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. We are on the brink of the New World Order. This government will exceed the individual sovereignty of all nations; just as the European Union can dictate to the once sovereign nations of Europe.

The recent news is full of statements that explain, warn of or promote the formation of one world government. From international trade and environment treaties to the World Health Organization, the World Bank and other international bodies, it's clear that we are headed for a Global Government. Teachers of Bible prophecy have been shouting this news for a couple decades or longer. Hal Lindsay really got the ball rolling with "The Late Great Planet Earth." He "proved" that the then newly formed Common Market, Europe's NAFTA, would be the reformation of the old Roman Empire talked about in the Book of Daniel.

Of course, some radical ideas had to be offered when the number of member nations exceeded ten. At one point I remember that three of the countries were going to drop out. This was when the membership rose to 13 nations. As the number of members grew and grew over the following years, Hal's idea that the EU would produce the AC and be his to govern was still clung to as fulfillment of Daniel. Even today, I only know of two Bible teachers who differ, and one of those only suggests that we may have been mistaken in applying Daniel to the European Union.

Personally, I don't' see how any mistake can be made in determining who will be the AC's kingdom or from where the AC will come. It's all right there in Daniel eleven.

So many people have offered ideas of whom the anti-Christ will be or is, that several volumes would be necessary to contain all the accompanying information. Not the least of the "facts" offered in evidence is that the particular person named is somehow connected to the number 666, which usually can be wrung out of the person's name. From Bill Clinton to Prince Charles, from Antiochus Epiphany to Hitler, the historical list is long.

Most of these suggestions are scripturally too short-sighted to even be considered. There are many, many attributes of the Anti-Christ to be included when applying the name Anti-Christ to some person.

I'd like to offer some insight into who may become the Anti-Christ. Deeper study into the question will have to include the "chosen" people AND their God-given mission on the earth. The Hebrews that became the twelve sons of Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, will descend into the twelve tribes of the whole nation of Israel. This nation finally coalesced under king David into one cohesive group of tribes. The whole nation of Israel. But at Solomon's death, ten of the tribes who lived in the north of the Holy Land severed relationship with the two tribes in the south; both groups becoming nations in their own right. These two nations are known as the House (nation) of Israel, the ten tribed nation in the north and the House (nation) of Judah, the two tribed nation in the south.

We must remember that whatever these 12 tribes of Jacob's sons did had no effect on God's plan for them. God's plan for humanity has always been to inform them that He was going to set up a kingdom here on the earth. The people He chose throughout history were and are tasked with informing the rest of the world population of God's objective. This means that they will accomplish this task no matter what they believe their heritage to be.

This commentary is just that. It's not a scholarly argument filled with references. I'll leave that homework to you. But even those who are not students of biblical prophecy know that the world is headed, headlong, for a global government, which is much more authoritative than the United Nations. This government will have its own court, its own bank, its own army, and its own set of international laws. Although in a weaker form, these conditions already exist under the UN. The step to complete global authority is a small one.

Students of prophecy will tell you that this world government is the structure by which the Anti-Christ will rule. So it's easy to come to the opinion that the head of the world government will be the Anti-Christ. I disagree.

What about those "chosen" people and the alignment of the forces for the battle of Armageddon? I can't see how the "chosen" ones can fight against themselves. Is it likely that the state of Israel will be attacked by their brothers, the tribes of the northern nation of Israel? No. Armageddon will be configured with Israel and its allies against the Anti-Christ and his allies. Isn't that the most reasonable alignment?

This information is more important than it appears. It limits who may be the participants on either side of the conflict. But understanding the history of those tribes of the northern nation of the House of Israel will prove to be the key to debunk most of the claims about whom the Anti-Christ is or will be.

Let's do a little question and answer exercise and try to find a logical path to the identity of the Anti-Christ.

Q-Who does Satan want to fight with?

A-Everyone on God's side; even a little bit.

Q-With whom can Satan fight?


Q-Who can Satan beat?

A-Not God; and
A-Not at least two top angels, Gabriel and Michael; but

Q-Which humans will Satan fight?

