to eat right.

Yeah, I know, this sounds too simple or even a cop out. But look at the world. Look at your life. Pretty bumpy isn’t it? Some folks live from crisis to crisis. How many people rely on the Postal Service to mail illegal things to other people? Big risk, especially in today’s environment. I heard of one person that even put the correct return address on the illegal package. Is that a case for learning or not? That’s not the way God intended people to live.

Here it is in a nut shell. When a FOOTS comes, analyze it for the source. I call this follow-up. This must be done. Every FOOTS must be picked apart to see where it came from. No action can take place until we find the source. If it’s some thought that pops into your mind, take a second to ask who sent this thought. It FOOTSed. It wasn’t your own thought. That’s the starting point. The thought was NOT your own. It just popped into your mind. And we have to ask, where does this FOOTS lead, if I follow it? What action is suggested? This second step may be necessary, because some FOOTS won’t immediately appear to be off track. But when the action is looked at we may see that it violates one of God’s precepts, like honesty or moderation.

All of a sudden you might have the thought to have that chocolate bar, the third one. It just popped into your head. Had nothing to do with the book you were reading about ancient history. On the follow up we’d be asking if God would promote our excessive behavior? The Bible wouldn’t agree with that. We recognize it’s excessive. That’s not the problem. It’s dealing with the new idea to engage in excess. That’s where the thought leads.

Now this evaluation only takes a second and will probably lead to more moderate actions. We can more easily avoid getting trapped into inappropriate/harmful behavior and more easily decide for the right things. And again, this isn’t only for times when we feel we’re in a jam. Any FOOTS, internal or external is treated exactly the same. Externally, God might be sending you a new career. Someone might FOOTS the fact that they heard of a job opening. You already have a job, a pretty good job. It’s easy for you to not follow up and ask about it. Maybe the devil got this person to repeat some lie or maybe God is trying to set up your life to deal with things that will happen in ten years.

God is teaching us the way He deals with Creation.
God is teaching us the ways of the devil.
God is teaching us His ways for living here on earth.

Until we are just like God, we will act differently than He does and go against the way he has things set up. Those things will give us a bite in the butt until we learn not to do them, until we learn to act like God.

He’s teaching us, but at the same time we have to remember his promises. He’s promised to protect us, provide for us, heal us and much more. “I’ll never leave you or forsake you.” We don’t really need any more than that.

Mobile, armored checkpoint booths.
Russian soldiers “training” with Deltas using live ammo and abusing tourists. But this isn’t some four or five day exercise. They are being put up as permanent.
Russian special forces of 100,000 troops are due to come here by January first. The advance party came in May 21. Keep current with John Moore, that’s John Moore.
There’s lots of conjecture that can be made about it, but even top Illuminist Henry Kissinger got groped in NY. The article called it “the full Monty.”
Meanwhile, our own Diane Feinstein is calling for more aggressive groping by the TSA. There’s only one thing left, body cavity searches.
The TSA is totally in hand and out of control; buses, malls, ‘sport events, random hwy checks, w/armed military, no-fly zone Austin, Texas.
The Supreme Court ruled that it was OK to strip search someone for a parking ticket.
SC also ruled that the feds can put a tracker on your car, without a warrant or oversight.
Supreme court also says that once your bag is on the conveyor you fall under the jurisdiction of the TSA. If you decide to walk away, they can fine you $10k
DHS plans to collect DNA from children 14 years old and up without a search warrant or criminal prosecution.
DHS is behind talking surveillance cameras that bark orders at passers-by and can also record conversations are heading for U.S. streets, with manufacturer Illuminating Concepts announcing the progress of its ‘Intellistreets’ system. Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh already have them.
National Guard troops have been activated and told they were going to Iran
The FDA has “ruled” that you can’t sell or even give away your veggies.
A woman in Wisc? was arrested or charged because she put garden boxes in her front lawn.
One state has a law against dust from your farm and they’ll tax you for having that pond, classifying it as a wetland.
Raw milk is against the law in California. They’re starting to check the customer list. I know, but look it up.
A Minn woman is being charged for simply supplying a sheltered place for a farmer and her friends to make contact.
A girl has been charged for selling lemonade
A father was arrested, held overnight and his house searched from top to bottom because his 4 year old drew a picture of a gun at school
They just had to withdraw a new rule for farmers. They ruled that no one under 18 could work
on the farm. Kids can’t even gather eggs or milk the cow. But the resulting uproar made them back away. Rest assured it’ll be back. They want NO ONE to be independent.
Then they came around and inspected your pigs for red hair. Red hair means they may go feral and hurt someone. All those red haired pigs were shot.
They just came out with an Army manual on handling domestic terrorists or dissidents. And they are openly calling the FEMA camps “Re-education” camps. They say they will give the people psychological therapy. Brainwashing.
Bids to staff and stock the camps went out last y ear. Have you been up to the Arcata airport recently? We have our own little holding pen right there beside the runway at the south end of the airport. It’s almost the size of a football field. This was not part of the original plan. The outer airport weathered green chain link fence goes from the terminal building way down south for about 500 yards. The barbed wire tops of the original fence face out toward the street. This direction makes it very hard to climb over into the airfield. But the new holding area, all of new shining green paint, has the tops facing into the compound, so people in there won’t be able to escape before they are flown to the nearest Re-education Center. If you want to check that out, you can just Google earth it. When you do, you’ll notice that the color of the interior is gray. The picture must have been taken before the area was completed. The new fencing is there. But it’s right there for you to see. 40.58 N 124.06 W. I can email you some pictures I took up there in January.
The Govt. recently purchased 750 million rounds of hollow point ammunition. Enough, by one expert, to wage a seven year domestic war. Domestic, because this is not the kind of ammo that they buy for war.
That special chip in your new car, or not so old car, has the capability of tracking you real time and issuing a speeding ticket electronically, which will automatically be taken out of your bank account.
New appliances have chips that can communicate via the power lines. The more sophisticated chips will listen or even watch you. They’ve already been caught spying on kids at home through govt’ issued laptops.
In some places, if you kill or even injure a burglar you go to jail and the thief can sue you for damages. They want us completely dependent on the govt. We can’t even defend ourselves from physical attack.
We just found out that they’ve OK’d 30,000 drones for domestic surveillance. With rubber bullets and tear gas. And none of the above includes this past week.

