OPEN: Hey, Good morning and welcome to STAG, I'm Jack. It's numbers today. You know a lot of people don't believe that the Bible is true, for the same reason why people used to believe the world was flat. No study, accepting hearsay. I've got four different things to show you that prove supernatural influence in the Bible. The words may have been taken down by men and women, but the inspiration came from God. But first....

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First, we'll talk about gematria. I've shown you a lot of gematria over the years, so some of this may seem familiar. I'll like that because it means you've been listening. Gematria is like a hidden code incorporated into not just the Bible, but all of creation, as we'll see.

G10 15 Gematria: Hebrew and Greek have numbers assigned to each letter. Some of the Latin letters are used as numbers, like "V" is five. The value of gematria in Greek and Hebrew is that words relating to God and Jesus can be seen to have the same number value. Also, that these same numbers can be found in creation.
Now, we have to remember that these numbers do NOT refer to quantity. We mostly always think of numbers in the form of quantity, but in gematria numbers refer to symbolism. It's quality.

Many different number charts can be found in which the meanings of one will not really agree with others or seem to have unfounded reasons for the meaning given. But the first 12 number's meanings are pretty universally agreed upon.

Let me read those to you. 1=God, 2=adequate witness, but also does duty as division. In the case where a number may be assigned two differing meanings, the context will determine which is proper. 3=divine manifestation, or the complete Godhead. 4=the world, 5=grace, 6=man, 7=completion, 8=new beginning, 9=spiritual completion, or again, divine manifestation, 10=Ordinal perfection, Law, human responsibility, 11=judgment, but also instruction, 12=perfect government.

Just to fill out a few of these: the word in Greek for Jesus equals 888. New beginning. The triple number brings the meaning to its maximum. I'd say that Jesus was the greatest new beginning of history. 12 show government by the number of tribes, the number of Apostles, the number of gates in New Jerusalem, etc. Four is a no brainer. Four directions, four winds, four seasons, four parts of the day. Four is the number of the world.

Recently, we talked about the Great Pyramid and how it demonstrates God hand in the building and tells the story of the redeemer in the inner passages. The Great Pyramid is about God. When we do the gematria on the verse in Isaiah that describes the pyramid, we find that the number value of the whole passage is the same as the height of the pyramid. [[read Is 19:19; 19= BTW is the number for "faith"]]

Now the number 3168 is all about Jesus. First off, the name for Jesus that's used most in the New Testament is Lord Jesus Christ. Lord=800, Jesus, again, is 888 and Christ equals 1460. 800+888+1469=3168. John and Paul both say that Jesus, as the Logos, was the one who actually spoke and nothing became everything. If that's true then we should be able to find Jesus' number all over creation.

First, you may remember from the show on the Pyramid that 3168 can be found in all three diameters of the sun, moon, and earth, using miles and megalithic miles. The megalithic mile is based on our regular mile, but isn't used much anymore. A megalithic miles is 2.72727272 miles. 2 and ¾ miles. Both the earth and the moon share the number 792. The earth's diameter is 7920 miles, while the moon's diameter is 792 megalithic miles. We get to 3168 from both those numbers by drawing a square around the earth or moon, and measuring the perimeter of that square. On side of that square will be the same as the diameter, so we times the diameter by 4 and we write 7920x4=31,680 miles for the earth, and 3168 megalithic miles for the moon. The sun is easier. The diameter of the sun is 316,800 megalithic miles.

Again, the pyramid. Inside the pyramid a right triangle can be found that is called the Christ triangle, because the dates that the triangle describes are those of Jesus birth and death. When we take that triangle and layi on the north face of the pyramid and draw a line off that hypotenuse out to the north east, tht line hits a significant place related to Jesus. The line hits Bethlehem. And Bethlehem, by itself talks of Jesus. Bethlehem lies on north latitude 31.68 degrees.

Another measurement that we don't heard very much of is the furlong. But like all our units of measurement, the furlong, like the megalithic mile, is based on our inch. A furlong is 1/8 of a mile. 660 feet.

Bonnie Gaunt has written many books on gematria, including a book on the Jordan River and one on the Nile. Of course 3168 is found in both rivers, more than once. Here's a few out of her Jordan book.

The distance from Mt. Hermon to MT Zion is 111 miles. In furlongs, that would be 8 times 111. That makes Jesus' name, 888. 888 furlongs. When the Israelites had to cross the flooding Jordan river, God stopped the river, it says in Joshua 3:16, all the way up to a town called Adam. From Adam down to the fords by Jericho is 18 miles. Do the math and find that 18 miles is 31,680 yards.. More? The Sea of Galilee is six miles across and 12 miles long. These measurements both reflect 31680 found in the 18 miles of yards just mentioned. 6 miles is 31680 feet and 12 miles is just double that.