A-Believers and disseminators of God's Word. People on God's side.

Q-Which People in history have been the disseminators of God's Word?

A-The twelve tribes of the sons of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham.

Q-What will be the configuration of the armies at Armageddon?

A-The State of Israel and anyone who will likely to come to Israel's aid. In other words the Western Allies, against the Arabs, the Russians, the Chinese, Germany and anyone else out for a good time.

If it's agreed that the Anti-Christ heads up the Bad Guys at Armageddon, then it's the Devil against Israel and its allies.

Doesn't that rather definitely pin down who the Tribes of Israel really are? They are the ones who have, more than any other people, spread the word about God to the world. Billions have come to be Believers from just the work of the English and American Bible societies. And they are only a small part of the big picture of Israelites bringing God's word to other peoples. Satan's been after these folks since before there was a Bible.

That means that the President of the coming Global Government will not be the Anti-Christ, with only one possible exception, that doesn't logically prove out. That person must come out of the old Selucid kingdom. In other words, the Middle East.

The very interesting part is that such a man exists today. This man is a good candidate for being the final arbiter in bringing peace between the Arab confederacy and Israel. This Deed could catapult this man to the Chair of the New World Order. I expect, for show, he'd have to publicly suspend his Royalty; for the good of the world.

No. Princes Philip and Charles aren't royalty that come out of the Middle East.

This isn't suggestion. These acts and agenda have been in process millennia before there was a USA.

But the fly in that ointment is the contradiction that is set up by having the Anti-Christ be the head of the Global government. Seems hard for him to start the wars he does and still be the head of the body that purports to maintain peace around the globe, especially when the western allies are part of that body.

My best guess is that the AC will be all I said above, but when he becomes the Peace Hero, he'll be "elected" to Preside over the Arab Union, which is already structured and functioning. And he'll be a good guy, for a while, 'till everybody relaxes.

Again, another big reason why the AC won't be the head of the Global Government is that he then would command the Israelites in the battle of Armageddon. Again, those western allies will be on Israel's side, just as we have been for over a century.

What explains this oft times troubling association? The western allies are the Lost Tribes of the whole twelve tribes of Jacob's sons, that House of Israel. Britain, northwest Europe and America represent the House of Israel in the modern world, whether they are aware of it or not. God is not about to allow the house of Israel to come against the House of Judah at Armageddon.

Basically, it'll be the twelve tribes of Israel against the whole world at Armageddon, pretty much the same as the alignment of the Gulf War. The Anti-Christ will come out of one of the Middle East Arab nations, and be given rule over the Arab Union. The key to understanding this is the teaching on the Lost Tribes.

On top of all that, we must take in all the attributes of the AC listed in the books of Daniel and Revelation. But what about the Queen?

A good, but common example of a stumbling stone was sent me by email. And let me say right away that what the writer says is perfectly true. But irrelevant.

There's a major roadblock that has been inserted into the teaching on the Lost Tribes. Basically stated, it's the fact that the Queen of the UK is not the rightful heir to the throne. If this turns out to be true, then a large amount of the Lost Tribes teaching is false or mistaken or unfounded, but whatever, not true. Not reliable information.

This idea has very well accomplished a division between researchers on the beginning levels of research. Someone just starting out to learn about God's hand in the history of the Israelites can get pulled off the track. This separation, division is perfectly reasonable when one considers the result of the teaching.

The Lost Tribes teaching is the most solid, most verifiable, easiest way to prove God's reality and therefore His faithfulness to keep His word to us individuals. He's promised us a lot of great stuff in the Bible. But if we don't have a true belief in God and His faithfulness, then we won't have the strength to act, based on His promise, against the negative circumstances that we encounter. We won't have the strength to faithe. And, "without faith, it's impossible to please Him," as Paul tells us. Our salvation depends on our actions based on the faith in God's word on a subject.

Well, wouldn't such an important study be discouraged by the devil? He's the master of division. Divide and Conquer. There are numerous niches of discord sown into the Lost Tribes study.

