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THE BIG PICTURE-End-times prophecy is hard 'cuz you have to take into account so many facets of God's story. I mean, the Bible has to ALL be right, and ALL the parts WILL fit. Look, if God went to the trouble to put His and Jesus' numbers in the Pyramid, the earth and the Moon, and His message in the stars, does it make sense for Him to be inaccurate in one or two prophecies? Sherlock Holmes said that we should investigate the impossible when nothing else is making sense.

On the list of essentials for understanding prophecy is gleaning prophetic remarks out of the whole Bible, not just Daniel, Matthew and Revelation. Higher on the list will be understanding the time frame involved and the chronological order. But I think most important of all is determining to whom the prophecy is directed. How else would we ever be able to confirm a prophet, if we couldn't find the people he was talking about? Now maybe you have noticed that the Old Testament is FULL with prophecies to the house of Israel. You may have also noticed that there are some prophecies to the house of Judah. Have you ever stopped and made a distinction between those two, or, like most folks, just read on treating them as the same group, Jews?

If those two groups are not the same, then we have a major task trying to find out what happened to them. We have a fairly good grasp on who the Jews are and were throughout the last 2500 years, but what about those people of the house of Israel? Where did they get to? Who are they now, and have they fulfilled any of the hundreds of prophecies given about them?

This knowing is so integral to end-times prophecy, that most of the VERY popular prophecy teachers are in gross error concerning the Anti-Christ and his Ten-Toed kingdom from Daniel. The error also spills over into Armageddon. Before getting into my understanding of the end times, I must briefly outline some of the Lost Tribes material for you. Otherwise much of my scenario is groundless. Or you may want to check some of the information available on my Lost Tribes page for some documentation. After being conquered by the Assyrians between 745-721 BC, the house of Israel (the ten tribes) plus many thousands of Jews were re-located to below the Black and Caspian seas. A small number went east leaving groups off in several places on their way to Japan. The name Sakai is just a derivative of I-saac. A much larger group, from under the Black sea, were called by the Assyrians, Gimira, and by the Greeks, Kimmerioi. In English it is Cimmerians. The main body of the house of Israel lived under the Caucasus mountains for a hundred or so years until they decided to go north to the Steppes of southern Russia. This place became known as Scythia. The name came from the Hebrew word for booth, scooth(sp), which was the name of their little gypsy-like wagons. The name Succoth in the Bible is a cognate.

Over the centuries, the Cimmerians and Scythians moved west and settled in northwest Europe and the British Isles, with Britain being the pre-eminent country. Britain is the tribe of Ephraim. As in the Holy land, Ephraim was the greatest tribe, not withstanding that the King would come from Judah. And so it is today in England. Ephraim is the nobility and Elizabeth, a direct bloodline descendent of David, is ruling. This fulfills Nathan's prophecy to David in II Samuel 7. When we look at the Common Market, the EC, we are seeing the re-constitution of the House of Israel. And let me add that the United States is the tribe of Manasseh. This information didn't come to me in a dream. I've studied the subject at great length.

Many folks soon ask the question, "Why haven't I heard about this Lost Tribes stuff before?" As I've said, the Devil is VERY good at covering God's tracks. Here's an axiom. Find a place in Christendom where controversy abounds, and you'll find one of the important God-Truths. Communion is a good example. Christianity has messed up communion so badly that some folks are afraid to partake for fear of eternal condemnation. The Catholics even got snookered out of the redemption of the wine available in communion; they used to only be allowed to have the "bread". And more, the unbroken wafer that's used is a hand-me-down Sun symbol from Paganism. Have you read my Communion page?