One last bit from Bonnie's Nile book about the relation of the earth to the sun. Jesus' numbers are found two different ways. Can't we say that Jesus is the Light of God? We've heard that it's 93 million miles to the sun and that light travels at 186,000 miles a second. 93 million miles yields 5,892,480 inches, dropping seven of the extra zeroes. When we divide that number by the speed of light, 186, we get 31,680, with four extra zeroes. But if we use the name Jesus Christ, without the word Lord, we get Jesus 888 plus Christ 1460, comes out to 2368. If we take the distance to the sun in inches again, 5892480, and multiply it by the circumference of the earth, 24,881.392, we get 2368.

That's the value of gematria. It proves God's supernatural influence in creation.

A few shows ago I took you to Genesis 1:1. Boy! I tell you, Genesis 1:1 is a marvelous verse. It contains gematria connections, numeric connections, the story of the coming Messiah, and much more. We're only going to look at what many authors have written about, the numerics. Now, this has nothing to do with the actual content of the words. It's all about how many this and how many that. There are more, but I'm only going to show you 13 features of the number 7 that are containED in this little verse of seven words. Also, Ivan Panin has uncovered 16 features of the number four in that first verse.

FEATURES: 1. Verse has 7 words
2. Words have 28 letters
3. First three words= 14 letters; last four words=14 letters
4. Last four words: 1st two words=7 letters, last two=7 letters
5. Three nouns, God, heavens, earth=14 letters
6. Those three words have value of 777
7. One verb, created, value 203=29x7
8. Middle word + previous word=7 letters
9. Middle word + next word=7 letters
10. 1st and last letters of 1st three words=42 6x7
11. 1st and last letters of last four words=91 13x7
12. 1st and last letters of ALL words=1,393 199x7
13. 1st and last letters of 1st and last words=497= 71x7

You know, this stuff isn't just about inspiration. We have to take into consideration the control of the language. Not only the actually inspired words, but words that contain exactly the right number values to give these results. Could you make up a language that thousands of years later would prove your influence in its making?

This next part is neat. Even before the first verse we've got the table of contents, right? First, the TOC in your Bible isn't listed this way, but the divisions are those used by Westcott and Hort. But just the books and the names of the Old Testament writers as they appear in the whole Bible, have 30 features of the number 11. Eleven is the number for two things, judgment is most common, but eleven also carries the meaning of instruction.
[[read TOC]]7 GREAT DIVISIONS: Using Westcott & Hort
1-Law: /genesis to Deuteronomy
2-Prophets: Joshua to Malachi
3-Writings: Psalms to Chronicles
Luke 24:44 "All things written of Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms."
- - - - - - - - - -
4-Gospels:Matthew to John
6-Epistles; 21 letters, 12 books containing letters

Feature 1-66 books
Feature 2-22 anonymous, 44 non-anonymous
Feature 3-22 known writers, more than one book
Feature 4-33 letters, 33 non-letters
Feature 5-44 books in first 5 G.divisions
Feature 6-44 books in largest+smallest divisions; 22in the others
Feature 7-Acts is book 44
Feature 8- Revelation is book 66
Feature 9-22 narrative Books; Genesis--2 Kings; 22 non-narrative
Feature 10-11 narrative Books; Esther --Acts
Feature 11-22 Instruction & Prophecy.

Moses, 31 books
Isaiah, 12 books
Jeremiah, 8 books
Hosea 7 books
Joel 7 books
Daniel, 6 books
David, 28 books.
Total 99 books Feature 26

Moses, Hosea and David have 66 books, others, 33. Feature 27
Moses in non-epistles 825 (75x11); epistles 22 (feature 29)
Hebrews has 11, the others have 11 (feature 30)

30 features of the number 11!! Isn't the Bible THE instruction Book?

You want to see what real study looks like? Ivan Panin verifies the whole Bible using these numeric schemes. It would have taken me half a day to just get the first few features of 11 in the TOC. How does one even know which number to try first? Panin found these number schemes, mostly sevens throughout the whole Bible. The number seven is the number of Completion.

OK. Let's go inside the Bible to the book of Matthew, chapter one. The first chapter takes in Jesus' genealogy and the second his birth. 13 features of seven in just 49 words of the genealogy and two schemes of sevens in the eight verses on his birth. BTW, eight is the number for new beginnings. As you may remember, Jesus' name in Greek has a gematria value of 888. Im sorry but this scan wouldn't translate onto the page. Try to follow as best you can with the audio.

WRAP: I don't expect you to run out tomorrow, telling the world you believe in God and the Bible. But maybe I've given you enough info to check out some of this stuff on your own.
2-There's a time coming soon, that this knowledge will save your Spirit.
3- You want to talk about Bible numbers, or anything else, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We're at 88 Briceland Rd in Redway, CA. The number is 707 923 ALLY-2559. On the web at And I've got 32 videos on these subjects up on YouTube, plus over 300 radio shows in my archive.
4-I'll be back here on April 6th to talk about the resurrection. I hope to see you then.
5-You hear me say it every time. There's only one reason why all this exists. God is real. And He always does what He says He'll do, like help you with your life.

This is Jack, bye.

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