OPEN: Hey, good morning and welcome to STAG, I'm Jack. Who is Jesus and what is Christianity? John, chapter 17 has the answers. It's pretty much a short outline of God's plan for us. It ticks off all the important points we need to know about out walk with God. He long version would be what Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans. This has been called a PhD thesis on Christianity. And if we have time, we'll bring in Psalm 91. But first….

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John 17. Understanding John 17 could be counted as a victory. It just so happens that the number 17 carries the Biblical symbolism of victory. It also means resurrection. Christ came out of the tomb on the 17th. Noah came out of the ark on the 17th. What a coincidence.

I went through this chapter using what I call trans-substitution. It's not really a translation. I look up all the important words and ten substitute them for the translated English word. This makes the verses much longer, but richer in understanding. The result usually brings out significant differences in what we read on the page. The thing that impressed me most about this chapter was the wealth of info and the big picture it contains. I wanted to see what the original language said. To my surprise I found that the whole chapter contained very little that could be argued with. Most of the words we see in English are faithful translations of what John wrote and what Jesus said. This chapter is the prayer that Jesus prayed at the last supper. My idea is that this prayer was an unnecessary account of Jesus and God. The disciples didn't need to her all this and, mostly, neither do we Believers. However, God doesn't do things without good reason. As you'll see, this prayer contains information that confirms other statements that Jesus and God had made. God's law says that a thing is confirmed at the mouth of two or three. Two is the number of adequate witness. The repetition in this chapter locks down some very important things for a Believer.

Joh 17:1 hourG5610 hour; is come;G2064 to come for himself(mid vc)

Joh 17:2 powerG1849(not dunamis)Delegated influence/mastery; flesh,G4561human nature/beings; eternalG166 lifeG2222 perpetual life

Joh 17:3 knowG1097 Know; trueG228 truthful; JesusG2424 Christ,G5547 anointed/Messiah; sent 649

Joh 17:4 I have finishedG5048 Complete, consummate; theG3588 workG2041 work/ergon

Frank, congratulations on your retirement. Here's your gold watch as a token or the company's esteem for the exemplary work you've done. We all wish you a happy, carefree life. I know you've trained many of our executives and carried out you job description to the letter. No one could have done a better job. However, the company has an urgent need to establish a branch in the darkest part of Africa. This is a dangerous place filled with headhunters and cannibals. We'll have an expert team ready to take control within a few weeks, but in the mean time we need someone of your caliber to get the subsidiary going. I realize the dangers involved, and certainly, eventually, we will be able to accomplish the setup, but the need is urgent and you are the best person qualified to do the job. We know that this is NOT part of your job, that you are completely free to go off to your well-earned retirement. I'm afraid there won't be any pay included is this project, but upon completion you will be placed in the highest position of honor in the company. Generations will speak of your humble obedience to the company.

That's the situation. By saying that he had done everything God gave him to do, Jesus is also saying that he wasn't commissioned to go to the cross. Jesus' crucifixion was NOT part of his mission on earth. Boy! What does that do to most of the Christian teaching today? First al all, Jesus didn't die for anyone's sins. He died because God needed someone of his caliber to die. God could have eventually come up with another "person" to die. He'd have to split off another piece of Himself and that "person" would die. Someone of God's standing, God's Essence, had to die in order for God to keep His own law of marriage. He had divorced the ten tribed kingdom of the House of Israel. In order to remarry them, some part of God had to die. The reason for the crucifixion was not to save people.

Abraham was already saved and he lived 2000 years before Jesus. Adam was saved and he lived 4000 years before Jesus. The saving process was not instituted by Jesus. It has always been the same. It didn't change with Jesus. The only thing that changed with Jesus was the understanding of the Law, Ten commandments. People had to be told that the ten Commandments weren't really what saved them, put them in good standing with God. God instituted the Law as a means for the people to Trust Him. They were saved by trust, not the animal that they killed. All the Old Testament practices were pointers to Christ. Faithing saves.

What founded Jesus' most important act? What WAS Jesus' most important act? Feeding the 5000? Giving sight to the blind man? Raising Lazarus from the dead? No. Jesus' most important act was his crucifixion. What founded Jesus' crucifixion. What made it possible for him to decide to go to the cross? The only thing he had to go on was God's word that He's raise him up again in three days. It never says that Jesus raised himself. It's always God. Jesus went to the cross trusting that God would keep His word that He'd raise him. Jesus faithed on God word. Abraham faithed on God's word and tried to go through with the sacrifice of Isaac. Jesus didn't die for me. He died for God. OK. Back to John. Verse 5

Joh 17:5 beforeG4253 Prior; theG3588 worldG2889 arrangement of the world; (before)was.G1511 existed
THE MISSION: Joh 17:6 manifestedG5319 Render apparent; nameG3686 authority/character; keptG5083 guard from loss/injury; word.G3056 what you said.

Joh 17:7 knownG1097 known; all thingsG3956 the whole; ofG3844 From beside

Joh 17:8 wordsG4487 Utterance; receivedG2983 Take/get hold of; came outG1831 issued; sendG649 me.G3165 send out
Look any where you want. You'll find that Jesus ALWAYS preached the kingdom of God. That was his mission. The Kingdom of God was Jesus' Gospel, NOTHING else.
---- ------ ----
NOT EVERYONE-parable of the sower
Joh 17:9 IG1473 prayG2065 forG4012 them:G846 I prayG2065 notG3756 forG4012theG3588 world,G2889 butG235 forG4012 them whichG3739 thou hast givenG1325 me;G3427 forG3754 they areG1526 thine.G4671
Joh 17:10 AndG2532 allG3956 mineG1699 areG2076 thine,G4674 andG2532 thineG4674 are mine;G1699 andG2532 I am glorifiedG1392 inG1722 them.G846
---- ------ ---

Joh 17:11 beG5600 one,G1520 Joined to one another; asG2531 weG2249 are.

