OPEN: Hey, Good morning and welcome to STAG, I'm Jack. We're going to build a forest today. See where we've been and where we're going. It'll also help us see how God has already worked in our lives. Then I want to share a little bit about the Stone of Destiny, as it's called. It's supposed to be the stone that Jacob anointed and called "the House of God." But first…..

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When it comes to God working in our lives, most of the time, we can't recognize it as it happens. We usually only see the present joy or pain or neutrality of immediate events. In other words, we can't see the forest for the trees.

But we do have many more calm moments in which to reflect on the emotional moments, moments when later we are out from under the immediate pressure of the actual event. Perhaps a time between the events of a longer process.

At these times we have the opportunity to collate the events of longer periods of time, say months or even years. Doing this "creates" a forest that we can't see when we're "up close and personal."

Making our own forest refers to using some simple mechanics that will speed the process of our understanding. Instead of endlessly mulling over the separate events, and always giving priority to the most recent, we can take those individual "trees" and put them together in such a way as to recognize not only the process, but it's eventuality. And because we're trying to do things God's way, we can see His purpose for allowing these present events.

Once a person has an idea of God's working in their lives, they will gain great courage in proceeding with even the most stressful and difficult tasks; such as self-revealment or the painful process of divorce.


Start with the assumption, the concrete assumption that ultimately God was behind the events that led up to this point in your life. That concept has to be impregnable to ANY attack. You will have to search out objective evidence. Lives are wasted because folks give in to what they would like to be evidence, but in reality is nothing more than their own wishes. Any clever person can get us very confused when all we go on is what we feel or think is true. No court will accept "hear say". Don't you accept it either.

This exercise has three aspects. The above assumption is first. A time line of you life for the last five or so years, and listening to God.

Now, being as objective as possible, at any particular time you work this exercise, run a short scenario of the events from five years ago (be very general here) thru one recognizable event from about three years ago. This event doesn't necessarily have to connect with God in any apparent way. It just has to be very significant and somehow related to your present situation. Perhaps it's something that got you to thinking things over; helped you see your situation wasn't really serving you. This might have been a time when you started to reflect backward and realized that some aspect of your life has been unsatisfactory for many years.

From that event, go forward to the next most significant event that you can find. Don't worry about getting all the details of any event, or insisting that the events come in any particular order. There can be great gaps of time between these events, initially. Be very relaxed in the construction of this time line. If you give this time line a few days to fill itself out, pretty soon you'll have enough material to start the actual exercise. You'll have a scenario of the last five years or so of your life. You know. It's just like looking through the family album, except that you have all the pictures laid out in order on the floor. You can see all the birthdays, weddings, deaths, births, houses, cars of the last five years. Every time you look at this timeline as a whole, regardless of how filled out it is, you'll be looking at the "forest." Once you are back away from the trees, imagine that you can split yourself in two.

On this scenario/context place one half of the split you. Let these images "sink in" for a bit, just putting yourself in the scenario. Imagine yourself working thru the events you've listed and going on to the next. Become a third person watching you live out your life in that forest. This will establish a firm memory for you to refer to when going to the next step.

Once this scenario is firmly in your mind, back away until the whole forest is only the size of a computer screen in the surrounding universe. It's as if your life was like that movie, "The Truman Show." You're watching your life on TV. Directly in front of you is God. He, too, is watching Your Show.

You are so near to Him that you hear His thoughts. [A HUSHED TONE HERE] He is discussing His purpose in leading you to the present moment in the process. He starts this discussion with His initial involvement five years ago. "Now, let's see. It looks like time to have ________ start the process of standing on his own two feet. He's learned enough to get the Work done, but needs to learn more dependence on me and not __________. "

Several times, as God comments on the events of your time line He will repeat His overall objective for your life. What He is trying to do with your life. You'll hear Him planning the schedule of events, and His reasoning behind allowing those particular events; what they were meant to accomplish in advancing your training. Listen carefully to what He says. He is the Great Objectivity.

We can gain some valuable insight by just constructing such a time line for the Biblical Patriarch Abraham. In retrospect, we have a pretty good idea of what God was accomplishing with Abe's life. Once we get a good grasp of the time line concept, we can move back away from Abraham's life to our universal position behind God. From there we can imagine what God might say as He leads Abraham along.

