OPEN: Hey, good morning and welcome to STAG, I'm Jack. Did Jesus really raise from the dead? How much of a miracle would it take to make you believe it? And then, how would you live after taking on that belief? That's what we'll talk about, but first…..

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Size of the miracle:

The harder the belief to accept, the larger the miracle must be to evidence that belief.

First, let's break down the word miracle, OK? What are the basic elements of a miracle? I think that it is something that interrupts the natural flow of things. It contains the element of surprise. But it also contains something akin to the supernatural. Taking those elements down to their lowest intensity we find those little "lucky breaks", "coincidences." So, let's start at the bottom of the pile of miracles.

How much of a miracle would it take for you to try a new candy bar? What would it take for you to be convinced to try the new bar? You've seen it on the shelf. You've even wondered what it would taste like. But you've never actually bought one. One day your friend, during a casual conversation, says, "Hey, have you tried the new Blah-Blah bar? "No, I haven't. But it's quite a coincidence that you should mention them. I've been looking at them and wondering what they are like."

Your friend's coincidental remark was not much of a "miracle" was it? But then, you're only trusting for a candy bar.

How much of a miracle would it take for you to spend $50 to go to a music concert? You've heard this music on the radio, but the cost of the concert seemed beyond your means. The next day in the mail, you receive a CD of this very music from a friend you hadn't seen for a while. Enclosed is a note that says, "Hey Jack, I know you like this music and I picked up the CD the other day at a yard sale. Also, here's the $45 dollars I owe you." How likely are you now to go to the concert? I bet you even tell other friends about this "miracle."

How much of a miracle would it take for you to submit yourself to a "faith healer?" Let's say you had a severe case of shingles. What if some slick looking stranger came around touting himself as a healer? He presented a few people whom he said he had healed. They in turn professed the same. Would you go to the meeting where he said he would be speaking and healing? More than likely you'd be reluctant to "waste your time" on some possible charlatan. But then your neighbor stopped by to tell you that his sciatica had been completely removed by this same man the night before. He even demonstrated by moving around in a way you had never seen him able to move before. Would you accompany your neighbor to that night's meeting? Would you let this man do whatever it was he did to heal you?

How much of a miracle would it take for you to show up at the local Hall to hear God talk? What if I told you that God had come around to the house and talked to me? What if I said that God had told me to go around the neighborhood announcing that He planned to be at the local community Hall next Thursday at 7:30? Would you take a chance on that information? Probably not, even if it was given to you by me, a long time friend. But what if after telling you about the meeting I said "Look up." When you looked up, a medium size cloud reformed itself into your name? Would you give the meeting a try?

How much of a miracle would it take for you to believe that God was going to set up a kingdom here on earth, at some distant time in the future? To make it into this kingdom there were certain things that you had to do. You had to change your lifestyle radically. You had to spend full 25% of your life getting yourself and others ready for this coming kingdom. 25% of your life. These words are talking about someone you will never see or hear. These words are based on a book that's thousands of years old, written by over 20 different writers. How much of a miracle would it take for you to believe?

Your answer should tell you why God had to set it up so that this information would be accompanied by the greatest miracle that mankind has ever seen or will see. Christianity proclaims this coming kingdom and lifestyle. That's why it is said that Christianity is founded on the resurrection of Jesus. No one in history has ever raised from the dead, without some other human being involved. No one has come back to life, without human help, after being legally dead for 72 hours.

That's one Heaven of a miracle.

But, because they haven't personally experienced this miracle, it is still easy for people to disbelieve it. They will ask how it can be proven that this occurrence 2000 years ago is really true.

There is a man named Simon Greenleaf. He put together a set of conditions that are used in all English speaking courts of law. They are called the laws of evidence. Even if there are no eyewitnesses to a crime, the perpetrator may still be convicted by the court using these rules of evidence. Mr. Greenleaf went through all the evidence upon which the Resurrection is based and concluded that, in a court of law, a court of our modern law, Jesus raised from the dead.

Jesus had to die so he could be raised, giving credence to his claims about God setting up a kingdom on earth. And the greatest miracle of history gives that claim the Truth.

Paul: Who Moved the Stone, Frank Morison: chapter 12 [[read it]]]

Resurrection Outline:

Waiting for God:

Well, let's take that down to everyday life and see how we wait on something. Waiting on God is no different than waiting on a bus. For instance, how do we wait for a bus? I think we all have a pretty good idea of someone waiting for a bus. Please, take a second and try to imagine the picture of someone waiting for a bus. Now, put that picture into words. What did you see? You might have seen someone sitting on a bench. Maybe they were reading a newspaper or talking on their iPhone. Every now and then they would look up and see if the bus was in sight. You may have seen the person standing next to the bus stop sign, leaning on it. They were looking down the street to see if the bus was coming.

I supposed there were other pictures that came to mind. But, I am sure there were some pictures that didn't come to mind. For instance, I know you didn't see your imaginary person, turn, walk down a side street and into a house. You didn't see him hail a cab. He didn't give his bus fare to someone who asked for spare change. He wasn't saying, well, I was hoping that the bus came around this time. He also didn't take the wrong bus because it looked like his bus. He read the sign and knew it wasn't his bus. He waited, focusing on the bus's arrival.

