| Hey, GoOd morning and welcome to STAG, I'm Jack. I want to talk about three things today, the Trinity, Mind reading and salvation. A lot of controversy about the Trinity. It does or doesn't exist. I believe that the only thing God does not delegate is mind reading. And I want to put salvation in its proper place; in the trunk with the spare tire. But first…

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The Trinity: [read it]--I haven't read all the scholars on the Trinity, but my teacher, Dr. Gene Scott used to say that it couldn't be rationally explained. He said he believed in it, but couldn't really say what it

. By combining what we know as commonly proved science and information from the Bible, I think I can come pretty close to an explanation. But it'll take a bit to lay it out in a logical argument.

First of all, through common science we know that for many decades science has told us and shown us that everything we see is just energy. Atoms of energy that are spinning around at a frequency that allows us to see a solid object. The object isn't really solid. It's more space than matter. This goes for rocks, trees, tables, chairs, and your arm. People used to joke about someone's head being empty space. Funny, but true. We are more space than solid.

It's like knowing that the human body is 75% water. My body sure feels like more muscle, bone and skin than water. All my bones and flesh and fat and cartilage only makes up 25% of my body? Hard to imagine, but true.

So, the whole physical reality that we live in is really just all energy.

That's science. What does the Bible say about our reality? It says that God created everything we see. There was nothing and then there was the universe. What did God use to create? That may be a bit hard to pin down unless we go back to the Bible and see what it says about sustaining the reality. It says that the creation was by Him, of Him and for Him."

If we extend those small statements out, it says that the creation was accomplished BY God. He created the reality FOR Himself, for His own reasons. And that the creation was OF, from/out of/part of God. In other words, God used some of Himself as the medium of creation. Another place it says that He sustains it, keeps it going. Bottom line, the creation is made up of GOD energy.

We are all God-energy, but we aren't the same as a tree. What's the difference between a tree and us? We won't list all the obviously physical differences. The greatest difference between us and a tree, or a rock, or a table, or a rabbit is consciousness. And I must mention the Self which is behind consciousness. Some will call it the Soul. Call it what you will, I think you'll agree that a tree doesn't have one. I'm not a Tree-ist. I have good reason to think that a tree doesn't have a soul. It doesn't need one to accomplish its created purpose. I'll let you make your own list of the reasons God included trees in the creation.

I certainly believe and science has shown that living things don't just sit there. People like to say that fish don't feel pain. Not me. I've seen the experiment where they put some yogurt into a think walled container and closed the top. They had some wires stuck into the yogurt. These wires were attached to a meter. They then brought near to the box something yogurt likes to eat. Can't remember what that was at the moment. As soon as the "food" got near the box the needle on the meter moved. The yogurt knew there was food around. Even though some would call what the yogurt did a demonstration of consciousness, it couldn't be said that it was the same kind of consciousness that humans possess. Who would argue that yogurt had a soul? No me.

Again, we have to rise to a higher level and ask for what is the yogurt's "consciousness" used to accomplish its created purpose? Yogurt doesn't need a soul.

Humans have a soul because it is necessary to accomplish their created purpose. What is the created purpose of the human race? That's some question. Not many folks will have any kind of answer for that one. Christians are especially ignorant of an answer, having been ill taught at church. Christian teaching generally shies away from what they have been told is New Age thinking. I tried explaining this to one pastor and after a bit he said a little prayer under his breath. He prayed for protection, I think, because this kind of talk was "from the devil."

The Bible teaches that God created the world for Himself. That means He didn't create it for us. It was already created and running long before there were any humans, Long before Adam and Eve.

Jeremiah in chapter 4 outlines the creation and its devastation. In one verse of the passage, he says that there was no man. He saw cities, but no men. Then Jeremiah saw the destruction of everything, the cities, mountains, everything. No Aw-Dahms. Somebody with consciousness was using cities, the way we use them.

This vision by Jeremiah confirms what has been called the "Gap Theory." The idea is that Genesis 1:1 tells of a creation of the earth and universe. Genesis 1:2 tells how the earth looked at a different time. It must be a different time, because the earth was there but desolate. Did God, in Genesis 1:1 create a waste and a desolation? How then did the angels shout for joy at the creation, as it says in another place? Not much to shout about in a desolate earth.

This is explained as being the result of some cataclysm. After the first creation of the earth and heavens, some catastrophic event occurred that wiped out everything but the earth itself, including many members of the solar system, like Mars. This cataclysm was the result of the fall of Lucifer. The energy expended by God against that angel destroyed the first creation and Genesis 1:2 is the beginning of a re-creation process.

