Hey, good morning and welcome to STAG, I'm Jack. Grab the saddle horn. We're going to lay out a couple months of material on Jade Helm 15. Over the last month I've been gathering info on this military drill. You won't like any of it. You may have heard the term Jade Helm 15. It's starting to be a news item.

I wasn't going to do this kind of program again, but the subject "presented" itself to me and wouldn't go away.

As Believers were told to be watchmen. What do watchmen do? They're job is to warn the people.

Well, I've done that. Over the last 17 years, at least, I've been reporting on the ones who run this world. I started in '98 with an expose of the UN Environment movement and Agenda 21. I did many shows on the elite, including a 13 hour series. But, here we go again. Now look. I'm not going into any detail or documentation today. That's going to be up to you to research all this. I'm only giving you the bottom lines of all this in order to lay out a larger picture. I started preparing for this four weeks ago, and there have been many new developments every few days.

Over the years, many developments have come on the scene, any of which could escalate into the world wide catastrophe and the set up of Martial law and the New Word Order by the elite. And for many years, even well before '98 we have gone to work, ate dinner and slept like nothing would ever happen. After a few years of saying the sky is falling, people tune out and don't want to hear it. I don't blame them, unless they call themselves Believers.

The main reason why nothing has happened is because the ducks weren't all lined up yet. That has changed. The Patriot act was supposed to end it all. They'll be out tomorrow to grab your guns. Same for NDAA. They'll be out tomorrow to grab you, without a warrant, a trial or a toothbrush and keep you locked up forever. We've had several cyber attacks on various banks. The world banks even held a drill for it. We've had drills for a power grid attack. Oh, by the way, the Chinese were invited to share in that drill. Now they know all the smallest weaknesses in our power grid. We recently had a test of the Ebola virus. You do know that Ebola is a lab manufactured virus, don't you? And Obama has filled out the Executive Orders to the point that he can call a state of emergency at the drop of a hat.

In that state of emergency they can come to your house and clean out your pantry, grab any guns you might have. Take your car, even your bicycle. And order you to a work camp for slave labor. Do some research on it.

The US isn't the only nation holding these drills right now. NATO is going full tilt with exercises, as is Russia and China, along with Canada. There are 69 drills here that can be connected to Jade Helm.

Remember the Boston Marathon. Remember Oklahoma city bombing? Remember 911. Remember the Aurora shooting spree? All were false flags and were accompanied by drills. That's their method. They accompany a drill, with a real attack. That allows them to have boots on the ground when the attack happens.

Jade Helm 15 is the largest drill in the nations' history. And it is accompanied by many gross lies. The official line is that it's no big deal. Then why did the Governor of Texas order that the Texas national Guard would be watching the drill closely for infringements on the Constitution? Why is JH officially only in seven states, when it's in ten and smaller drills, some of which have already taken place, in 30 other states? Why are our troops training for "overseas" missions on familiar American soil? They always train in places similar to the mission. Why do they need two whole months for drills that could be accomplished in two weeks? Why is the main drill area along the whole southern border? Since when does Special Operations teams from four different organizations train with the Army, National Guard and Police? The Government has offered substantial amounts of money to communities. They want to make up for disrupting the community. One town got 150,000 dollars.

Jade Helm was planned as far back as 2013. The document also includes a cyber attack as part of the drill. Cyber attack. No Internet. No credit cards. No debit cards. No food stamp cards. No welfare payments. No ATMs. No gas pumps. No trucks on the road. No food at the market. Complete chaos in two weeks.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida just had their version of Jade Helm. It took place at night and was mainly an extraction and transport drill. In other words, they came to the house, picked up the people there and transported them to the nearby FEMA camp. Did you know that there are now 800 of those camps? You can even see one of their holding pens, where they will keep you until they fly you out to the nearest camp. Go to the Arcata airport and notice the large, fenced area at the south end of the facility. Look at the direction of the barbed wire top of that fence. It points in, not out. That means they are used to keep people IN the area. The barbed wire is usually facing out to keep people from getting into an area. That people pen has been there going on two years.

Jade Helm, because of its involvement of Special Operations Forces, the "drill" is clearly designed to practice political dissident extractions, which would be executed prior to the imposition of martial law. This is a simple and logical conclusion to draw because this is what Navy Seals, Green Berets, etc. do in pre-combat activities. The involvement of ARSOF in Jade Helm as a primary player, speaks clearly to intent. Oh, sure, at this stage, they are hiring actors to play the parts of political dissenters and extreme constitutionalists. But that's now.