We don't even have to go outside the Bible to understand Abe's life for God. But just for better understanding of why God would choose Abram to father the nation of Israel, we'll include some things from the book of Jasher; mentioned twice in the Bible.


Please don't hold me to any of these dates. They are based on a lot of very loose pieces of evidence. Some of these dates are based on the book of Jasher.

For those who know nothing about timelines, it's just a line on a paper. The line has little ticks along its length. Each tick will have a date on top and under the line a brief description of the event. So Abraham's timeline starts at the far left with the date of 1948 AM; that's not BC, it's After Adam. The far left end of the line is dated 2123 AM. Abraham lived 175 years.

Now here's a list of the significant events in Abraham's life.
1948 Abram is born to Terah
1948 Nimrod tires to kill Abe
1948 Terah substitutes another child and hides Abe in a cave for ten years.
1958 Abe leaves the cave to join Noah and Shem
2008 Comes back home; breaks up Terah's idols.
2009 God tells Abe to leave land and family
____ God changes Abe's name
____ Abe arrives at Haran, [his uncle]
____ Abe comes to the Promised Land
____ Abe meets Shem, they take the Bible's first Communion.
____ Abe gives Lot the best looking land
____ Famine hits the Promised Land, Abe goes to Egypt
____ Pharaoh kicks Abe out.
____ Abe settles in the PL
2034 Ishmael born (2034-2171=137 years)
2048 Isaac born (2048-2228=180 years)
2061 Abe told to sacrifice Isaac
2108 Jacob born (2108-2255=147 years)
2123 Abraham dies.


Jasher reports that upon Abram's birth, Nimrod, king of Babylon, ordered Terah to bring the baby Abe to him so that he might be killed. Terah substituted another child for Abe and hid Abram in a cave for the next ten years. At this time he was deemed old enough to leave his parents and go live with Noah and Shem for thirty-nine years. This is where Abram learned all the things that he taught the Egyptians years later; math and astronomy among them. This is also where Abram learned the ways of God, and became solid enough in his belief of God to take later the drastic step of leaving his country.

What happened to all those books that existed before the Flood? The books on astronomy that Enoch wrote as God dictated? They all came through the Flood with Noah, of course.

Time to take a close look at the first recorded communication between God and Abram. It is here that we will find the key to interpreting later events in Abram's life.

God said in Genesis 12:1, "leave your country, your relatives, including your immediate family, and go until I show you a place to stop." Notice how much of this directive was carried out by Abram. He was only thirty-three percent effective. He left Babylon, but not his family. And he stopped where he reasoned to stop. He took his father and his nephew Lot with him. He went to Haran and stopped there.

It took Abram a while, but he did accomplish another third of his assignment. After the death of Terah at Haran, Abram did finally go to the promised Stopping Place. But he still had Lot with Him. He was still hanging on to his family. I wouldn't be surprised if God wasn't behind all the ruckus that Abe's and Lot's herdsmen got into over grazing land. This is what finally separated Abram from the last of his family. But this event didn't sink in heart-deep, as we'll see.

Then Abram slid back off that latest third of the accomplishment and fled to Egypt when a famine hit Palestine. He could have stayed and trusted that God would take care of him in spite of the bad conditions. He didn't trust God completely, yet. God had to revise His plan.

Finally, it seemed that Abram was on the right track. He went back to the Promised Land and began his family. At least he judged that he was doing OK. He had heard from God that he would have a son, but God seemed to be dragging His feet and Abe and Sarah thought to help, I guess. They were looking at circumstance, not God. Since Sarah was well beyond childbearing age, she suggested that Abe have a son by their maid. This was not uncommon in that society. The result was the birth of Ishmael.

Who would have thought that God had other plans? A year before Ishmael's manhood rights, God foretold Isaac's birth. That's when Sarah laughed. But Abraham was rolling in clover. He had Ishmael and now was to have another son. He was also soon to have another lesson. A lesson that he had failed before. That third of God's directive that said leave your kin. Abraham didn't want to let go of Ishmael. "Oh, that Ishmael be before me always." "No", God said. "Send him away."