The LT is no different. It is one of THE most important Truths of God. Therefore the Devil does everything he can to diminish, downgrade, discredit, deform and dilapidate the information. Well, right off the bat, when an Englishman named Richard Brothers found out that England was part of the house of Israel, he changed his name to a Hebrew one and demanded that the King step down and give him the crown. They threw him in the nut house. The LT baby has been struggling to hang on to the rim of the bathtub ever since, for fear of being thrown out with the British Israelism bath water. More recently we have the World Wide Church of God, pastored by Herbert W. Armstrong (now dead). They've been teaching LT for a long time, and their information is accurate. BUT! ! ! They did the same thing, in essence, that Brothers did and ended up in Elitism and White Supremacy. (I've heard that they've gotten out of that now). If you start asking around about the "Identity" people, folks are going to start treating you differently. The Devil has promoted any way that will discredit the Lost Tribes information.

And there's another VERY tragic aspect to why we don't hear this stuff. Anti-Semitism. You see, not knowing that they themselves are Israelites, people have shied away from the LT 'cuz they hear Jew when the word Israelite is said. I had one 7th Day pastor tell me, "If you think I'm going to believe that David is going to be King again, ......." That was OK 'till he followed up with, "I'm not anti-Semitic or anything, I just..." Well, what would it do to your Jew-hating streak if someone were to suggest that *YOU* were one? What a shame, huh? Instead of focusing on the awesome display of God's wielding history like a stage play, and bringing about His promises to Abe, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David and the rest, the LT information, with the Devil's help, has been turned inward, and produced fear and pride at the same time. The Devil is no slouch. The last reason why we haven't heard about the Lost Tribes is no study; laziness. Research is a lot of work. Why not just use the denominational quarterly for Bible study? I'm reminded of a remark that I heard. "It isn't that I haven't read. I've read hundreds of books. It's the TYPE of books I've read."

With that brief explanation of the Lost Tribes, let's continue with end times prophecy. Just as a reminder, let's review the basic outline.

Things really don't get started until Daniel's 70th Week. In Chapter nine, he writes that there will be seventy weeks allotted to the Jews (not the house of Israel, the Jews). After sixty-nine of those weeks, Messiah comes and is "cut off." A gap of time must occur before the next statement because context for the "prince that shall come" is plainly that of the Anti-Christ. We're still waiting for him. Some of the things that are to happen in the 70th week are listed in Daniel, but very sketchy because Daniel's main thrust is with the AC himself. So we have to go to the other books to find out more about the events of that time. We find that this 70th week is a seven year period. "Jacob's trouble." And during this seven year period all the devastating events of Revelation occur. First we have the revealing of the AC on a white horse. Many natural disasters happen, including the collision with the earth of a large meteorite that causes a shift in the polar axis, a giant earthquake that spawns global volcanic action and meteor showers. After these things happen, AC lines up the players for Armageddon and begins to war. At this point Jesus returns with "10,000 of His saints" to put down the rebellion, put Satan in chains for a 1000 years and set up the Millennial Kingdom.

People are very anxious to know two things. Who will be the Anti-Christ, and when the Rapture/Second Coming/End of the World will take place.

Daniel outlines the origin of A-C, and he'll be from the Middle East, not Europe. More specifically, from the old Seleucid kingdom of Alexander's empire. This kingdom is the "king of the north" in the last chapters of Daniel. It includes Iraq, western Iran, Syria, southern Turkey, and all the little countries down to the tip of the Arabian "peninsula." This is why the Gulf War was a VERY close fulfillment of Armageddon. All the factions were lined up just as the Bible says they will be.

[When I first put this study together, Assad was sill alive. But the principles still apply to his son] The AC will be someone like Hafiz Assad of Syria, only a peacemaker. Note that Assad already has two kingdoms under his thumb, Lebanon and Jordan, and could very well wind up heading the Palestinians. That would complete the "subduing" of three countries (Dan 7:24) before seven more give him power to become the Ten-Toed kingdom of Anti-Christ. This is all made possible by the AC's peacemaking ability. Maybe you know that there is already a very loose Arab confederacy in place. I think it would be a big stretch for the AC to be Assad. Recent events in the middle east have almost certainly indicated that King Hussein of Jordan is the AC. Seems like all he's done over the last couple years is run around the world trying to bring about a middle east peace. I'll have a bit more to say about Hussein below.