He wrote:
Your Website is very interesting but with some errors. Do you know that a King looses all authority and power to govern if he was fallen from Faith? The House of Windsor, who is origin the House Hannover-Hessen-Coburg-Sachsen is not the real Royal Family of England. In the Tudor lineage there came a bustard on the throne from this line Henry the 8th came from. He was not eligible to occupy the throne of England because the named fact. The real Monarch came from the Hastings Family and he lives now in Australia. Furthermore-*ofm if a Monarc lost Faith he will loose all the Power and Authority to continue his reign. This similar rule acts when a person claims to be a Pope and he is not a member of the Church. Think about Nebukadnezar, God ceased his reign until he converted and claimed back the throne. But we have a Papal Bull which states that a person who had fallen from Faith will loose all Power and Authority and will not get back this when he/she came back to the true Faith. These Grace ceases for ever. Insofar England has no valid Monarc, because there is no true Catholic Nobleman in England yet.

Please consider this in your Website, this fact will be very important for the future of England when God will punish this Nation for their sins against his Faith and his Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

There are more than a few comments to be made on this, but I will only address the main one. The Queen has no right to rule.

I said :
Thanks for stopping by. I have heard your argument many times over the years and appreciate you taking the time to go over it. Although I haven't really researched this myself, I have listened "experts", people I trusted, and based on other research that touched this subject, I believe that HM is probably not entitled to the throne. And doesn't her blood tie back to Count Vlad? (that's Dracula)

But we can't judge an apple with an orange. We must only look at the fact that they are both fruit. That's the fact that ties the two together, over riding the fact that they are different. Regardless of the true right of those who rule, whether they be of the right House or not, there is an overriding fact, just like fruit, that MUST be considered. That fact is God's promise to David.

Here's a list of the attributes that God did not include when He promised David that the Israelites would always be ruled by one of David's descendants.

God didn't say:
The King would be just and compassionate.
The king would never be corrupted.
The king must be a believer.
The king would protect his subjects
The king would rule according to God's commandments.
The king would not worship the devil and eat babies every Halloween.

Here's a list of the things that God did promise:
God said:
The king would have blood ties to David.

That's the end of the list.

We have a choice to make. We can decide that God tells the Truth or we can decide that God is either a liar or unable to keep His word.

If God has told the Truth and can and does keep His word, then nothing else matters except that ANY royalty (or President) ruling over Israelites can trace their bloodline back to David.

Most any of the European royalty one can name can trace their lineage back to Eochaide and Tea Tephi. I've been told that Victoria was called the Grandmother of all the European royalty. They were/are all related.

I have also read that some to the PTB openly claim their descent from David. If I recall, that's one of the parts of the "Divine Right of Kings" idea.

This is why Jeremiah's trip to Ireland is so important. A lot of folks will tell you that Jeremiah never went to Ireland. All the Judahite kings that were across the north Med weren't out of the line of Pharez, like David. They were from the line of Zarah, emanating out of Egypt before the exodus with Moses. David's line HAD to be interjected into the royalty stream of Europe and the Isles to govern the Lost Tribes when they showed up some three or four hundred years later. Brutus, the founder of New Troy (London),1100 BC, was not qualified to rule the Israelites, only his own Trojan-Judahite brethren.

Is the Queen the rightful heir to the British throne? If she can trace back to David, NOTHING else matters. Nothing. God only sees David, the "apple of His eye." Again, the teaching on the lost tribes settles the question. Now, the hidden message in God's name.

I've talked a lot about gematria on this show. I've done several shows outlining how God has done things by the numbers. He's Installed His numbers is all His creation. Gematria takes on many different forms and systems of calculation, but I stick to the simple form.

Gematria exists in Greek, Hebrew and English. It doesn't appear that English gematria is "official." This is because we are able to choose the letter values. Whereas, in Greek and Hebrew, the number value of each letter is set. Both those peoples used letters for numbers. Same with Latin. You remember that a "V" in Roman numerals stands for the number 5. Other numbers are expressed as letters: L X M C, etc. In Greek and Hebrew every letter has a number assigned. They get up into the hundreds for the later letters, like omega. Omega in Greek is given a value of 800. In Hebrew, the last letter of the alphabet is tav and has a value of 400.