Now, surely, Abraham had learned his "family" lesson. His father was dead. Lot was not living with Abraham. Ishmael was off to start his own twelve nations of Arabs. Abraham was walking the path God had intended. But look at what God had to do to get Abraham to complete all three parts of His original directive. Abraham was 50 when God told him to leave home. Isaac wasn't born until 50 years later. I think I can make up a scenario where Abraham left home and all his relatives, and traveled straight down to the Promised Land inside of one year. Isaac could have been born two or three years after Abraham left home. But God had to keep working with Abraham's human imperfection. And it wasn't like Abraham had no idea of what was asked of him. God was clear. Leave your home, family and travel until I say stop. You're going to have descendents that number like the stars and will become a world empire of nations. Later on, God promised that they would control all the world's trade passages.

Maybe God wanted to drive one last nail in the plan for Abraham. Perhaps He wanted Abraham to finally realize how much he trusted God. Let Abraham see, in no uncertain terms, that he had the capacity for trusting God's word to the point of killing his only son.

The thing we can know for sure is that although Abraham had a difficult task to perform, he wasn't dragged up the mountain kicking a screaming. Before leaving the two men at the bottom of the hill, Abraham said "we" will go and worship and return. We will return. How could he be sure that Isaac would also return? Because Abraham knew, with his very being, that God keeps His word.

God had promised a great population group would be Abraham's descendents. He promised Abe that a "company of nations" would come out of his loins. That's a world empire. All these people would come through Isaac. Abraham knew by this time that God would keep His promise of many descendents. Paul provides us confirmation when he says that Abe knew that if he had gone through with the killing that God would have raised Isaac from the dead. He would have to to keep His word.

The neat thing is that we can follow the events of Abraham's life, watching God interact with Abraham, finally, bringing him to the point of complete fulfillment of God's directive. And what was the purpose of that directive? To teach Abraham 100% dependence on God.

This is God's purpose for every one of us. If God is in our lives, He's there teaching us to trust Him. Faithing, is what I call it. Paradoxically, this complete dependence looks, to the world around us, like complete independence; the ability to stand alone.

But from God's side of the picture, Abraham's purpose was to produce a great world-population group that would spread the word of God's coming kingdom on the earth. God's overall objective for earth is to have it be His Throne. I even believe that "dressing" God's unfinished, created earth was one of Lucifer's tasks. When he flunked out, God created Adam (read that "human being") and told him to "tend the earth." Unfortunately, Adam failed also. At the end of the Millennium, God will step in and finish the remake and set up His Kingdom. That's what Revelation talks about when it mentions the "new heaven and new earth."

Again, what's the true value in this time line exercise? Once we get the hang of putting things together to see God's hand in our lives, our true understanding of His purpose for us will give us the courage and strength to progress ever more surely toward Him.

Get out from behind the trees and take a look at the forest.


It has always been said that if one wishes to know the future one must study the past. One way of studying the past is the above exercise. But we are blessed that we already know the end, if not the details along the way. But even the present path can be well known by studying our own past.

As mentioned, God's objective for us is already known: our transformation into a being that, like Christ, is one hundred percent obediently trusting in God. God's objective for the present earth is to let everyone know that He's going to set up His Kingdom on the earth. This is what Jesus preached when he was here. Did you ever notice that Jesus never preached salvation? Check the references to his preaching. He went "preaching the kingdom of God." In one place that's the task he gave to his disciples, to go and "preach the kingdom. Christianity has mostly lost sight of this Gospel of Christ. They have settled on the gospel about Christ, salvation. In God's eyes, our salvation is only a by-product we receive when participating in His Greater objective, the establishment of His kingdom.

The study of our own past will clearly show what lies in the near future. God works long-term. He gets us ready for the present events. He positions others that will be of help to us. He sets up the logistics so that we progress toward participating more fully. He trains us on the large as well as the small scale. Recognizing this training is where the time line is of most help.

Want to know what you'll be doing next year? Or how you're ever going to "get out of this mess?" Make a time line and see what God has already done in your life. What skills has He given you? Remember the phrase in the book of Esther? Esther's uncle Mordecai told her that she was "come to the Kingdom for such a time as this." Esther had been trained, groomed and positioned for "such a time as this." The time, in Esther's case, was a crisis for her people, the Jews. They were in captivity to a foreign nation and were easy targets for persecution or even death. Esther, like Joseph, Daniel and Tobit were to function as God's Protectorate for the Israelites. If Esther had not fulfilled her training/positioning, her people would have perished. Are you as sure as I that Esther had no idea that she would play such an important role for her people, when Haman was fomenting his evil plan to eradicate those rebellious Jews? But it came clear to her when Mordecai reminded her of God's involvement in her life. She could see how God had acted to position her in the right place at the right time to avert the slaughter of her people. You can do the same in your life.

