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We'll start off looking at two misused words in the Bible, gifts and charity.

Gifts of the Spirit.

This is a very misused passage of scripture. It's spawned many an elitist. The gifts of the Spirit have become a badge of honor and accomplishment in the church world. "I talk in tongues." "I have the gift of prophesy." An easy one to claim is the gift of discernment. Lots of people say they have the gift of discernment.

And when they haul out their Bible and show you what Paul has written in 1 Cor chapter 12, how can anyone argue that their egotistical stance is wrong? It seems pretty plain in verse four. "Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit." He's explaining that everyone, every Believer isn't the same as all other Believers. Were all different, but still make up the whole "body of Christ." So he illustrates the different manifestations of the Spirit. What happens when the Holy Spirit is "dwelling" in the Believer.

But this has a way to being changed into the Believer being such a good person that God gives them a gift. And heck, God can even give them more than one gift; if they work hard enough. Then they can boast at church about their gifts. They can interrupt the Sunday service with some talking in tongues or some prophecy about the congregation. "If you want to discern the spiritual side of something just give me a call. I've been given the gift of discernment."

And on it goes, ego trips, one after the other. But we can't blame these folks too much. We can certainly call them for not doing their own research and looking up the words in the original language. But a lot of blame has to fall on their teacher. He or she didn't do their homework either. And that's worse than what the Believer didn't do. That teacher will be held accountable for contributing to the Believers' ignorance and misguided actions.

It's so simple. All one has to do is get out a Strong's Concordance and look up the words. And gifts has to be dug into. Incredibly, the word that's translated gifts is the word charisma.

Can anyone be gracious like God? Over and over, Paul wishes Grace to his readers/ followers. He's not talking about his grace. He's wishing them God's grace. The word that's used is charis.

Isn't it logical that God's Grace is given to us by the implant of the Holy Spirit? God doesn't just sit up there and say, "grace to you, Jack", and nothing happens. That Grace is a tangible thing. Another place in 2 Cor 8:4-9 Paul tells the Corinthians that he wants them to have the same Grace as the Philippian church. He says that this grace is proved in a Believer by the way they give. He's saying that the indwelling of God's spirit manifests itself as giving. You could say that the person had the gift of giving.

Some might think that this is splitting hairs, as the "gift" does come from God. But the first thing that has to happen is that the Believer has to faithe, has to be acting in trust of something God has said, in the face of negative circumstances. That's faithing, and it brings the Holy Spirit. Once the Holy Spirit is in a person, they are liable to talk in tongues, spit out a prophecy, or some one of the other gifts that are listed.

Paul is simply saying that there are many ways that the Holy Spirit works Its way out of our bodies. It does a bunch of good stuff. And the stuff It does should be easy to recognize. Whatever comes out will glorify God, not the person it's coming out of. None of these gifts has any ego attached to it.

I've had folks tell me that they were going to talk in tongues now, and then gibber away for a bit. They were in complete control of the situation. That's not how the Spirit works. Did those old Prophets say, "OK, I think I'll prophesy." They had zero control of the action. They were overcome by the Spirit. They were told what to say and when to say it. Look at even the rejected king, Saul. In one place it says that he was overcome by the Spirit and prophesied.

In 1 Sam 10:23 it says: And he(that's Saul) went thither to Naioth in Ramah: and the Spirit of God was upon him also, and he went on, and prophesied, until he came to Naioth in Ramah. 1Sa 19:24 And he stripped off his clothes also, and prophesied before Samuel in like manner, and lay down naked all that day and all that night. Wherefore they say, Is Saul also among the prophets?

I don't think you can convince me that Saul determined to do all that. Especially getting naked in front of the Prophet. Kings don't' act that way. He was out of control.

When the Spirit manifests, comes out, we are just vehicles, willing or unwilling. Now, how can that be seen as a gift from God? Something that proves we're in Good with Him? You act in trust of God on something, He puts in some of His spirit, and when It comes out, It'll come out the way It wants to glorify God in the present circumstances. That really doesn't include glorifying the vehicle. We can only claim glory for the stuff we do, not what the Spirit does.