The other evidence for this idea is the text itself. The Hebrew words used for "without form and void" also mean "waste and desolation." The Hebrew word used for "was" is also translated as "become." So, Genesis 1:2 can be translated, as "became" a waste and a desolation.

This is important because it has to do with God's reason for creation. God created the first earth and heavens for some reason. Something cataclysmic happened to that first creation and God decided to make a second creation. Remember, He was using His own God-Energy to create the things that filled that second earth. But this time He also created beings with consciousness, human beings.

Let's take a look at us. We are all God-energy, with a soul. The Bible separates the body and the soul. The body may die, but the soul goes on. Paul says, "out of the body, present with the LORD." Our soul is God-energy, too. And because we are made in the image of God, we have certain abilities that God has, to a much lesser degree. But why do we need a soul to accomplish our created purpose? A tree doesn't need a soul, but we do.

Our soul is necessary and everyone's got one. Believers or not, humans all have souls. Why? What do non-Believers need a soul for? They aren't going to heaven, we're told.

I think to answer this question, we're gong to have to skip humans and take a look at what the Bible says about angels.

The Bible always terms angels as male. Whenever an angel shows up, it's a man. It says that they have wonderful "magic" powers. They can materialize or disappear in an instant. They can sit down to dinner and have a nice chat with you. That's enough, for now.

First, angels are all God-energy. God created the angels using the same material He used for humans. There were no angels, and then there were. Are angels smart? You bet. They are way smarter than humans. They have to be in order to accomplish their created purpose, just like a tree. But what I want to zero in on is their ability to appear and disappear. How do they do that? The same way they can create things. I'm sure it was an angel that kept the widow, her son and Elijah in flour and oil for almost three years. And Jesus himself created wine out of water for the wedding party. Well, he didn't create the water, but whatever he did, it turned that water into wine.

What was that water? It was all God-energy. Those jars were filled with mostly space, spinning atoms. The atoms were arranged and spinning at a frequency that made the liquid water. Jesus changed that frequency so that the atoms spun in a different way and became wine.

Jesus and the angels have the ability to rearrange the molecules and atoms of a group of atoms and molecules to produce a different substance. Our scientists do similar things in the lab. They just don't produce "miracles." Well, some will tell you do. I just recently heard about them being able to levitate solid objects with sound at certain frequencies. I've read that some of the Druid priests could fly around on rocks. This ability would also explain how a 35-foot square stone was lifted to the top of the Great Pyramid. Pulleys and hoists? No.

What about appearing and disappearing? Aren't the angels just rearranging the energy to make a human body? Do you think that angels have to eat? What kind of food does God serve in heaven? Right. And yet, angels in the Bible eat; and then disappear. It's just the ability to rearrange the molecules of a group of energy.

We have that ability, but almost no one can use it. There's a story of a hypnotist who after putting a man under told him that the man's daughter was not in the room. The hypnotist held his wristwatch in his hand. He asked the man what he was holding in his hand and the man correctly replies' Your wristwatch." The thing was that the man's daughter was standing between the man and the hypnotist's hand, which was behind the daughter's back. The hypnotist was able to free the man from his belief that he couldn't see through things. He couldn't see through things when he woke up. His daughter was just energy. He, for that short time was able to "rearrange" the molecules of his daughter so he could see behind her. So, on a very limited scale, we are able to "create" like angels. We are able to assemble the groups of God-energy that make up our bodies. That's why we need a soul. Where does that soul come from? It's God-energy, so it must come from God. The whole creation is part of God. God could be termed as an infinite field of Energy. The creation process is the arrangement of groups of the God-Energy into physical things. The God-Energy is also used to group together the individual souls of humans or angels. The only difference between people and angels is the same as the difference between people and trees. Consciousness. So all over the God Energy Field there are little groups of energy arranged in certain ways to accomplish what God has in mind for them. But humans and angels are the only ones who need to know about "creating' new frequencies. A deer doesn't need to read a book or the stars. God gave the deer everything it will ever need to exist. It doesn't have to know about God or energy frequencies. That bit of God-Consciousness we call a soul is necessary to keep creating our bodies from moment to moment, even though we're not aware of it. God hasn't assigned an angel to people to keep their body going. That's the Higher Self's job. Angels have different jobs. Did you forget about the Trinity? I'm getting there. With all of the above, let's take another look at Jesus. Controversy has raged over the centuries about how Jesus could be all man and all God at the same time. And most people are reduced to a statement of faith. "Nobody can prove that. You just have to take it on faith." No, we don't. Jesus had a soul, Higher Self, just like we do. He also had a physical body, just like we do. That's what people can't reconcile, because they think we're solid. Is Jesus an angel? No. Is Jesus a created being like angels? No. If we and angels and Jesus are all God-energy, what's the difference between Jesus and the rest? Consciousness. Jesus is directly connected to the God-Consciousness. He has to be in order to accomplish his given task. He has to know everything, be everywhere and have all power. I can't call a legion of angels, as he said he could. I can't raise the dead, as he did. John says Jesus is the same as God, and it's clear that Jesus was not a created being, separate from the Consciousness of God. After all didn't Jesus create the heavens and the earth, in his then form as the Logo? Angels are good, but they can't do that. Jesus has one hundred percent God-Consciousness. I don't. I only have enough God-Consciousness to make my own body and find God. So, Jesus was 100% physical man, and 100% God-Conscious. All God and all man at the same time.