In both Hebrew and Greek then, we just add up the letter values of a word and get a word value. Very simple and not "math intensive."

But English doesn't assign any value to the letters. We have separate numbers, so it appears that there is no valid gematria that can apply to English, seeing that we have to decide what to value each letter. And believe me, there are many ways that are very interesting. A=1, B=2, C=3 and on to Z at 26 is the simplest method of valuing the letters. And that can be another thing that debunks English gematria. It's too simple. Any kid in school has used that kind of thing for a code to send notes in class.

The only area I deal with in gematria is that which connects to the Bible. This is because the Bible numbers have symbolism attached to them. When you find a repeated number in the Bible, you'll find that it appears in the same or a very similar context. The context supplies the symbolism.

My favorite example is the number 600. Look at all the times when you find the number 600 and you find it in a context of war or weapons, number of soldiers, etc,. So, in the Bible, there is a standard symbol for the numbers. One symbolizes God. Four is the number for the world. Six is the number for man. Twelve means perfect government.

How do we connect this number-value stuff with creation? It's really easy. We just take the appropriate measurements of things. One thing I've presented on this is the measurements of the solar system. Well, really, more of the measurements of the sun, moon and earth. The idea is that if God created these bodies, then some of His numbers will be found in their measurements.

First we have to know that the most often used name for Jesus is Lord Jesus Christ. When we total up the values for these three names we get 3168. The total of the letters in the word Lord is 800. The letters in Jesus total 888. The letters in Christ total 1480. 800+888+1480=3168.

The Bible says that Jesus was the express agency for God in the creation of the "heavens and the earth." Then we should be able to find Jesus' number embedded in the creation. Of course, it's there, right in the diameter of the earth. The earth is 7920 miles in diameter. That means that all four sides of a square that we can drown around the earth will total 4x7920. 7920x4=31680.

Megalithic miles is another way to measure something like the earth or moon or sun. A megalithic mile is 2.727272 miles. Remember 7920? The moon's diameter is 792 megalithic miles. 4x792 is 3168. The diameter of the sun is 316,800 Mmi.

Jesus number is reflected in the diameters of the sun, moon and earth. That's how we connect creation numbers to the Bible.

Some interpretations of numbers differ, but when we see only the first 12 numbers, there is pretty much universal agreement on the symbolism. Five is the number for grace.

With that little introduction to gematria let me show you something really neat. God's name in Hebrew. It's often called the tetragrammaton , four letters. In English we say Jehovah, but the letters are Y H W H. The word starts with yod, then hay, then vav, then another hay. The number values for those letters is, yod=10, Hay=5, vav=6.

I have to thank an email writer for asking me the question that brought about this study.

He asked:
Do you have any ideas on what the H's in YHWH could mean?

I replied:
The only thing I know about the H's is that they are valued at five, and five is the number of Grace. God likes to repeat Himself so He can establish an idea. "At the mouth of two, a thing is confirmed." And our salvation, our inclusion in what God's doing, is dependent on His Grace. His name has twice as much. Now, you notice that those Grace letters bracket the yod=6, the number of a man. God's Grace covers us completely, front and back, the imperfections of man=6. God's got your back! Our salvation starts and ends with God's Grace. But watch what happens to the vav=10. 10 is the number for Law, ordinal perfection, human responsibility. That vav comes first, meaning, all the following is there for those who take responsibility, who take action on God's declaration of Grace. One could say that God's Number is Grace.

Wow, thanks for asking that question. I've never broken down God's name that way. But I'm not at all surprised at the "message." That same message is in everything God does. The Zodiacs, both solar and lunar, the great Pyramid, the names of the first ten patriarch's, the stones of the breastplate, Genesis 1:1 and much more.

Now, isn't that neat? But there's more. It seems that there's always more with God. I continued this study by adding the letter numbers. 10+5+6+5=26. I didn't remember any symbol for 26, so I checked my two different number charts and they both said 26 was the Gospel. That made me frown a bit. I was leery because sometimes one of my charts gives some pretty flimsy reasons for the symbol given. Sure enough, one chart referenced 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. but it said, "died=23, rose=3 =26.