1 Cor 13: A lot of people are going to tell you/me that faithing isn't the most important thing a Believer can do. They will point to 1 Cor chapter 13 and tell me that Charity is more important than faith.

The word charity occurs eight times in that chapter. Paul hammers home the point that charity founds everything. Indeed, the very last thing he says in verse 13 is, But now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

Now this idea can be taken to an extreme. People will make up all sorts of places to give their charity. They will certainly think that sending part of their tithe to the Red Cross or Cancer society, etc. is what God expects them to do.

Paul writes a long list of good things that a Believer can do, but says that even though he does all these things, they count for nothing if the Believer doesn't have charity. The list is from the previous chapter where the "gifts of the Spirit" are listed.

He says that even though he speaks in tongues, can prophesy, understands mysteries, has all knowledge, faith, bestows all goods on the poor, give his body to be burned!, even though he does all that, it doesn't count for anything if he doesn't have "charity."

Well, boy, we better get out there right now and start "charitizing." Sit down right now a make your list of recipients. We have to get on board with the charity wagon if we want to be saved. And as I said, one could take days lining up all their charity.

As you can tell, I don't think they're right. In fact, it's not that I think they aren't right, I know it. But this will take a bit to put together. I have always said here that it's faithing that's the most important thing a Believer can do. After all, Paul's main message against the Law is faithing. His claim is that faithing brings the Holy Spirit into our bodies. In that condition, we are seen by God as just like Christ. That's what being saved is all about.

Faithing brings "charity" in through the back door. You see, faithing MUST come first because Paul didn't say give your money to the poor, he said love like God loves. My study showed me long ago that people on the natch can't love like God, they can only love like people. They can only use the second Greek definition for what we see translated "love." Phileo. You hear Philadelphia in there? City of Brotherly Love. Not Godly Love, but Brotherly love. We can't love like God.

But the Holy Spirit can. And that's why Faithing is more important than "charity." If the Believer doesn't have the Holy Spirit in him, he can't love like God. How does the Believer get that spirit? By faithing.

Paul doesn't use the word from Matthew 6:2, elee¯mosune¯. That word is a money word that comes almost straight into English as eleemosynary. The first seven letters are the same. Webster's defines eleemosynary as:

But Paul doesn't use that word. He's saying over and over, If I don't love like God, I'm not doing it right. And all that I am doing isn't getting me closer to God or salvation. The word in Greek is agape. It's the highest of the three forms of love in Greek. Agape, phileo, and eros, physical love.

Again, Paul uses agape eight times in the chapter. If we take out the verses that are describing charity, and also the verses where he's explaining that we can't know the whole story right now because we "see through a glass darkly", he uses agape eight times in only six verses. Eight times in six verses.

This can go two main ways in Church. It can go to the path of giving to the poor, as already mentioned or it can go to a place of "false" love. Well, there will be those teachers that have looked up the word and found agape defined as love. But if one stops there, the true spirit of agape will not be reached. Agape, as I have been taught, is unconditional love. Phileo is conditional. You like me I like you. I help you, you help me. This is extremely important.

If you phileo, say one of your neighbors, and they never return any favors, you'll eventually stop phileo-ing them. God doesn't operate that way. His love is unconditional, He doesn't put any strings on it. Let's use healing as an example, OK?

It's not easy to get our minds around this unconditional part, because we see it and do it so very seldom, if at all. Now I know that dogs aren't people, but dogs have that kind of love a lot of times. Your dog doesn't care how you dress, or the length of your hair, or even that you are a heroin junkie. There are plenty of stories of owners abusing their dogs disgracefully, but the dog sticks around. I don't think a person can even love the way a dog loves. In fact, CS Lewis said that he thought God gave us dogs for just that reason; to see what unconditional love looked like. It chokes me up, just to think about it

And I've learned that when I get choked up, it's because I've bumped up against Goodness. Why choked up at Goodness and not happy? Because Goodness shows me my, well let me be delicate with myself, it shows me my "inadequacy." It brings home the fact that I don't come near to what I'm seeing or hearing. I'm way far from the Real Truth, Real Goodness. God Goodness. It makes me feel real small and that hurts. I choke up.

