Bible In The Stars

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
Now I know just Who you are.

Anyone know where the Zodiac came from? How long has it been around? Who thought up the Zodiac? All those pictures? I don't see any people or animals when I look at the sky. Why was it conceived? What's it all for, anyway? Is it a hodge-podge or a coherent piece? Does it "say" anything? And what possible good can it be to us, today?

This series of three Straight Talk shows answers all these Questions, and includes some revealing speculation on what Adam was really like. There is a good harmony of the Bible and the Zodiac messages, too.

The basic message of the Bible, the message of Jesus, salvation, and God's coming earthly Kingdom, is written in the Zodiac. Hardly anyone knows that there is a message contained in the Zodiac. Well there is, and it takes forty-eight constellations and more than one hundred named stars to tell the message. And if you thought I was talking about Astrology when I said Zodiac, you were mistaken.


The Zodiac: One Introduction, Virgo detailed, and a summary.

The Zodiac: Two Origin of the Zodiac. Smart Adam.

The Zodiac: Three A Bible, Zodiac Harmony.

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