I had to go to the verse to read the whole passage. Paul is giving a short version of salvation. His two main points are the death of Jesus and the resurrection. He clearly states this as the gospel. Verse one, "Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you," He goes on to say that it's about salvation and that he got the news from Jesus. Paul finishes with "buried and rose the third day." The bare bones of the good news that Paul brought was, Jesus died and rose.

Now 23 is always the number for death, that's true. But it starts to feel like manipulation to take 23 out of the 26. Even more, to say 3 stands for resurrection starts to be obscure, although I do have to mention that this particular chart gives 3 as the number for resurrection. My other chart doesn't. If I were to come up with a better number for resurrection, it would 17. That's the day Jesus came out of the tomb. Also, in type, it's the day Noah came out of the ark. Additionally, most charts give 17 as the number for victory. No other number chart I've seen gives resurrection as the symbolism for the number three. Three is the Total Godhead, Divine completion. The idea is that Jesus died=23 and rose three days later=3. And that's the gospel. Jesus died and rose.

OK, that kind of fits, but I had to check my other chart. I found the same meaning. My other chart doesn't give references, but the meaning of 26 was the same, so I accepted it.

You may be ahead of me here. God's name is the complete story of God's grace to man through the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. That's God, people. That's God. God just keeps proving Himself where ever we look. But what are we, as Believers, supposed to do about that?

We've heard that each person in the Body has a unique and irreplaceable function.

We know from Ephesians 4 that this function is the building up of the Body, edification. This must mean that we are to focus our efforts on believers.

What will reach believers? The Gospel of salvation? They've already heard and accepted that.

We have two main areas of work. 1-presenting evidence that God is real. 2-presenting evidence that the Bible is true. Those two things underpin all Christian life.

The evidence that the Bible is true is simply done, with much hard work. There has been much historical and archaeological evidence that shows events told of in the Bible to have actually happened.

In the area of prophecy, it can be shown that most of biblical prophecy, especially about the House of Israel, has been fulfilled. One 4000 year old prophecy has just come to pass in the last century. It's the prophecy given to Abraham. God told him that his descendents would control all the major trade entrances of the world. That has been accomplished by the lost House of Israel, Britain and the USA.

No human being could know that. It's one of the supernatural aspects of the Bible. There are three or four other supernatural things about the Bible. These are the numerical schemes that run through the Scripture. Numerical properties that could not be invented by the actual writers of the book. Indeed, they had no knowledge that what they were writing had those qualities.

Just the first half of Jesus' genealogy, written in the Book of Matthew, contains fifteen features of the number seven, which symbolizes spiritual completion. This involves the number of nouns, names, vowels, consonants, all the letters, words, and figures. Then there's the bible Code, written about by Michael Drosnin. It has been well established as existing. The codifying of the text by this method is humanly impossible.

Once we have established the veracity of the Bible, we have also confirmed God's reality. It is from this place that we can confidently pursue His tasks, depending on Him for the needed help. One can't act on something not believed in. The actions of Christian life are too hard for the person who just talks about believing in God. If James was here, he'd say, "Look for their works."

The "work" of Christian life is the hardest of all the options. Many easier options can all be seen to contain self interest, Protectionism. We commonly make decisions based on our comfort, safety, or financial security. It doesn't take long to discern whether a person is grounded in God or Self.

Some people will have trouble trying to reconcile Paul's writing in Ephesians four with Jesus' commission to his disciple, the one known as the Great Commission. There's only one explanation. Jesus was talking about two different groups of people. Jesus told Paul what was meant for believers in general. He told his disciples what he wanted them, specifically, to do. The Great Commission was given to only the disciples, not everyone.

Another proof of that is what Jesus said about the Holy Spirit's job. He said, "No one comes to God save the Father draw him." I'm not the Holy Spirit. It's not my place to "draw" someone to God. It's not my place to "lead someone to the Lord." I've been told to build up the Body of believers.