The big question everyone must ask is “Why is this same stuff happening in all the major countries?” It’s the same in Australia, Britain, and Canada. Actually, from what I’ve heard, China is freer than the US. Airport security is next to nothing. Anyone would think that there was some coordinating force running the global nations.

I want to comment on the gold question. There seem to be as many sides to the gold argument as there are people in the argument. The basic question is always how will gold fare against THIS, "whatever." Masses of verbiage and text go on to infinity over it. And it’s all about should you buy or should you sell. 90% of the time our thinking goes to what will benefit us most. So, we want to know how much money we’re going to make on our gold investment. The other 10% is about parking your money somewhere safe. This last 10% only hints at the real reason for gold ownership. It’s not about how much we can make. Even using the word “investment” is wrong headed.

ALL those arguments or ideas are irrelevant. The only relevance is gold's buying power. The strength or weakness of the dollar, the strength or weakness of the stock market, etc., are no more than ILL propaganda. Same goes for those who squawk about making so much on their gold investments. "I bought gold at $50 an ounce and I made 800% on my money." No, he didn't. He just saved the value of his invested money. It is now not decreasing, but waiting patiently on a plateau. The only consideration is, will gold buy today what it could buy 70 years ago and will probably buy 70 years from now. How well Gold (and silver) holds its value, is the question.

In 1933 a $20 gold piece, one ounce, would buy a nice suit. That same $20 gold piece today will buy $1600 worth of suit(s).

An easy way to understand it is to say that gold is a hedge against inflation and deflation. It's like a nice leg of lamb that won't rot, ever. Just throw it on top of the fridge. Whenever you want to eat it, it'll be waiting, same as the day you bought it. It doesn't get smaller over the years. It'll just wait for you. That’s what Gold does.

Now, just a few days ago I was listening to someone I respect, Dr Stan Montief. His guests are usually worth listening to. But that day he had on a guy who had written about the collapse years ago and had a new book on the subject. He admitted to not being a paid financial consultant. He was urging everyone to get out of any paper investments, like IRAs and 401K s. But where would he put that money? After naming many options, including currencies, he said the only place, the only place that was still safe was short term treasury bills. China has trillions in T Bills. He was treating gold and silver like most others. He was treating it the same as a stock. Well, obviously, with gold on a sharp decline these last months and everyone running for cover into T bills, now is definitely NOT the time to buy gold. You might do a little just for diversity sake, but be cautious about Gold. He didn’t say exactly that, but close enough. He’s missing two things, Gold’s buying power and the Who that manipulates the big Casino called the stock market. He’s talking from a place that believes the public image of the stock market. Along with the public image that Gold isn’t such a good idea right now. Gold is always a good idea!

People also talk a lot about exchange rates. If we go off the dollar, ask the speculators, how will the exchange rate into a world currency like Special Drawing Rights affect the dollar? You better believe it’ll trash the dollar. The Illuminati are behind the collapse. They are the ones who will benefit by trashing the dollar.
No amount of Illuminati manipulation can affect gold. They can only affect the price of Gold. Exchange rates are a sham to make money. If the exchange rate from dollars to SDRs is one to one or two hundred to one, that single ounce of gold will still buy that nice suit.

It really looks like, as usual, what we've been led to believe is just the opposite of reality. In reality it looks like the world economy revolves around gold. Gold just sits there while everything else go up and down and up and down and up and down.. Gold is kind of like God. What a coincidence!

Here’s a quick rundown on the Endtimes. This is what I believe will be included in the peace treaty that stops the fighting between Israel and the Arab states.
Three things I look for are the sharing of the Temple mount, the sharing of Jerusalem and a Palestinian state. This will be followed closely by the resumption of the Sacrifice on the site of the new Temple. The one who brokers this peace will be given rule over the ten Arab nations of the Arab Union. He will turn into the anti-Christ.

The peace, the temple and the sacrifice are all in the Bible. The sharing of the mount has to be if the sacrifice is to restart. The sharing of Jerusalem and the Palestinian state are logical parts of the whole peace picture, even if they aren’t specifically out of the Bible.

Syria is lost and soon Iran will fall. Or somehow cooperate with the elite so the peace can be brought in. They have to control Iran’s oil to bring about the world collapse. A mid east oil shortage will be a major factor in bringing down the US economy.

WRAP: But cheer up saints, it’s going to get worse. If you’re a Believer, you just heard God’s alert to what’s coming. There’s still a little bit of time to gather the things you’ll need to get through the extreme part of the collapse. They’ll get the cities settled down and we’ll have power, even if partial.
2-If you feel like talking about any of these subjects today, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We’re at 88 Briceland Rd in Redway. The number is 707 923 ALLY (2559). Or on the web at stag.ws. the email is stag@asis.com.
3-I’ll be back here first Sunday of next month, July 1. I hope to see you here, too.
4-Well, it’s in the air and getting very close to the fan. And when it hits, and throws all that stuff out every where, you’d better be standing next to God. He’s standing behind the fan. He’s the one making the Fan spin.
5-You can get splattered or you can get through with just a few bumps. God’ll help. He’s real. And He’s promised to help faithers.
This is Jack, Bye

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