OPEN: Hey, good morning and welcome to STAG, I'm Jack. We're getting back to the series on understanding the Bible today. We were making our way through the prophets last time. This time we'll take up with Jeremiah. But first…..
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This part is the second half of the full video I produced, and as I said before, the sound is going to be a bit different because of the use of different microphones. Before we start, let me remind you that the ten Lost Tribes are not Jews. And that most all the prophecy in the Bible is made to those ten tribes. They became the traditional Christian nations of northwest Europe and the British Isles. OK, here's Jeremiah.

Read Hosea for a history of Israel. Includes the gathering of two houses; just so we'll know that the main body of the prophetic book does NOT refer to the Jews.

ROMANS NOTE: The book of Daniel is the exception in prophesy. Daniel deals only with "thy People" the Jews. Only one reference to someone being "driven off" in 9:7, which is probably Israel.

WRAP: 1-So, you see, with just the passages we have looked at, most all the prophecy is to the House of Israel, not the Jews.
2-If you run across a prophecy and you don't immediately recognize who is being talked to, assume that it is to the Ten Tribes and go check history and the present world and see if the prophecy was fulfilled by Britain or the USA.
3-If you want to talk about the Bible or anything else, STAG is a comfortable place to do that. We're at 88 Briceland Rd. in Redway. The number is 707 923 ALLY (2559). On the web it's STAG.WS and the email is stag@asis.com. Don't forget the big radio archive and 75 videos that are up there.
4-I'll be back on the 4th of June, when we'll look at symbolism in the Bible. I trust you'll be there too.
5-This study not only shows who is being talked to and brings understanding. Along the way, we are proving God's reality by showing how He has kept His word to those people of the House of Israel. And it helps us take Him at His word on things we can't prove, like salvation and eternal life. God is real. Give Him a try.

This is Jack, goodbye.

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