The Bible is a wonderful tool to live by. What can be better than getting in touch with God?

End-times prophecy is hard because you have to take into account so many facets of God's story. I mean, the Bible has to ALL be right, and ALL the parts WILL fit. Look, if God went to the trouble to put His and Jesus' numbers in the Pyramid, the earth and the Moon, and His message in the stars, does it make sense for Him to be inaccurate in one or two prophecies? Sherlock Holmes said that we should investigate the impossible when nothing else is making sense. I wrote most all of this fifteen years ago. But as we go through it, you'll hear some familiar stuff from today's news. Things really don't get started until Daniel's 70th Week. In Chapter nine, he writes that there will be seventy weeks allotted to the Jews (not the house of Israel, the Jews). After sixty-nine of those weeks, Messiah comes and is "cut off." A gap of time must occur before the next statement because context for the "prince that shall come" is plainly that of the Anit-Christ. We're still waiting for him. Some of the things that are to happen in the 70th week are listed in Daniel, but very sketchy because Daniel's main thrust is with the AC himself. So we have to go to the other books to find out more about the events of that time. We find that this 70th week is a seven-year period. "Jacob's trouble." And during this seven-year period all the devastating events of Revelation occur. First we have the revealing of the AC on a white horse. Many natural disasters happen, including the collision with the earth of a large meteorite that causes a shift in the polar axis, a giant earthquake that spawns global volcanic action and meteor showers. After these things happen, AC lines up the players for Armageddon and begins to war. At this point Jesus returns with "10,000 of His saints" to put down the rebellion, put Satan in chains for a 1000 years and set up the Millennial Kingdom.

People are very anxious to know two things. Who will be the Anti-Christ, and when the Rapture/Second Coming/End of the World will take place.

Daniel outlines the origin of A-C, and he'll be from the Middle East, not Europe. More specifically, from the old Selucid kingdom of Alexander's empire. This kingdom is the "king of the north" in the last chapters of Daniel. It includes Iraq, western Iran, Syria, southern Turkey, and all the little countries down to the tip of the Arabian "peninsula." This is why the Gulf War was a VERY close fulfillment of Armageddon. All the factions were lined up just as the Bible says they will be.

The kingdom of the Anti-Christ will likely be an Arab confederation, which already exists "in embryo." Three nations are "subdued", the AC makes peace, and is given rule over that ten-member confederacy. That he is alive and working his way up the political/military spectrum of some Mid-East country is sure, however.

I don't know of any clearer message from the events in the Mid-East than that the fall of Iraq is the first of the three nations that will be overturned around the time the Anti-Christ is coming to power. Do you remember that almost immediately upon the announcement of ceasing major action that the name Syria was on everyone's lips? And Libya, and then Iran. There were only three dissenters to the try for peace with Israel. This peace was discussed by ten Arab nations at a summit a few years ago. Those who said "No peace!" were Iraq, Syria and Libya. Who will be the second of the three "little horns" of Daniel to get "subdued?" Who ever suspected the overthrow of Libya and Syria 15 years ago?

I thought that after Saddam's overthrow that there was a good chance that the US would try to install Abdullah as the Governor of Iraq. But I guess too many other things had to be set up first. You see, Abdullah is the 43rd in a straight line back to Mohammed the Prophet. He is the titular head of all Islam, and can wield enormous influence in the areas of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. His Hashemite throne ruled the Iraq territory for 800 years before the British showed up and played a little game of Risk with the Middle East. The Hashemites also had "Protectorship" of the Holy site of Mecca. In the British double-cross, that control went over to the Saudis, the Hashemites lost the rulership of Iraq, and got plunked down in the worst part of the desert right next to their hated enemies the Palestinians. One last observation. Jordan gets more aid, is closer to the US, is more of a haven for the CIA than anyone over there with the possible exception of Israel. And just the fact that King Abdullah is "under the radar" gets my attention.