Have you glimpsed the explanation of the Trinity? How can there be God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Separate beings, all at the same time? The Energy Field that is God, has a group of individuated atoms that are Jesus and another that are the Holy Spirit. These all exist simultaneously, just as you and God exist simultaneously. If God blinked out of existence, so would we.

Here's a fair example. You are a trinity. Your hands can do the a lot of the same things, but not everything. You need two hands. Your Trinity is You, your Right hand and your Left hand. All three are necessary, but they are completely separate, and do different jobs.

By the way, the Holy Spirit is never seen in human form. Why? Doesn't he have the ability to manipulate the energy? I think He absolutely does, but He doesn't need to take human form to accomplish His assigned task. Maybe you've noticed that is didn't say "created purpose", like I said for trees or us. The Spirit and Jesus were not created.

The Holy Spirit's job is to "draw" people to God. He doesn't need a body to do that. He can just whisper in our ear. Jesus said that nobody can come to him unless the "Father draw him." Well, God doesn't personally do the drawing. That's the Spirit's job.

You know, technically, not only are Jesus and the Holy Spirit one with God. Because we also are part of the great God Energy Field, we are also one with God. We just have to make that knowledge real in our lives.

Does the Trinity exist? Sure. Does God let the devil read your mind? No.

One thing God doesn't delegate. Reading of thoughts.

I know of no other place where God does things Himself.

Let me ask, who was it that God delegated to create the "heavens and the earth?" The Logos, Jesus before his earthly incarnation. How likely is it that the Logos would not have also been delegated to breathe a soul into Adam? I thought it was necessary to focus on that part to avoid the argument that it was "God" that breathed life into Adam. I mean why not give the Logos a little job like giving Adam a soul. Compared to creating the physical universe, the Logos could have breathed on Adam while He was on a coffee break.

God never does things Himself. He sends an Angel or two to handle the work.

I believe that God delegated Lucifer to enhance the created earth. He had at least one third of all the angles given to help him. And perhaps, all those angels weren't necessarily engaged on the earth, but their work was directed at, so to speak, the earth. It was basically earth-oriented, to be of some kind of benefit to the earth. This idea allows some of the angels to work out in and beyond the solar system. I can't believe that God created Mars such a desolate wasteland. The even goes to the very stars. These stars would, after all, tell the story of the Messiah and redemption.

The 48 constellations, which fill out the major signs, tell a detailed story of the Redeemer, his birth, relationships, actions, conflicts, and triumphs. That's the first four signs along with their side decans. The second four signs, that's 16 constellations, tell who the Redeemer is dealing with, their condition and their final redemption. The last book of four signs is about the triumph of the redeemer as He comes to defeat the enemy, gather in those "sheep" from the second book we just talked about and receive His Kingdom Crown.

The structure of the stars may have been dictated in the original creation, but then had to be enhanced. Many cultures teach that the stars are really alive, in some way. I've read that they are indeed angels. When the Bible talks about the "eons", the original language infers something alive.