The Internet is full of videos of trainloads, a mile long, of military vehicles traveling all over the country, mainly headed south. Also, you can find pictures of highway convoys of the same.

But the Presstitute media is still denying Jade Helm even exists. Fox and Friends actually referred to the drill as "Jed Helm". "And anyone who dares to profess the belief that "Jed Helm" is about martial law also is dumb enough "to believe in Chemtrails and we all know that is not true", said Fox and Friends in a recent broadcast. But Jade Helm has let these activities become public. The military has now allowed planned political dissident extractions to become verifiably public, and most amazingly, they did so with the release of video that the military, itself, would make, produce and then disseminate. They're letting us know exactly what they are going to do.

In addition, gigantic war games, along with a massive military convoy, are commencing in Colorado, prior to the start of the supposed start of Jade Helm 15 exercises in July which has now been officially moved up to June 15th. This ancillary Jade Helm drill is called "Raider Focus" and it is turning Southern Colorado on its ear. Raider Focus has been the sold to the citizenry as merely war preparations in the Middle East.

In a rare revelation of important truth, Amy Goodman recently reported that a permanent martial law occupying force will go live in October of 2015. The martial law enforcement unit is the 3rd Infantry Division, 1st Brigade Combat Team. The mission is to serve as "an on-call Federal response in times of emergency" and will be responsible for stopping civil unrest and engaging in crowd control. The terms "civil unrest" and "crowd control" can only mean that they are rehearsing to subdue the American people in a martial law action. Let's take a look at the JH logo. The logo of an exercise or unit normally reflects something about the mission or the unit. Desert Storm. That tells us what the operation was. Just the motto tells the story. Master the Human domain. Wouldn't it have been more clear to say Control of the People? What kind of motto is that for troops training for overseas conflict? That's the objective of Jade Helm, controlling people. I guess someone thinks that we are going to need controlling. Maybe it's because we'll have riots over something. Lots of civil unrest. The JH logo is two crossed arrows, pointing upward, with a tactical knife/sword up through the center of the crossed arrows. That's pretty easy. The arrows are the big weapons, while the little sword is a handheld weapon. They will use two kinds of weapons.

But right in the middle, on top of the crossed arrows, almost so transparent it can hardly be understood, is a wooden shoe. The operation uses weapons and wooden shoes. What!!? There is absolutely no misreading this symbol. It is a wooden shoe. It even contains traditional wooden shoe design. Now, what could a wooden shoe possibly have to do with a military exercise? One military presenter claimed that it was indeed for sabotage, as in WW2. He lied. It can't be connected by saying it will be for sabotage. It wasn't used in WW2. They didn't wear clogs. That sabotage came from a few hundred years earlier. Is the biggest drill in history to practice sabotage?

But, if you research the main use of clogs in history, especially WW2, you'll find that the workers in all the Nazi work camps were given wooden shoes to wear. Part of the Jade Helm mission, after extracting "enemies of the State", and transporting them to a FEMA camp, will be to put them to work. The Executive Order says, "consulting without pay." That's slave labor.

At this point I have to remind you that Al Qaeda was birthed by the CIA. Al Qaeda, gave birth to ISIS. ISIS is controlled by the CIA and Mossad, financed by Saudi Arabia, through some Swiss banks. Look it up.

Just a few weeks ago it was confirmed, and you can find the photo, that there was an ISIS base camp just 8 miles across the border from El Paso, Texas. Now, wait a minute. Does it make sense that there would only be one of these? I bet we will find out that the whole Mexican border has ISIS camps along it.

Isn't this an interesting situation? The people who run our Government are the ones controlling Jade Helm. They are also the ones controlling ISIS. We've got the making of the biggest false flag event in history. A whole false flag war. Well, you can't lose when you own both teams in the Super Bowl.

One of my sources received an email from a Texas Ranger saying that they were training and preparing for ISIS to come across the border. Two days after I read this letter, a couple guys tried to shoot up an event in Garland, Texas. The awake local law enforcement figured someone might try something because the event was a contest for drawing cartoons of Mohammed. The shooters didn't make it inside the gathering, but got off plenty of rounds at the police before they were taken down. ISIS immediately claimed responsibility, with a warning that there were more attacks to come. They even named several cities they had in mind.