The Common Market or the European Community has been given a bad name for many years by prophecy teachers. As they saw it build, they were sure that it would contain ten members, and were elated when that happened. But then more countries joined and spoiled their made-up vision. Those who still hold on to this error have now said that three countries will pull out and we'll then have our proper number. The Lost Tribes teaching proves these men wrong.

Don't look to Europe for the Anti-Christ. Hal Lindsey, Grant Jeffrey, Jack Van Impe and the rest are DEAD wrong about the EC being the Ten Toes (reconstituted Roman Empire). The AC's main force is that ten-toed confederacy(REV 17:12), and is one of the major players in the war AGAINST Israel. Unless God has played a major trick on us, He will not use the House of Israel in Armageddon to fight against the House of Judah (the COUNTRY of Isreal). The House of Israel will be lined up WITH the Jews of Israel, just like in the Gulf War. You see, those scholars have rejected the teaching on the Lost Tribes. The Devil has done a wonderful job of covering God's tracks. He's turned so many folks to White Supremacy, that the whole of God's Truth has been thrown out with the bath water.

The Lost Tribes of the House of Israel are England, the US and most of northwest Europe, or, the Allies in the Gulf War. The EC is NOT the kingdom of AC.

The kingdom of the Anti-Christ will likely be an Arab confederation, which already exists "in embryo." As said, Assad of Syria already had two countries under his thumb; Lebanon and Jordan. AC takes over 3, then makes peace, then is given rule over that ten-member confederacy. But Assad was no more a peacemaker than Saddam Hussein, right? Who's to know? If the church is to be taken out of the way BEFORE "that Wicked" is revealed(II THES 2:7), we may never get more sure than we are today as to who he might be. That he is alive and working his way up the political/military spectrum of some Mid-East country is sure, however.

I don't know of any clearer message from the events in the Mid-East than that the fall of Iraq is the first of the three nations that will be overturned around the time the Anti-Christ is coming to power. Do you remember that almost immediately upon the announcement of ceasing major action that the name Syria was on everyone's lips? And Libya, and then Iran. There were only three dissenters to the try for peace with Israel. This peace was discussed by ten Arab nations at a summit a few years ago. Those who said "No peace!" were Iraq, Syria and Libya. Who will be the second of the three "little horns" of Daniel to get "subdued?"

I thought that after Saddam's overthrow that there was a good chance that the US would try to install Abdullah as the Governor of Iraq. But I guess too many other things had to be set up first. You see, Abdullah is the 43rd in a straight line back to Mohammed the Prophet. He is the titular head of all Islam, and can wield enormous influence in the areas of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. His Hashemite throne ruled the Iraq territory for 800 years before the British showed up and played a little game of Risk with the Middle East. The Hashemites also had "Protectorship" of the Holy site of Mecca. In the British double-cross, that control went over to the Saudis, the Hashemites lost the rulership of Iraq, and got plunked down in the worst part of the desert right next to their hated enemies the Palestinians. One last observation. Jordan gets more aid, is closer to the US, is more of a haven for the CIA than anyone over there with the possible exception of Israel.

Why don't some of these prophecy scholars accept the Lost Tribes material? All the above reasons, and especially their image. This is VERY controversial material. Those guys want to sell their books. They don't want to be laughed at. They play that part VERY safe.

Now, I don't say that ALL the teachings of these prophecy teachers is wrong. My learning and research has confirmed much of what they teach. But they are wrong on such important points as who the AC will be and where he comes from, and who he'll lead. And that's enough. Someone using their information will be looking in the wrong places when trying to figure out the "season" of the last days.

