OPEN: Hey, good morning, and welcome to STAG, I'm Jack. Here's number three in our series on understanding the Bible. Last time we touched on a few of the prophecies to the 12 tribes and saw that the House of Israel are not the Jews. We mentioned a few promises that went with the birthright. This is the first half of the full video I produced. Today we're going to get into a lot of detail in the prophecies, which prove that Britain and northwest Europe, plus the US are really the lost tribes of the House of Israel. These prophecies cannot be found fulfilled by the Jews. Today, we'll get deeper into the prophetic books to see what they said would happen to the other tribes. You'll want to take some notes on this stuff. But first….

DISC: The views you hear will be mine and not meant to reflect….
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All these references we'll look at, remember, will be about the Scythians & Cimmerians, or the Celts, but are embodied by their nobility, Ephraim and Manasseh. The two sons of Joseph. Joseph got the family birthright from Jacob, his father, and passed then on to Eph/Man. Ephraim is Britain. Manasseh is the United States


Gestalt 1: Israel turns from God, He punishes them by driving them out of the Holy land, they go far off to the north and west, there they turn to God and prosper, He brings them back to the Holy Land and joins them to the house of Judah, the Jews. NOTE: Hosea's son Jezreel: means scattered

ISAIAH Gestalt 2:
Compare with England/US WRAP: 1-These aren't just interesting facts, fascinating as tradition-busting truth they may be. There's a much more important reason than just understanding what the Bible says. Unlike many other books we may want to study, the Bible's ultimate end is eternal.
2-These studies do what I tell you each week. They prove God's control over the stage of history, and thereby His reality. That's my business, helping those who'd like God to be real, but haven't as yet found evidence they can rust. You can trust the objective facts of history.
3-Maybe you'd like to follow up on this subject. You can do that in a comfortable situation at STAG., 88 Briceland Rd., Redway. Later this morning we'll have pastor Scott by satellite. The number is 707 923 ALLY (2559). On the web it's STAG.WS or email at stag@asis.com.
4-I'll be back on April 2nd with the last installment. Symbolism. I hope to see you then, too.
5-Get out your Bible and do a little study. It'll strengthen your faith and help you know that, God is real, and you can trust Him.

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