Your time line will show you how you have developed certain skills. The skills you have today are the one's God wants used in your present context.

In determining our future, we have a big head start over those who don't realize God. We know at least four important things.
1-The end result of our training.
2-God's purpose here on earth; in which He intends us to participate.
3-That God never asks more than we can handle.
4-What God has trained us to do so far.

If God has gifted you with the ability to speak to thousands of folks at a time, then that's what He expects of you when you shift your focus to him. He won't ask you to be a scholarly Greek resource for others if you don't already know Greek.

If you are going through some life-upheaval and don't know "what the future will bring", look at where God has brought you thus far. You'll know what comes next, and can stay pointed in that direction, instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off worrying about an unclear future.

Know that God has "brought you to the kingdom for this hour." It probably shouldn't need mentioning that, as God continues His training, years from now you may be in a different context, using different skills. But you can surely know what the next few weeks will bring.

Faithing is a "one step at a time" thing. Recognizing your ultimate goal and your present circumstances will always allow you to take the next small step. That's what the God-journey is, one small step at a time. Faithing. Act in the present, trusting that God will take care of the future.

Now get to work on your time line, so you can eavesdrop on God as He talks about His training and plans for you. It will give you the courage to faithe.

For those of you who know about the Coronation Stone of Britain and Scotland, I wanted to share a recent email exchange of that Stone. It's said to be the stone that Jacob anointed as the "House of God." The writer said:

I have always believed the information you have given on your website to be correct, having had British Israel teaching passed down to me and knowing the Davidic lineage to our Queen to be true, however after having just returned from a trip to Israel and Bethel in particular doubt started creeping in!
I visited the historic site of Bethel with a local guide - the place named Bethel is a Jewish settlement now but the guide said the historic site of Bethel is now called Beitin - and the only type of stone in that area is limestone in fact all over Israel it is predominantly limestone! As the site is in Palestinian territory it is not visited often by tourists and I saw Marks on some of the rock that showed Crusader symbols.
Looking at the Stone of Destiny book and the book from Scone Palace - historical descriptions say a stone cut out of marble in the form of a chair and in 1874 it was described as limestone (which marble is derived from). Then it also mentions in the book that The Stone of Destiny is a coarse-grained pinkish-buff sandstone - this stone mainly being found within Perthshire and Angus, indeed within a few miles of Scone.
So which is the true Jacob's pillow stone - one made from limestone (the stone native to the area of Biblical Bethel) or pinkish sandstone (native to Scone)?
From seeing it at Edinburgh castle all those years ago I knew it was sandstone so when I actually went to Bethel and saw the stone that is there - bells started ringing- and made me think. Was the real actual Jacob's Pillow stone not given back when it had been stolen from Westminster Abbey by Ian Hamilton and co. or had it been substituted along the way?
I would be pleased to hear your feedback as Bethel - God's House - was the story that hooked me into Bible reading and researching truth - as we are told to prove all things.

Is the Stone, or isn't it?

Circumstantial evidence has put many a murderer behind bars. We have to put the Stone into the greater context. Where does it fit into God's Plan and revelation? Let me site Jeremiah as an example. The deeper one researches into the story that Jeremiah went to Ireland with one of king Zedekiah's daughters, then he married that daughter to the Milesian high king of Ireland, the more confusing and contradictory the evidence becomes. But when one backs away from the specifics, the larger picture of what God was doing, is doing, becomes clear and confirms that Jeremiah did indeed travel to Ireland and accomplish those tasks God had ordained. One of those tasks was to fulfill the prophecy concerning the two lines of Judah. Zarah and Pharez were the twins born to Jacob's fourth son Judah. Pharez was high, ruling over the Jews in Palestine. While Zarah was low, ruling over Israelites that weren't in the Holy Land. The prophecy says that Pharez, the High, would be abased and that Zarah, the Low, would be exalted. Tea Tephi was from the Pharez line, Eochaide, the Milesian, was of Zarah. Now both sides of David's divided line would be joined together. These would supply, according to Jacob's birthright gift to Judah, the ruling class of Judahites to the House of Israel in northwest Europe and the British Isles. Contradictions aside! Jeremiah went to Ireland. Period.