Without the knowledge of the Lost tribes, the scripture has to be twisted. One scenario that didn't use the European Community as the reconstituted Roman empire suggests that the ten toes is part of the move of the international bankers toward One World Government. In this theory, they are to divide up the world into ten regions. Arnold Murray teaches that the first Beast of Revelation 13 is the last days economic system and not a person. Perhaps this goes along with the ten-region theory. Pastor Murray knows the Lost Tribes material, so he understands that the ten toes is not the EC. Here's what my study has turned up on the subject of one world government.

The One-World Government has been in the works in the United States for over a 200 years. And in the world, for almost 5000; starting back in ancient Babylon with Nimrod and Semiramis, 3000 BC. You may want to check out Stan Deyo's book, "Cosmic Conspiracy." One of the reasons for the Civil War involved the Rothschild's' attempt to move in on the American monetary system. I have even read that the revolutionary war was fought by the Crown partly at the behest of the English bankers who wanted to regain control over the Colony's monetary system; the colonies had started printing their own money! ! No respect, eh? However, as we have seen, it's not Biblical for them to divide the world into ten regions and that be the ten-toed kingdom of Daniel's prophecy.

The book of Daniel is like a graduated microscope (no jokes, please). Chapters 2,7,8,10,11,12, zero in gradually defining the Anti--Christ in more and more detail. Chapter 9 throws the Messiah into the pot. All these chapters contribute to the description of AC and his doings. But also they start narrowing the locations.

We go from ALL the kingdoms in chapter 2's "image", down chapter by chapter until Alexander's empire is split up into four parts.(Daniel 11:4) From then on we hear only of the King of the North (the Selucid kingdom) and the King of the South (the Egyptian kingdom headed by Ptolemy). That Selucid kingdom is basically the territory of the "Fertile Crescent", which is mentioned above.

Up until verse 21 of chapter 11 we can trace the historical events that were prophesied. So well can they be traced, so detailed the prophecy, that many critics have taught that the book of Daniel HAD to be written in the 150's BC; as if God couldn't put down that good a detailed account! ! The biggest flaw in their theory is that Daniel also hit the advent of Messiah, right on the nose. Maybe those critics should have said the book was written in the 150's AD instead.

In verse 21 the tracking hits a brick wall, and we can't find any historical events or men that fit the total prophecy, although there have been many partial fulfillments that people have pointed to as THE right one. That brick wall happens because Daniel jumps the gap of 2200 years from Cleopatra's time to NOW, and the beginning of the Great Tribulation; the Book of Revelation. Some confused souls have tried to make the person in verse 21 Antiochus Epiphany because he fulfilled much of the prophecy. Some major elements were left out, however. Antiochus didn't uproot three countries and was then given power over ten. A study of his history will show that he only partially fulfilled Daniel's words, just as Saddam only partially fulfilled the Anti-Christ of Armageddon; even if he did ride a white horse.

Up until recently, it appeared that King Hussein of Jordan would become the Anti-Christ. He had all the qualifications, much influence, backing by the US and Britain, and was making a full time career of peace negotiations; even from a hospital bed while suffering from cancer. He was hailed by Palestinians and Israelis alike as The Peacemaker. Then, after much conjecture about him "dying" and being healed from his deadly "head wound"(which some equated with the visible indicators of his illness, his loss of hair), he died.

It would seem that the king's death knocked the theory out, but most likely the underlying principles that applied to the King are not rooted in him personally, but the office. So, as I outlined above, I can easily say that his son will fill the role, if it comes about in his lifetime.

I see the argument that concludes that this is a cop out, but the feeling that it's a too-easy answer still doesn't negate the founding elements of the role of Anti-Christ.

For instance, I'm taught that the AC will come out of the old Seleucid kingdom. That negates ALL the other places where folks want to place the AC, like the European Union, Britain, etc. He's got to be a world-class Peacemaker (just like the King Hussein was, and now King Abdullah is). Prince Charles doesn't fit this qualification.