How do I reach other believers, if I'm not to do that on a personal level? We must do enough study of a subject to be able to communicate the idea to others. Then, we must find a ways to communicate that idea in a way that the receiver has 100% control over the intake of the idea. A blog, a web site, a book, a radio/TV show, a newspaper ad for a meeting are all ways that allow the receiver to take as much or little as they decide.

Don't think that these ideas are something new. On the other hand, don't think that because the ideas aren't new that they will have no meaning for the receiver. It must be remembered that we are all individuals and have our own way of communicating an idea. This is where our uniqueness in the Body comes in.

That Old Truth will come out of your mouth differently than out of mine. And only ears that can hear your kind of mouth will respond. For this reason, we must remain aware that everyone to which we present the Truth will not take it in. Only a very few can hear things the way you say them.

Therefore, without your particular voice those people will have to hear the Truth elsewhere. If God wants to draw that person, then of course, the person will find another mouth to listen to.

If one is to be True to God's calling, the only thing we can do is nothing. Yeah, right! Nothing. We must take out every little bit of our own agenda or reason for doing something, and completely, 100%, surrender to God. But that happens two ways, not just one. Without recognizing both, one may not move forward in one's Walk.

We first have to define some words. What does "surrender" mean in this case? And how do we get rid of our own agenda?

Simply put, surrender means doing something God's way. But the second part is indispensable. That part includes our making no decisions as to what we will do, as well as how to do it. It's not up to us to decide what we're going to do for God. Our task will be to edify the Body, but we must let God bring us the way that we'll do that work.

We must make real the idea that God is in charge of our lives and is working to bring about what He knows we need. There will always be tasks for us to work on while we wait for His leading us to new ones.

So surrender means doing only what God brings us, His way.

If you find yourself judging the task or the method by which to accomplish the task, then you haven't yet surrendered.

This idea relates to our salvation also. We are not to try and figure out how to be saved; what we have to do the make it in. We can't try and help God out and add our own acts, things that we decide are going to help get/keep us saved.

The Bible says we're saved by faithing, so we should be able to confirm the above by examining faithing. If faithing saves, then it must fall into those two ways of living.

Faithing is acting on a promise of God in the face of negative circumstances. It's depending on God to get us to our goal by taking care of those things that look like they will keep us from success.

That sounds like surrender to me. I have put aside all the thoughts about what can go wrong and moved ahead anyway. I'm not doing it my way, I'm doing it God's way.

Would you like a more detailed idea of "God's Way"? Just try the Ten Commandments and as much of the Mosaic Law as you know about. I call the ten commandments the "Rule Book of Life." Paul said it was our "school master."

Once you see what God has brought you, you can stack it up against the ten commandments to see how God wants it done.

The Law is God's Mirror of Perfection. It shows us God's Perfection. That allows us to measure our way against God's. If God didn't give us some standard to go by, we'd never get in. We'd be making it up as we went along, depending on Self, not God.

Paul talks about this when he tells us that he wouldn't know what sin was if there was no Law. You can't break a law that doesn't exist. And that the purpose of the Law was to convince us that we needed to add God's help to our own efforts to succeed. Once we saw the Perfect way, we'd know that we could never accomplish it alone.

If you are a Believer, you are to be sharing you God-stuff with other Believers in such a way that they have complete control over how to take what you've presented.

1-The Christian Walk is way more than believing in God and going to church on Sunday.
2-If you want to talk about any of these subjects, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We're at 88 Briceland Rd in Redway. The number is 707 923 ALLY(2559). On the web it's or the email is STAG@
3-we now have a YouTube channel with 15 videos mostly on the Lost Tribes. Just type in my name to get there.
4-I'll be back here on Dec 1 to remind you that Jesus wasn't born on Dec 25th.
5- I trust that you got a little information today to help you open the Bible and do some homework. It will strengthen you belief and help you act in trust of what God says and not rely on what you can figure out is the easiest way to get around some problem. God will help if you trust Him. He's real and does what He says.
This is Jack, Bye.

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