This positioning of ISIS on the border, plus the reports that there are a lot of ISIS operatives who have walked across that open border and are in position to help the attack from down south, is something very new to the order of things. But, I'm sure that there will be those who will still not want to accept that we're about to be had. But there's a very big factor that has come to pass. It locked it down for me.

Wal-Mart. Do a little research and you'll find the Walton family firmly connected to the Elite who run things. Maybe you've heard of the vast tunnel system that honeycombs the country. It connects underground bases, Continuity of Government bunkers, and even huge living areas, small cities. The early plans for the tunnel system included Wal-Mart locations. I saw the document.

Here's the kicker. This company, Wal-Mart, is notorious for mistreating their employees and even their suppliers. In five of the Jade Helm states, giant Wal-Mart Super Centers have been shut down. The 2,200 workers were only given five hours notice. That seems about right for Wal-Mart. What isn't right is that one manager was asked, "What about the employees?" He replied that they all got two months severance pay. From Wal-Mart?

Their official statement as to why they were closing five of their large stores said that they were dealing with plumbing problems. One Wal-Mart plumbing contractor said that they could replace the whole sewer system at a Wal-Mart in two weeks. Wal-Mart said they would be closing for six months. Three of these closed stores lie right at a hub of the tunnel system.

You can find this video on line. A woman wanted to find out what was going on at the Wal-Mart near her home. She was puzzled by the fact that every entrance to the big store had at least one police car stationed there. Police guarding the locked doors of Wal-Mart. The other puzzling fact was that all the windows of the store had been covered with black plastic. There was no visual access to the store. The only part of the store that hadn't been closed yet was the Pharmacy.

When she went inside, without a prescription, she found that there was only a narrow path to the Pharmacy, which was only about twenty yards from the exit. Along the path they had moved eight foot empty shelving which blocked any view to the rest of the store.

Another more recent video of the backside of one Wal-Mart, showed a line of military vehicles parked in back, mostly out of sight. What for? Plumbing?

This Wal-Mart development was the last straw for me. All the ducks are lined up.

It has now been substantiated that there is a second set of massive military preparedness drills and it is not Jade Helm. These drills are known as Operation Red Flag. There's a video up on Dave Hodges site. The site is You'll find an article called /jade-helm-and-operation-red-flag-point-to-the-coming-civil-war/. I'll give you the link again in a minute. Many point to a video, from DAHBOO 7 in which he identifies Operation Red Flag as a civilian suppression drill, which could accompany civil unrest or even civil war.

The video showing this is titled "military Convoy with Microwave Weapons Going West On I 80, Indiana. I first heard about and saw a microwave weapons military training video more than two years ago. That microwave is the same as you might have in your kitchen. What it does is heat up the water molecules in whatever you put in there. Your body is what, 78% water? When they turned this thing on the test personnel, they had to run away. The thing starts to boil your body water. What I saw was labeled as crowd control. It isn't intended for warfare.

Operation Red Flag commenced in January of 2015 and it involved foreign assets from countries such as the UK. Foreign assets, troops and hardware?

You see, they will use foreign troops along with our own to suppress any civil unrest. You can hardly find any country, including Russia and China, that hasn't got some contingent of troops here in this country for "training." We even have a side treaty with Canada to have each others' military cross the border and help the other country. The general treaty is called the Foreign Assistance Act.

The Foreign Assistance Act authorizes the President to furnish military assistance for the procurement of defense articles, defense services, and design and construction services to partner countries and international organizations using a fund called Foreign Military Financing (FMF) when that assistance will strengthen the security of the United States and when the assistance will promote global stability. FMF funds are a powerful funding option available to eligible partner nations to purchase U.S. defense articles, services, and training. Each country puts something in the pot. But don't think that this is a one-way street. The conditions are the same for all member nations. We can ask the UK or Canada to give us what we need. Like boots on the ground to "promote global stability."

Well, there it is. If you want to research Jade Helm or Operation Red Flag, go first to Dave Hodges' site and dig back into his archive. He puts up four or five articles every week. You'll see extensive documentation of everything I've said. The link is And here's the link to the Red Flag article with the video.