We have no choice but to fit all the solid facts into any picture of the AC. That's the error of those who, for instance, teach that Antiochus Epiphanes was the AC; when he was only a partial fulfillment. He certainly didn't conquer peacefully. His actions might have resulted in an absence of war, but he surely didn't "ride in peaceably." Another point is that, Antiochus Epiphanes' actions weren't global. One might be able to stretch the effect of his acts to mean the "then known world," but they were not global. The language of Revelation must surely be globally oriented.

The AC's bringing of peace will effect the whole world, think oil.

It occurs to me that the whoopla over the mid-east peace will be more from the rest of the world than the actual participants. I had the thought of the Israeli's and the Palestinians being dragged, "kicking and screaming" to a final peace.

You see, they really don't have any choice but to make a peace. The Elite won't let the oil supply be endangered any more than It can help. They've invested much coercive effort on the PLO and Israel; and they're working hard on Iraq and others. Peace will come to the middle east. If they have to bomb the "Bad Guys" out of existence.

This fits the picture of a person getting the kind of world acclaim indicated in Revelation. It was nice to see a stop to the fighting in Kosovo, but hardly a world-acclaim event. They'll have endless ceremonies for this guy. He'll surely get the Nobel Peace Prize. He'll be a top news story for weeks. And I have no doubt he'll appear on not a few talk shows. He's going to be a household word.

Those four horsemen aren't effecting only local events. So I see this world acclaim of the AC, the Peacemaker, as rooted not so much in the actual peace, as in the worldwide effects of more security in that region. And that only means oil.

It's always been oil, Folks. Remember what "Deep Throat" told those reporters? "'Follow the money." Oil=$ And money=Control.

So even though the theory of the Jordanian king being the Anti-Christ may have lost some of it's luster, I don't see any other person on the stage that can reasonably fulfill the AC qualifications better.

The Gap Theory. There are three time periods mentioned in Daniel 9:24-26. First we see 70 weeks. This totals 490 years. But in verse 25, it lists two time periods that only total 69 weeks , seven weeks and sixty-two weeks. Immediately Daniel goes on to tell us something about those two periods. During the first seven weeks, 49 years, the rebuilding of the city, "the street and the wall" is to take place. Then it tells us what will happen after the sixty-two week, 434 year period. But the last week of seven years seems to have been lost. In the second part of verse 26, and especially in verse 27, we start to hear things about the Antichrist that we know haven't yet happened. This lack needs reconciling. That's where the Gap Theory comes in.

The Gap Theory is the explanation given to reconcile the fact that Daniel prophesies 70 weeks of years, but that all the prophecies haven't come true, or rather didn't come true in the time allotted, 490 years.

The Gap Theory says that there is a Gap of time between the 69th and the 70th week. And that the 70th week is the time of the Great Tribulation. Jesus' quoting out of Isaiah is a solid confirmation for the existence of a gap of time. Most Historicists have insisted that the 70th week came right after the 69th, but can't come up with events that fulfill the prophecies. They can't find an Anti-Christ that did all the things prophesied about him that were to happen in the 70th week of years. For instance, they can't find a man who, in the seven year period after the death of Jesus, made a peace pact with Israel, allowing the restitution of sacrifices, then breaks his pact after three and a half years. The sacrifice was already ongoing and wouldn't be stopped until more than thirty years later when Titus conquered and razed Jerusalem in 70 AD.

To start, we should consider the events rather than the time period of the prophecy of Daniel in chapter nine. We're looking for the fulfillment of Bible prophecies that can narrow down our position as related to the beginning of the Great Tribulation.

Therefore, we'll not focus on the 70 weeks to try and figure out when they are, but what is prophesied to happen. This is not the usual way this material is studied. Most folks want to pin down a date so badly they miss some crucial evidence in the argument for the Gap theory. They have to know exactly which edict starts the prophecy. Is it Cyrus', Darius' , or one of Artaxerxes' decrees that begins the 490 years? Does the time start at 539, 519, 457 or 444 BC? That date, while capable of being determined, can only effect the 490 years of the prophecy by some one hundred years. There must be a way to reconcile the other 1900 years 'till now. The issue isn't, "When did the prophecy begin to count down the 490 years," it is rather, "Did the prophesied events come to pass." This is a pivotal point. One that Jesus confirms when he reads from Isaiah in the synagogue.