I'd like to go behind this scene, though. Being there on the corner is only one part of waiting for the bus. Certain knowledge had to go into that waiting. Your imaginary person wasn't there waiting at 3 am when the busses aren't running on that street. He isn't out there waiting at 2 minutes after the hour, when the bus only comes at 55 minutes after the hour. Your person has shown up on that corner at that time because he has found the information of when the bus arrives at that stop. He hasn't taken another person's word that the bus comes at that time. He's gone to the bus company schedule to find out what the Company says about the bus schedule. It might only be a nearby sign that gives the arrival times, but it is the official word on the subject.

So, there he is waiting. Possibly doing some small things while he waits, but his main purpose for being there is to catch the bus, so his main focus is on when the bus arrives. He checks his watch, and sees that it's five minutes after the scheduled arrival time. What does he do? He looks down the street with more anticipation that before. More of his focus is on the bus and not on his newspaper. Every little movement way up the street is checked out carefully to see if that movement is his bus.

As you can guess, waiting on God is no different than waiting for a bus. One lives his regular life, but his main focus is on God. He has found a source for what God has said and governed his actions accordingly. He hasn't put that information in the bottom drawer and gone to the movies. He hasn't allowed anything to replace his focus, like charity work at some church. He has kept his actions focused in God's direction. He has done and is doing those things that will further God's objectives. I'll only mention a person waiting on someone at a restaurant. Pretty much the same.

If you're a Believer, you have to go to the source of God's sayings to find out what He says about how you are to wait for Him. Well then, how do we wait on God? By faithing. We are to transform our life actions into actions that are based in trust of what God has said concerning our particular circumstances. We are to put all our dependence on God. We are to follow His instructions on how we should be acting in the life He has supplied. We are to do those things that will further God's objective. All these instructions are given to us in the official source for God's sayings. The Bible. We are to Trust Him. We are not to trust our own idea of which bus to take or "when the bus will come." We are not to trust someone else's word for which is the right bus. Waiting also includes finding out which is the right bus, which is the Right God.

But we can't stop there. That's the easy part. Well, OK, simple. Difficult, but simple. We don't wait for a bus that we don't believe will show up. We've checked the available evidence before standing on that corner.

In the same way, before we can change our lifestyle so radically, we need proof of what Jesus said. We need proof of the statement the God is going to set up a kingdom on earth. That's the only thing that Jesus preached, and the apostles, and Paul. Jesus only preached the kingdom. That was his Gospel. When he told his Apostles toe preach the Gospel to the whole world, it had to be the same Gospel that he preached. It is the same Gospel that Jesus told Paul to preach.

But to participate in the Kingdom, one would have to undergo a radical change of life style. Saying, "I'm a Believer" and going to church on Sunday doesn't qualify one for the kingdom. The kingdom isn't going to be set up so the Believers have a place to go. A kingdom takes a lot of work to run. It's bigger than your neighborhood. Who's going to govern all the people left on the earth after the Great Tribulation and Armageddon? Who's going to help Jesus rule the earth? Today's Believers. The ones who have studied the Truth and decided that what God has said is true. They have studied to find out how they are required to participate in that kingdom. They participate now by supporting those who are teaching the kingdom and also make their God-knowledge available to other Believers. In other words, they participate in the Work of the ministry." Ephesians four says clearly that the work of the ministry is the equipping of the Believers until they become just like Christ. It doesn't say, "Go out and see how many folks you can lead to the Lord." The ministry is making Believers into little Christs.

Waiting on God means waiting for Him to give us something to do. In the mean time, we are told to be good stewards. What does that mean? Taking good care of, and improving those things God has given us to use.

The man on the bench is doing what's at hand. He's reading his newspaper, while he waits for the bus. If someone comes up and asks about the bus, he is ready to give an answer. He's "studied" the subject enough to know about the bus. He also has saved up enough money to get on the bus. That money helps others to ride the bus. It pays for the gas and tires.

Believers are meant to support the spreading of the information about the Kingdom. By taking the directions given about tithing, I've concluded that the same percentage of our time is to be spent making the information about the kingdom available to others. How much is that? 25% God wants a lot more of our lives than a couple hours on Sunday. Sorry, but that's the way it is, and you can check me out.

Believers wait on God by supporting their teachers and making their own contribution of knowledge available.

From this place we could spend another twenty minutes talking about this is the way God has set it up. It's not some convenient manufacture of man. If that were true then it would become an idol, a false system that gets all your worship. That easily goes to several different modern places. How about American Idol. That whole show is an idol.

WRAP: 1-We covered a lot of ground today. I certainly don't think that you'll walk away converted like Paul. But I do think that I've given you enough information to follow up with some individual study.
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4-I'll be back here on May 4th; I hope to see you then.
5-What if God is real? Then everything I said today is true. Think about it.
This is Jack, bye.

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