The One-World Government has been in the works in the United States for over a 200 years. And in the world, for almost 5000; starting back in ancient Babylon with Nimrod and Semiramis, 3000 BC. You may want to check out Stan Deyo's book, "Cosmic Conspiracy." One of the reasons for the Civil War involved the Rothschild's' attempt to move in on the American monetary system.

The book of Daniel is like a graduated microscope (no jokes, please). Chapters 2,7,8,10,11,12, zero in gradually defining the Anti--Christ in more and more detail. Chapter 9 throws the Messiah into the pot. All these chapters contribute to the description of AC and his doings. But also they start narrowing the locations.

We go from ALL the kingdoms in chapter 2's "image", down chapter by chapter until Alexander's empire is split up into four parts.(Daniel 11:4) From then on we hear only of the King of the North (the Selucid kingdom) and the King of the South (the Egyptian kingdom headed by Ptolemy). That Selucid kingdom is basically the territory of the "Fertile Crescent", which is mentioned above.

Up until verse 21 of chapter 11 we can trace the historical events that were prophesied. So well can they be traced, so detailed the prophecy, that many critics say Daniel HAD to be written in the 150's BC.

In verse 21 the tracking hits a brick wall, and we can't find any historical events or men that fit the total prophecy, although there have been many partial fulfillments that people have pointed to as THE right one. That brick wall happens because Daniel jumps the gap of 2200 years from Cleopatra's time to NOW, and the beginning of the Great Tribulation; the Book of Revelation. Some confused souls have tried to make the person in verse 21 Antiochus Epiphany because he fulfilled much of the prophecy. Some major elements were left out, however. Antiochus didn't uproot three countries and was then given power over ten. A study of his history will show that he only partially fulfilled Daniel's words, just as Saddam only partially fulfilled the Anti-Christ of Armageddon by riding on a white horse.

AC Attributes:
Dan 2:31 Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible.

And the rest of the chapter says he loses.

--------- ----------
Dan 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; [[this is not Titus in 70 AD, because of what follows]]
Dan 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week:[[that's a seven year peace plan in the Middle East]] and in the midst of the week [[those 3 1/2 years]] he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease,[[the renewal of the temple sacrifice is part of the Peace]] he shall make it desolate,
---------- ---------

Chapter ten has an important piece of information. It tells how the demonic force behind the Persians will be defeated and then down the line the demonic force behind Greece will come. I mean, no earthly human prince could withstand any angel.

Dan 10:12 and I am come for thy words.
Dan 10:13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia. [[at the chapter's end the angel says]]now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia: and when I am gone forth, lo, the prince of Grecia shall come.

The main point in chapter 11 is the gap of time that exists between verses 20 and 21. You see, we can trace the history right down to the king of verse 20, but can't find this "vile" person in 21. All the stuff that's attributed to him don't fit any kings we know about.

But they do fit the attributes given to the anti-Christ in Daniel, and in Revelation.

From here on the story is future oriented, so we'll not go into that here.

But chapter 12 confirms in verse 11, the sacrifice prophecy.
Dan 12:11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

--------- ---------

Now let's compare some of the things in Revelation. Daniel and Revelation are joined at the hip. They compliment each other and fill out details. I've always thought of Daniel as the first chapter of Revelation, or Revelation as the last chapter of Daniel. The two can't be separated. You'll see what I mean.

Rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse:[[that's the symbol for peace]] and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

--------- ---------

--------- ---------

[[This part begins way back in Sumer/Accad, ancient Babylon. It outlines the over riding basic principles of the world's history.]]

These seven heads are the seven world empires that dominated the Holy Land over the millennia. Rome ruled in John's time and we know Rome to be the "iron" beast from Daniel. There's only one kingdom after that. The ten toes of Iron and clay. So, in John's time five world empires that dominated the Holy Land had already gone by. We can trace historic empires back to ancient summer and Accad, the ancient Babylonian empire under Nimrod. After ancient Babylon came Egypt. The Egyptians empire was replaced by "modern" Babylon, under Nebuchadnezzar. Babylon was followed by the Medo-Persians under Cyrus. A neat detail is that the Medo-Persians were silver arms and breast. Silver is always the symbol of redemption in the Bible. And Cyrus let the Jews redeem their land. He let them go back to Israel. The Medo-Persian empire was then defeated by Alexander, and Alexander by Rome. So, we've got Babylon, Egypt, Bablon2, the Persians, the Greeks gone, and the Romans ruling.