Daniel says that SEVEN things will take place before the end of the prophecy. GOD determines that He will:

Daniel's not much of a prophet, is he? 490 years after the prophecy was to begin, somewhere around 40 AD, only one strong and two questionable fulfillments are evident. Moreover, he's had an additional 1900 years to make up for it, but still has come up short. Oh well, I guess those guys that say Daniel was written in 150 BC were right. Not!

There's only one reconciliation for the 490 years. The Gap theory. Haven't we seen other prophecies that weren't absolutely consecutive?

The second confirmation of the Gap theory can be found also in Daniel, chapter eleven. It's in this chapter that we get such immaculate detailing of historical events that, as mentioned above, scholars are led to believe that someone other than Daniel wrote the book.

After being provoked by the Medo-Persians, Alexander conquers them, and the rest of the world. He dies, in verse four, and his kingdom is split in four(by his generals). We then get a detailed history of two of the general's activities, as portrayed by the King of the North (Selucus) and the King of the South (Ptolemy). They war back and forth, successors taking their places, until verse 21. Beginning with verse 21 we can't find fulfillment anywhere in history, except partially. This last "person" who stands up, "a vile person," does many things that have no evidence in history. Antiochus Epiphany fulfills much of the prophecy, but falls short of many of it's elements. His intricate peace talks with Egypt, and Daniel's other condition of uprooting three countries, are two examples that rule out Antiochus. The fact is, that the prophecy concerning the person from verse 21 on has not been fulfilled; regardless of Daniel's 490 years. There must be a gap of time between verse 20 of chapter eleven and verse 21.

Now to Jesus and Isaiah. Here's what Luke records in verses 16-20 of chapter four:

16-And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read.
17-And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias. And when he had opened the book, found the place where is was written,
18-The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.
20-And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister, and sat down. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him.

And well you might say that this prophecy by Isaiah was fulfilled. Only if you use the prophecy read by Christ. Jesus did all six of those things. Isaiah was some prophet. Everything Jesus said was true. BUT, he didn't say ALL of it! ! ! Go to Isaiah and read the REST of the prophecy.

This is the part that got the Jews in trouble. They expected their Messiah to do the rest of the prophecy; Jesus DIDN'T.

Verse 2 of Isaiah 61 is where Jesus stopped IN MID-SENTENCE! ! You'd think that any Proper reading of the prophecy would continue to the end of the thought. But no, Jesus stops just before an "and."

2- To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, (this is where Jesus stopped, because he couldn't go on) AND the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all the mourn;
3-(still part of the same train of thought) To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified." NOW we're finished with the prophecy. Not before.

The day of God's vengeance and the deliverance of the Jews is yet to come. And notice how the time is fixed by the following verses which describe events that we know to take place in the Millennium. This, then, is the third "proof" of the Gap theory. God says that two is an adequate witness. I think that some in-depth study will turn up more evidence for the Gap.

Besides, some of my more superficial study of other theories that try to make sense out of the 490 year puzzle shows that dates and events have to be tortured to make the prophecy true, or descriptions must be "spiritualized" or symbolized to make them fit.

The Gap theory is a Tough Nut. It seemingly goes against the "literal" quality that we want out of scripture. But then Paul reminds us that the glass is too dark to make out Reality in detail.

In order to answer the title question, we must step way back away from the issue and view the present state of the world's religions, and the entire five thousand year history of the Babylonian Mystery religion. Once we reach that position of broader perspective, we'll be able to apply that information to arrive at a practical picture of future events; being able to "prophesy" from the facts. There will be no One World Religion. Not the one we've been thinking about, anyway. We've been looking in all the corners of the box, and failed to see the box itself.