Another recent development is Guantanamo. A Michigan reserve unit has a mission to deal with detainees at Gitmo. Have you noticed that many of the prisoners have been released? The word is that they are getting Gitmo ready for the dissident leaders that THEY will pick up at 3 am, just before they call martial law. Look up the Red List.

Most people, when seriously considering this information will ask, "What can we do?" I'm only talking to Believers. Believers know what to do. Non-Believers can figure it out.

But I wouldn't be doing my job as a watcher if I didn't pass on what I know about the California drought. It's manufactured. Oh, yeah I heard you and saw your head shake. Too bad. It's true. And God's not going to step in and make THEM stop using HAARP and chem.-trails so we'll get the rain we need. California supplies something like 25% of the nations food. How many hungry people make a mob? All of them.

A few years back there was a hurricane coming up the east coast toward New York. I watched and saw them laying down a hatch work of chem-trails in front of that hurricane What happened? That storm took a right and went out to sea. Some say they saw Katrina do the same, before it hit New Orleans. Last year I saw a video of the weather off our coast. The large storm system was coming east and building up about 200 miles off the coast. It would have dropped a bunch of rain on us. We never saw a drop. Why? The video also showed a large checkerboard of chem-trails being laid down between us and the storm. By the time the storm got here the rain had all been taken out of it.

Then a couple weeks ago, I watched another video. It showed in great detail the action of HAARP and chem-training off the coast that dried up the storm coming in and made it leapfrog over us into the eastern states. The producer of the video said that he got 1-½ inches of rain from that storm. They heat up the air in the storm, causing a big dry hole. Then they lay down chem-trials to push it along. You can watch them manipulate the storm over several days as it moves east.

The title of the YouTube video is, California Drought Update, April 19, 2015, FIVE PROOFS of HAARP Created Drought.

Jade Helm has caused a big stir around the country and THEY are in a very defensive mode trying to counteract the bad publicity. Your usual news sources will only talk about Jade Helm by way of discounting all the concerns of the people. "It's no big deal."

The same can be done with HAARP and chem-trailing. The first thing a person will say is, "Yeah, but what can we do about it?" I mean, it sounds like there's nothing we can do about it. How can we little citizens stop a big gov't operation, or three? We can't. They have all the big guns. What each of us can do is to get this word out to as many people as you can. Do your own homework and verify what I've been saying and then tell others. Imagine if the impossible happened. What if 50% of Californians got up in arms and proclaimed the truth about the cause of the drought? That would be almost twenty million people shouting the truth.

Wasn't the United States turned around in 1776 by less than ten percent of the population? Get out there and tell someone.

It fell to Mr. Clark, as the pastor of the Church of Lexington to preach a sermon on the first anniversary of the battle of Lexington, the 19th of April, 1776.

This sermon was preached under the powerful impressions, which the opening of the war entailed. It was a cry of the human soul, trusting in the over-ruling providence of a merciful and loving God, and seeking to nerve his hearers and wider circle of readers, to bear up bravely under their burdens. It is still appropriate and comforting reading to anyone in anguish under almost overwhelming calamities.

In that sermon he uses these pathetic words: "At the close of the last war, we arrived at that happy period to which our ancestors looked with earnest anticipations as the utmost of their wishes, as the answer of their prayers and the reward of all their toils and sufferings. The savages were subdued, those restless neighbors, the French, were subjected, and the wide extended continent seemed to be given us for a possession and we were ready to say, 'there was none to make us afraid.' But how uncertain the most blooming prospects - How vain - how disappointing the most rational as well as raised expectations in this imperfect state. Scarcely emerged from the dangers and fatigues of a long and distressing war, we are unexpectedly involved in perplexities and anxieties of a different kind, which by degrees have increased, till they have become more serious, dangerous and depressing than any ever yet felt by God's people in this once happy land"

"New acts are passed to enslave us. The lust of domination appears no longer in disguise, but with open face the starving Port Bill comes forth. Gage arrives with his forces by sea and land to carry it into execution with vigor and severity. And to complete the scene, and to make thorough work of oppression and tyranny, immediately follow THE BILLS that subvert the Constitution, vacate our charter, abridge us of the right of trial by juries of the vicinity, in diverse specified capital cases, and expose us to be seized, contrary to the law of the land, and carried to England to be tried for our lives. Also the bill for establishing the popish religion in Canada, contrary to the faith of the crown and the statutes of the Kingdom."