Here, at last, the prophecy teachers are right. They always want the seven mountains to be the famous Seven Hills of Rome. They're usually, Catholic-bashers. Catholic-bashing is a favorite fundamentalist sport. What they say is right, but they say it for the wrong reason; to take a superior position to the Catholics. But this woman is a great whore. And when God uses that word or "adultery" He always means worship of idols. That started with Nimrod right after the flood. In today's world the most influential, most powerful, richest expression of Paganism is the Vatican. Islam is way on the rise, but the Vatican still holds more power than the religion the Jesuits created. Yeah, Islam is a Vatican construct, meant to get rid of those pesky Christians and Torah-keeping Jews. And the Vatican, not Islam, can be said to "reign over the kings of the earth."

A word about turning the world situation around. Masses of people are waking up and resisting the New World Order, police state. This is encouraging and optimists want to take it to victory. By exposing the global takeover, the bio weapons, the GMOs, the false flag events, we have seen the globalists back off, at least for a while. But, we have to start with what we know will happen.

Either the whole Bible scenario is true, or God's a liar. The events of Revelation are the given starting point. When it says that 1/2 of the world population will die, that doesn't line up with turning it around. The elite want 90% of us gone. Those 3 1/2 billion don't die from "natural" causes, so the bio/chemical/high-tech weapons WILL happen. Here are the verses for that.

Rev 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Rev 9:15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men. (the 6th trumpet)

That 3 1/2 billion doesn't include Armageddon. Armageddon is another sure thing. Do these commentators think that we can turn that around too? Nothing we can do will turn around the fact of the AC coming to power and working his agenda. And all the current stuff is leading up to that end. So there's no turning it around.

With all the latest news, it feels like these great de-population events could happen any time. WW3 is already on everyone's lips. We could be very close to the beginning of the Week. I'm told Iran has extensive bio weapons and the systems to deliver them. And Syria is said to be no slouch in that area.

One question might be, will the upcoming "WW3" be Armageddon? The outcome of this WW3 sure looks like Armageddon. But Armageddon MUST be worse than the War people are talking about. So it's easy for me to think that the big war we expect WILL be Armageddon. Whereas, the upcoming war in Syria will be the one that is used to bring in the Peace Pact. And maybe then, the Iran thing will be the trigger for Armageddon.

And again, at the TOP, the Russians and the Chinese serve the same Master. How about this? Lots of sabre rattling, troop and ship buildup by all three sides. Yelling about Syria. Yelling about Syria. But at the TOP Rothschild position, Syria must fall. They are the last dissenter to peace with Israel. And peace with Israel must come and is the AC's peace. The Russians and Chinese will have to let it pass, somehow. Aww, too bad. The Russians and Chinese lose face. But they are left with what? The West is left with what? All our/their military might in just the right place for Armageddon. They'll just have to sit around for a while, until the "President" of the Ten-Toes Arab Union turns into the AC and starts Armageddon. Then those bio weapons and other non-nukes will come into play. The two Revelation events don't sound like anything nuclear. I don't think there will be any big nukes set off. Remember the blood to the bridles? Nukes don't leave blood.

This is just the kind of long term, convoluted scenario THEY always use. Shake their right hand in front of our faces, while they pick our pockets with the left.

WRAP: 1-I trust that you are able to see the connections between what's happening today and what the Bible says will happen.
2-I see the awakening as God letting His people know what's coming so they can slip sideways out of the way.
3-Are you slipping, making the arrangements to get through with a minimum of stress?
4-I'll be back on Sept 2nd. You want to talk about this or any other subject, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We're at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. The number is 707 923 ALLY (2559) Or on the web at
5-Look. You can't count on there being a rapture that whisks you out of the way, while the world burns.
6-there's only one thing you can count on.
7-That's God's reality and willingness to protect you.
This is Jack. Bye.

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