Joh 17:12 keptG5083 Visually guarded; I have kept,G5442 Obediently watched over; is lost,G622 destroyed fully; perdition;G684 ruin/loss; be fulfilled.G4137 make replete/verify

Joh 17:13 AndG1161 nowG3568 comeG2064 I toG4314 thee;G4571 andG2532 these thingsG5023 I speakG2980 inG1722 theG3588 world,G2889 thatG2443 they might haveG2192 myG1699 joyG5479 fulfilledG4137 IG1473 have givenG1325 inG1722 themselves.G848

Joh 17:14 worldG2889 hath hatedG3404 detested

Joh 17:15 takeG142 themG846 Lift/take up/away; keepG5083 Obediently watched over; themG846 theG3588 definite article; evil.G4190

Joh 17:16 out ofG1537 Denotes origin; theG3588 world,G2889 cosmos [goes back to v5 "before the world was]

Joh 17:17 SanctifyG37 themG846 Make holy/purify; truth:G225 truth; thyG467 wordG3056 something said; isG2076 truth.G225

Joh 17:18 thou hast sentG649 Send out; sentG649 send out; themG846 intoG1519 theG3588 world.G2889

Joh 17:19 AndG2532 for their sakesG5228 G846 IG1473 sanctifyG37 myself,G1683 thatG2443 theyG846 alsoG2532 might beG5600 sanctifiedG37 throughG1722 the truth.G225
Joh 17:20 NeitherG1161 G3756 prayG2065 I forG4012 theseG5130 alone,G3440 butG235 forG4012 them also which shall believeG4100 G2532 onG1519 meG1691 throughG1223 theirG846 word;G3056
--- ------ -------
And here's the result of faithing.
Joh 17:21 ThatG2443 they allG3956 may beG5600 one;G1520 asG2531 thou,G4771 Father,G3962 art IN G1722 me,G1698 and IG2504 IN G1722 thee,G4671 thatG2443 theyG846 alsoG2532 may beG5600 oneG1520 IN G1722 us:G2254 thatG2443 theG3588 worldG2889 may believeG4100 thatG3754 thouG4771 hast sentG649 me.G3165

Joh 17:22 AndG2532 theG3588 gloryG1391 Glory/doxa; one-joined to one another

Joh 17:26 theG3588 loveG26 Unconditional benefit(3 kinds); wherewithG3739 thou hast lovedG25

Joh 17:23 beG5600 made perfectG5048 Consummate completely; hast lovedG25 them, lovedG25 me.G1691

Joh 17:24 they may beholdG2334 Discern/experience; myG1699 glory,G1391 beforeG4253 the foundationG2602 conception/disposition

Joh 17:25 thouG4771 hast sentG649 Set apart/sent out me.G3165

2 power Over all flesh
4 Finished the work; (garden prayer)
5 he was with God before the creation(Cf John 1;1)
8 faithful transmission of God's word.
9 some are not called - sower
10-12 Jesus and God are one. he watched and protected; except Judas according to prophecy
14 Believers are detested/persecuted
15 Satan specified in "the"
16 Believers don't originate in the world (eph 1)
19-20 Believers work is to testify to God, like Jesus did.
21-23 Believers and Jesus will be one with God
24-26 Believers get God's love and Jesus spirit.

Psalm 91. This is the Psalm that lists many different kinds of God's help to Believers.

The practical side of God's names.
Psalm 91: 14-16
Psa 91:14 Because he hath set his love (to cling) upon me, therefore will I DELIVER him: I will set him ON HIGH, because he hath known my name (authority, character).
Psa 91:15 He shall call upon me, and I will ANSWER him: I will be WITH HIM in trouble; I will DELIVER him, and HONOUR him.
Psa 91:16 With long life will I SATISFY him, and SHEW him my salvation.

deliverH6403=slip out, escape ---------on highH7682=lofty, inaccessible

answerH6030=heed/pay attention -----with himH5973=equally with

deliverH2502=equip ---------------------honourH3513=weighty, exalted

satisfyH7646=sate/fill completely -----shewH7200=to see



Jehova-Shalom=Peace---------------on high




Jehova-Nissi=Protection--------------deliver (equip)

Jehova-Shammah=Presence----------equally with

El Shadday=breasted/enough--------satisfy

Jehova-Sabaoth=Lord of all armies/Creation. Usually translated LORD of Hosts.
Jehova H3068 LORD=LORD of hosts. Lord H136= adonay.

WRAP: 1-Well, again, the Christian walk is very simple. Children can understand it. Of course, the understanding doesn't save you. It's the doing of the understanding. Faithing is very easily understood and very hard to accomplish. It takes a ton of courage. Because faithing goes against the apparent negative circumstances. When it's decision time, the easiest option is to pander to our insecurity and not do the "right thing." That's why faithing is so hard.
2-Faithing is ALWAYS the hardest option. The easy option for Jesus was to ask God to just take him home and not to the cross. Jesus' prayer shows us that God would have done it, too.
3-You want to talk about this or any other subject, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We're at 88 Briceland Rd in Redway. The number there is 707 923 ALLY(2559) Or on the web at STAG.WS. the email is
4-I'll be back on the third of August. I hope to see you then.
5-There's comfort, help and peace in a Believer's Walk and it's there for you, because God is real and He does the things He says.
This is Jack, bye.

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