It is a dangerous thing to prophesy, but in this sermon Mr. Clark uttered a prophecy which has been fulfilled. His prophecy is in these words, uttered on the 19th day of April, 1776: "But it is not by us alone that this day is to be noticed. From this ever memorable day will an important era begin both for America and Britain. And from the 19th day of April, 1775, we may venture to predict, will be dated in future history the liberty or slavery of the American world, according as a Sovereign God shall see fit to smile or frown upon the interesting cause in which we are engaged."

Mr. Clark rendered another service to American history by adding to his sermon the most complete and detailed account of the occurrences on the 19th of April, 1775, which was written by an eye witness.

On October 21st, 1776, a few months after the Declaration of Independence, Mr. Clark submitted to the people of Lexington, a report on the proposal to form a new Constitution for the State of Massachusetts, as the old colonial charter was then at an end. This report is an able examination of the question and ends with a recommendation for a longer and further discussion by the people of the State, "as all government originates from the people." This reveals the definite determination of the people of Massachusetts never to return again to the old order of things.

In 1778, a tentative Constitution was framed and submitted to the people of the State, which drew from Mr. Clark a learned paper on civil government, which after a calm and full consideration, ended with a recommendation that the matter be waived for the present to give the people more time and opportunity to express themselves.

In 1779 the people of Lexington, with great wisdom and propriety, chose Mr. Clark to be their delegate to a convention to complete the work on the Constitution. Mr. Clark, though modest and retiring, was forced to the front as the most suitable man to occupy that office and render that service. When the Constitution in completed form was finaly submitted to the people of the State, an amendment was proposed from Lexington, written by Mr. Clark, to add the word Protestant to the words Christian religion, as the religion of the State.

After the Constitution was adopted and the State Government organized, Mr. Clark was invited to preach the Election Sermon, which according to its title page was preached before John Hancock, Governor; Thomas Gushing, Lieutenant-Governor; the Honorable the Council and the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, May 31st, 1781, being the first day of General Election after the Commencement of the present Constitution and the Inauguration of the New Government. Mr. Clark's writings reached their culmination in this sermon.

Those were dark days for the colonists. That assemblage little thought that the surrender of Lord Cornwallis was so near and that in a few months the war would be ended in triumph.

In that sermon all the fire, invective, eloquence, learning, patriotism and religious emotion of a heart that had borne the burden from the day at Lexington, six long weary years, and was ready to burst, received its intensest expression. His dignity and seriousness of presence, which he never laid aside, and his emphatic delivery in manner and voice, found their fullest exercise in the burning words of this sermon. He laid the foundation of his argument in the principles of the rights of man, he illustrated his position by graphic references to ancient history, sacred and profane, and closed with an impassioned appeal to continue the struggle.

"O my fathers and brethren, all, all is yet at stake All may yet be lost, if we rise not as one man to the noble cause. How inglorious must it be to fail at the last. Where then the pleasing scenes of liberty and independence, where the glorious foundations of safety and freedom which our civil constitution has laid? They vanish - they are gone - they are lost forever. Is this possible? Can it be? Forbid it righteous Heaven, forbid it O my country."

Soon after the delivery of this sermon Washington began his last campaign, that against Lord Cornwallis His movements eluded the British at New York and by the timely aid of the French fleet, he mustered an overpowering force at Yorktown, against which Lord Cornwallis struggled in vain, and to which he finally capitulated on the 19th day of October, 1781, just one hundred and thirty years ago today. Then the prayer of the parson at Lexington was answered.

WRAP: 1-Boy! We sure covered a bunch of disturbing news today. But please, take this stuff seriously. It's all fact, not notion. God has just warned you Believers.
2-You need to sit down and figure out how this info will effect you day-to-day and make preparations. Quickly.
3-If you want to talk about Jade Helm or any other subject, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We're at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. The number is 707 923 ALLY (2559). Or on the web it's STAG.WS. For YouTube videos just type in my name and you find 50 of them up there.
4-If you were new to this information, I sympathize with your concern. But know this,
5-God is real and will protect you if you don't just sit around waiting for Him to do it. You have to make the first move so He can guide you. He's promised.
This is Jack, Bye

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