OPEN: Hey, Good morning. And welcome to STAG. I'm Jack. Get out your Bible. Any non-Believers are welcome to listen in, but it may be boring for you. We're going to trans-substitute the first Chapter of Ephesians. You'll need your Strong's concordance and paper and pencil. Ephesians One is a complete outline of Christianity. But first…
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EPHESIANS 1: Seeing the forest: we usually lose the big picture when concentrating on a few verses. I've come up with a home made translation method that I call trans-substitution. All it takes is a Strong's concordance and a King James Bible.

Simply, I just look up all the words in a verse to find out what the original word said. Then I insert that definition into the reading of the verse. It stretches the verse out a bunch, but really helps understanding what the writer had in mind. In some cases the Greek word used is much different than what we believe is the meaning of the English translated word. After I fill out all the verses, I reduce them down to their main ideas and form a chapter reduction. I go one step further and winnow the chapter reductions down to a book reduction: the Forest.

I want to run Ephesians chapter one by you today. It contains a somewhat controversial doctrine called Pre-Venient Grace. Some folks want to argue that this idea means everything is set in concrete and there's no way to change what happens to us. It's all laid out ahead of time. There is also a very interesting study of the word power. It's used three different times in chapter one, and is being translated from three different Greek words.

But before we start, let me show you the forest of the whole book of Ephesians.

Like the first chapter of any good book, the author lays out the outline. Then he fills in the necessary details and ends with a conclusion. So, chapter one tells us we were included in God's plan and how we can participate in the plan. Chapter two details that we're saved by trusting action because of what Jesus did. Three says that our faithing results in the indwelling of God's Spirit and that the Spirit is available to Everyone, not just Jews. Four tells that God gave people certain leaders to help with salvation. Five and six outline how we are to live for God and that we are in a spiritual battle and must depend on God.

EPHESIANS 1: I'll only mention some of these words to show how the translated word is enhanced by knowing the definition of the Greek word. [[read the notes,adding the passage transSubs]]

God's Powers: power-dunamis 1411= miracle force
-------------------Power=kratos 2904 =great vigor
-------------------Mighty power-kratosischus 2904-2479=great vigorous force.

Evil Powers: Principalities=arche 746-first in political rank
-----------------Powers-exousia 1849=mastery/potentate
-----------------Rulers=kosmokrator 2888=world rulers (just under satan)

[[read the passage reductions]]
[[read book reduction p234]]

WRAP:1-I hope you can see how looking up the original language is necessary for better understanding on what's printed on the page.
2-The fact is, there is NO translation that can be trusted 100%. And if your Bible doesn't have Strong's numbers in it, no matter how nice it sounds, you are at the mercy of the translators.
3-How much is you soul worth? Will you trust it to what sounds good? Or what you'd like it to say?
4-You want to talk about the Bible or anything else, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We're at 88 Briceland rd in Redway. The number there is 707 923 ALLY(2559). On the web it's and email is
5-Thanks for listening. I'll be back on July 6 to remind you that God id real and He always keep His word.
This is Jack, Bye.

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