This kind of process seems to be the way God has always dealt with His creations. He gives us the Basics, but leaves us to "tend" the earth. In fact, Jesus tells us this very thing very plainly in the parable of the pound. It goes on at length about stewardship. The servants were to invest their part so as to yield some increase for the master. He gave them each one pound and clearly directed them to "trade" with it. Enhance the basic provision. In another place in Psalms it says the "blessed men go through valleys of weeping." This just means it's a tough trip. The main point to the reader is not the valley, but the going through. God is saying that it's OK, I promise you'll get through this. The next part is what we're concerned with. It says that the valley will be "made a spring" by the Believer. Wherever a Believer is, his actions will bring the Spirit into the whole area, residing in just him, but affecting everything. Wherever this valley is, the Believer will enhance it. It's part of the trip. Believers make things better, wherever they are.

When a person takes 100% responsibility for his actions, only Good can come out. And that will rub off on anything or anyone hanging around. And of course, that fact applies to all humans, not Believers only. Just, honest, responsible people are always admired, regardless of the circumstances. People like Good people. And that makes everyone a little better. Just like a warm smile by some stranger at the market, can make you feel a bit better. And maybe that day you don't gripe at the brown spot on the banana. The banana benefits by you taking it home and it not being tossed in the dumpster. The store benefits by not losing money on their business transaction. Even the land fill benefits. And of course, lastly, your compost pile, gives a little smile. Cha cha cha. Turning the valley into a Spring, one banana at a time.

And just as certainly, God has delegated us individual Believers to take His kind of care with the stuff He's already given us. We're supposed to make it better. We're like the angels. We're not talking now about working in a valley, we're talking about the angels' kind of work. They weren't in a valley when God said, "go out a light up the stars I put there."

I hope by now you are convinced that God delegates. Never does anything Himself. He's the Director and everybody else is just supposed to do whatever He says do. But now we have to look at what God allows. The things He doesn't delegate. Or I should say the thing, singular, He doesn't delegate. In fact, speaking practically, refuses to delegate.

Well, we could spend a lot of time cataloguing all the things that happen in the physical world and not find anything that God doesn't allow. From giving "emmerods" to the Philistines to the murder of Sennacherib 's 180 thousand troops just over night, we might conclude that there is nothing that God doesn't allow. He let David kill poor Uriah. And look what He let the devil do to Job.

Even on the spiritual plane, man and angels seem to have unlimited ability to do harm, especially the bad angels. They have the ability to track a person from birth to death, working on them the whole time. Heck, by the time a person reaches age eight that demon can know enough about the person to throw little influences which eventually over many years will wind that person up in Satan's clutches, unable to get out.

I firmly believe in and feel I've experienced the influence that the dark side can use. I mean what's the big deal about saying that the devil can plant thoughts and pictures in our minds? We have zero trouble saying the same about God. It's the way the universe works. Anyone ever hear of telepathy? That's all it is.

Sure, the devil has some power over the physical and can influence us that way. But he's not going around making up little rain clouds for people's parades. He just sits there with them in front of the TV, helping along his angry thoughts about the Boss. Creating division, which is the first and foremost tool used by the devil.

Some will disagree with me, but the above mentioned ability of the devil to be around my whole life and be able to predict my actions better than Google, and to be able to influence the choices I make is too easily mistaken for the devil being able to read my thoughts. He can't. He can't. Bottom line? God will not allow it. It's the only thing that God will not delegate, except to Himself, which includes the Logos and the Holy Spirit. These two entities are actually just Focus Points in the Totality of God. The Logos/Jesus and the Holy Spirit are 100% God. Nothing, no one, even angels, in the entire universe is 100% God. BTW, this condition is what is promised to Believers.

See, Believers in their "glorified" state will be able to communicate telepathically across the universe; to send a thank you card. This is easy to see. Believers become little focus points in the Totality of God Himself. There is no more separation. As such, ANY other Focus Point in the Totality of God can receive our thoughts instantaneously. It's available to the whole thing, but has an exact frequency that brings it to the intended receiver.

Bad angels can't read your thoughts. The devil can't read your thoughts.

If God had given angels that ability, to what use, to God would it be. How could that benefit God? Why delegate the ability to anyone else? What use? Well, The angels could see what we were going to do and give us little nudges so we don't' get hurt. We're only staying on the Light side for now, OK? They could help us avoid mistakes, etc. What else? If angels could read our minds, oh, they could not only protect us but lead us in the Right direction. When they "read" that we are going to do some action, they might whisper a better way than we had planned. Protection and Guidance. What else? I don't know, but that seems to cover just about everything. Oh yeah, they could report back to God about what they heard us think.