Consider this. People have mostly tried to pin the One World Religion on one particular religion, like the RC church. It appears to me that there is only one religion in the world, and one other belief structure that's sometimes erroneously termed as a religion; the way of pistis, actively trusting God. In other words, there's God's belief structure, and religion.

All systems that are not true Christ/God-Faith oriented ( I must leave room for those who act in God's precepts but don't know the name Jesus), are of Satan. And he always puts out the same message. Paganism, the Babylonian Mystery, is at the heart of ALL the religions of the world. It underlies the RC church, Islam (the RCC's brainchild), Hinduism, and most of Protestant Christianity. The One World Religion will be Paganism. It will be the elements of Ancient Paganism that will allow the Sub-Faiths to unite. Don't look for one particular denomination or larger group to be the named religion of the One World. We're not all likely to wind up Catholics, or Muslims. [that idea makes it hard to conceive of a One World Religion, and therefore easy to dismiss by satan-inspired critics]

Now with the Pope uniting with Islam and the Israelis, we've got the perfect fulfillment of a World-dominant system. A system that even overcomes the numbers of the Chinese. [The practical objectives of the Chinese are the same, anyway] It's not hard for me to imagine the Pope being elected to chair the World Council of Churches. And I haven't even mentioned the Buddhists. I'd like to know what the Dalai Lama has been doing lately to promote cooperation between the religions of the world.

The One World Religion will not be called Paganism. But if it walks like a duck.......

It's the Babylonian, Pagan belief system that has ridden on the back of the seven empires that have controlled the land of Israel. And Doc has taught that the ten horns are the ten member nations that the AC will head, and use to springboard to world acceptance and honor (worship the beast).

This AC confederacy is another reason why the US can't be Babylon. We know the AC comes from the Fertile Crescent. Some insist that he be a "Jew" from the tribe of Dan. Doc teaches that he will be an Arab; like Hussein, either one, or Assad, etc. This is very easy to see when one looks at Daniel. I've got a page on Daniel that might be helpful. So, if the AC comes out of the Middle east, he's going to uproot three countries over there , not in Europe, or the US. His ten member kingdom will be made up of those three and seven more from that same area, not Europe or the US. Being able to positively locate the AC geographically is not being taken into account by the folks espousing the US to be Babylon, or the EU to be the ten toes.

And, of course, I'm well aware that the above scenario has holes in it. It fits the majors outlines, but there are many points to reconcile anyway. But let me add this, for those who tune in to the spiritual side of things. This is the very first time I've ever articulated this idea that, under the name of a Coalition/Fellowship of churches, that wouldn't really be thought of as one church organization, Root-Paganism would supply the underpinning of the One World Church. So, this new idea just fell out of my keyboard. And if this information isn't the kind of thing the devil wants to be put abroad, then maybe it was inspired by the other Great Force in the universe.

There will be no new World church. That name, and I doubt that it will ever be called that, will only apply to the Meeting place of Common Points from each "sovereign" religion. Those religions will carry on with almost no change from their historical practices and doctrines. [which are all the same, anyway :-)

WRAP: 1-So, again, don't be running around trying to figure it all out, based on conjecture of one isolated verse or what some world leader is doing or saying. It'll make you nuts.
2-The sure thing is the Peacemaker. All the other stuff can be fiddled with. The guy who makes a peace pact for the Middle East for seven years, will become the Anti-Christ. The rest is laid out in detail.
3-If you'd like to talk about the endtimes or any other subject, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We're at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. The number there is 707 923-ALLY (2559). On the web it's STAG.WS. And the email is STAG@asis.com. And don't forget YouTube. I've got 40 some videos up there now.
4-Thanks for listening today. I'll be back here on the 7th of Sept. Hope to see you then.
5-You know, all this endtimes stuff is going to happen. It really is. Because God is real and He's the one who told the prophets what to write. And He'll do what He said He would.

This is Jack, Bye.

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