OPEN: Hey, Good morning and welcome to STAG, I’m Jack. Have you got kids? Every read Grimm’s Fairy Tales to them? If so, you’ve been giving them a history lesson and didn’t know it. You see, most all those tales cloak the history of the Lost tribes of Israel. Yeah, really. We’re going to look at Snow White today. We’re also going to spend a lot of time looking at the many types of Christ in the Old Testament. But first…->
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What is the Bible all about? Is there an overriding, universal idea? Is it just a collection of old writings, regardless of their authenticity? Millions of Christians will tell you that the Bible is a whole book; meaning that the two Testaments are not separate, but even depend on each other.

The next thing to consider is what the book is about. If it’s a whole book, then it must be making a statement. When I used to do theater, the first thing an actor does when forming a character is to figure out the author’s objective in writing the play. Everything will flow and must fit with that decided upon objective. The same should be true for the Bible. So, when we ask what was the author’s objective, we’re asking, “Why, did God write this book? What’s the main message He wants us to hear?”

Seeing that the whole New Testament is about Jesus, he must be part of our universal idea. Also, because he takes such prominence in the NT, we must be able to find him in the Old Testament. Well, any Sunday School scholar knows that Jesus is found in the OT. He is found in the OT in such profusion that once a person is on to the “signs”, Jesus shows up in practically every story and lifestyle. This guy is way important. But he’s not the author’s reason for writing the Book. He must have something to do with God’s overall reason for writing the Bible, but Jesus isn’t that reason himself.

The next step in finding the Author’s objective would have to be researching Jesus’ life. Find out what he did and said. If Jesus is the main conduit for God’s message, then what did Jesus have to say? He said, “The kingdom of God is coming.” I don’t count the time when he said that the kingdom “is within you.” That wasn’t preaching, and didn’t refer to the kingdom being inside the hearers, but to himself as the kingdom amongst you. Anywhere you look in the Bible it will say that Jesus ”preached the Kingdom.” Same thing for Paul. It’s mentioned once in his mission and once in the stories of his travels.

If God’s Mouthpiece’ main message was the coming kingdom of God, then it’s a good bet that we’ve found the author’s objective in writing the Bible. He wants the reader to know that He is indeed setting up a kingdom. His sub-objective is telling us how to participate.

And my objective is to show you Christ in the types found in the Old Testament. I’ve got nine human-related types of Christ and three other areas where Christ shows up.


1-birth prophesied
a-low birth
2-hunted by Herod
3Joe takes Jz to Egypt,
safe from king
4- No record 18 yrs
5- Jz bapt. God talks
6-Dies, outside,
we go in
7-40 days temptation
8-healing for God
10-Jz tells lawyers, let go
11-brings God’s word
a-declared king
12-living H2O, bread
14- on a cross
1-birth prophesied
a-low birth
2-Babes hunted by Phar
3-Moses safe in river
4-no record till adult
5-burning bush, God talks
6-Mz dies outside, Iz go in
7-40 years wilderness
8-healing for God
9-study at court
10-Mz says let go
11-bring God’s 10C
12-H2O from rock/manna
13-“betrayed” Mir/Aaron
14-camp made a cross
1-lesser son low birth
(-home schooled)
no childhood record
God talks in dreams
-saving of his people
-honored by his father
-betrayed by loved one
-God’s word=dreams
-ruled as king
-died "outside" home
1-prophesied about
-low birth
-(schooled at court)
-wonderful feats
-crowned king
-betrayed by loved one
-rejected, hunted
-comes again to reign

Sends servant=HS
Find wife for his son
Reb fetches; 1st move
Bless=silver redemption;
gold righteous, raiment
Bumpy trip home
Joined to Christ

Jesus says it’s the sign
In the tomb 72 hours

Ruth=the Bride
"Kinsman redeemer"
Jesus was kin, human
As God sac.
Isaac as Jesus
Jehova Jirah=
LORD will see
(ram in the bush)

Shem as Jesus
brings Communion
Cm typifies Jz death
Gematria of Creation
Patriarch’s names
Libra=atoning work
Scorpio=Jz conflict
Sagittarius=Jz triumph
Capricornus=Jz death
Pisces=bound saints
Aries=wife prepared
Taurus=Mes coming
Gemini=2 fold nature
Cancer=wife held fast
Leo=final victory
Seth=appointed sub
Enos=mankind mortal
Cainan=fixed dwelling
Mahalalelel=Gz praise
Noah-rest, relief

Here's a paragraph, contructed with all the defining words for each name. A-A human being, ground of mankind is S-appointed/put in place as a substitute, E-that compensates for mortal man/mankind. C-A fixed dwelling place, M-for God's praise and out raying. J-God's servant, who descended/went down, E-obediently dedicating himself, M-to be the shoot and branch that was pierced, L-brought strength, N-and quiet rest; which allowed (Noah's sons) S-honor, H-passion and J-blessing.

The whole Bible and indeed the whole creation is about Jesus. This fact proves the reality of God and gives us the confidence to act on the message. What a blessing that God has given us the simplest of ways to act on the message. Faithing. That means when you have to make a decision, choose the way that is in accordance with God’s word on the subject. Do it God’s way.

SNOW WHITE: (read it) “Stories of Lost Israel in Folklore”, by Rev. James B. Haggart, 1981

The story goes from the loss of Israel’s identity to the second Coming of Jesus for His Bride. Here’s a comparison of the main points of each story.

Israel is cut off by the Assyrians.-------------Snow White “cut off”; gone but not dead.
They wander in the wilderness.---------------She wanders in the forest.
They find a new safe home.--------------------Finds the cottage.
They are helped by the Church.---------------The Dwarfs take care of her.
They renew their strength.----------------------she’s safe and healthy
Jesus shows up to waken them---------------the prince shows up
They find out who they are---------------------Snow White wakens
They become Jesus‘ bride.--------------------- Snow White marries the Prince

WRAP: Look at all the places we find God and Jesus. How can anyone deny God’s reality or His hand working in history, down even to the little level of a fairy tale?
2-He’s in the stars and the stories.
3-You want to talk about these subjects or anything, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We’re at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. The number there is 707 923 2559. Or on the web at The email is
4- Thanks for listening today. I’ll be back here on August 5th. I trust to see you then.
5-You know, God must be real. Who else could insinuate himself into the smallest details of our lives? And if He’s real, then we can count on Him to keep His promises of help.
This is Jack. Goodbye.

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