Those three are enough. Now we have to ask the question again. What benefit to God? I'm sitting here not coming up with an answer that is worth mentioning. I mean, the angels already do all that stuff. It's part of their trip. And does God need someone to listen to our thoughts so he'll be informed what we're thinking lately? See how ridiculous that sounds. Don't we know that God is what they call Omniscient. He's everywhere at once and sees the hearts of men? He doesn't need any reports. He just turns His head and hears it all.

I see no benefit to God in letting angels read human minds. God always has One thing that he says can't be done. He told Adam, "do anything you want. Just don't touch that tree." Reading minds of Believers seems to go along with that idea. It's the only thing not allowed by God. This, like the Tree is the symbol of His supreme ruler ship. The Buck stops at God. He makes the rules. No one has the power to change God's rules. If there were such a being, then that being would be the Final-Authority God.

Only God can read your mind. He just allows the devil to plant little thoughts and pictures in our heads to help us choose God in trust that He will help us through this valley.

Your thoughts are safe. Safe from everyone but God. Uh, oh.

1-So we do have a measure if safety. What about salvation?

Salvation is NOT about you or me. Salvation is a spare tire for the trip to God.

Main stream Christianity thinks that God is in the business of saving people, that is, when they aren't usurping that task.

The number one activity taught in most churches is evangelism. It's all about witnessing and leading someone to the Lord.

That puts the Christian Walk squarely in the hands of the Believers. In other words, they have made it God's agenda.

Sure, there are a good many verses in the Bible that can be used to confirm this view. One of the main ones says that God isn't willing that anyone be lost. Another says to go out and make disciples of everyone.

And what higher calling can one have than bringing someone to God? What honor can be greater showing God to an unbeliever so as to bring them into the fold? Well, I must admit that if that was what God wanted, those statements would be true.

But we have to start on God's side, not ours. It's not about what we are doing or figure we should be doing. It's about what God is doing. And believe me, He's not in the business of saving people. If He was, then He's doing a very poor job of it. It looks to me like the devil is winning that one hands down.

I bet you can ask a thousand people what they think God's overall plan is and not two can tell you.

There was a lot going on here on earth and in the physical universe before Adam and Eve come on the scene. Jeremiah saw in a vision the earth where there were cities, but no man. No humans. Then he saw the earth be destroyed. And many scholars throughout the ages have concluded that between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 there is a gap of time. After the creation of the heavens and the earth, something very bad happened and wiped out everything on earth and even trashed most of our solar system, they say. That makes Genesis 1:2 a second beginning of creation for the earth. God even tells Adam to RE-plenish the earth. Fill it up, again.

So God had something going on here on earth before that was anyone to save. What was that? People were an afterthought. Actually, I like to call people the "Adam Backup Plan." God started out on a project, some giant hiccup happened and He instituted a backup plan that involved people.

And down through the five millennia, God has been working that plan to get back to His original project. That project didn't even mention human salvation, except in the Appendix marked "Backup Plan A". By the way, there is another Appendix, marked "Backup Plan B".

I've gone over this subject before. I just wanted to mention it again to push home the point that God is not trying to save people. And because of that, neither should we be trying to save people. In fact, Ephesians four tells us what we are supposed to be doing. We are supposed to be edifying the Body. But there are many important translation differences between English and Greek. I'll only mention a few.

Here's what it says:
Eph 4:11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
Eph 4:12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:
Eph 4:13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:

Please notice that it says nothing about unbelievers. It only names the Body; that's the people who are already Believers. Evangelism is only "gifted" to a very few, not everyone in the pew. Our job is to show God to other Believers, to help them grow in Christ, as it says.

Stay out of those Internet chat rooms trying to tell the "heathen" about God. You personally will never lead someone to the Lord. That is the Holy Spirit's job. At least that's what Jesus says. "No one comes to me (that's God, too) except the Father draw him." Now, I'm sure you agree that God will not do this Himself, but will send the Holy Spirit to draw that person.

We can also conclude that the Spirit isn't going around tapping folks on the shoulder and they see God. How does the Spirit draw someone to God? By drawing that person to a place where God's Truth is available.

We better leave people alone and let the Holy Spirit do His job. Salvation is not about you, it's about what God is doing.

Find a way to get the truth of God out in the open where it will be available for the Holy Spirit to show someone.

WRAP: 1-Well, that's pretty much the basics of the Believers walk. Realize God's reality, know the devil's limitations and act in trust of what God says. There it is.
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5-God really is real, you know. And He does the stuff He says He will. And until we accept that like we know the sun will come up tomorrow, we'll just wander around in the dark. God is real.

This is Jack, Bye.

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