The same can be done for the Stone. Of course, the devil is going to set up a second side to ANY argument. That takes the attention off what ever Truth of God is contained in the Stone. We're told what will happen to the Stone. We're told exactly which Stone is being talked about. We're also told where we can find the Stone, along with how long the Stone must be in that place.

Now, that's God's list of things. You know, that given the complete understanding of the Stone, these minor specifics appear more of a bother than worth any discussion. that discussion, by the way, is what appears after the Devil sneaks in underneath. it starts with discussion and ends in Confusion. So, whether the Stone is sandstone and came from Mississippi, isn't going to change what God has told us. whether the Stone that's in the public eye is real or just a fake doesn't change what God said. We only want to know if what God said can be applied to the Stone. There are some agreed upon "facts". Where did it come from? How far back? What is its "official" position?? In front of what population group does the Stone have influence? Who are those people? Does the Stone fulfill God's word to Joseph through his dying father Israel? That's where it started and it will finish soon when Jesus returns. My guess is that Jesus will "call forth" the real Bethel Stone, be it the fake Stone (if it is) or the real One from some underground vault, the location of which is only known by seven living people.

One question: How can we be sure that the Stone that was under the Chair, which I, too, have seen up close, was the Real Stone? All the big time leaders have doubles. Leaders come and go. The Stone, to those who Know, is Eternal. If I was the king, and found out about it, I'd immediately start thinking about protecting it. I'd go through all the scenarios in each idea that came to mind. I surely wouldn't put it right out in the public without 24/7 guards, maybe twelve of them, watching over It. Even so, I'd feel anxious. Guards can be bribed. I could easily come to the idea that the only really safe place was a stone vault deep in the ground, completely inaccessible. And I would hold the only key, which would be cleverly hidden away, with only a cryptic poem pointing to its location. I mean, that's God's Stone! See what I mean? Maybe that Stone isn't the real one. But real or not, taken back to Scotland or not, it still symbolizes and carries out Its prophecy.

Why is this so important? Well, let me ask, why did God go through all that? The complete story, up to today, has taken some 4000 years, if we start with Jacob and the Stairway. That was almost 1800 BC, a hundred or so years before He moved the family to Egypt. That's a lot of work by God. We have to ask, what good does it do and for whom? Whom does the existence of the Stone benefit? The Chinese? The Stone is a Godly symbol of specifically the UK and generally, through interconnected royalty, to most of northwest Europe. They all know about the Stone, too. And maybe even care about It. It is broadly a symbol of all European royalty. But let's not forget the US. We're also "ruled" by Judahites. Three or four of the President's Cabinet are dual US and Israeli citizens. OK, that's to whom. But what Good comes out of that?

It's always the same Good with God. He's promoting Himself as Provider, Protector, Guide, Healer and Savior. But people don't flock to Him for that stuff, as one might guess. So God has set up the world to expose Himself. He does this in irrefutable ways, like the Zodiac, the Great Pyramid and History. They don't realize it, but people are right when they try to detract by splitting that word into "his" "story". They just have the wrong "his". History is God's Story, that keeps teaching us the same lesson, century after century.

The message is, "I'm Real, and I do Everything I say. Trust Me."

So far, the Stone's fulfillment of God's word is enough to confirm His existence and ability to move literal history to make sure that His word is fulfilled. With that sure knowledge, I may be able to do the third thing that God said. Trust Him. I certainly won't put any part of my life on the line based on some half-solid belief.

It all leads to faithing. It always has.

I might not be able to prove which stone is the real one, but I can prove that there is a real stone and that the function of the stone has and is being fulfilled. Why waste my time picking at nits?

1-I trust that you picked up some new information today.
2-WE need solid information if we are to keep on track with our lives.
3-If you want to talk about the Forest or the Stone, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We're at 88 Briceland Road in Redway. The number there is 707 923 2559. Or on the web at STAG.WS. The email address is
4-I'll be back here on October 7th. I hope to see you then.
5-The old saying is, "Life is hard, then you die." That's pretty much true. But with God, the hard stuff is only a challenge and the dying is something longed for not feared. Because God is real and keeps His word about our standing with Him.

This is Jack, Bye.

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